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Pay attention to what day you are in the season, especially when planting plants that can take up to two weeks in the game to grow. You don’t want to start a new season with a lot of dead crops that you can’t sell.

Stardew Valley Guide – Essential Tips to Help You Become the Ultimate Farmer

Everything you need to know to go from rags to riches in Stardew Valley.

A guide by Jake Green, the guide’s editor

Updated on March 26, 2021

Stardew Valley is deceptively complex and it’s easy to distract from your daily farm chores. To help you stay on the right track and make sure you are running the best farm possible, we have put together this Stardew Valley guide. It includes essential tips to help you, a beginner’s guide for the first few hours of the game, and a description of the controls. Below you will find links to all of our Stardew Valley guides, from fishing guides to tips on gifts and romance.

We will be adding more and more Stardew Valley guides to this page in the near future. Be sure to check out for more updates. In the meantime, check out where Stardew Valley is on our list of the 25 Best Nintendo Switch Games.

Stardew Valley Guide

Stardew Valley is an adorable farming simulation where players inherit a dilapidated farm and turn it into a discussion in the city. There are plants to grow, monsters to kill and treasures to be found, although you will have to go from scratch at the beginning. Deciding what to do with your time in Stardew Valley can be quite daunting as time is money when you’re a farmer. To help you get the most out of your farm and life in Stardew Valley, we’ve put together this Stardew Valley guide. We’ll offer a beginner’s guide that covers the first few hours of the game, takes a look at where all the townspeople are located, and controls in detail. Let’s get down to it.

There are some important days that occur throughout Stardew Valley throughout the year. From changing seasons to events that take place on specific days. There is a calendar to keep track of the days, but here are three important days to be aware of each week:

Stardew Valley

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What is Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley is an RPG simulation.

Who made Stardew Valley?

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone created Stardew Valley.

When was Stardew Valley out?

Stardew Valley was released on February 26, 2016.

What engine is Stardew Valley using?

The Stardew Valley code was written in C#.

How long is Stardew Valley?

If you focus only on the main objectives, you can complete Stardew Valley in 50-55 hours.

How much is Stardew Valley?

You can buy Stardew Valley for € 13.99. But HRK Game gives you the option to purchase a Stardew Valley key for a much cheaper price all the time.

Buy Stardew Valley key and

Take over the old agricultural plot that you inherited from your grandfather. Can you turn this place into something extraordinary with just a few tools and a few coins?

Can you live off the land and replace these overgrown fields with farmland? Ever since the Joja Corporation came to this place, the old ways of living have almost disappeared. The town center is in ruins, but the valley offers a lot for those who know what they are doing. Bring Stardew Valley back to its prime!

Stardew Valley and its key features:

  • Turn these overgrown fields into a flourishing farm – Raise animals, grow crops, create machines and start your own orchard. You have everything you need to create the perfect farm!
  • 4-player co-op – Stardew Valley allows up to 4 players to enjoy the game together. Work on your farm, share resources with friends, and bring your local community to life.
  • Hone your skills – farming, mining, fishing, foraging and fighting. You will slowly improve your skills by following these activities, unlocking new areas and trying many different professions.
  • Join the local community – There are over 30 unique people in Stardew Valley. These people have their own daily schedule, birthdays, special cutscenes, and more. Become their friend and let them open up to you!
  • Hidden Cave – The underworld has many secrets. As you dive deeper, the cave reveals wild monsters, powerful weapons, new landscapes, precious gems and resources.
  • Rebuild the valley – The city is falling apart. When JojaMart opened, many abandoned their old ways of life. But you can repair an old community center or join the Joja Corporation. It’s your choice.
  • Find a Partner – Stardew Valley has 12 bachelors and babes to go out with. They have unique character development and when you marry them they will join you on your farm!
  • Fish, Cooking and Crafts – Will you catch all the fish and become a local legend? Maybe you will cook meals that will increase your speed, skills and combat abilities? You can even create stoves, scarecrows, oil mills, and other useful things.
  • Detailed Personalization – Customize both your character and your home!

Buy Stardew Valley key today and enjoy a relaxing and addictive farming simulation alone or with friends!

When my daughter started playing Stardew Valley, she hit a brilliant wheezing sound. I guided her through the early game and demonstrated some farming mechanics, but what she was interested in was city affairs and decorating her house. So: She was playing alone, and then she would come over to me with a list of things she wanted in the game, at which point I had to grind to get her enough money. A bit like in real life. Read more.

the soundtrack has different melodies, each playing in a different time and place. The use of silence in the game is also noteworthy. There is no music all the time which means when it plays it is both noticeable and very little annoyingly repetitive.

Essential tips for first time farmers

There are dozens of things you need to know when you first start Stardew Valley that it can get overwhelming. To help you adjust to life on the farm, here are some tips for first-time players.

Watch TV every morning

Your cabin is equipped with a television with several channels that provide daily information and guidance. Check your TV every morning to find out the following:

  • The weather report tells you what the weather will be like tomorrow. Keep an eye out for rainy days. When it is pouring, you won’t have to water your plants, which saves you endurance. Use this surplus energy for adventures in the mines, foraging or cleaning the ground.
  • Fortune Teller is a channel that tells you what your happiness will be today. On lucky days, you will be more successful with taking items out of the trash cans or finding rare items in the mines.
  • Livin ‘Off The Land contains general gameplay tips and tricks.

There are also two other TV channels that you’ll unlock later in the game.

