Take Control: Commands to Manage Bots. Cs go how to spawn bots where you want

practicing long range weapons and sniper rifles is a must as it encourages players to think outside the box. Stick to the weapon you choose and keep practicing before switching to another weapon.

Creating a Co-op Strike Map

Co-op Strike (internally: coopmission) is a cooperative mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive .

It was first introduced as part of the Operation Wildfire Gemini campaign. Now on the Steam Community Workshop. Like Guardian, it is only available through the Operations or Steam Workshop, but can be easily accessed via the console.

In Co-op Strike, two human players fight an AI-controlled terrorist team in a story-driven scenario. The map prefix for these maps is coop_. It shares the same prefix as some custom community collaboration modes.

Creating a Valve-style Co-op Strike map is a long process and readers are expected to have a basic understanding of map making and entity work, I / O, along with a basic understanding of VScript. It is not recommended to create a Co-op Strike map if you have no previous mapping experience.


If a standard map is loaded in this game mode, this game mode is technically comparable to Competitive, but with the following differences:

  • Human players are bound to CTs and spawn as usual with info_player_counterterrorist units on, while enemy bots spawn with info_enemy_terrorist_spawn units on. Players respawn at the beginning of the round, but also after calling the appropriate VScript function. During the warm-up, all players respawn if they die as usual.
  • The round does not end if the Terrorists are eliminated due to mp_use_respawn_waves 2 .
  • Antiterrorists always wear the item_heavyassault suit, which has slightly different properties in this game mode.
  • CTs cannot disarm planted C4 units.
  • If all the human players die, they lose the mission and a new round begins.
  • If the human players win the round (either by saving the hostage or via game_round_end), they will complete the mission and the next map will load.

A well-thrown smoke grenade provides enough cover for a quick escape or a surprise attack. In combination with a flash grenade, enemies will be stunned and won’t know what hit them.

Add or Remove Bots

To add bots you need to use the bot_add command. Will add a bot on one of the sides. After entering bot_add ti bot_add ct into the console, the bots will be placed in teams C or CT, respectively.

Removing bots is done in a similar way. Bot_kick will remove all bots from the server, and adding T and CT will only remove all bots from the attack or defense team, respectively. You can also remove a specific bot by typing bot_kick name_of_bot.

If you only want to remove bots for a while, for example before the end of the round, use bot_kill. The command works with the same strings as kick, but instead of kicking the bots off the server, it just kills them.

Weapons & Armor

All bots can start with kevlar + helmet, with kevlar or no armor at all. The mp_free_armor and mp_max_armor commands are used to determine this and share common variables. If you enter these commands with 0, bots will have no armor at all, while 1 bots will have kevlar and 2 bots will have full armor.

You can configure your weapon with the bot_knives_only command. After entering, the bots will only use knives. More detailed configuration of the purchase is done using the bot_loadout command. For example, if you enter bot_loadout deagle hegrenade in the console, all bots on the server will appear with Deagle and HE grenade.

The last command to configure the weapon is bot_allow_type_weapon. In general, bots can be allowed or denied – values ​​1 and 0 respectively – the following weapons:

  • Grenades: bot_allow_grenades;
  • Machine guns: bot_allow_machine_guns;
  • Pistols: bot_allow_pistols;
  • Rifles: bot_allow_rifles;
  • Shotguns: bot_allow_shotguns;
  • Sniper rifles: bot_allow_snipers;
  • Submachine guns: bot_allow_sub_machine_guns.

none of these commands apply to online gaming or matchmaking. These are privately and locally hosted servers. They will also work if you are the administrator of the web server. Otherwise, these commands will not take effect.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

During the early development of Condition Zero, Gearbox Software hired Klinge to work on the early AI for bots in the game, allowing it to be used in single and co-op play as well as traditional team play. During the transfer of production to Ritual Entertainment, the fate of the new bot was unknown.

After the rejection of its own version of Ritual, the production was handed over to Turtle Rock Studios. They were working on AI in the single-player part of the multiplayer game when they started coding NPCs for servers that want more players on low servers. It is likely that lead developer Mike Booth took an example from Gearbox and Klinge in developing the NAV system. As a result, they finalized the bots and navigation maps along with the terrorist NPCs for the Tour of Duty campaign. Skill levels (easy, normal, difficult, expert) have been applied to AI to get used to the server options and make it easier for players.

In Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, bot navigation has improved, especially for hostages, as they have more player interactions and can even get away on their own. If there is an anti-terrorist or terrorist bot nearby, this bot will say “All right, let’s go” to the human player and will follow him. The quote will change to “Okay Commander, let’s go” if the player is participating in the service campaign.

In addition, bots now support multiple languages, such as Chinese. However, there is a bug where the bot will keep saying the same quote until another bot uses the radio.

