The best Minecraft YouTubers. Who is the 1 minecraft youtuber

If the tutorials are too heavy and let’s play too boring, try the Dream Channel instead. He uploads tons of very creative and comedy videos of various mods to Minecraft that he tries out, including one where his friend controls mobs as he tries to beat the game in survival.

Who is the 1 minecraft youtuber

An influencer marketing campaign starts with identifying the right influencers. These will be people whose audience coincides with the target group. Depending on the genre of your video game, it’s worth working with influencers who are considered thought leaders in that genre. In this article, you’ll explore the opportunities Minecraft YouTubeers open up to video game marketers. We’ll profile the top 10 Minecraft influencers with the most YouTube followers.

Thanks to cute, block graphics, Minecraft looks like a game for children. But beneath the cute exterior hides a deep crafting system that attracts gamers of all ages. In fact, the average age for a Minecraft player is 24. This is less than the average 30-year-old Call of Duty player, but older than the average 16-17-year-old Fortnite player.

Most importantly, Minecraft players consume a lot of content. As of 2015, Minecraft has been the most searched game on YouTube. In 2020 alone, Minecraft-related YouTube videos reached 201 billion views, making it the number one game watched on the platform.


And in December 2021, Minecraft content hit a TRILLION YouTube views!

YouTube posted an entertaining video to celebrate this milestone for Minecraft:

This is a great opportunity for marketers. By collaborating with YouTubers from Minecraft, you’ll be showing your game to a lot of new players.

Read on to find out about the most popular Minecraft YouTubers with at least 1 million followers. We’ll cover the unique quirks of each of these influencers, as well as some of their sponsored brands. Let’s get started!

1. Dream


Dream is a Youtuber who has been playing Minecraft on the platform since 2014. It first gained fame thanks to the reverse engineering of the initial PewDiePie seed. Today it is most popular thanks to the series of movies from the Minecraft Manhunt series. In these movies, he tries to beat the game himself without dying, while a group of other players work together to stop him.

Dream is one of the founding members of the Dream Team multiplayer survival server. Since then, this server has grown to include some famous YouTube stars.

2. DanTDM


DanTDM, whose real name is Daniel Middleton, was the number one Minecraft YouTuber until Dream dethroned him in August 2021. He has appeared in a number of other media including an episode in the movie Free Guy and as himself in Minecraft: Story Mode .

Dan is from the UK and his channel has largely caught the eye of his sense of humor. In addition to the Minecraft movies, he also plays other games such as Subnautica Below Zero. It even has a series of short comedy movies so there’s a good mix of content for everyone.

Some of Dana’s recent sponsors include a partnership with AFK Arena, a mobile role-playing game from Lilith Games that hired CloutBoost to help launch its influencer campaign .

3. Jelly


Jelly is the online nickname of Dutch YouTuber Jelle Van Vucht. Jelle started streaming in 2014 at the age of 17. By June 2015, he had one millionth subscriber. As of September 2021, its total subscriber count is over 22 million. It also became the official partner of G-Fuel.

Jelly is known for his bombastic style, with video titles such as “I Made TORNADO and Trolled My Friend!” In addition to Minecraft, he also spends a lot of time in Grand Theft Auto V. In fact, his most popular movie is the modified GTA V movie in which he plays as a cop.

4. Preston


Preston is an American YouTuber from Dallas, Texas. His full name is Preston Blaine Arsement, and as of this writing, he has over 17 million subscribers. In addition to its main channel, Preston runs several other channels such as the Preston Shorts comedy channel.

One thing that sets Preston apart is his sense of humor. It produces many joke and trolling videos that generate the same amount of traffic as its Minecraft content. Its sponsors are Lil Spooky, Elmers, Electronic Arts, Hot Pockets, Hot Wheels and Sonic.

5. CaptainSparklez


CaptainSparklez is a 29-year-old Los Angeles influencer. His real name is Jordan Maron, and since he joined in 2012, he’s consistently ranked among the top YouTubers. In fact, it even has its own subreddit where he pops in from time to time to chat with fans.

For a healthier experience, the LoverFella Channel is the perfect place to laugh. It also has a Minecraft server that anyone can join, with unique features and a separate economy. Many of his videos feature challenges and events that he organizes on his server.


TrixyBlox is known for its huge, inspiring Minecraft designs. His films span hundreds of hours of handcrafted Minecraft creations condensed into a timelapse and narrative illustrating his creative process. His designs are amazingly creative, incorporating influences from the movie, other games, and his own fantastic ideas. It’s really fascinating to see his ideas come to life – and if his videos have sparked a creative desire in you and you’re in the mood to build yourself, he has a video for you with 50 building tips and tricks.

YouTube thumbnail


If you’re new to Minecraft or just want to learn more about how the game works, the Minecraft Pixlriffs Survival Guide goes into almost everything there is to know about the game – it’s like a Minecraft encyclopedia. His feed also features cool building tutorials and a series of different Let’s Play maps, with the occasional showcase for mods thrown in for good measure.

YouTube thumbnail

It puts keywords in the right places, uses trends, and creates thumbnails that fans want to click on. Like the magic that Jimmy Donaldson, known as the hugely popular Mr. Beast, he puts in his videos, Dream has discovered how to be successful on YouTube.

