The best Apex Legends streamers to watch on Twitch. Who is the best apex player

Mark “Dropped” Thees is an American professional Apex Legends player representing SpaceStation Gaming. It is the third best Apex predator with a score of 67,653. Its main legends are Gibraltar and Wattson.

Who Are the Best Apex Legends Players?

Apex Legends may not be around that long, but we’ve already seen amazing talents turn into the game. However, the question that Battle Royale fans keep coming back is this: who are the best Apex Legends players in the world?

Apex Legends is a bit of a complicated game for professional players. Which Legend you play and the team combinations are as important to this title as they do to games like Overwatch. Though, you also deal with these Battle Royale factors like looting, rotation, and survival. In short, this is a challenging game that requires skill, coordination, and tactical thinking. These are the features that make the best Apex Legends players some of the best competitive players in the world.

The Apex Legend competitive scene isn’t as dynamic as Fortnite or PUBG. However, it does have a strong community of streamers and gamers who are looking for the best players in the world. Taking a look at how the best Apex Legends players are performing can help you find ways to improve your own game. Here are some of the best:


Snip3down is an impressive gamer in America that focuses on Apex Legends and Halo. Currently, he represents Team Reciprocity. There are tons of crossovers in Apex Legends and Halo, which has made Snip3down one of the best Apex Legends players for killing and hitting targets. He took 2nd place in UMG Legends Series 5, EXP Invitational Apex Legends and took a high place at TwitchCon in San Diego.

TannerSlays is currently playing for TSM, the big name in esports and Apex Legends to be specific. He’s also a full-time Twitch streamer, which gives you plenty of time to practice. He made a solid show of his skill both in his streams and professionally, where he finished 3rd at TwitchCon San Diego.

Apex Legends has become one of the most competitive battle royale games today. This game has a lot to offer for casual gamers. However, rival players were not kept in the dark. Ranked Battle Royale is a highly competitive game mode where players of similar skill level play against each other.


In August, 21-year-old iitzTimmy decided to complete the Bronze to Predator challenge in one stream on Twitch. He did it, 54 hours later, he completely burned out. But he achieved his goal despite exhaustion and was able to keep gameplay high throughout the stream.

Timmy played Pathfinder most of the time, a legend no longer considered “meta” but still effective if played correctly. Timmy had nearly 150,000 simultaneous viewers at the height of the streaming marathon, which testifies to his skill in the game and commitment to Apex Legends. Timmy now has 1.2 million followers on Twitch and is definitely a must-see for any Apex fan.


Lululovely is a 27-year-old Apex player signed to NRG. Her broadcasts are consistently cool and focus on her gameplay. Lulu also has a cute dog that sometimes appears in her stream. Lulu is known for playing Caustic but bends to every legend and has played a lot of Loba and Fuse lately.

In terms of content, it is known to have alternate accounts with funny names such as “inceldestroyer69”. She is also known to wear hoodies and has a favorite chat with the word “hentai”. Lulu frequently solo queues, has an independent playstyle, and usually drives the R-99 with a shotgun. He currently has 1.1 million followers on Twitch.

She is a very effective player who also has a lot of fun streaming, laughing and joking with her friends. Her personality really shines in all its streams. Ninjayla is currently part of Team Complexity and has over 100,000 followers on Twitch.

Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller

Maybe there is no one in Apex who has beaten more than Monsoon. He was homeless for much of his life – and his rise to the top was inspiring to say the least.

Apart from external circumstances, it is also just really good.

Monsoon’s decimation of the Shroud live gave him a grip while he was still playing for FlyQuest – and hasn’t stopped growing ever since. His mechanical skills are incredibly impressive and Complexity is a very successful team. Obviously, Monsoon is one of the best Apex players out there.

Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose

Nobody creates a better frustration than Genburten’s literal demon-controller.

No, there is no aiming assistance on the mannequins in the training ground. He’s just that proficient in the controller.

Genburten arrived on the scene in late 2020, but its impact was felt almost immediately. He dropped 20 kills in the GLL qualifier and became an overnight sensation thanks to his ridiculous controller setup. He’s been the most exciting thing about Apex in a long time and is certainly one of the most talented gamers to ever get a controller.

When it comes to players with god-like agility, Song “Ras” Hong-gyun is among the slippest. Ras Crazy Racoonsa is great in Apex, mainly because of his mobility abilities, he doesn’t take much damage just because he doesn’t give their opponents a chance.

Best Apex Legends Players: Hardecki

The best Apex Legends players

Hardecki may be limited to the European leagues for the time being, but once the seal is broken, he is well on his way to being known as an all-time serious player. Iconic member of Gambit Esports, Konstantin “Hardecki” is a skillful and quick opponent, and also one of the best Valkyries currently playing.

Be thankful you never met him in the game as he has been hovering around even the most experienced predator.

Best Apex Legends Players: NRG Ace

The best Apex Legends players

He may now retire from the professional game, but Ace is possibly one of the best to ever play Apex Legends. The main character of the Wraith, who has brought NRG to glory many times, Brandon Winn can make flawless long shots and is an ace with his snipers and pistols.

He sticks to streams after his professional career is over, but that just means there’s a higher risk of bumping into him in-game. Good luck if so.

Retzi is the first American Apex Legends player to achieve the rank of Apex Predator. He is a 23-year-old young player who previously played for Sentinels. Nathan has been an active player since 2019 and has a total net worth of $ 76,000.

Top 11 Best Apex Legends Players (January 2022)

Author: Anushka Patronia Last updated January 24, 2022

The best Apex Legends players

Apex Legends is truly a game made only for Legends because of the speed and responsiveness you have to show in it. It’s a free Battle Royale game where you play with 60 people and choose characters, also known as Legends with abilities.

