Skyrim best weapons ranked – best bow, sword, dagger and more. Where to find the best weapons in skyrim xbox 360

When you hold both hands, Skyrim applies the weapon speed from the fastest weapon to your other weapon. For example, if you hold a dagger in one hand, you can technically get the same speed from a mace or a hammer.

Here Are the Best Skyrim Mods for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Skyrim is a great game that can be improved with the use of mods. Here are all the mods worth your time.

A guide by Jake Green, the guide’s editor

Updated on March 25, 2021

Skyrim has been unavailable for almost 8 years, but that hasn’t stopped the high number of players logging in each week. This is largely due to the vibrant mod community that surrounds the game, making significant improvements to adapt it to a more modern experience. The problem is, there are separate mods for each platform, and there are literally thousands of them to choose from. To help you out, we’ve been busy collecting the definitive list of the best Skyrim mods for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Outfits, Visual Mods, and More

Skyrim is a fantastic game, no doubt about it. It’s a bit rough around the edges and ready to be modded, which is why it has one of the most active modding communities in every game currently available. Here are some of the best:

  • Skyrim Special Edition unofficial patch – arthmoor
  • Improved Blood Textures – DDfinder
  • Immersive Citizens – Dorchymont
  • Diverse Dragons collection – OpusGlass
  • High quality world map 9.0 – Czech
  • Real storms – fading signal
  • Realistic water – Isoku
  • Forgotten city – a modern storyteller
  • More kills and decapitations – Sp0ckrates
  • Skyrim Cloaks – Langnao
  • Alternate start – Arthmoor

Location . Find this item at White River Watch. Look for Hajvarr Ironhand holding the item and you will get it by killing it and you will gain + 15% to two-handed weapons.

Skyrim best weapons explained

Whether you’re looking to tackle some of the more bizarre Daedric quests or raise the power level of your Blacksmithing to craft Dragonbone and Daedric Weapons, the following weapon rankings should be of use to you, but before you dive into it, there are a few quick ones things to keep in mind about how we arranged it all:

  • If you want to craft or enchant your weapons, be sure to check out our detailed guide to Blacksmithing and Enchanting skills at the power level to reach this limit and craft the best weapon in the game as quickly as possible.
  • “N / A” for the perk means that you need to increase your Blacksmithing above 100 with alchemy to upgrade it beyond Flawless – in particular, you need to increase your Blacksmithing level to 100 and then use Blacksmithing Boost potions to increase it above that at what point can certain weapons that do not benefit from any of the perks of the Blacksmith skill be upgraded beyond Flawless quality.
  • The following weapon sections, with the exception of bows and crossbows, are ordered from least to highest damage and weight – so the daggers first, with their low damage and light weight, moving, ending with the heaviest and most damaging combat hammers.
  • In the case of bows, the higher the weight means the faster the arrow travels and usually a slower drawing speed.
  • For one-handed and two-handed weapons, higher weight means lower swing speed, so to get the most damage per second you need a combination of high base damage and low weight.
  • If a weapon is listed as non-enchantable, it generally means that it cannot be disenchanted as well.
  • In each section, we’ll give a little extra context for our rankings, but keep in mind that we’re also dealing with damage per second here as well, so in many cases, weight is just as important as normal damage!
  • Unique items are marked with an asterisk *, and in the notes on this section, we briefly explained how to get them. Meanwhile, standard items like Daedric weapons can always be found via random loot or crafting.
  • Stalhrim’s Weapon Frost Damage Bonus is actually more powerful than it seems – the Chaos Damage spell, which has a 50% chance of dealing 25 Fire, Frost and Shock damage simultaneously, is also increased, making it an extremely powerful choice for skilled enchanters.

The best Bows and Crossbows in Skyrim

A few quick things to remember about bows and crossbows below:

  • The Improved Dwarven Crossbow is part of the Dawnguard questline and can only be obtained if you side with Dawnguard over the vampires. This particular type of crossbow can be crafted or purchased after finding the blueprint in one of the “Ancient Technology” sis quests.
  • Crossbows, while generally more powerful than bows in terms of damage, fire each shot a little longer. They can also be equipped with exploding bolts with different damage types that stack with any spell on the crossbow itself.
  • Zephyr is in the Dwemer ruins of Arkngthamz during the Dawnguard quest “Lost to the Ages”.
  • nightingale’s Bow is found in the Inner Sanctuary after defeating Arch-Vicar Vythur in the Dawnguard quest “Touching Heaven”.
  • Note that with bows there is usually a trade-off between rate of fire and damage, and the choice depends on your playstyle. For stealth characters, bows that deal more damage, such as Dragonbone, Daedric, and Nightingale bows, are preferable, as they give you a better chance of killing a character with one stealth hit and remain undetected. For archers who are expecting a bit more, attack speed is preferred, with bows like the Zephyr and Auriel’s bow to help you maximize the stunning effect of your perks and deal persistent damage as quickly as possible in extended combat.
  • In the table, “DPS” refers to bow damage per second, taking into account both total bow speed up to full stack, shot and arrow, and base damage.
Weapon Pity Libra DPS Update with Effect Enchanted
Improved Dwarven Crossbow 22 21 Not applicable Dwarven ingot metal, dwarven blacksmithing Ignores 50% of armor Yes
a bow made of dragonbone twenty twenty 15 Dragonbone, Dragon Armor Thread Yes
auriel’s bow* 13 11 13 Refined Moonstone, Elven Blacksmithing 20 Solar Damage, tripled if target is undead. Can use Solar and Blood-Cursed Arrows No
Zephyr* 12 10 12 Dwarven ingot metal, dwarven blacksmithing Fires 30% faster than a standard bow No
Daedric bow 19 18 9.5 Ebony Bar, Daedric Smithing Thread Yes
nightingale bow* 19 18 9.5 Ebony bar, not applicable 30 frost damage, 15 shock damage No

Xbox has the most significant modding support compared to other consoles. Official mods are handled via the Bethesda mods page, and while there aren’t as many mods as there are for PC, there is something to work with. We’ve listed the best Skyrim mods for the Xbox One below:

The best Skyrim bows

nightingale bow

nightingale’s Bow adds 30 Frost Damage and 15 Shock Damage to each strike. It’s not as fast as some, but the bonus elemental damage makes it a strong pick anyway.

You will get it by completing the Thieves Guild questline, which also includes the Nightingale Armor.

Improved Dwarven Crossbow

The Dwarven Crossbow ignores 50% of the enemy’s armor, making it an invaluable weapon for bow owners.

You can buy it from Sorine in Fort Dawnguard after completing Ancient Technology quests.

the Dragonbone bow is less interesting than the other Skyrim bows, but only the Dwarven Crossbow surpasses its rate of fire. Loot it from the guards in Soul Cairn, along with some special Dragonbone arrows.


Zephyr’s special ability counterbalances his low attack. This bow has a 30% higher rate of fire than any other, but you need to complete the Lost In Ages quest in Arkngthamz to get it.

The best Skyrim daggers

Daggers are the killer’s friend. They’re light, but the right perks like Backstab allow you to deal massive damage under the right conditions. Even if you don’t wield two weapons, a good dagger can make a difference.

Blade of misfortune

The Blade of Misfortune absorbs 10 health points from enemies, so it’s a good choice to pair with another weapon or use it in combat with only one or two opponents. It is also easy to find. You can steal it from Astrid of the Dark Brotherhood, rob it from her if you decide to destroy the organization, or receive it as a reward for completing the quest “With friends like that.

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