Take Control: Commands to Manage Bots. Cs go how to spawn bots where you want

practicing long range weapons and sniper rifles is a must as it encourages players to think outside the box. Stick to the weapon you choose and keep practicing before switching to another weapon.

Creating a Co-op Strike Map

Co-op Strike (internally: coopmission) is a cooperative mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive .

It was first introduced as part of the Operation Wildfire Gemini campaign. Now on the Steam Community Workshop. Like Guardian, it is only available through the Operations or Steam Workshop, but can be easily accessed via the console.

In Co-op Strike, two human players fight an AI-controlled terrorist team in a story-driven scenario. The map prefix for these maps is coop_. It shares the same prefix as some custom community collaboration modes.

Creating a Valve-style Co-op Strike map is a long process and readers are expected to have a basic understanding of map making and entity work, I / O, along with a basic understanding of VScript. It is not recommended to create a Co-op Strike map if you have no previous mapping experience.


If a standard map is loaded in this game mode, this game mode is technically comparable to Competitive, but with the following differences:

  • Human players are bound to CTs and spawn as usual with info_player_counterterrorist units on, while enemy bots spawn with info_enemy_terrorist_spawn units on. Players respawn at the beginning of the round, but also after calling the appropriate VScript function. During the warm-up, all players respawn if they die as usual.
  • The round does not end if the Terrorists are eliminated due to mp_use_respawn_waves 2 .
  • Antiterrorists always wear the item_heavyassault suit, which has slightly different properties in this game mode.
  • CTs cannot disarm planted C4 units.
  • If all the human players die, they lose the mission and a new round begins.
  • If the human players win the round (either by saving the hostage or via game_round_end), they will complete the mission and the next map will load.

A well-thrown smoke grenade provides enough cover for a quick escape or a surprise attack. In combination with a flash grenade, enemies will be stunned and won’t know what hit them.

Add or Remove Bots

To add bots you need to use the bot_add command. Will add a bot on one of the sides. After entering bot_add ti bot_add ct into the console, the bots will be placed in teams C or CT, respectively.

Removing bots is done in a similar way. Bot_kick will remove all bots from the server, and adding T and CT will only remove all bots from the attack or defense team, respectively. You can also remove a specific bot by typing bot_kick name_of_bot.

If you only want to remove bots for a while, for example before the end of the round, use bot_kill. The command works with the same strings as kick, but instead of kicking the bots off the server, it just kills them.

Weapons & Armor

All bots can start with kevlar + helmet, with kevlar or no armor at all. The mp_free_armor and mp_max_armor commands are used to determine this and share common variables. If you enter these commands with 0, bots will have no armor at all, while 1 bots will have kevlar and 2 bots will have full armor.

You can configure your weapon with the bot_knives_only command. After entering, the bots will only use knives. More detailed configuration of the purchase is done using the bot_loadout command. For example, if you enter bot_loadout deagle hegrenade in the console, all bots on the server will appear with Deagle and HE grenade.

The last command to configure the weapon is bot_allow_type_weapon. In general, bots can be allowed or denied – values ​​1 and 0 respectively – the following weapons:

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