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Sticky Password is a highly secure and commendable password manager. It is one of the more affordable password management solutions, and would be an ideal choice for many small businesses. However, for medium and large-sized organizations, we don’t think Sticky Password is the best password manager.

In our Sticky Password review, find out what features separate this platform from the pack, and where it struggles against some of its more well-established competitors.

Sticky Password’s features make it a solid choice for enterprise password management. (Image credit: Sticky Password)

Features and utilities

When it comes to the best password management software, some features are non-negotiable. Fortunately, Sticky Password not only provides these features but goes further and offers a few business-specific tools that help it stand out from its competitors.

To start, there are essential features such as password sharing, one-touch login, password autofill, password generation, automatic syncing, and encrypted storage of credit cards and digital notes.

Sticky Password also offers a suite of powerful features designed specifically for business.

Going beyond simple password sharing, Sticky Password allows administrators to allocate role-specific permissions, and ensure employees only have access to credentials relevant to their position. This makes it easy for businesses to streamline their password management and reduce points of weakness in the system.

Sticky Password has robust cross-platform functionality. (Image credit: Sticky Password)


Sticky Password provides apps for all the major hardware platforms, including macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. The platform is also compatible with almost all web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and many more. Our only disappointment is that there is no specific software for Linux systems, something that is available with many competitors.

Nonetheless, the apps themselves are easy to download and install. It’s necessary to make an account before logging in, but this simply requires an email and password. We also recommend installing the Sticky Password browser extensions.

The ability to import passwords in bulk is also a nifty feature for businesses that are integrating a new password management solution into their business operations.

Interface and performance

The Sticky Password desktop application has a pleasing layout and makes it easy for the user to find important information and control their account. The security dashboard is particularly useful for visualizing security weaknesses.

We were impressed with the speed of syncing. Using both a mobile and desktop device simultaneously resulted in a seamless experience. Once we had entered credential information on a desktop site, we were immediately able to log in password-free on a mobile device. 

The Sticky Password Mobile Application. (Image credit: Sticky Password)


Top-notch security protocols are essential for any password manager, and Sticky Password doesn’t disappoint. Sticky Password uses all the industry-standard encryption protocols, and also goes further, offering innovative security features that are perfect for businesses.

Not only does Sticky Password encrypt all data end-to-end with 256-bit AES encryption, but it does not store the master password or the encryption key. Without these, no one, not even Sticky Password, can unencrypt your business’s valuable passwords and data.

Sticky Password is a highly secure service. (Image credit: Sticky Password)

The local WiFi sync is another useful security feature that businesses will appreciate. Local WiFi sync means that devices on the same network can share encrypted passwords and credentials without this data ever leaving the premises. This is ideal for businesses operating in one primary location because you can share passwords among colleagues in total security.

A final security feature we haven’t seen before is Sticky Password’s use of Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) to encrypt further data stored on a device. So even if an employee’s computer is stolen, the thief will be unable to access Sticky Password data that is encrypted and stored deep within the device’s CPU chip.

Sticky Password’s online help center is the first place to go for troubleshooting. (Image credit: Sticky Password)


The Sticky Password website has both a help center and a discussion board, so most of the time, troubleshooting can be done online without any need to contact the Sticky Password team.

For more complicated issues, businesses have access to online support with an average wait time of fewer than 24 hours. We would like to have seen a more responsive support service, as the lack of phone support might deter some businesses from investing in Sticky Password.

Sticky Password’s premium plan is highly affordable (with some philanthropy to boot). (Image credit: Sticky Password)

Plans and pricing

Sticky Password offers a single Premium plan for businesses, with access to a 30-day free trial first. It costs $29.99 user/year, making Sticky Password more affordable than most of its competitors.

You can also purchase a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password, which costs $159.99. A lifetime subscription, however, is unlikely to be an appealing option to businesses because a single user would need to remain with your organization for six years before the lifetime subscription provided a saving.

The competition

While Sticky Password provides an excellent core service, we think businesses might be better off considering a password management solution with greater administrator control over user settings and privacy.

Competitors such as NordPass, LastPass, and RoboForm all provide more advanced analytics that medium and large-sized businesses are likely to appreciate. Although these providers are marginally more expensive, companies that value user management and centralized access control might prefer to consider one of them.

Final verdict

Sticky Password is a middle-of-the-pack password management solution. Although it may not be the best password manager available, it is still a highly secure platform with plenty of features to please businesses.

In particular, we think local WiFi sync and Intel SGX are innovative features that might convince businesses to rely on Sticky Password for their organization.

Sticky Password is also more affordable than many of its competitors, with no compromise when it comes to security. Undoubtedly, Sticky Password is one of the most secure password managers available.

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