Counter-Strike: Source

Once again, Turtle Rock Studios has coded artificial intelligence for Counter Strike: Source, updating the bots to the standards of the new Source engine. This AI also evolved into Left 4 Dead, which they developed until they were acquired by Valve and Turtle Rock Studios.

In Counter-Strike: Source, bots will now warn teammates of any snipers within range. These quotes have been reused from quotes cut from older games. Sniper bots are now more aware of their surroundings and tend to occupy long paths / open areas in a defensive stance. As a result, the awareness of bots about snipers, who often strafe and collaborate with allied players to eliminate enemies, has also increased. Bots that see an enemy sniper will also seek cover first by positioning themselves against a wall, rather than standing still and fighting in older games. In some cases, bots can throw themselves at close range while strafing or circle the sniper. However, even if the player is not a sniper,he can still try this with any weapon except sniper rifle.

Enemy bots will react to your shot and will often form a small or large group trying to kill the player, unlike previous games that the player would normally fight one by one. This is probably a way of getting the player to work closely with friendly bots. Working alone is more difficult even with the lowest skill set. Also, when a player kills a bot, it will be reprogrammed to focus on human players first before attacking other bots, unless they are in close range.

Unlike previous games where the (easy) bots are armed with the M249, they always fire projectiles at long range. Now, bots with easy difficulty will now fire weapons in short bursts over medium and long ranges, including M249 users. However, their accuracy is still not good enough to take out enemies from a long distance, except for bots armed with sniper rifles. At lower levels, sniper bots can struggle to hit the first round, giving opponents time to react.

Moreover, the infiltration skills of bots, namely bomb sites, have also improved. AI players usually use different inputs to smash through enemy-occupied territory, and they are also more effective. In the Source version, bots are less likely to get stuck or commit suicide by falling due to the improved map design.

In GoldSrc games, bots took at least 3-7 seconds to purchase their preferred weapons and equipment. This has been removed in Source and Global Offensive.

Unlike older Counter-Strike games, bots often form a group instead of traversing the map alone if they won the previous round. However, the bots that lost the previous round will either camp and / or split up.

Since you are playing against bots, you will need to create a proper navigation file so that your bots don’t look as much as bots. With the commands listed in Grid Navigation Commands and Editing Navigation Grid, there are many things you can do to improve bot navigation. You can also put point_hiding_spots on your map to control where bots should hide.

How to Add Bots in CSGO

Now let’s add a few bots to the server. Enter the following commands in the console window.


This command adds a random bot.

Add a bot

You can further customize the addition of bots in three ways:

Adding CSGO bots Use Alt. Use Description Note
Default bot_add Adds a random bot with automatic team balancing
A specific team bot_add t bot_add ct Adds a bot to a specific team
Difficulty bot_add ct Easy bot_add t Expert Add a bot with a specific difficulty level on a specific team Difficulty levels Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert
Set the difficulty level bot_difficulty 0 bot_difficulty 3 Sets the difficulty of all bots to the specified level Difficulty levels 0,1,2,3

Can You Add CSGO Bots in Competitive Matches?

No, you can’t anymore. The January 2021 CSGO update removed bots from the CSGO Competitive Mode. From now on, you will only be able to play with bots in private matches.

How to Manage CSGO Bots Using Modifier Commands?

Many newer players spend a lot of time with bots, so knowing how to control them is essential when playing with them.

Create a bot server to learn how to control them.

Before you have full access to the bots, type these commands into your console to make sure the rest of the process goes smoothly.

    mp_limitteams 1 – Disables automatic re-joining for bots. If left as 0, bots will rejoin after being kicked.

Team auto balance 0

Team auto balance 0

General Bot Management

Commands Actions
mp_free_armor 2 Gives all bots free kevlar and helmet
mp_free_armor 1; mp_max_armor 1 Gives all kevlar bots but no helmet
bot_knives_only 1 It forces bots to use only knives
mp_respawn_on_death_ct 1 CT bots respawn after being killed
mp_respawn_on_death_t 1 Terrorist bots respawn after being killed
bot_place Places a new bot in front of you
bot_quota [Amount] Sets the maximum number of bot limits for the server
bot_pistols_only 1 Forces bots to only use guns

Other Useful Modifiers for CSGO Bots

You can disable all these commands by typing a command with 0 instead of 1

The rest of these commands will require you to use this command first:

sv_cheaty 1

Now you can use these special bot commands.

Commands Actions
no purpose Using this makes bots unaware of you as a player. They won’t even react to your presence.
bot_dont_shoot 1 Stops bots from firing their weapons
bot_kill Same use-case as bot_kick, but will only kill them, instead of removing them from the server
bot_freeze 1 Freezes all bots in place
bot_mimic 1 All bots will now follow your movement exactly
bot_stop 1 It is different from bot_freeze. Instead of freezing over time, the bots will stop immediately and stay in their position until the feature is turned off.
bot_crouch 1 It only forces bots to crouch

You can find an even more comprehensive list of commands here.