Each legend has its own ability that can help you kill and win matches. We have a list of the best Apex Legends players for you so you can watch them and learn how to play them!

Here Are Top 11 Best Apex Legends Players – January 2022

1. Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen

The best Apex Legends players

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ImperialHal is the best Apex Legends player right now and tops the charts. He currently plays for TSM, formerly known as Team Solo Mid. The game since 2019. The 22-year-old also received the MVP Round 5 award in Realm: Summit Series 2020. He was also named Best IGL NA and nominated for Best NA Slayer for the Apex Legends Global Series 1 Season.

2. Jordan “Reps” Wolfe

The best Apex Legends players

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Reps is another TSM player alongside ImperialHal. The 26-year-old played for LFOffers and then joined TSM in 2019 and has been playing for them ever since. He has a ton of achievements in Apex Legends tournaments, was one of them when he won the Tier 1 Apex Legends Preseason Invitational for TSM.

3. Dan “rpr” Ušić

The best Apex Legends players

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Rpr plays for the Scarz EU team. He is 25, has been playing since 2019, and is still playing. Wraith are his Major Legends, which he used to get into the top three world rankings! He recently took 1st place in the ALGS 2021 – EMEA Championship.

4. Can “Taisheen” Öztürk

The best Apex Legends players

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Taisheen was born on July 20, 2000. He is a Turkish / German Apex player who also plays Scarz EU. A game from 2019 and has 3 main Legends. He mainly plays Wattson, Bloodhound, and Valkyrie. He won an award for Most Eliminations (Apex Predator) in the ALGS Championship 2021 – EMEA.

5. Kirill “9impulse” Kostiv

The best Apex Legends players

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9impulse is a 21-year-old Apex player from Belarus. He currently plays for the Zeta Division and has been here since 2019. He is a major player in Gibraltar and is actually an upcoming player in the ranks. He has been on a lot of different teams in the past, including the famous MajorPushers. He has won numerous awards, the best of which is Apex Predator for most of the eliminations in the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational.

6. Jared “zombs” Gitlin

The best Apex Legends players

Jared Gitlin or Zombs is a popular retired Apex Legends player who has retired to the Sentinels Valorant team. He was born in the United States on October 2, 1998. His total estimated earnings are around $ 13,000 and he is very popular for his amazing DPS ratio.

7. Brandon “Aceu” Winn

The best Apex Legends players

Albralelie is one of the best Apex Legends players and definitely one of the most famous. Playing with TSM, he achieved the same fantastic results as Reps, mastering all forms of this Battle Royale game. Albralelie’s settings and equipment make for interesting reading if you want to repeat this kind of success!

Top 5 Apex Predators in Apex Legends

The list below includes the top five Apex predators in Season 10’s First Split of Apex Legends.

xEffect is a 16-year-old Russian streamer. It is fifth on this list with a score of 51,705 in the ranking. He was ranked number one in Apex Predator in seasons 8.9 and 10 xEffect is a shooting fierce main Wraith.

Platform and Input: Console (PS5) / Controller

4) Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez

Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez is an American Apex Legends professional player who currently plays for SpaceStation Gaming. It is now in fourth place with a score of 62,418 in the ranking. Frexs usually play Bloodhound or Seer during Season 10 Ranked matches.

Platform and input: computer / mouse and keyboard

22-year-old Phillip Dosen is a monster when used in ALGS, mostly known for playing as Wraith and Octane. He is a strict and effective leader who will not suffer losses so easily, but when his orders are carried out, he will easily lead his team to victory.

Best Apex Legends Players In World: Who Is Best Apex Legends Player?

top players in apex legends

Apex Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer shooters. It uses a Battle Royale game mode where teams or individuals struggle to be the last men standing. Apex Legends recently came out with a season 8 update that featured a lot of content. Many players around the world have played this game and some have even earned a lot of fame and money by streaming and participating in tournaments. However, as with other popular battle royale games, many newcomers are wondering about the best Apex Legends players in the world.

Who is the best Apex Legends player?

While Apex Legends has around 126,000 active players per month, many players have moved up to the next tier to get into the top 3 ranks in the gaming community. These players have demonstrated commendable skill in the game with commendable mental presence and situational acuity. Here is our list of the best Apex Legends players as of March 2021.

iMarshi fb – Top 1

Image ~ iMarshi fb Twitter

The popular Apex Legends player has earned the respect of the gaming community for their Season 8 Kills which are around 18,109 (at the time of writing this article) which is more than any other player in the community. To be in the top three, iMarshi has a total of 98,884 kills, one of the highest kills in Apex Legends history worldwide. The player has about 80,705 headshots to his credit.

HbM Perfections – Top 2

Photo ~ HbM Perfections YouTube

The player is the star of Apex Legends as he is one of the leading players when it comes to maximum winnings under his name. In Season 8 alone, he has around 14,909 kills, making him the second player to have the most kills in ALS8 after iMarshi, as of the time of writing this article. To be in the top three, HbM Perfections has a total of 50,170 wins and 1,849 wins in Season 8, which is currently the highest score in Apex Legends S8. The player has played around 1,294 matches.

NRG_Nafen – Top 3

Image ~ NRG_Nafen Twitter

Nafen is one of the most popular players in the Apex Legends gaming community. To be in the top three, Nathan “Nafen” Nguyen has a ranking of 14,948, the highest of any Apex Legends player in the world. At the time of writing, the player has approximately 46,922 kills in total.

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