Submarine games: seven of the best games with submarines. What is the best submarine game for pc

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Submarine games: seven of the best games with submarines

the best underwater games for pc

Are you looking for a list of the best underwater games for PC? Submarine simulators were quite popular in the 90s, but if you’re looking for some new underwater games your options are much more limited. If you want to go through all the hassle of making some of these 90s classics like Silent Hunter, Silent Service and Aces of the Deep running on a modern PC then power you up. However, if you’re looking for more modern PC submarine games, this list has a ton of solid submarines.

Submarine games come in several different shapes and forms, some of which are designed to recreate the little things of everyday operations on a military ship, while others focus on tracking battleships and delivering the perfect torpedo strike. Submarine games, however, are much more than just sinking other ships, including crew management, strategic use of resources, navigation skills, and good positioning if you and your crew want to return home safely.

Join us as we make our list of the best underwater games you can play right now on PC, from free multiplayer titans to early FTL games.

Here are the best underwater games:

The best World of Warships submarine games


They said it would never happen, but submarines are now available in the free multiplayer World of Warships Naval Fighter. After testing against the player base in Operation Fear of the Deep, Wargaming is committed to bringing submarines to the main game with their own combat mechanics, upgrades and combat roles.

There are currently five submarines available in World of Warships and they have grown in strength since their release in 2015, making them one of the best World War II games for naval fans.

cold water the best underwater games

If you are an Android gamer and love to play underwater games, this list will impress you. We’ve researched and collected the 5 best submarine games for Android that are sure to amaze you.

Silent Hunter 3

When it comes to versatile submarine games that immerse you absolutely in the position of submarine commander, it is immune to defeating Silent Hunter 3. You can choose from a variety of completely different campaigns and even dynamic patrol missions, and they all promise to put you at their pace as the battle stretches out. Commanding the U-boat at the start of the battle makes you feel like an apex predator as few enemies are prepared to deal with completely new know-how, however until 1944 your trial is a bit impossible as enemy ships start bringing escorts and airplane assistance.

There are many completely different submarines that you will be able to command, each of them feeling distinct and consultant on the timeframe you prevent, from rickety U-Boats of the late 1930s to extremely durable ships capable of dealing with damage in case of long shifts and carrying heavier loads.

Whichever you choose, expect to be greeted by real-looking details wherever you look. You can move between all the completely different stations on the submarine in first person to see the crew in motion, but there are also additional outdoor, strategic and cinematic camera settings that help fantastically be available. Speaking of which, the Silent Hunter Three offers a ton of realism settings that you can adjust as you get used to the controls, allowing you to completely customize your experience. It could also be one of the many old games on this checklist, so if you’re looking for a slightly extra trendy model, the Silent Hunter 4 could be valuable as well.

Cold Waters

This non-secular successor to Red Storm Rising is a relatively new submarine game that basically gets personal when the fight begins. You are the commander of a nuclear submarine tasked with stopping the mutually guaranteed destruction due to the escalation of the Cold War. While patrolling between the Labrador and Barents seas, your mission is to fight Soviet warships, intercept convoys, and send troops of specific forces deep behind enemy pressure. To do this, you have a set of around 40 ships equipped with everything from wire-guided torpedoes and cruise missiles to fashionable sonar technology.

Cold Waters does an incredible job reminding you that you are just a victim as well as a predator, and you also usually get a drop on your ship only to discover that two different ships are monitoring you at long range and you also now have two torpedoes avoidable. Fortunately, you have a fair amount of submarine management, making such accurate actions and feints easy to research and execute in the heat of battle.

I love simulation games. I love submarines. Navy War is one of the first submarine simulation games I have ever tried and I immediately fell in love with it. It doesn’t matter that it’s not free. You will get your money back because it has one of the best graphics, story and gameplay available on the market.

Silent Hunter V: Battle of the Atlantic

Silent Hunter V: Battle of the Atlantic is a submarine simulation game published by Ubisoft. Developed by Developed by Ubisoft Bucharest, it was released for PC on March 2, 2010. It was the fifth installment in the Silent Hunter series of games.

Silent Hunter V: Battle for the Atlantic

  • Website:
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Publisher: Ubisoft

Genre: Simulator

reviewed on 4 December 2019

For submarine simulators, the Silent Hunter series is a virtual lockdown in the top spot since the early 2000s. Almost a decade later, they still have the best simulators on the market. This is my favorite series, Battle for the Atlantic. Bigger theater, more ships, more U-Boats, lots of action and more realistic battle and gameplay.

