The best League of Legends champions for ranked play in 2022. Who is the best character in league of legends

All Lux’s abilities have a short cooldown and you can practically spam them, which is always fun. You can also use her ultimate to shoot enemies from a safe distance. All in all, a great hero to enjoy League of Legends with!

LoL Tier List Solo Queue | Best Champions

We present the best LoL tier list for Solo Queue and Flex 5v5 Summoner Rift. This champion tier list gives League of Legends players an insight into Challenger Elo and the best LoL champions you should be playing in the current LoL Meta. View our other League Lane Role / Level lists complete with Hero Item Sets, Runes, and Skill Orders for Top LoL Champions. Our Flex Queue / Solo queue roster includes the best Hero Lockout options in each rank update.

Stay tuned for every LoL update with our guide to League of Legend tier lists and best champ select / ban, everything you need to progress through the solo queue and flexible ranked queue to earn seasonal rewards. Plus lots of bonus league tier list guides that you can use, for example for each line and role. The Champion LoL tier list is being created with the help of the Master / Challenger players who are currently working with us. This makes it the most authentic Flex Queue and Solo Queue ranked roster you can find online to rank higher in League of Legends. Be sure to check out our Hero tier list guides and stay one step ahead of the LoL finish by using our same-day LoL tier which the patch notes will be posted.

League of Legends Patch 12.2 The most popular champions

League of Legends Patch 12.2 The most banned heroes

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NEW LoL Level List 12.2 Explanation

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Patch 12.2 lane level list

League of Legends tier list explained

God Tier
(God Level | Highest Level | Powerful | Hero’s Best Choice)

(Level S | Level A)
Top league of legendary champions who are clearly defeated and highly ranked. This will make it difficult to play each game with the same God Tier Champion. These are the best picks for champions lol this patch to level up, and also the most likely to be nerfed next patch. This is the highest level available in the lol level list. Most of these heroes will be banned or selected.

Level 1
(Level 1 | Demigod | Strong Hero Choice)

(Level B | Level C)
These Legend League Champions are the most ideal for Solo / Flex promotion. Because they are very close to god heroes in strength, but are less likely to be banned or chosen. This will make it much easier to play with the same hero in every game.

Level 2
(Level 2 | Living Champ | Good Champion Choice)

(Level D | Level E)
These legend league champions are the more preferred pick in the lol tier list. If you play a champion very well at this tier, chances are you’ll advance in solo queue and in flex in the ranking. However, they are not recommended as there are many other stronger and easier god level hero types in the current lol meta.

Tier List

Interested in the Champion builds for the top Champions in this LoL tier list patch?

Visit our Best Champion Builds series and our other LoL Role / Lines lists for a complete overview of each role in the LoL tier list. Always up-to-date and full of lots of useful information on Solo Queue Ranked and Flex Queue Games.

Everything you need to know to build and play against the best LoL champions, along with a competitive roster of the strongest and weakest heroes currently in this league update. These LoL guides will help you improve your overall win rate for Solo Queue Ranked and Flexible Queue Games. As Flex Queue games are more dependent on teamwork, players who form a group will need to understand which heroes have more value in a more team environment.

If you are currently playing with Pre-made / Party on the Flex Queue, we have started using our Solo Queue Level List and Flex Queue Level List again. Check out some of the best Legend League champions in the Flex Queue in this patch. Along with Team Comps that you can use with your friends or teammates.

Check out our detailed guide to Season Rewards for everything you need to know if you want to unlock your own Season Rewards this season.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy using this LoL tier list in Solo Queue. Good luck to everyone in RankedBoost in the Fields of Justice summoner!

