South Park: The Fractured But Whole. South park the fractured but whole gameplay

Cartman hosts Coon and Friends and Timmy – in the hilarious role of Dr. Timothy – hosts Freedom Pals. As both sides argue, our role will be to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the cats in South Park and unravel the deepest mysteries of this mystery.

The new ‘South Park’ game is hilarious, offensive, and absolutely worth your time

The new game “South Park” is one of the smartest, stupid things I’ve ever experienced. The amount of work that goes into something so incredibly idiotic is impressive: it’s essentially a playable movie South Park.

More than just looking exactly like the show, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is packed with characters from the show, full of jokes and set in the city of South Park, Colorado.

The script of the game is 360 pages – according to the creators of “South Park” Trey Parker and Matt Stone – the size of two feature films and about twice as long as the last game.

As a bonus, it’s a pretty fun game! I’m about 15 to 20 hours at this point and can’t wait to play the rest.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for “South Park: The Fractured But Whole,” including story and gameplay.

It’s probably obvious, but I’ll tell you directly about South Park: The Fractured But Whole – it’s a review, after all. If you don’t want to spoil anything, turn back!

I like the South Park series, pretty good. I saw this movie in theaters a million years ago. I played the first game (for work, but enjoyed it!).

If none of this applies to you, or you don’t like South Park, I highly doubt you will suddenly turn your back on the series after playing The Fractured But Whole. Basically, it’s a very long episode of South Park, with a lot of interactivity. You visit the city of South Park, talk to people, collect things, and fight your enemies. There is plenty of space to explore as you like and also a major path of progress that you can stay on if you prefer something simpler.

And it’s all good! But it’s the writing, voice-over and storytelling of South Park that makes The Fractured But Whole so special.

South Park: Cracked but intact

In the same vein, “The Fractured But Whole” is an old school RPG with modern graphics. Combat is turn-based, which means combat takes place literally on a turn-based basis – this is a tactical system, not a real-time system.

If this all sounds like gibberish to you, you probably don’t want to play South Park: The Fractured But Whole. That said, “The Fractured But Whole” is a very easy introduction to the world of RPGs. If you’re looking for a role-playing access point, this is it.

We also know that looting and crafting have undergone major changes. In the video below, we see both systems in action as The New Kid and Captain Diabetes need to create a “special” gin and tonic to get rid of the bartender, and each successful creature raises your craftsman rank.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole takes up the story with which South Park: The Stick of Truth ended. There is an episode of the South Park TV series that brings the two games together, this episode is known as the Franchise Prequel.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole takes place in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. At the beginning of the game, the Raccoon (Eric Cartman) is sitting at the table in the Raccoon Lair, where he and his friends are dressed up as superheroes. The Raccoon has planned a series of videos for the group and explains it to the group. Arguments appear and the group is split into two. One group becomes the Raccoon and Friends, while the opposite group is called Freedom Pals, led by Dr. Timothy (Timmy Burch). Freedom Pals clam for their own brand and a “civil war” begins between the two superheroes.

The Coon’s Opening Story

This article or story contains spoilers from the actual game. If you don’t want to be pampered, don’t read it.

“What happened to this town? Once there were laws, justice. Not any more. Crime is out of control – cats are missing and townspeople are falling victim. We were supposed to protect those who could not defend themselves. Now there are superheroes torn apart by political differences. We are two sides at war, but war will not save our city. Time travel is my only hope right now. Myths tell of ancient times, when a new king united a kingdom, torn by a mighty stick. There is no time to lose. I have to go back, change the present if I can, and find this cat, and with that, maybe I’ll change what happened for all of us.”

The raccoon returned to “ancient Zaron” in 627. The king’s soldiers are at war (children play roles in the street) and their side is losing. The King (The New Kid player) is missing and apparently left the battle to sit on the throne (Toilet).

The king is called outside to protect his soldiers. After the fight, Szop appears and claims he is from the future. He has gone back to the past to fix the future and the kids decide to play as superheroes. A new kid finds a raccoon lair and receives a superhero story from a Raccoon. The Raccoon sends New Kid to find clues to locate a missing cat.

Combat Overview

South Park: The Fractured But Whole uses a turn-based combat system. The player may start combat by hitting an enemy, unless the enemy attacks the player otherwise. If the player attacks the enemy first, the player gains a “combat advantage” in which they get the first turn, but if the enemy attacks the first player, the enemy gets the first turn. When the fight starts, the floor surface becomes a mesh. The turn order is displayed on the timeline in the lower right corner of the screen. Players can move their character and buddies to specific areas of the grid marked in blue.

