The best multiplayer games on PC in 2022. What are the best online games for pc

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The 30 best online games to play with friends on PC!

Games are almost always more fun when you’re with friends, even more so if the game you play together offers an online co-op or a compete-to-friends mode.

Of course, with so many options you can choose from on PC, it can be quite difficult to properly decide what you and your friends can play together, especially if you don’t share the same likes and dislikes for games.

With this kind of situation in mind, we’ve decided to compile a complete list of the best online games that you can play with your friends on PC (many even have console versions), with all kinds and genres of games you can imagine. Check out our suggestions below!

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There is no doubt about it, Minecraft is by far one of the most successful games of the last decade, especially because of the freedom it offers its players. Besides the ability to enter randomly generated worlds and build anything you can imagine, the game lets you do it all with your friends!

There are many very popular challenges that you can complete as a group, but if you prefer, you can join your friends and just build something huge or complex. If you want to play it, find out how to play Minecraft for free here, check out the most important Minecraft commands, or go to the store to buy it!

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, the newest major expansion for the MMO game, is now available. Square Enix had to temporarily stop selling FF14 after its release as the popularity of the extension exceeded the company’s server capacity.

War Thunder

War Thunder is a free multiplayer game where military vehicles ring each other seven bells, be it in aerial dogfights, massive tank battles or naval skirmishes. It may sound familiar, but no free MMO has achieved what War Thunder has in terms of quality, balance, and the wide range of vehicles waiting to be unlocked. While the multiplayer game started with the modest array of planes and ground vehicles you know from WWII games, its countless tech trees now span the military history – past and present – of several nations, from global superpowers to smaller nations renowned for piercing above theirs weight.

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What sets this wargame apart from its competitors is the incredibly detailed ballistic modeling and simulation game modes. A duel between two tanks can be influenced by countless factors such as armor thickness, armor angle, shell material, shell size and type, and distance to the target, the difference between a shell ricocheting and no damage or penetration and destruction of the entire enemy crew. The more you play, the more you learn to recognize different types of vehicles, so you can take advantage of their weak spots and win the fight with one accurate shot. It’s an endlessly satisfying loop, and with hundreds of vehicles up for grabs, it’ll be a long time before the new content runs out.

World of tanks

Even though World of Tanks was released more than ten years ago, this free PvP vehicle combat game continues to grow and evolve into one of the best multiplayer games on PC. With bustling servers and an international player base, you’ll never have a hard time finding a team whenever you feel like hopping into a tank and blowing it up.

Whether you prefer brutal combat or a more strategic approach, the game’s easy-to-grasp mechanics fit well with a variety of playstyles. Destroy all enemy tanks with powerful artillery fire at once, and if you prefer a subtle approach, you can triumph by finding your way to the enemy base and capturing it from the inside.

The more you play, the more vehicles you unlock, with over 600 of the best tanks from around the world to discover and exclusive rewards for those who want to take part in Clan Battles. It is a very complicated game that may seem simple at first glance, but the more you play, the better you will gain and the more you will discover. Trust us – you’ll be in the thank-you world once you get addicted.

Outsmarting another human will always be more satisfying than outsmarting an AI. The games on this list are all about competitive multiplayer, but check out our rundown of the best co-op games if you’d rather work with your neighbor than beat him up.

Q. What are the best online games?

There are a handful of online games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Minecraft that we already mentioned in our recommendation for the Top Ten Online Games to Try in 2022. However, games like CrossFire and Call of Duty have their own fanbase.

Q. What are the best free online games?

You can find several such games on the Internet. From PUBG to CrossFire, you can play some popular online games with your friends. Besides, you can also try out new experiences like Minecraft (after PewDiePie, of course) and Fortnite to stay up-to-date.

Q. What are some good online games?

There are some unique online games you can find. Try games like Dungeon Fighter Online and QQ Speed ​​if you want unique unlockable features. To feel nostalgic, you can definitely try games like Pac-Man Doodle or Candy Crush Saga.

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