Sony will reportedly enable PS5 SSD expansion this summer

Sony will allow the PlayStation 5 to make use of expanded SSD storage from this summer, according to a report in Bloomberg. The functionality is said to be coming in a firmware update that will activate the PS5’s M.2 expansion slot, which is currently disabled. Sony told The Cheatselsword ahead of the PS5 launch that the feature was “reserved for a future update.”

Bloomberg’s sources say that the firmware update will allow for an increase in the speed of the PS5’s cooling fans. The PS5 has an extremely fast built-in SSD, and any compatible third-party drive will need to be equally fast in order to store and run PS5 games; that’s going to generate some extra heat.

The PS5 comes with an 825GB SSD right now, leaving users with only 667GB of usable space when formatted. With game sizes ever increasing — you can’t fit all the content from the latest Call of Duty on a 500GB PS4, for example — PS5 owners will welcome the possibility of storage upgrades. As long as the fan noise isn’t too loud, that is.

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