Steam’s multiplayer game streaming now works with friends without Steam accounts

Steam’s Remote Play Together feature, which lets you stream local multiplayer games with friends over the internet, will no longer require every player to have a Steam account. The new functionality, which is currently in beta, lets Steam users invite a friend to their game with a link, after which they’ll be prompted to install the Steam Link app if they don’t have it already.

There are limits to the new feature. Games will need to already support the Remote Play Together feature for it to work (there are filtering options to find these titles), and only one friend without a Steam account can join a multiplayer session. If you want to add more, they’ll need to have accounts.

To try the feature out, head to your friends list in the Steam overlay while playing a Remote Play Together-compatible title and click the “Copy Link” button. Steam says you’re able to send links to friends to play on Windows, Android, iOS, or even Raspberry Pi devices.

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