Sonic Mania cheats: Level Select, Debug mode, Super Peel Out, and other secrets explained. How to get sonic mania

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Sonic Mania Free PC Game Download Full Version

Sonic Mania is a platform game that was released in 2017. The publisher of this game for PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One was Sega. It was created as common to the entire series of Sonic: the Hedgehog games on its 25th anniversary. Sonic Mania pays homage to authentic Sega Genesis games with fast-paced side-scrolling gameplay. It comes in 12 different levels that span multiple stages that have been redesigned from the earlier games. The story is a continuation of Sonic, Knuckles and Tails who begin to strive to defeat the enemy with his robotics model.

Sonic Mania is a side-scroll platform game. This is the same as the earlier series of Sonic: The Hedgehog games started by Sega Genesis. Players choose one of 3 characters that are playable and have their own unique potential. Sonic has the potential to make a dash, which allows him to be thrown straight into the dash right after he jumps. Tails can try flying and swimming.

Knuckles can be used for gliding and climbing for walks. Like Sonic 2, players can try to play as Sonic and Tails all the time, and even the other player can try to control Tails very independently. The options that can be unlocked include the Sonic skills from the Sonic CD as well as the Sonic 3 Knuckles which took place in 1994 as a drop dash substitute which was also in Knuckles mode. It allows you to constantly control all Knuckles and Characters along with it.


Sonic Mania comes at 12 different levels called zones. The game features eight different remixed zones, such as the Green Hill Zone feature in the first kind of sound game released in 1991. In addition to the four authentic zones in the game, the different remixed stages contain both new and old elements. It also includes tricks that are recycled and ideas from earlier Sonic games.

Each zone is divided into two different acts in which players must guide their character over previous enemies as well as obstacles along the way to the end. At the end of each act, the player must pay close attention to fighting the boss as opposed to the rival who has many other names as well. The player can try to collect many gold rings that are a form of health. Players can survive to a minimum of one ring, but in the event of a hit, they will just disperse and vanish after a while.

Sonic Mania includes bonus stages as seen in Sonic 3. You enter them by passing Lollipop checkpoint markers while Sonic has over 25 rings. A small portal will appear above the checkpoint. Jump in and you’ll be taken to the bonus stage.

How to use Level Select in Sonic Mania

Level selection activation varies slightly depending on the platform. First, unlock debug mode and turn it on. Then, on the Mania save selection screen, highlight the No Save option on the right, then press the following button combination:

  • Sonic Mania PS4 Level Select: Options, Triangle and Square. (Thanks to reader lanerobertlane for the tip.)
  • Sonic Mania Switch Level Select: Options, hold Y and start the game by pressing A.
  • Sonic Mania Xbox One Level selection: Menu button, Y and X together. (Thanks to Viktormoros for the tip.)
  • Sonic Mania PC Level Select: Q and A keys together. (Thanks to Rainbow Seal on YouTube for the tip.)

The note from above seems to run in “Encore.


If you originally used the “head to the title screen (exit from the main menu to reach it), press the Y + B buttons together on the Switch, which has been fixed since release:

It was left unintentionally, it affects the login flow of the console user. The correct way to select the access level can be found here

– Christian Whitehead (@CFWhitehead) October 4, 2017

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How to unlock Debug Mode, Super Peel Out and activate other Sonic Mania cheats

Playing the main Mania mode will unlock a host of new moves and skills. By collecting Blue Sphere medals you will unlock the following items:

To use cheats such as alternate modes, and Knuckles and Debug, you need to go into Mania mode and hover over the “No Save” icon on the right. Then press Triangle (or Y on Xbox or X on Switch) to activate these options. Here’s how you use each mode:

  • And Knuckles will add Knuckles as a second character, even to Knuckles!
  • Debugging is activated by pressing Triangle (or Y on the Xbox or X on the Switch), then the jump buttons to place and rotate options.
  • Mania’s move is Drop Dash (hold down jump in the air), Sonic CD by holding Up, then jump, and Sonic 3 and K Insta-Shield by pressing jump in the air.

Finally, since the release of Sonic Mania Plus, a new set of cheats has been revealed, thanks to CodenameGamma on Reddit (via Sonic Stadium). You’ll need to use the level select code as described earlier, which will allow you to get to the screen where you can proceed to the sound test.

Then enter the sounds in the following order to unlock the corresponding code. You’ll know you’ve been successful when you hear the sound effect.