Micro-aggressions first appear in this game, and occasionally appear during combat. This will occur when the enemy takes a turn and cites microaggression, which would give the player a chance to hit the opponent on the enemy’s turn.

Different abilities affect different areas of the combat grid. The diagram below the power icon allows the player to see the range of the ability. Pressing an ability control will show the affected areas of the grid. Players can end their turn or cancel an ability by using the appropriate control. The fight ends automatically when the player’s team or opponents are defeated.

At the beginning of the game, players can choose from three classes: Brutalist, Blaster, or Speedster. Additional classes can be unlocked during the game.

Fight the darkness of the dark and enter the new Netherborn class that offers four new occult powers. Dress up this role in new Goth costumes and get some sweet loot. Join the battle alongside Henrietta Goth Witch, the mighty healer, and bring your new powers and companion for the rest of your superhero adventure.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole gameplay

Things have evolved in the South Park: The Fractured But Whole gameplay section since the first game, as the video above shows. The footage is from E3 2017 and shows you and Scott Malkinson (aka Captain Diabetes) wandering around Peppermint Hippo’s strip club looking for a tattooed penis stripper. It really is.

The video also reveals the return of the mini-games. We used to settle for the little matter of abortion on male patients – censored in the UK and Europe – in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, you do a methane dance on a couple of drunken VIPs. Again, really.

These debauched drunkards are somehow dissatisfied with their smelly service and are looking for a fight. At this point, South Park’s “all-new dynamic combat system”: The Fractured But Whole is unveiled. Gone is a turn-based JRPG style combat system from the Stick of Truth. In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, we have a net-based tactical combat system similar to XCOM or Fire Emblem, allowing for deeper and more flexible combinations of powers and abilities.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Gameplay All We Know

Where you previously stood in the same position throughout a battle, there is an additional layer of strategy in South Park: The Fractured But Whole as you move to different positions on your turn. You can use multiple members of your team to surround your enemies or position yourself in optimal positions on the grid, depending on whether you’re using ranged or melee attacks.

We are also seeing a return of elemental attacks. After the Snowball Flurry attack, you apply the Chilled status effect to the hapless attacker, forcing them to skip the turn. You can use this, as well as other debuffs like Grossed Out and Charmed in Broken, but in full.

Indicated by the progress bar at the top of the interface, you can charge your final attack by dealing damage and successfully QTE after attacking an enemy. In total, you have four powers to choose from, and you can mix and match between classes; you choose one ultimate and three other skills from the Powers app on your smartphone / menu.

Before the fight, we see the character selection screen. In The Stick of Truth, you can swap your ally with others in combat, but now that’s something you choose right from the start. In the video, we see four possible allies at your disposal for every fight.

We also see the introduction of a destructible cover. Team members hide behind elements of the environment, but in gameplay at E3 2017, we see powers such as Captain Diabetes ‘insulin shock’ destroying a small table. The environment is reactive too: we know that if you launch the right attack in the right place you can hit Randy to the side of his car.

We also know that reject combinations keep coming back; if you attack an enemy with an enemy behind them in the net, that enemy will also take damage. You’ll also need to use the net to move yourself and your allies out of the line of fire – “telegraph attacks” are marked with red stripes on the net. You can also use Summons in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, the first of which is Moses, which you can use to heal your allies. They can be consumed, but once you discover them, you can create as many new ones as you like.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole story

In the first game, as The New Kid, you and your South Park buddies are playing a fantasy game in which humans and elves face off against the eponymous Stick of Truth. In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, the gang got bored since all the drama died down. And so on the next day a new game is to be played, this time about superheroes. It’s this new game that kicks off the events of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, but there’s a grudge in the ranks.

In a poorly veiled coup against publishing titans Marvel and DC, Cartman and friends create their own superhero studio to defend South Park with. But which gang will get their own standalone film? Which two superheroes, related to their movies, will naturally join forces to form a highly profitable, dynamic duo? It is these questions about the franchise strategy that lead to the superhero schism, hence “The Whole” is “Broken” on rival Raccoons and Friends and Freedom Buddies. Nobody wants to end the Netflix series. We’re looking at you, Iron Fist.