Sell those free parsnips for potatoes

One of your first tasks in the Journal is the “First Steps” quest. This little mission requires “growing and harvesting parsnips.” The first time you start the game, you are given a handful of parsnip seeds that you can use to achieve this goal.

Stardew Valley Item Shop screen

Sell ​​These Free Parsnips On Potatoes Photo: ConcernedApe via Polygon

All you need to do to complete the task is to grow and harvest one parsnip. So plant one and take the rest to Pierre’s shop in the city center. Sell ​​the rest of the seeds and buy the plant with a more lucrative yield: potatoes.

The profit margin on parsnips is $ 15 while potatoes will give you $ 30. Moreover, spuds have the chance to give you two potatoes for your harvest, boosting your profits even more. Selling all parsnips except one early for potatoes is a great strategy to earn some extra money early in the game.

Make 3×3 patches when starting out

When you first start cleaning your farm, it can be hard to imagine how you want to lay it out. To make things easier in the beginning, start by creating 3×3 meshes with a hoe.

A large farm in Stardew Valley

A 3×3 grid in action Photo: ConcernedApe

This grid pattern will be beneficial in the long run as you will get more items like scarecrows, sprinklers, walking paths and more. These items are crucial for players looking to optimize their daily farming tasks, and many 3×3 layouts will benefit the most.

The creation of small plots in this way allows for the categorization and division of crops. For simplicity, you can place plants with shorter cultivation times closer to the cabin and those with longer cultivation times further away.

Tips for the mines

While Stardew Valley is mostly a fun game filled with farming and making friends, there is also action to be done. The mines are less like a farm simulation and more like an adventure game, with sword swinging and enemies to overcome. In addition to the thrill of battle, you can also find important resources such as copper, iron and gold ore. You will need them to build more advanced tools like sprinklers and tool upgrades.

A screenshot of the Stardew Valley mine

Swap your farming tools for swords Photo: ConcernedApe

Remember that when you go deeper into the mines, an elevator leaves every five floors and bonus items every ten floors. Use this knowledge to determine how far you should go on each journey. If you go up the ladder on the floor you are on, you will immediately exit the mine.

For first time miners, the most important thing to remember is survival. If you lose all of your health or run out of energy, you will leave the mine and lose some or all of your accumulated resources.

Each season in the game is 28 days in the game. It is important to keep track of the seasons and cultivation time of each crop. If you continue to grow a seasonal crop and the seasons change, those crops will spoil immediately.

Player-Derived Stock

If a player decides to sell items to Willy, there is a chance that they will appear in the list of items for sale, especially if they are sold to Willy in large quantities. Each of these items will be available for sale in limited quantities. Additional villager dialogues may appear, indicating that they have seen or bought items.

After the Community Center or JojaMart is repaired, Willy sends the player an invitation to the back of his store. Upon arrival, the player finds a hidden dock with an old boat that can be repaired to travel to Ginger Island for a fee of 1000g. After the boat is repaired, the shop door opens at 8am, although Willy’s own schedule remains unchanged. He doesn’t need to be in the store to go by the boat.

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator that has undergone several changes since its first release in 2016. Each update brings quality-of-life improvements, new features, and other surprises. Regardless of these changes, some tips will always remain the same.

Stardew Valley for Windows

Star Dew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farm simulation game with some unique features. You will do more than just growing fruit and vegetables; you will face monsters in the mine, hunt geodes and catch fish.

Farming and romance

When farming becomes wearisome, you can go to the beach and hunt shells or fish on the pier.

You inherit your grandfather’s plot of land, an old and dilapidated piece of land that is ready to be cleared and planted to begin. As time goes on, you will soon become a pillar of the community, making friends and helping in the city.

The seasons pass quickly and community events provide ample opportunities to impress villagers with their farming, hunting, and fishing skills. There will be competitions where you will win accessories for character customization and new scarecrows to decorate your farm. If you’re in the mood for adventure, head to the mines and fight terrifying monsters such as bats, swarms of insects and more.

When you feel lonely, you have two options. You can join up to 3 friends to create the most successful farm, kill more monsters and catch the biggest catch. Or, you can just go out to town and seek love, make friends and solicit one of the many NPCs in the world.

After they get married, they will move to the farm with you and you will be able to start a family. You take care of your farm, help the townspeople, and your grandfather will be proud of you.

The next best way to manage your items is to buy Backpack Upgrades in Pierre’s Store. The first upgrade costs 350,000. The larger the backpack, the more you can carry. Having more space in your inventory is essential when you start looking for food and adventure in the mines.

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If you like Harvest Moon then Stardew Valley is simply the best possible Harvest Moon. You have a similar premise, you create a farm with crops and animals, and many of the functions are the same – befriending villagers and a mine to explore.

The Music

It may seem small, but good music can really make a game great. Not only does this add to the things I’ve already mentioned above, but I’ve found it really does make the game much more addictive. Too many times I closed the game and walked on, but heard the sweet melody of a new day and allowed myself to play just a little more.

the soundtrack has different melodies, each playing in a different time and place. The use of silence in the game is also noteworthy. There is no music all the time which means when it plays it is both noticeable and very little annoyingly repetitive.

The Surprises and Story

Finally, what’s out of history comes out. Being a chunk of life, there’s no great story per se, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t much to find. The quests you receive encourage you not only to improve your farm, but also encourage you to discover the world. There is a collecting aspect in the Community Center that allows you to unlock more content and change the lives of the villagers.

Also, there are a lot of things that are mysterious at first but that reveal themselves when you play more. These goals give the game a nice sense of progress, but no need to rush as everything is optional and there is no time limit other than weird quests.

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