Stream PC Games to Your Android. How to stream pc games to phone

The Steam Link app (iOS, Android) is extremely easy to set up as long as your mobile device is on the same network as your computer. When you run it for the first time, it will scan your network for Steam computers and present a list of them.

Steam Link is a fantastic application that allows you to play games on your Android device or iPhone by streaming them from your computer.

Just connect the Steam Link application on your phone, tablet or TV to your computer and connect your phone / tablet / TV to the controller via Bluetooth.

In addition to the Steam controller, Steam Link supports other popular controllers such as the Microsoft Xbox 360.

However, there are several reasons why you may be looking for an alternative to Steam Link.

Perhaps you don’t like the Steam Link chip, or maybe it doesn’t support your controller. Perhaps you are looking for an alternative to the Steam Link hardware (not the app) that has been discontinued.

Regardless of why you are looking for an alternative to Steam Link, this article is for you. Today I will discuss the best Steam Link alternatives for playing games on mobile devices.

1. Moonlight Stream

Moonlight Stream is an open source NVIDIA Gamestream client. It allows you to play games on any device, even if you are away from your computer.

Moonlight Stream is a great alternative to Steam Link if you’re looking for open source software to work with.

You don’t even need to be near your computer to use Moonlight to stream games from your computer.

Moonlight supports 120fps streaming and you can stream in 4k HD.

You can even host your own cloud gaming server with a private ISP by installing the Moonlight hosting tool. This will allow you to stream over the Internet as long as Moonlight Internet Hosting Tool is installed on your computer.

Consequently, if you want to stream over the internet instead of your local network, Moonlight is a great alternative to Steam Link.

You can also use ZeroTier to stream from multiple computers connected via the same internet connection.

You can use Moonlight with the following devices:

  • Android devices
  • iOS phone or tablet
  • Apple TV
  • Windows computer
  • Duster
  • Chromebook
  • PS Vita
  • Raspberry Pi

You can download Moonlight from its website for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Steam Link devices. You can get it on Chromebooks by downloading it from the Chrome web store.

To stream to an Android device, download Moonlight from Google Play, Amazon Appstore, or F Droid. It is also available on the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

As Moonlight is open source, unlike Steam Link, you can download the source code on Github and use it under the GPLv3 license. Moonlight is free and has no ads or subscriptions.

There is a Moonlight community on Discord that you can join to chat with other Moonlight users.

2. Rainway

Rainway is another great Steam Link alternative that will allow you to play PC games on any device, including your phone or tablet.

One of the great things about Rainway is that you can play online games. For example, on a Windows computer, you can go to in Chrome and start streaming and playing games from another computer.

This makes it a great alternative to Steam Link.

You can also download Android and iOS apps and use them to play games on mobile devices.

Rainway is a great alternative to Steam Link as you can play any PC game using Rainway. Rainway will pull games from Steam, Origin, Epic, and more.

Plus, Rainway is completely free. You’ll never have to pay anything to use the Rainway.

Your host computer will need to be on the entire time you use Rainway on a different computer or mobile device. You can still use the app to remotely turn on the host computer when you want to play a game so as not to waste battery or electricity.

You spent days, months building the perfect place to play. Amazing computer: check it out. The perfect desk: on site. Supreme gaming chair: acquired. Refrigerator full of grog: overcrowded. There is no better environment for gaming glory. Except for the sofa. Or at work. Or in bed.

Nvidia GameStream

Nvidia GameStream

High definition graphics.

The router may be limiting performance.

Heavy-Duty games may contain bugs.

If you have a PC with an Nvidia graphics card and an Nvidia Shield device, GameStream is the first method you should check out. It is supported natively on Shield devices and offers full controller support, with the ability to play games locally or over the Internet. Some laptops with hybrid graphics solutions may struggle, but if you have a Shield desktop and tablet, portable, or Shield TV, this is the way to go.



Works across the platform.

Perfect picture quality.

Requires expensive equipment.

May be difficult to install.

If you have a PC with an Nvidia processor but not a Nvidia Shield device, there is an open source GameStream implementation called Moonlight that you can use. Even if you have a GameStream, support for virtual controls can be useful. The unofficial third-party solution will encounter problems as this is an external implementation. Don’t expect the same smoothness or performance you’ll get from a typical GameStream device. Still, considering how GameStream is well viewed as a way to stream PC games, it’s an excellent option if you’re running Nvidia products on your PC.

Between the limitations of the service – namely in terms of Steam games – and the lack of a free trial, Vortex may not be the best service for newbies to try.

Connect a Gamepad to Your Device

These apps allow you to play with on-screen touch controls, but any mobile gamer might say that touch controls are rarely perfect. You will have a much better experience if you play with a dedicated gamepad.

If you want to use wireless connectivity, the PlayStation 4 Bluetooth controller should work fine. Just pair it with your device using the Bluetooth settings, just like any other wireless accessory. This method should work whether you have an iOS or Android device.

Otherwise, you can use the Apple Approved MFi Controller for iPhone for iPhone or iPad. Android users can even use a wired controller like the old Xbox 360 model by plugging it into a USB OTG cable (Micro USB or USB-C) and plugging it into the device.

Personally, I highly recommend the Gamevice controller. It plugs directly into the device and turns it into a game console similar to the Nintendo Switch. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Pixel or Galaxy, check the Gamevice website for the controller that matches your device.

The Steam Link app (iOS, Android) is extremely easy to set up as long as your mobile device is on the same network as your computer. When you run it for the first time, it will scan your network for Steam computers and present a list of them.

Touch the computer and you will receive a 4-digit PIN code on your phone. Enter this PIN in the popup that will appear in Steam on your computer to initiate the connection. It will test the network to make sure it’s fast enough, then take you to the home page. From there, tap on Start Game.