You Sunk: Submarine

You Sunk: Submarine is a submarine simulation app published by Spooky House Studios for iOS and Android devices. Players will take command of the submarine and lead its crew on missions such as sinking enemy battleships.

You’ve sunk: a submarine

Age rating: 4+

Publisher: Spooky House Studios

Genre: Simulation

reviewed on May 22, 2019

You Sunk is a freemium game. Do not get me wrong. It’s free to download, but also offers in-app purchases. That said, you don’t need to purchase anything to be successful in this game. You just have to play smart. The option to buy stuff is just safe in case of failure. For a free game, this one is one of the best.

In this game mode, eight players will be able to face each other over a very large area to destroy all possible rivals before the time runs out.

Submarine Games Online

Since you have been in this post so far, it means you may like Submarine Games Online as well. Free online simulation games are now available on the Internet. In this post, we are going to discuss the top 5 online submarine games for you.

These games are flash games and you don’t need to install them or download an installation file to play the games.

Here is a list of free online submarine games –

Treasure Seas Inc .: Treasure Seas Inc is one of the best free submarine games online. All you have to do is dive your submarine and go on a treasure hunt underwater. Collect money from the treasure and you can buy a better submarine. Go deeper for more gold. This game already has 2 064 887 games with 87.44% satisfaction.

Gyeokjamsuham Submarines: Gyeokjamsuham Submarines is really a game that kills time and is easy to play. This game already has 35,797 games with 72.63% satisfaction. You can fight other submarines by launching your ships underwater.

Submarine 3D Racing: Submarine 3D Racing is fun exclusively for lovers of racing and the great underwater environment. This is one of the best free 3D submarine games available online.

You will race against other submarines and try to defeat them to become a sea hero. The game has already been 9563 times. The game was first launched on November 19, 2016.

U-Boot: With 103,142 game times and exclusive graphics, the U-Boot is one of the best in its category. You can collect all the treasures of the sea one by one. Then buy upgrades for your submarines, oxygen tanks and engines for the money you earn.

This game will wake you up in a treasure hunter where you need skills for a good hunt. First released on June 8, 2008.


Underwater games for PC and MAC are very limited. But existing games are very fun. We’ve researched and collected the best underwater games for PC, MAC and Android. Android, on the other hand, has a lot of underwater games available on the Google Play Store. But you may not like to play all of them. That’s why we’ve selected the best ones so that you can like them and find them quickly.

That’s it for today. Do you have any other games we should play and review?

If the meticulously detailed interior of the U-Boat is then this first-person submarine war simulator is good. Wolfpack is in Steam Early Access, however it is being developed with a dedicated group of underwater games, Subsim, with the aim of making it the most effective sub-game of all time. Better yet, Wolfpack is one of the only ones


This submarine warfare simulation has authentic submarine interiors. Wolfpack is currently in Early Access on Steam. It is developed in collaboration with Subsi. Moreover, Wolfpack is one of the few co-op underwater games available today that allows you and a group of friends to explore the seas together. Since this is purely first-person, there is no external point of view or set of personnel management procedures to distract from the task at hand. As a result, if you don’t know how to navigate and manage a submarine, this may not be the game for you.

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It has only recently hit the uncharted waters of Steam Early Access, but it also has quite a few nasty bugs. Still, it’s probably the best-looking submarine game on this list, and hopefully it will improve as developer Deep Water Studio continues to roll out new features like the campaign.

GATO (PC/DOS) 1984, Spectrum Holobyte, inc

GATO (PC / DOS) 1984, Spectrum Holobyte, Inc

GATO is a real-time submarine simulator first published in 1984 by Spectrum Holobyte ™ for MS-DOS. Simulates combat operations aboard the Gato USS Growler (SS-215) class submarine in the Pacific during World War II. The GATO was later ported to the Apple IIe, Atari ST, and Macintosh. In 1987, Atari released a cartridge version for the Atari 8-bit family, which coincided with the premiere of Atari XEGS..

By Paul Arlton, Ed Dawson.
Special thanks to the retired captain (US Navy) Bill Graves.