South Park: The Fractured But, The Whole Story, Everything We Know

With civil war ensuing, The New Kid is once again at the center of it. When you’ve been gathering friends for the Stick of Truth, you have to do the same with Coonstagram if you want your series to survive. We predict that this will lead to a similar structure to the Stick of Truth, and then include a fragment between humans and elves. Butters will also act as the main antagonist of South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Watch out for the lava (red Lego bricks) that this nefarious villain has spread all over South Park – you won’t be able to access the areas blocked by it.

The story of South Park: The Fractured But Whole was, like the previous one, created, written, voiced and directed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. If the Stick of Truth felt as close to a TV show as almost another series, South Park: The Fractured But Whole should prove to be just as faithful, even more outrageous.

The setting remains the same, but we don’t know yet if we will travel to Canada as we do in The Stick of Truth. There is certainly a change in the world of South Park, but we will find ourselves in a world with a fresh coat of paint, not something brand new.

Things have evolved in the South Park: The Fractured But Whole gameplay section since the first game, as the video above shows. The footage is from E3 2017 and shows you and Scott Malkinson (aka Captain Diabetes) wandering around Peppermint Hippo’s strip club looking for a tattooed penis stripper. It really is.

They even ruined a pooping mini-game

Spin the joysticks and tap buttons to drop two. Yes, it's fun at first. Not for the 17th time.

Zoom in / Swirl joysticks and tap buttons to drop a two. Yes, it’s fun at first. Not for the 17th time.

“Slow” is the keyword for the bad parts of SP: FBW. The game has a lot of download tasks, certainly more than the original game, and this time your progress in the main story will be stopped if you don’t complete some of them. You’ll drive through South Park at slow, cartoonish speed from job to job, and while there’s a hash system in place, even that acceleration is still slow. The game’s “fastpass” network has a total of about a dozen locations, but very few of them are right next to any of the locations where players have to flee repeatedly. If you want to automatically jump between points you’ll have to run to one in the game as opposed to pulling out a menu and just tapping (even the fastpass menus when you find them are clunky).

Unlike the previous game, comedy is really lacking in the content of the side quests. One incredibly overworked assignment sums it all up for me: you have to run back and forth between the characters of Tweek and Craig and talk to the two kids on your behalf, with no jokes showing up in their saucy, screaming chatter. It takes about seven trips back and forth.

There are other slow smelly ones too: Big Gay Al wants you to find his lost cats, which requires the use of a clunky freeze of time and has no other real benefit; another character wants you to place flyers in different parts of the city (just like in the case, you just need to go to different points on the map and press the “A” button); the hilarious bowel control mini-game becomes excruciatingly boring for the seventeenth time; and the game rewards experience points for simply rummaging through cabinets, drawers, and boxes throughout the game world and finding specific items. Sometimes they’ll have funny or weird names, but for the most part they’re just references to things that appeared in other episodes.

Me, uh, no

Zoom In / I don’t want to go into details about what happened to these guys. The farts were involved.

It doesn’t mean that SP: FBW has nothing funny about it – far from it. Not all big bang jokes hit as successfully as in the original game, including the terrifying ambush of Catholic priests. The game is also obsessed with long conversations between players and adults about how they perceive their race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, leading to lengthy, choice-based conversations with the likes of the school psychologist, Mr. Mackey, and the PC director. Sometimes they seemed unpleasant to me, while towards the end I appreciated their Andy Kaufman-style absurdity. The biggest disappointment comes from how little each of these choices affects the game – meaning that all of these “The Game is Harder If Your Character’s Black” stories have turned out to be nothing but window decoration. This.

The good:

  • South Park Studios is back with a showcase of television caliber, dialogue, and performances that achieve the same highs and lows as the series.
  • The new tactical RPG combat seems fun at first glance, but quickly becomes monotonous.
  • The overly serious tone is broken by the game’s fun cutscenes, but less by the gameplay.
  • If Ubisoft did this as a satire of their own fetch-quest games, we couldn’t find the part where it ceases to be awful and it gets fun.
  • At every turn, something slow or boring undermines the script’s attempts at humorous panache.

We are also seeing a return of elemental attacks. After the Snowball Flurry attack, you apply the Chilled status effect to the hapless attacker, forcing them to skip the turn. You can use this, as well as other debuffs like Grossed Out and Charmed in Broken, but in full.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Review Story

Once again, we interpret the New Boy, whose bloating has special powers that defy time and space. At the beginning of the game, we witnessed the recent battles for stick control in a fantasy world that we left in the Stick of Truth, but the facts quickly change as Eric Cartman decides it’s better to play superheroes. As always, the little psychopath has his own goals: save a lost cat, claim a $ 100 bounty, and use that money to create a multi-million dollar superhero streak around his Raccoon character.