Dream has been accused of cheating in Minecraft

Dream channel peaked its subscriber growth, gaining 2.6 million subscribers in August 2020 and becoming the face of the game. He uploaded the speedrun of Minecraft version 1.14 in March 2020 and 1.15 in June, so when version 1.16 was launched later in the same year, he had to take it. He ended his run in fifth place, pleased with his place on the leaderboard.

on December 11, 2020, the moderator of the official speedrun forums Geosquare uploaded a video to YouTube entitled “Did Dream Fake His Speedruns – Official Moderator Analysis”. Geosquare and his fellow Minecraft moderators analyzed the live streams and believed Dream recorded events that were statistically unlikely to happen without the aid of mods or cheats. In a 29-page mods document, they concluded that the odds of Dream finding the two items needed to complete the game quickly were 1 in 1.75 trillion.

Dream has denied any wrongdoing or fraud in multiple threads and Twitter videos. In his own video discussing the claims released on December 23, Dream shared a study commissioned by analyst firm Photoexcitation, in which he concluded that the probability of it running is in fact 1 in 100 million.

Speedrunning mods then issued another five-page document rejecting the Dream study. Dream replied in a recent tweet that “This drama was stressful for most of the Minecraft community, and much of it was probably due to my original reaction to the drama, so I take full responsibility for it.”

Dream has faced harassment including doxxing

on January 1, 2021, Dream fans were able to locate his home using a photo of his kitchen that was posted on his other account and share this information, a privacy breach known as doxxing .

In Twitlonger on January 7, Dream discussed the incident and his ex-girlfriend, who he believes is spreading false rumors about it. He denied what he said were her accusations that he “doesn’t care about YouTube” and that his friends who appear in his videos don’t receive “income” from his channel.

Grian’s movies fall into two broad categories. To start with, his ongoing Hermitcraft series, which features many other popular YouTubers. The second category has hundreds of advanced building tutorials. Grian is sponsored by Nvidia.


Image via YouTube

Jordon “CaptainSparklez” Maron is a popular Twitch streamer, music producer and YouTuber who has been creating content for 10 years. He is best known for his Minecraft themed music videos and Minecraft let’s play. Comedy and catchy parodies of Minecraft’s popular CaptainSparklez songs and his enthusiastic gameplay earned him a huge 10.7 million subscribers. He often collaborates with other content creators, incl. TryHardNinja and SlamACow.

CaptainSparklez recently completed the series on the RLCraft modpack and launched a new modified survival series based on the popular DigSite modpack.


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UnspeakablGaming or only Unspeakable is a famous American content creator known for his witty, comedic personality. Unspeakable has been creating content since 2012 and gained 8.47 million subscribers. Creates many different videos including Minecraft lists, challenges, and building tutorials. He often works with MooseCraft, Shark, PrestonPlayz and many others.

When it comes to subscribers, DanTDM is the king of the Minecraft content space, boasting a whopping 24.1 million subscribers on YouTube. DanTDM has been producing Minecraft for YouTube for years, and it just hasn’t slowed down yet.

12 Kiingtong

Players who find regular challenges and fun content too lame should give the Kiingtonga Channel a try. His specialty definitely lies in the Minecraft UHC movies, which are basically mod ultra hardcore games where players can craft armor from a specific resource or just from any possible resource in the game.

In some variations, the game gets even more difficult, with parts of the inventory turned off, which makes it really difficult for players. When it comes to a truly competitive environment, Kiingtong UHC movies are the place to go.

11 Aphmau

Younger viewers who want a very energetic content creator, Aphmau is absolutely on the spot. She is a very successful YouTuber of Minecraft and has especially exploded lately with her colorful, fun and super engaging content that will leave a smile on everyone’s face.

Aphmau’s videos mostly focus on the things that happen on her servers, starring some of her returning friends and other content creators. She also showcases cool mods and challenges like many other content creators, but she definitely brings her own unique spark that makes her videos truly special.

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#5 Skeppy

It’s hard not to like Skeppy, with his honest and down-to-earth approach to YouTube video making. His videos are very energetic and usually involve other people in the Minecraft community. He is known for organizing in-game challenges for money, interacting with his community, and competing on his own in a variety of challenges.

His sense of humor seems organic and is likely to put a smile on any face. Many of his videos feature his good friend BadBayHalo where they troll each other and share their laughs for fun.

Skeppy’s YouTube videos are almost all focused on Minecraft, so this would be the perfect person to look for for those only interested in Minecraft-specific content. It is also on the verge of hitting 4 million YouTube subscribers!

Honorable Mention: Aphmau

Aphmau deserves recognition as she has managed to definitively fill a clearly desired niche. With 7.2 million subscribers and amazing monthly views, it’s clear that not only is it successful, but also has a loyal fanbase.

Its content differs significantly from that of the other creators on this list as it is more narrative and targeted at a younger viewer. Aphmau’s movies are vivid, engaging, energetic and exceptionally family friendly.

The survival of Minecraft is all about maximizing profits and creating the best farms if you want to develop yourself, and there is a dedicated channel for such players: Xisumavoid. Not only does he appear in undoubtedly Minecraft’s most popular survival franchise, HermitCraft, but he’s also one of the smartest players out there.

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