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Top 10 games about the submarine The best simulators of the submarine

top 10 Submarine Games The best submarine simulators

top 10 Submarine Games The best submarine simulators. In fact, good submarine games are not so much, but there are still some good submarine games that are at this top..
Games included (in random order):
Enigma: The tide.
Silent Hunter 5: Battle for the Atlantic.
1914: Bullets of Fury.
AquaNox 2: Awesome.
Dangerous waters.
Pacific at battle stations.
Cold water.
A soft thunder

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the 11 best underwater games for Mac OS 1 # Wolfpack 2019. A team of players experience the tense atmosphere of a WWII U-boat serving stations including 3 # SUB 2018. Navigate dark, deep seas with your best friend to infiltrate The Secret The Bad Doctor 4 # Stories from the void

Mac users interested in submarine games for Mac OS x usually download: U-Boot submarine game 1.2 U-Boot is a very enjoyable submarine game with side scrolling for Mac. Play submarine games @ We have over 100,000 games. Come in and play now! All-new Silent Service II. The most modern submarine simulation during WWII.

The original Silent Service was released in 1985. It won the “Simulation of the Year” award in six countries and was voted “Best Adventure Game for Home Computer” by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design in. Best Original Mac Games Volume 1: Freeverse Software Arcade Commercial 10.3–10.4.11 Betty’s Beer Bar: Mystery Studio Arcade Digital downloads 10.1-10.4.11 Between the Worlds: Beyond Dark Castle: Silicon Beach Software 1987 Platform ad 1-8 Beyond Divinity: Larian Studios 2004 RPG Commercial Beyond the Red Line: 2007. Server-one ↓ ↓ Server-two (direct download) ↓↓ Server-three underwater games for PC Full download. Underwater PC games were quite popular in the 90s, but if you’re looking for new submarine games your options are much more limited.

If you want to go through all the hardships of creating some of these 90s classics like Silent Hunter, Silent Service and Aces. Another Mac Gamer HQ favorite, Company of Heroes 2 is a sequel to the original Company of Heroes, released more than a decade ago. The Sequel will take you directly to the Eastern Front of World War II for a closer look at the vagaries of the war you are waging.

U-Boot is a very enjoyable underwater side scrolling game for your Mac. Navigate your submarine. Shoot torpedoes and mines. Avoid dangerous obstacles (mines, jellyfish, enemy submarines,). Collect bonuses and power-ups (stars, shields, propellers, torpedoes,). There are three types of games and many levels.

Enjoy the game! UBOAT is a WWII submarine simulator. It is a survival sandbox with a crew management mechanic, the main theme of which is the life of German sailors. Łódź is their home, but it can become their grave at any moment. Play submarine games at

Take your ship underwater for a deep sea adventure. Find giant squids and other creatures you’ve never seen before. Fight the sea beasts or the navy fleet and bring all their ships to the bottom of the sea with torpedoes. The controls are limited but very realistic and the game is quite challenging. The publisher of this game, Deadly Games, later released Drumbeat, another U-Boat simulator set off the coast of the United States.

You will race against other submarines and try to defeat them to become a sea hero. The game has already been 9563 times. The game was first launched on November 19, 2016.

Minimum system requirements for Submarine Game

It’s bad news that it’s impossible to play Submarine games on PC in any specs. It has specific requirements that you need to meet in order to play this game. Check the table to find out what the margins are for these underwater games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Among the many questions, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about Submarine PC games. Let’s go downstairs and find out more about free submarine games download.

How do you play submarine?

You need to have better control of the traffic turns. You may have a hard time keeping the submarine stable at first, but you will gradually improve your gameplay. Better get the best captain badge to be unlocked for you.

Is submarine dangerous?

The submarine is obviously a dangerous tool when you are fighting the enemy in games. Update your submarine so that you can easily destroy the entire enemy fleet. Select a submarine from the selected region and destroy the enemy.

Why are there no windows in a submarine?

the submarine is supposed to float under water. A submerged object cannot remain connected if water begins to seep into it. The windows are cut off from the submarine so that the water does not get inside the dangerous weapons of war and can remain submerged for a long time.

How do you unlock the submarine?

A submarine game for PC will give you a basic submarine at the beginning of the game. When you start achieving the highest ratings, you will receive extra points that you can use to unlock new submarines. The first few are super easy to unlock, but then things get more difficult.

How do I get a submarine in World of Warships?

The submarine has its own battle category in World of Warships. Submarine tokens are given away from time to time. You need to collect them and reach the required numbers to unlock the submarine in World of Warships.


Hope you already know how downloading a submarine game app works. You have to start playing Submarines games on PC, only then will you get to know the real fun in battle. Aim for the best graphics if you want to fully enjoy the game. Download any of the emulators and start playing a submarine free game.

You can email the helpline team with any questions about the game. The download steps for free underwater games are also described on their official website, so check them out. Come back because we come up with new things every day. Share your site with your loved ones and keep coming back for more.

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