Thanos returns to Fortnite: How to get the skin and play his special mode

The Thanos outfit and the Infinity Gauntlet are coming to Fortnite – you can win them in the Thanos Cup or wait for the release date in the item shop.

Thanos returns to Fortnite: How to get the skin and play his special mode

It’s inevitable, but Fortnite’s Thanos skin takes a bit of effort to earn.

Thanos returns to Fortnite.

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Posted on Monday, June 21, 2021 at 1:19 pm

Thanos has returned to Fortnite and the iconic Marvel villain returns in Epic Games’ glorious Battle-Royale title, complete with a special skin for players to earn and a time-limited mode you can compete in.

Of course, Mad Titan is best known for his big-screen antics in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, where Earth’s mightiest heroes needed two movies to defeat him. But this enemy of the Avengers is also a familiar face on the Fortnite map that he threatened in 2018 and 2019 with special appearances that helped promote the Infinity War and Endgame movies.

Despite the lack of a new movie to be promoted, Thanos is making a grand return this week, and Epic Games and Marvel have decided to celebrate the three-year anniversary of the wrinkled villain’s first appearance in Fortnite.

But how to get a Thanos skin in Fortnite and what is the LTM Thanos Cup all about? Read on for all the essential details…

Everything you need to know about getting a Thanos skin in Fortnite during Season 7.

If you choose to participate in the Fortnite Thanos Cup on June 21, you can get the Thanos pack if you perform well enough.

Details are scarce at the moment. Based on previous Fortnite tournaments, it usually starts in Europe at 5:00 PM BST. It can also have a similar scoring format, meaning points for eliminating opponents and increasing points as you survive longer in each match.

The announcement of the Thanos Cup announces that the event will last three hours. It also states that players can play up to ten matches.

Unlike the Euro Cup, the Thanos Cup will be a duo format. Make sure you catch a friend, preferably one who is good at Fortnite, and head to the island to earn your reward.

For the first time three years after his Fortnite LTM debut, Thanos is back in the game. Here’s how to unlock a Thanos skin.

Fortnite Thanos Cup

Fortnite players can also earn a Thanos skin before June 26 by tossing it in the newly announced Thanos Cup. Players must be level 30 and have two-factor authentication enabled on their Epic accounts to participate in this event.

on June 21, the Duos teams will face the Thanos Cup. Together, they must fight in a maximum of 10 matches within three hours.

The teams with the most points will receive the Thanos Skin and the Infinity Gauntlet Back Bling. Players who score eight points in total will receive Thanos watches! Spray.

So far, Epic Games has not mentioned the start time of the Thanos Cup.

How to get a Thanos skin in the Fortnite Thanos Cup

A Thanos Skin, Back Bling Infinity Gauntlet, and Thanos’ Watches! Spray. | Provided by Epic Games

How to take a high place and win a Thanos skin in the Fortnite Thanos Cup on June 21.

Thanos Cup rewards – regions and leaderboard rules

If you can rank high enough during the Thanos Cup, you’ll be rewarded with the Thanos Suit and the Infinity Gauntlet before they hit the Fortnite Item Store on June 26. Here’s how high you need to put to receive the rewards:

  • Europe: 1st – 3,375
  • North America East: 1st – 1575
  • North America West: 1st – 600
  • Brazil: 1st – 1050
  • Asia: 1st – 375th
  • Oceania: 1.-225
  • Middle East: 1st – 300th

If you do not reach the leaderboard in your region but still score at least 8 points, you will receive “Thanos Watches!” cosmetic spray.

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