  • 4126 – Unlock all emeralds
  • 6214 – Turn off super music
  • 9001 – Unlock all Sonic moves (Dropdash, Super Peel Out, Insta-Shield)
  • 19790811 – Turns all animals into squirrels
  • 19890501 – Does nothing or unlocks all medals
  • 19921124 – Infinite sequel
  • 20170815 – Egg Reverie flying in any levels instead of Super Sonic
  • 20180623 – Force encore mode

The game offers a debugging mode that can be toggled during the game. When the debug mode is active, two different lines of hexadecimal code appear on the right side of the screen, the top line shows the camera coordinator, and the bottom line can display the player’s coordinates.

How to Unlock Sonic 3 & CD abilities – the Super Peel Out and Insta Shield

If you want to access classic Sonic moves from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD, you can do so in Mania – but it’ll replace Sonic’s brand new and incredibly useful jump skill, so keep that in mind.

Insta Shield Sonic 3 instantly creates a shield in front of you for a split second, avoiding damage, while the super peel-out Sonic CD is an alternative to spin dash. Both are pretty cool classic moves.

To unlock them in Sonic Mania, just play the Get Blue Spheres mini-game and earn silver or gold medals for completing them. Silver medals are awarded for collecting all blue spheres and completing a stage, gold medals are awarded for completing a stage with an ‘Excellent’ result, also by collecting all rings. These two moves will be one of the first unlocks you will receive.

  • Collect 1 medal to unlock Super Peel-Out
  • Collect 6 medals to unlock Insta-Shield

To use these additions, you just need to select the record of your choice in the selected file in the Mania mode. If you look at the menu, you’ll notice that one button now displays “Game Options” – and when you click it, you’ll be able to enable these modes.

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Unlocking Sonic Mania’s Debug Mode and the meme-worthy & Knuckles Mode

One of the most useful cheat modes in any Sonic game is the Debug Mode, which will happily allow you to completely destroy the systems behind each Sonic game, giving you the ability to move around the level at will and even place objects. This is of course also the most powerful of the Sonic Mania cheats – you can even use it to access super character versions ahead of time.

To unlock debugging mode you need to collect 16 medals by completing stages. Get blue orbs by nailing them to get silver or gold medals.

Once unlocked, you’ll find the Debug Mode menu in the Extra Options menu when selecting a save file in Mania Mode – just select the file you want, activate Debug Mode, and experiment with button presses in the levels to see what it all does. Here’s how it works:

  • During gameplay, press Square (PS4) / Y (Switch) / X (XB1) / Q (PC) to enter / exit the place objects mode.
  • Use the left stick, D-pad, or the arrow keys to move around in place objects.
  • Press X (PS4) / B (Switch) / A (XB1) / A (PC) to cycle through the available objects.
  • Press Triangle (PS4) / X (Switch) / Y (XB1) / W (PC) while holding down the above button to cycle back through the available objects.
  • Press the (PS4) / A (Switch) / B (XB1) / S (PC) wheel when selecting an item’s monitor to change its contents.
  • Press Triangle (PS4) / X (Switch) / Y (XB1) / W (PC) to place the currently selected object.

Then there’s the & Knuckles mode. To unlock the & Knuckles mode, you need to collect 11 medals on the special stages Collect Blue Orbs. This one allows you to have Knuckles as your partner even if you are already Knuckles. It’s a silly and fun unlock, a cute reference to the internet meme & Knuckles.

This is again activated via the extra options menu.


Sonic Mania has an absolutely amazing soundtrack – and it’s definitely good enough to be worth listening to separately from the gameplay. Fortunately, Mania has several ways to do this:

The Release & History Of Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania Critical Reception

Sonic Mania was released on August 15, 2017, and was unanimously well received by both critics and fans – many hailed it as the best Sonic game published in over a decade. The gameplay, graphics and sound were very nostalgic and satisfyingly represented the origins of the series while providing fun new levels.

There are still some who are disappointed with him because haters claim he is not doing anything original. Fortunately, few people pay attention to such negative comments, as the quality and fun of Sonic Mania speak for themselves.

Interesting Game Development Choices

Interestingly, a large part of the development team that worked on Sonic Mania are people from the ROM hacking community, as well as those who have worked on high-quality Sonic fan games. For those who aren’t aware, hacking a ROM is about changing existing files in a complete game in order to alter gameplay, graphics, or sound. ROM stands for “Read Only Memory” and as such work devoted to manipulating such files is on par with professional video game development.

With a dedicated group of longtime fans who are able to handle and change the game files as the core of the team, Sega only had to oversee matters and take care of the marketing aspect – which proved to be a solid plan, as Sonic Mania sold over a million copies in 2017, despite that was released mid-year.

Sonic Mania is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Popular YouTube creator MrBeast recently made his own Netflix adaptation of Squid, and Player 067 became its star again.

