The best mobile MOBAs. Which moba game is the best

As in other similar games, your goal in a match is to defeat other players while collecting loot along the way. Dota 2 has been hailed as one of the best MOBAs and greatest games of all time – not a title that should be taken lightly. I can understand why, because the gameplay is very rewarding and downright addictive.

7 Best Mobile MOBAs 2022 [Best Free MOBA Games To Play And Revisit]
Last updated: January 3, 2022

According to the latest League of Legends player count, approximately 2 million people play LoL each month. MOBA games have become one of the most loved videogame genres of all time, and among a constellation of hugely successful games, League of Legends and Dota 2 are by far the most popular. Today we are going to take a very good look at the best mobile MOBA games so that you can play MOBA on your smartphone as well. Be cautious!

We here at love to list the best games in any category. And of course the MOBA games are an unbeatable treat! There are new MOBAs on the market that are worth discovering, and the older ones – to be visited again. Take a look at the screenshots of each game for an overview of its design and mechanics. We have some AMAZING games to recommend today!

Best mobile MOBA games 2022

Online Battle Arena multiplayer games started out as a genre of PC video games, and years later came to mobile devices. The best games like League of Legends are known to be challenging on so many levels – they are strategic, complex, action packed, devastating, teammates and let’s face it – insanely addictive! (Speaking of addiction, check out how many people play Dota 2 – another favorite MOBA game from millions of fans!) All the games we cover today are free, available for both Android and iOS, and they’re SUPER fun to play!

Let’s take a look at the BEST Mobile MOBA 2022:

Screenshot of League of Legends Wild Rift

2010 was the year of the original MOBA S2 Game, Heroes of Newerth. As I mentioned earlier in the list, the Strife was a derivative of this title, desiring more streamlined access for the more casual gamer. Heroes of Newerth moved to Frostburn Studios as S2 gathered all its time and energy to make Strife one of the best MOBA games.

the best mobile MOBAs:

A huge number of heroes, fast matchmaking times, and short, intense battles make Mobile Legends one of the best MOBA games for Android and iOS. Its fivev five formula creates perfect battles when you take on opponents from all over the world. Its trial pass system is also a great way to take advantage of new heroes before deciding to buy them.

If you need help getting started, check out our Mobile Legends guide or our Mobile Legends tier list.

Vi poses in the key art of League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of legends: Wild rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift is not just a port, but a new League of Legends for mobile, built from the ground up with items, a fresh map, and platform-optimized characters and controls.

Check out our League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions guide or our list of everything we know about League of Legends: Wild Rift. The game passed its first alpha test, but we are currently waiting for more.

Vainglory fight scene

Following the Wild Rift release date, League of Legends fans jumped into a new, unexplored world of a new mobile game, and guess what? Wilf Rift was even better than we expected! Join a 5v5 deathmatch and fight monsters, destroy turrets, bring other heroes to their knees and explore Runeterra in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

WR steering

© Photo by Wild Rift from Facebook

The long-awaited MOBA for mobile devices, Wild Rift is an instant hit when it hit the Google Play Store and App Store in 2020. It comes with all the elements people love about the original League of Legends: a Summoner’s Rift-like map, pretty much the same hero set, and an equally challenging ranking mechanic. With everything reminiscent of the original, Wild Rift also provides players with a new experience.

The game is designed to be fast and chaotic. It removes the Nexus that protects the base tower, so the game is only supposed to last about 15-20 minutes or even 10. Its graphics are eye-pleasing, with visually fun, bright and clear images that have been optimized for mobile devices.

In case you’re wondering, League of Legends: Wild Rift is not cross-platform compatible with its PC counterpart, and we don’t see that ever happening. League of Legends for PC has a very competitive player base, and it won’t be fair for mobile gamers to be against them given the limited capacity of a cell phone.

Our Wild Rift review presents our thoughts on League of Legends coming to mobile.

3. Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is relatively one of the newer MOBA games. There is a lot to like about it. Includes five-on-five, three-on-three, and one-on-one game modes. Plus, there are over three dozen heroes, ten-minute matches, co-op multiplayer, and more.

This MOBA game was released with the Razer Phone, and it gained popularity fairly quickly. His art project is also one of the best on the list, and there are a lot of good art projects here. For this reason, it can be quite slow on medium and lower-end smartphones.

If there’s one thing that can convince people of the game, it’s that Batman is one of the heroes of the game.

Siege is the standard MOBA counterpart in this game. Players must engage in an intense game filled with capture points, winning and losing, and chaos. Assault is a point-based mode where teams try to score as many points as possible by performing certain actions such as capturing a point or killing an enemy.

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite features some of the beloved creatures of the Pokemon universe, although the game does not follow the traditional rules set by the trainers. It’s an authentic MOBA experience that’s perfect for newcomers to the genre and a chance to use your favorite Pokemon in a whole new way.

Players can improve and modify the skills of each Pokemon to adapt to the needs of a given match. While there are in-game items like potions and stat-boosting items, ultimately choosing your Pokemon’s skills is the most important. Additionally, the game is designed on the Unity engine, making it an incredibly smooth game so you can enjoy it without worrying too much about stuttering graphics or frame drops.

Artwork for League of Legends from Lux

League of Legends

Designed by Riot Games with the help of Steve “Guinsoo” Feak, one of the modders who worked on Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends was the first standalone MOBA to be released in 2009. While the game is only available on PC, LoL is one of the most popular MOBA games in the world.

It’s well designed in many respects, but League of Legends’ focus on the macro aspects of the MOBA game far exceeds its focus on the game’s micronutrients. Riot Games also runs a regular game update cycle to make sure the gaming experience doesn’t get too monotonous for players.

The release of Arcane on Netflix has also caused quite a stir around the game and this is probably the best time for new players to join the game along with everyone else who is targeting the series.

Artwork for DOTA 2 featuring Juggernaut, Storm Spirit, Windranger and some other heroes from the game.

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Many of the games on this list are influenced by ancient mythology, but Smite takes direct inspiration from the gods of the past. Each player takes on the role of one of the Smite Gods and fights in a three-lane arena in a variety of modes, from the more competitive Onslaught to the laid-back Arena run. Have you ever dreamed of a strong 1v1 between Thor and Zeus? Here’s your chance to make it happen.

The Smite esports scene is booming with regular tournaments and world championships at the annual Hi-Rez Expo. Despite the lack of prestige of League of Legends or Dota 2, Smite still enjoys international recognition in the sports scene, with huge prize pools.

Smitten: The best god games on PC

Unlike modern times, Smite is played from a third person perspective, not from above. As a result, long range shooting skills and maintaining awareness of the immediate environment can be more of a challenge. Each god takes a specific role as a Guardian, Hunter, Mage, Warrior, or Assassin, and certain character skills help make the battles feel cinematic. For example, the spider goddess Arachne can crawl over his opponents to find a unique attack angle, and Thor can shoot himself high into the sky and then smash his hammer down. They make spectacular fights, but also require patience and strategy with your team to take advantage of each god’s strength and weakness.

Best MOBA - Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm

Defense of the Ancients was originally a modification to Warcraft III, so of course Blizzard couldn’t resist creating its own full-fledged MOBA game. Heroes of the Storm heroes are characters picked from the StarCraft, Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch universes and placed in an all-star mash-up – so if you feel like piloting D.Va Overwatch in battle with Jaina Proudmoore, HoTS is the MOBA for you.

Unlike League of Legends and Dota 2, Heroes does not contain any items. Instead, players choose to upgrade their skills as they level up, allowing them to focus on utility, resilience, or damage dealing. Each hero also has two ultimate abilities, only one of which can be activated in a single match.