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In GoldSrc games, bots took at least 3-7 seconds to purchase their preferred weapons and equipment. This has been removed in Source and Global Offensive .

Enable the Developer Console

The first step to kicking bots is to turn on your developer console. This allows you to open a menu from which you can enter various commands.

To enable the developer console, click the options menu on the home screen as soon as CS: GO starts. You’ll see various sub-menus at the top of the screen. Click Game Settings. In the first section of the menu, you’ll see the Enable Developer Console (~) option (~).

Click to open the drop-down menu next to the options and change it to Yes.


After enabling the developer console, you need to know the hotkey. In CS: GO, the default keyboard shortcut is ~. If you prefer a different option, you can change it in the keyboard and mouse settings.

Keybind allows you to open a special menu where you can enter your code. A gray menu will appear on the screen when pressed. There is a text box at the bottom of the menu where you can enter commands.

The default hotkey for opening the in-game console is “tilde key (~)”. You don’t need to change that. Even so, you can re-bind it by going to Settings and then searching for Keyboard / Mouse .

Tips to Improve Your CSGO Skills

The bots have been disabled and you can finally start the game. Players will need to take the time to understand the features of this action game before they are victorious.

Although at first it can be difficult to enjoy both the style of the gameplay and the winning results.

The following tips will help you stay ahead of the competition:

1. Learning the Weapons

New players must practice shooting the weapons they would normally use in the game. Each weapon has a recoil pattern, and the more practice you’ll be able to aim better over time. For this purpose, exercises with weapons can be performed on training maps, where players can set up a personalized training program.

practicing long range weapons and sniper rifles is a must as it encourages players to think outside the box. Stick to the weapon you choose and keep practicing before switching to another weapon.

Bots are especially useful in situations where you need to aim better. Including them in your target practice is always a great decision.

2. Get Familiar with Map Callouts

Communication is one of the key elements of CSGO. Your every move should be coordinated so that the team can react appropriately. In addition, the game uses unique phrases to describe specific areas of the map.

How you react to these phrases can determine the outcome of the match. To get better at CSGO, players must make a habit of including map callouts in their gameplay.

3. Spectate other Pros

CSGO is an online multiplayer shooter that has a lot of fans. The game is also played at a competitive level with players competing for a place in the best team in the world.

Watching the pros play can provide insight into the proper ways to communicate, use weapons and learn about the game. CSGO tournaments are also a great way to keep an eye on seasoned players in the shooting community who are well versed in a variety of battle strategies.

4. Use Grenades and Flashbangs

CSGO allows the player to equip various incendiary devices. These include smoke grenades, Molotov grenades, flash grenades and high explosive grenades. Thanks to these attacking devices, players can change the result of each match.

A well-thrown smoke grenade provides enough cover for a quick escape or a surprise attack. In combination with a flash grenade, enemies will be stunned and won’t know what hit them.

Practice is key when it comes to CSGO. These tips will help you better understand the game and improve your skills quickly. Most importantly, CSGO is a team game. Always listen to your teammates and play according to them.


Now that you know how to disable bots in CSGO and have learned some useful tips, it’s time to test this knowledge and improve your skills. Unfortunately, the CSGO community is quite toxic and players are screamed out by their teammates for being confused in the chaos. Bots help old and new players in these situations by warming up players before a competitive match.

CSGO bots are supposed to help the player, but they are known to cause chaos and disrupt gameplay. Now you can finally play the game without screen clutter after disabling the bots for good!

In previous iterations of the game, bots were guided by the aggression statistics. Although they have been updated since then and now behave according to the game mode.

cwwwipsy commented Mar 28, 2020

I think that’s all! In my case, I started the cfg custom game mode (gamemode_custom.cfg) Gamemode_competitive.cfg was not launched. If your server is hosted, the website’s web control panel may have an option to set the game mode to Competitive.

Okay ! Thanks for the replies guys. I have no access to the launcher modification and my server is set to casual mode with a modified gamemode_casual_server.cfg close to the competitor with a few personal tweaks.
I will try to change game_mode to 1 and restart the map until the “competitive” message appears on the loading screen, then spawn bots.
I’ll let you know if it works.
practice mode.cfg.txt

splewis commented May 21, 2020

Have you checked the value of mp_respawn_immunitytime? My theory was that the problem was to enable spawning resistance. Practicemode does not touch this cvar by default, so if left a non-zero value by another plugin / configuration it may cause it.

I checked and I have mp_respawn_immunitytime 5 so I’ll change that but my server hosting is having some issues right now so I’ll let you know then. Thank you.

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