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In the Mania Mode menu, highlight the desired save file, then press the game options button (indicated in the upper-right corner of the screen) on your controller to bring up a menu where you can turn these features on and off.

Sonic Mania Level Select Codes

After completing the game, you can start over from the beginning of any zone, but all versions of Sonic Mania come with a level selection code that allows you to choose the exact level you want to play at. The unlocking process varies by platform, but you’ll need to turn on debug mode first.

In the Mania Mode menu, highlight No Save.

In the Mania Mode menu, highlight No Save.

Press the game options button and turn on debug mode.

Press the game options button and turn on debug mode.

Press the back button and select No Save to start a new game.

Immediately hold down the following button when the screen goes black.

  • On PS4: Square
  • For Nintendo Switch: Yes
  • For Xbox One: X
  • On PC: Q

Use the same button to switch between characters and then select a stage.

Sonic Mania level selection screen.

How to Hear the Alternate Opening Song

If you don’t touch the controller after the game starts, you will be treated with an animated sequence. After it finishes, leave the game without touching anything until the introduction replay with an alternate song in the background.

No matter what character you defeat Dr. Robotnik in Titanic Monarch Act 2, the ending will be essentially the same, but there are a few notable variations.

Super Secret Endings

To see the true Sonic Mania ending and fight the final boss, collect all seven Chaos Emeralds in one save file, then finish the game as usual. After defeating Dr. Robotnik, you will have to fight the new enemy as Super Sonic (or Super Knuckles or Super Tails). Depending on the character you play, you’ll see a slightly different ending animation.

Knuckles & Knuckles Secret Ending

Beat the game in Knuckles & Knuckles mode to view a special ending animation.

There are seven emeralds in total and once you’ve got them all you should go and complete the final game zone. When you do that, you’ll be treated to a little more content than if you completed the game without the emeralds – and this will lead you to the ultimate, true-to-the-game ending.

Sonic Mania Officially Launches 15 August

july 7, 2017 | Game news The 2D side-scrolling game Sonic Mania is slated to hit shelves worldwide on August 15! The game will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game was produced for the “past and future of Sonic Mania” as described on Steam. Includes brand new 2D […]

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EPIC GAME KEY: Region free / Whole world. Epic Games Launcher required to play. To download Sonic Mania from Epic Plateform, you’ll need to create a free account here. Read the description on the store page about any language or country restrictions.

ORIGIN CD KEY: Use the Origin Key Code (Electronic Arts – EA) on the Origin platform to download and play Sonic Mania. You’ll need to sign in to your Origin account or create one for free. Download and install the Origin software HERE), and then activate the game on it. Once installed, run Origin, click the Origin tab and click Redeem Product Code and simply enter the key. The game will appear in the My Games list.

EU STEAM CD KEY: A EUROPEAN IP address is required or you must activate it with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to play Sonic Mania. May have language restrictions or language packs. Read the description on the game’s store page to find out if the UE IP address is only needed for activation or for the game (maybe on EU servers). Most stores offer their help or show you how to do it using a follow-up tutorial.

EUROPEAN STEAM GIFT: This is a Steam Gift for Europe that requires a European IP address to activate and play Sonic Mania on Steam. Please read the store description carefully for regional and language restrictions.

STEAM GIFT: A Steam Gift is a one-time transfer that you receive. You activate and install Sonic Mania to play on Steam, it is a non-refundable game that remains in your Steam game collection. Read the store description about language or regional restrictions.

STEAM CD KEY: Use your Steam key code on Steam to download and play Sonic Mania. You must log in to your Steam account or create one for free. Download (Steam client HERE). Then, after logging in, click Add a game (located in the lower left corner) -> Activate the product on Steam. Enter your CD key there and the game will be activated and added to your Steam account’s game library.

STEAM KEY ROW: Indicates countries in the rest of the world that do not have regional restrictions. This product cannot be purchased and activated in multiple countries. Please read the shop description for a full list of all affected countries. Use the key to download and play Sonic Mania on Steam.

Sonic Mania comes with numerous unlock codes and game modifiers that are awarded for earning medals in the Blue Sphere bonus stages (silver or gold medals seem to do the trick).

Sonic Mania Story and Place in Timeline

Sonic Mania is said to take place after the events of Sonic and Knuckles and can be seen as the real Sonic 4. Tails reads the energy and convinces Sonic to help him investigate. Dr. Robotnik / Dr. Eggman is also looking for a source of energy, so Sonic and his friends must get there first.

Sonic Mania has an Awesome Soundtrack

Sonic games have always featured amazing soundtracks, and Sonic Mania promises to be the best. As the game features a mix of new and redesigned zones, the same goes for the soundtrack.

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