Moreover, unlike the competition, Heroes offers a variety of maps with unique objectives that can turn the tide of battle. One sees players fighting for temple domination firing lasers at opposing fortifications, another asks each team to collect plants that spawn a giant, controlled flower monster.

Blizzard has gone to great lengths to focus on combat and objectives rather than breaking numbers – you won’t find anyone bragging about high attack damage rates or critical chance. Matches are also much shorter, usually over after 30 minutes. However, what is dedicated in depth it makes up for with a sheer shine. However, the HoTS no longer has an official world championship, so if you’re looking for a solid esports scene, you’ll have to take a look at the other MOBAs on this list.

These are all the best MOBA games available today – it’s time to assemble your team, choose your heroes and hit the avenue in search of glory. If you’re constantly feeling under-grown, try playing one of the best farming games instead – it won’t help you grow better in MOBA games, but at least your crops won’t report you at the end of the match.

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These are all the best MOBA games available today – it’s time to assemble your team, choose your heroes and hit the avenue in search of glory. If you’re constantly feeling under-grown, try playing one of the best farming games instead – it won’t help you grow better in MOBA games, but at least your crops won’t report you at the end of the match.

Heroes of Newerth

It will be a rather sad story about the MOBA game that was released in 2010 and will close on June 20, 2022, so if you are a veteran or a newbie, you should deeply consider playing the game while it is still going on.

The game has quite old but up-to-date graphics and a map similar to Dota 2 (DON’T CALL IT HAPPEN!) And a long list of awesome heroes that you can play. Team fights can be quite long and intense, and this is obviously one of the more team-oriented games, so please don’t be too lonely a player!

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Is your computer at least 30 years old? Can’t run Tetris, much less Minecraft? It’s a shame, but if you have a phone you can play LoL: Wild Rift. What exactly is this game? This is a game that you can play on your phone – Hurray. The game is similar to League of Legends, with huge changes to the movement and minor changes to the game mechanics.

So if you can’t take your computer to the bus or to work, don’t worry, you can play this game on your phone and smash it on the ground because of the anger you have caused by playing too many MOBA games!

According to the most recent number of Wild Rift players, over 5 million people play a mobile game every month. As of April 2021, Wild Rift has already been downloaded 32 million times. LoL fans kept their hands glued to their phones as soon as Riot Games released one of the most beloved video games on mobile devices.

Dark Eclipse

Dark Eclipse

Last but not least, Dark Eclipse becomes one of the best MOBA games out there. This MOBA was released at the end of September 2018 by Sunsoft, veterans of the video game industry. They have titles close and dear to my heart: Batman and Lemmings on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and countless others in the late eighties and early nineties.

First of all, they focused on mobile gaming, which opens the way for a more player-friendly experience, and perhaps more competitive, such as MOBAs. The Dark Eclipse website briefly introduces the purpose of Dark Eclipse in a pretty cool way:

“Play VR without the limits of a 2D screen. Control three characters called Leaders, build towers and destroy the enemy base. Developed by a team of MOBA and RTS enthusiasts. This is a MOBA players game for MOBA players.”

You read right: VR MOBA. I was curious and a bit skeptical. However, as soon as I started reading about it, it intrigued me.

“You can grab and move characters (called Leaders) directly. You don’t need a mini-map… just look around and you’ll see the entire battlefield. Feel the game with tactile feedback on your fingers and listen to enemy movements with 3D audio.”

It gives the player better control over their characters and really immerses you in the game.

Fear not – you can still use the DualShock controller to play if VR isn’t your style or it confuses you.

Heroes Evolved

best moba video game

I can’t wait to see the future of Dark Eclipse and what other MOBAs will follow. Will the best MOBAs be in VR? Time will tell, but it’s a good step. I also like the emphasis on developing MOBA players.

This happened with Dota; the people who love the builder of the world of WarCraft III have gathered and created a madness that shows no sign of stopping.

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