The Best And Worst Pokémon Collectibles Money Can Buy

Adorable Pikachu products are everywhere. Most collectibles manufacturers want a piece of this electric rodent, and have plastered his yellow hide and rosy cheeks on plushies, statues, action figures, and nearly everything you can put on a shelf. Some manufacturers have gotten creative with Pikachu and his ever-expanding herd of Pokémon friends to create collectibles that will make you gasp, both in delight and horror.

In my shopping for Pokémon gifts for my daughter and friends, I’ve come across a number of items that made me do a double take – but not necessarily because I thought they were cool. As you read on, you’ll see what I’ve deemed to be the BEST and WORST of the Pokémon products you can throw your money at.

Battle Action Figures


Wicked Cool Toys’ long-running line of Pokémon battle action figures highlights the most popular characters from each region with awesome sculpts for each. The figures are usually to scale, meaning Pikachu stands in at just two inches in height whereas Gyarados is twelve inches in length. The figures are rather cheap and often bundled together, meaning you can create quite the collection quickly.

Bodybuilding Statues


A number of the “WORST” entries on this list could also be viewed as the “BEST” given just how strange and hilarious they are. These bodybuilding figures from Kalamada fit that bill perfectly. I’m mesmerized.

Pikachu Anime Action Figures & Dioramas


Naruto and anime-themed items aren’t my cup of tea, but it’s hard to deny the artistry that went into each one of these Pikachu action figures and dioramas. Gene Studios’ work on the statue dioramas is particularly impressive, blending a heavily stylized Pikachu with other Pokémon to create a wild action scene. Doman’s smaller action figures are just as colorful with no detail being spared to make Pikachu take on the characteristics of other characters.



I can’t stop looking at these monstrosities that show us what might happen if the Alien and Pokémon universes ever collided. In Alien 3, we saw a xenomorph take on more dog-like qualities from the host it infected, and I suppose the same thing would happen to any Pokémon. Now, I doubt offspring would retain most of the Pokémon’s form, but it’s a fun thought. These horrific beasts can forever be viewed on one of your shelves thanks to Kelake, an animation studio that released a line of statues that consists of Alienized versions of Pikachu and Bulbasaur.

Snorlax Bean Bag

This is the perfect fusion of brand and product. Designed by ThinkGeek, this bean bag looks exactly like Snorlax does in the game, and it welcomes you with open arms and a smile. Forget the fact that you’re crushing his organs as you relax on him, and just enjoy this useful collectible.

Pikachu Wearing the Skin of Eevee

Sure, Pokémon are cute and are likely the best friends of the trainers they run with, but they’re also fierce warriors. Probably even killers. This plush Pikachu from manufacturer Zenny shows just how much of a beast Pikachu is. After slaying an Eevee, Pikachu wears the skin of the fallen like a trophy. This may be the best product on this list.

Mr. Mime Pop

The stylized look of Funko Pops works for a lot of brands and characters, but on rare occasions it can lead to monsters being made. The Funko Pop of Mr. Mime is a plastic horrorshow ready to be touched by dark magic so it can murder you while you sleep.

Pokémon Center Gallery Figures


This long-running series of standard and DX sized dioramas captures the excitement of dozens of Pokémon. They’re also relatively cheap given their high quality.

Soul-M Pokémon

Pure nightmare fuel. I don’t even think these toothy critters would be accepted in a dental office. Why they exist is beyond me. Throw them back to hell.

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