South park cracked, but the whole review gives rise to a whole new adventure that parodies the superhero movies and the mockery that sometimes come to us to build shared cinematic universes. The structure of the game makes our character play an ambivalent role in the “civil war” that breaks out among the boys when they cannot agree on the structure of their franchise.

Cartman hosts Coon and Friends and Timmy – in the hilarious role of Dr. Timothy – hosts Freedom Pals. As both sides argue, our role will be to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the cats in South Park and unravel the deepest mysteries of this mystery.

South Park: Broken but all review story

South Park: Broken but full review

South Park: Cracked but intact

South Park: Broken but the whole story

south Park cracked, but the whole review benefits from this change of topic, but at the same time there seems to be something derivative in other departments. For example, the scan structure and the current scenarios are not very different from the Stick of Truth. Back in those days, it was wonderful to be able to explore a virtual version of South Park, but the tranquil mountain town remains largely unchanged in this sequel.

The game reflects some of the changes that have occurred in recent seasons of South Park, such as the gentrification and subsequent abandonment of Kenny’s house in the SoDoSoPa neighborhood, and the presence of the “tasteful” Shi Tpa town. Besides, the structure of South Park is mostly identical to the one in the first game.

Other narrative elements from recent seasons have also been incorporated into the game to give it a bit more freshness. Such as the arrival of PC Principal and other newer characters, and the growing interest of South Park residents in topics related to Social Justice, a perfect example of which is the arrival of the Cissies bathroom.

south Park is broken, but the whole review also does a very good job of adding more heroes who don’t usually occupy the central plots of the series. Scott Malkinson – AKA: Captain Diabetes – is the star of a very fun sequence at the nightclub, Tweek and Craig – AKA: Wonder Tweek and Super Craig – have a special arc that explores their homosexual relationship (the result of Season 19’s excellent chapter, Tweek X Craig), while Token Black -Tupperware- and Wendy Testaberger -Call Girl- also have very interesting and fun roles.

South Park Fractured But Whole Gameplay:

On the other hand, the combat system is much more interesting. Instead of using an active real-time system like in the first game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole offers turn-based combat on a predetermined grid. Our character’s different abilities and up to three companion characters contradict or affect different squares of said grid, making positioning and action decisions truly essential elements. Fights start with mostly straight, linear fights with sixth graders.

South Park gameplay broken, but complete review

However, as the game progresses, they become more complex, new enemies appear with special abilities and new unique rules in some fights. For example, fighting Mr. Stoch puts us in trouble with his powerful punishment ability that blocks huge areas of the battle grid, while fighting General Disorder forces us to try to focus most attacks on one private enemy while avoiding the rain of burning lava (in in fact, they were red Lego bricks)

The combat system also allows us to gain access to each character’s unique abilities and specific special attacks. Unique abilities are obtained by completely filling the limit bar, which is common to the actions of all our heroes. In this aspect, The Fractured But Whole’s fights include the Quick Time Events system, if we manage to press a certain sequence of buttons during an attack, we deal more damage.

Special skills are powerful and fun to watch, but their animations cannot be missed and become less interesting after being watched over a dozen times. Something similar happens with invocations that also have long animations. Although I must admit, it’s hard to get bored watching Gerald Blofovsky’s animation and his hilarious tribute to season 12’s illustrious chapter, Major Boobage.

The last great thing to play in The Fractured But Whole is the exploration system. As we already mentioned, the central exploration elements present in the game are no different from what we saw in the first installment, so much so that we can once again explore different scenarios using our character’s different abilities related to bloating.

The biggest news in this case is that we will have to use our allies to overcome certain obstacles. For example, the Human Kite (Kyle) was able to help us reach high places, while Toolshed (Stan) could use his airgun and the back of our character to remove environmental obstacles such as the aforementioned lava. Other powers are unique to our character, such as the ability to pause, scroll, or speed up time due to flatulence.

The game starts with you, the mute new kid, as you try to join Cartman’s team. As with any good RPG, you spend your first few missions completing your character selection. You can choose from three starting classes, including Brutalist, Tank; Speedster, a movement-based class, and Blaster, a ranged character.

Humor: South Park to the core

Where The Fractured But Whole shines brightest, there’s hilarious immaturity.

Once you told yourself the title of the game and you should be able to say it right away, this game is one hundred percent faithful to the “South Park formula” of an obsession with jokes, farting and other profanity and profanity. Don’t worry, this is not Rick and Morty – a high IQ to understand subtle humor is not required here.