Top Lane

See our list of the best belts

Wukong If you can win your lane phase as Wukong, your team fights will be a slaughter. The damage Wukong can deal with Tiamat + Black Clever is so strong that you can dive an entire enemy squad with your ultimate. Wukong has been highly regarded on this league ranking list for a long time.
Pros: Strong AOE CC, Strong Injury AOE
Cons: Weak against Hard CC

Gnar Probably one of the strongest top lane champions in the Meta right now. However, this League of Legend champion can be hard to master, even if you’re able to play him like the God your team organizes to get the most out of your Mega Gnar + ultimate can be much more challenging. This intern causes the gnar to be placed much lower in the LoL tier list. Gnar has a similar item path to Garen Build, the only difference being that Gnar beats Garen hard in lane.
Pros: Lots of AOE CC, Lots of AOE damage, Very strong teamfight
Cons: Difficult to play

Riven Honestly, I don’t remember a time when Riven was weak, Riven players have known for a long time that this champion is really strong in this LoL tier list right now. As tank nerfs show up in patch after patch, we can see the champion win rate increase patch after patch. There is still plenty of counter that can be smashed by picking champions like Renekton and Nasus, and defensive items will be buffed soon. However, at this point, I’m afraid it’s not enough to keep Riven’s main players in the solo queue.
Pros: lots of area damage, lots of mobility, strong duel
Cons: Weak against Hard CC

Hecarim Hecarim can be successfully played both in the top lane and in the jungle, the lane phase and jungle clear are fairly easy with the Holding the HP of his W. Hecarim’s movement makes him very strong in the top lane or in the jungle when it comes to porches. However, Hecarim is more sensitive to slowdowns than most champions on the league tier list, making him very weak against champions such as Nasus Top alley and Nunu Jungle.
Pros: High mobility, Fast Lane Clear, HP Sustain
Cons: Easily counteract slowdowns

We finally have our support. While enchanters like Lulu are pretty good at the moment, if you want to climb as a backup, you need a powerful fighter like Leona to put kills on a plate for your bot lane partner or your teammate in general.

Best League of Legends Champions

If you’re the type that wants to face the world on your own, Darius is your best choice. Playing against the juggernaut is terrifying when he intimidates an opponent in a lane with stacking damage over the course of his Haemorrhage passive.

While ranged champions may be difficult for him at first, healing with his Q gives him enough upkeep to stay healthy, while a leap from the new Mythic item Piercebreaker adds huge range to his attack. He can now close the gap with ease before he pulls in opponents with his E, so there’s really no escape.

Darius can still stick to the top lane and share pushy while provoking anyone to try to fight him. Eventually, he will force many members of the opposing team to waste time chasing him so the rest of his team can push for more meaningful targets. And Darius is no hump in team fights. It is actually a pentakill machine as its ultimate ability deals true damage and resets if it kills an enemy.

Shen (top)

However, if you want to pick one that doesn’t strain all your shoulders but is still really effective, Shen is a great choice now. Ninja is incredibly solid at every stage of the game and always makes a difference on the map.

His early play is very stable, to the point where he can be a tyrant in most melee matches. His Q’s bonus damage and his W’s ability to block basic attacks mean Shen wins in most trades. Shen can also use his E taunt to force opponents to perform creature aggro or tower shots.

Shen’s win rate increased to 52.25% at all ranks after buffing his ultimate massive last patch. His R allows him to teleport to an ally from anywhere on the map, while also giving him a powerful shield. This shield is much larger now as it scales with bonus health, making Shen much more effective in the late game.

The global aspect of his ultimate can be abused in the lower Elos as many players do not consider the threat of Shen teleporting in every fight. You can surprise your opponents by keeping your ally alive and forcing a numerical advantage in what started out as a small skirmish.

The thorned woman causes a storm with the power coming from her hands

What most people love about Lee Sin is that this master is just limitless. You can play it for years, but there will always be something to improve and work on.

14 Lux

Lux is not an easy character as she is a character who is both simple and teaches new players a lot about the game. The Lux kit is designed to be best used by someone who can drive properly and aim with skill at low health targets.

While it may seem daunting at first, new players will quickly learn the basics of spending skill slow shots and be better at it. Learning requires taking steps forward, and Lux ​​is the perfect character for that.

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