Steam Link is perfect for anyone who plays on Steam – it’s a free add-on that builds on the platform and brings that experience to a variety of devices in the home. You can even use Steam Link over the Internet from remote locations, although there will be some lag depending on your connection speed.

Other apps

There are other applications that take games running on one computer and stream them to another device.

Install Remotr on your main Windows gaming PC to stream titles to Android and iOS devices as well as other Windows PCs (macOS support coming soon). It’s free, but you need to register an email address to run it.

Install Remoter on both your computer and the other device. When you open the app on your mobile device, it should automatically detect the gaming machine via your local Wi-Fi network. You can connect a controller for a more conventional experience, but unlike other services, you don’t really need one – Remotr will set up touch controls for you on the screen of your mobile device.

There’s also Rainway, which – surprise, surprise – works in the same way as all the other platforms we’ve mentioned. You need to install the software on the computer where your games are located, as well as the appropriate companion application for other computers and mobile devices. In this case, it will even work in a web browser. Like Remotr, Rainway is free and you only need to register your email address to get an account.

Open the Rainway app on the device you are connecting from and you will see the code to enter on your main computer. This gives you access to all games with different stream quality and window behavior settings (whether or not you want to play in full screen mode). As with other tools, you just copy the main computer screen to the other device over Wi-Fi.

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KinoConsole is a great alternative for Steam users as it integrates seamlessly with Steam and lets you add games from your Steam account to your KinoConsole game library in seconds.


Like Steam In-Home Streaming, Remotr’s free game streaming platform works by using your gaming PC’s library and processing power to deliver the stream to your Android device, iPhone, tablet, or other PC. But Remotr requires that you install not one but two dedicated applications (one for the host and the other for the receiver) in order to run. One of the cool features is local network support for couch co-op games. If you’re playing a party game like Castle Crashers, up to three of your friends can use their phones or tablets as controllers, each with their own screen.

If you meet the requirements and follow the setup guide, this is another way to smoothly stream your gaming sessions with relatively low latency from your host computer without relying on some remote datacenter for which you would have to pay monthly.


Rainway is a game streaming service that allows you to remotely stream games from pre-existing Steam, Origin,, or uPlay libraries and its fame is the web: you can stream games directly to your web browser window as Mac or Windows PC or phones with Android, with an iOS version planned for a later date. Rainway makes sense if you want to stream games like you would with Steam Link, but don’t want to log in to multiple machines with your Steam user credentials.

The desktop app has a lot of settings you can adjust, including the quality of the stream to be used for encoding, and which monitor you want to download the game stream from if you have multiple monitors Set up.

It’s free, so it’s worth a try if you’re curious but don’t want to invest in a game streaming platform just yet.

Pay close attention to the pop-ups Steam offers regarding controls – for example, many iOS controllers don’t have clickable sticks, so you’ll have to press Menu + X and Menu + Y. It’s a bit clunky, but it works.


apowermirror tool

It’s more than just mirroring – control your mobile device on your computer with ApowerMirror. It is one of the premium applications that you can use to play mobile games on your computer. The tool offers the same service as LetsView but has the advantage of being able to remotely control the phone using a computer. It’s as if the game has been downloaded onto your computer. This way you can use the computer mouse and keyboard to play your favorite game. To learn more about how to stream mobile games to your computer, check out the quick guide.

Download the downloaded application and install it on your computer and phone. You can also use the download buttons below.


Both of the tools mentioned above are great software for streaming mobile games on your computer. If you prefer not to pay for anything, use LetsView. However, if you want to control the device on your computer, ApowerMirror is recommended.

If you have a relatively new Nvidia graphics card, there’s a pretty smart way to try home streaming (or even over the internet) to virtually any platform under the sun: Nvidia’s unofficial Moonlight app for GameStream.

Steam In-Home Streaming

The easiest place to start is Steam In-Home Streaming. That’s right, the ubiquitous gaming platform includes a feature that lets you stream your library to remote Windows, Mac, Linux, and Steam OS devices. With a decent connection, you’ll experience the gameplay as if you were sitting at your gaming PC, although both PCs must be on the same network for Steam In-Home Streaming to work.

Configuration is easy. Install Steam on your gaming PC and the remote device you want to play on. Log in to the Steam application on both computers and they will connect automatically. Your gaming PC, as the host, will need to be turned on and awake for the entire session, so be sure to configure your power settings appropriately.

Once connected, look for the Stream button, where the Play button is normally used to launch the game.

Go to your Steam library on the remote computer and click on the game of your choice. You will see the Play button has been replaced with the Stream button. Click on it to launch and stream the game to the remote computer. The game will also run on the host computer’s screen, so don’t plan on using your primary computer for anything else while streaming games to another computer.

If your stream is having issues, press F6 (or Start + Y on your controller) to check the current streaming stats as shown at the bottom of the image below. It will give you detailed information on capture resolution, streaming latency, ping time, bitrate, and bandwidth – all useful indicators for diagnosing problems.

The Witcher 3 on iMac? No problem with In-Home Steam Streaming.

For a quick increase in streaming quality, lower the game’s graphics settings. Lowering the frame rate and resolution reduces the amount of data that needs to be captured and streamed, which should alleviate latency. A good quality, modern AC wireless network should easily support the AAA title, but as I mentioned before, the cable is impossible to beat.

If you’d like to delve even deeper, PCWorld’s comprehensive in-home streaming guide on Steam can walk you through the smallest details of the technology.

With Steam Link you can enjoy PC games on the big TV screen.

By now, you may have figured out that with Steam In-Home Streaming, your remote PC really does act as a kind of remote desktop client. All the action happens on your main device and the remote device plays streaming video and transmits your commands back to the mothership. So you need some remote device, but does it have to be a powerful PC or an expensive Mac?

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