Admittedly, this kind of silly humor will not appeal to everyone, but for someone who enjoys a TV show, it was a treat to see his style of humor translated so well into the game. Without a doubt, The Fractured But Whole is sure to make you gasp in several areas, provided you enjoy the childish, above-average bantering style that South Park is famous for.

But it wouldn’t be South Park without some borderline satire and social commentary, and The Fractured But Whole is not afraid to continue that tradition. During the course of the game, amidst the multitude of “stupid” jokes, there are plenty of jokes directed at modern society. One of the most shameless is the fact that the difficulty of the game depends on how dark your skin is. The darker you are, the more difficult the game.

It doesn’t end with skin color either. Sex, religion, politics, the education system, and more are the subject of brutally scandalous jokes and jokes that satiate some of the most heated social problems of the present day. Nothing is left out and that is the beauty of the South Park formula. No matter how offensive it may seem to any group, South Park: The Fractured But Whole makes fun of everyone and everything.

Gameplay: Better in almost every way

The gameplay in The Fractured But Whole is a huge step up from the Stick of Truth.

Like The Stick of Truth, The Fractured But Whole’s combat system is turn-based. However, to add some depth this time, Ubisoft introduced a new mesh system. Attacks have an area of ​​effect, and any characters who are on the grids affected by the attack will be damaged. In addition, different abilities can cause different effects. Some attacks knock back characters, while others change the order in which characters change.

However, mastering this system is not at all difficult. In fact, with a little practice, you will quickly understand the ins and outs. Ubisoft did an excellent job of making the fight more interesting without sacrificing the easy-to-learn approach taken by the Stick of Truth.

In addition to combat, the player also has the freedom to explore the world of South Park, interact with characters, and solve small puzzles to unlock secrets. Unfortunately, this time around, the puzzles are as bland and bare as those in the Stick of Truth. Neither of them presents a challenge, so solving them is a rather boring experience.

Luckily, it’s fun to walk around and explore the surroundings. Even though The Fractured But Whole uses the same world from the Stick of Truth, it provides a whole new layout of humorous NPCs to chat with and engage with. Some of my favorite moments in the game were just wandering around and catching references to the TV show.

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Fighting evildoers

The Fractured But Whole plays like a classic turn-based RPG. Much like games like Earthbound, you’ll want to engage your enemies to make sure you attack first or the enemies catch you.

Ubisoft and South Park Studios have largely reinvented the Stick of Truth combat system by adding a grid format that requires you to put your teammates in the correct positions to attack enemies. However, if you have a character that deals melee damage and another teammate is blocking his path, he won’t be able to attack.

Teammate abilities can spread across the battle grid, hitting enemies above or below your characters. If several enemies line up in a row, you’ll have a chance to knock them down at yourself, dealing bonus damage.

The developers have also added new battle animations for the super attacks of teammates. Similar to the exaggerated super moves in NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice series, your super attacks will have your characters summon hamsters to charge at enemies or fly into the clouds to fire a volley of laser blasts.

There are also some good old-fashioned summons that allow you to summon special help from characters to fight your enemies.

Who are the villains in “The Fractured But Whole”? Sixth graders, ninjas, chaos minions, pedophile priests, kids dress up like Hooters, Strippers and more. Nothing is sacred in South Park, which is what fans like.

Over time, you will gain special abilities that you can use in and out of battle, helping you access different areas of the game world and acquire inaccessible objects and upgrades.

My only problem with in-game combat is that, like The Stick of Truth, it’s a bit too easy. Sure, there have been a few battles where I sweat, but most of the time I never felt like I was in danger of losing. Even when I picked up the fight to the Mastermind lineup, I was still able to cut through fights a lot. That doesn’t mean they weren’t fun, but I would have appreciated something more challenging.

Should you get it?

I loved South Park: The Stick of Truth and am a huge fan of the show so I was fully prepared to at least enjoy The Fractured But Whole. But the developers managed to exceed my expectations by correcting the disadvantages of the previous game and creating a deeper experience.

And while the combat and puzzles are still too easy compared to other RPGs, playing The Fractured But Whole is well worth the time. If you’re a fan of the series, casual RPGs, or great games in general, you’ll want “The Fractured But Whole.”

Review for Xbox One

What’s hot: like playing the massive episode of South Park, improved combat system, deeper character customization options

What’s not: combat is still too easy for most experienced players, the puzzles can be more difficult

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