The best open-world games on PC in 2022. The coolest game in the whole world

This game has been in the news since its release. For people who are not PUBG and Fortnite players but enjoy playing the battlefield, this is the only game for them. There are six teams of players in the game with three players on a team left on the island to destroy other resources and weapons to fight other teams during this time.

The players decide if this is a good game or just spending time. Some of the most played games of all time were again among the most popular online games of 2022. The list changes over time as players play and leave games frequently.

Rank Game Active player Developer Released
1 PUBG 100 million+ PUBG Corporation 2018
2 Minecraft 95 million+ Mojang studio 2011
3 Apex Legends 50 million Recreation entertainment 2019
4 Fortnite Battle Royale 45 million Epic games 2017
5 CS: Global Offensive 35 million Valve Corporation 2012
6 HearthStone 30 million Blizzard entertainment 2012
7 League of Legends 27 million Riot Games 2009
8 Call of Duty cell phone 15 million TiMi studio 2019
9 Among us 8 million InnerSloth LLC 2018
10 Call of Duty Warzone 6 million Activation 2020

1. PUBG | The Best Online Game Ever

Developed by: PUBG Corporation
Portable: XBOX, iOS, PC, Android
Online players: Over 100 million online players
Start year: 2018

It is without a doubt the most popular online game of 2022. PUBG has taken the Internet by storm and as the day goes by it has as many players as they expected. PUBG is actually armor and H1Z1 based. This game can pamper up to 99 players at a time.

Honorable Mentions

Not only are the top ten games we have listed above, but there are plenty of games that are rapidly climbing the popularity ladder. Here are the best games that have already caused a lot of hype.

11. DOTA 2 | Among The Best Online Games In 2022

Developed by: Valve Corporation
Portable: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Online players: 5 million online players
Launch year: 2015

This game was issued millions of dollars by Valve for a multiplayer game. It is awarded the title of production quality, satisfying gameplay and loyalty to its predecessors.

DOTA 2 has an esports scene where players from all over the world play in a variety of tournaments and leagues. So, if you haven’t tried your hand at this game yet, you’d better not!

While the game itself is not new, the love and support of the community is overwhelming. Dota 2 esports events are among the best in the industry. The International and WePlay Esports events provide an unforgettable experience for all Dota 2 fans.

12. The Division 2 | One Of The Awesome Games To Play Online

Developed by Massive Entertainment
Portable: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Online players: 5 million active players
Year started: 2019

The third-person game takes place in Washington, DC, seven months after its predecessor, when a civil war breaks out between survivors and a gang of vile marauders. In the game, players can work together to achieve goals.

Raids with up to eight players will also appear in the game. It received generally favorable reviews from critics, most of whom noted that this is an improvement over the first installment.

13. The Splatoon 2 | For Best Online Gaming Experience

Developed by: Nintendo
Portable: Wii U
Online players: 5 million online players
Launch year: 2015

Splatoon 2 is a third-person shooter where players control an anthropomorphic squid known as Inklings – and later Octolings, an anthropomorphic octopus – and use colored ink to attack opponents and score goals.

Inklings and Octolings can alternate between a social form where they can shoot ink with their weapons, and a squid form (or in the case of Octolings, an octopus form) which allows them to swim through ink of their own color to move quickly and replenish ink.

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Release date: May 17, 2009 | Developer: Mojang Studios | Supported Platform: Java, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, Xbox One


Trove is a Minecraft inspired MMO game and part of that inspiration is having a procedurally generated world that you’ll explore for hours. Since Trove is voxel based, you build everything with simple cubes and can take them to any of the new open worlds you visit while traveling. Just jump into the adventure portal, find a plot of land, and you can leave your base for a safe place to return between killing sessions. Of course, Trove also boasts all the features of a classic MMO, from challenging dungeons full of loot to multiplayer hangouts where you can show off your shiny new velociraptor mount.

skyrim is an open world game

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Skyrim is one of those games that we come back to over and over again, and magic is always there. Its repetition is due to the hundreds of different ways to play this open world RPG, from typical character constructs such as thief and warrior to trying to play the whole game as a vegan or role-playing as a character from the game tradition. Skyrim’s open world is filled with characters and beasts that go about their daily business without you, and you’ll often come across a giant kicking a poor wolf into orbit or a pair of Thalmors escorting a captured Nord.

This fantastic open-world RPG explores the vast and spectacular region of Skyrim – in which you play as Dragonborn, a prophesied hero thrown into a tense civil war. The world is heavily inspired by the backgrounds of countries like Norway and Iceland, taking their history, culture, flora and folklore, mixing them together with the realistic high fantasy brand from The Elder Scrolls. Skyrim has a captivating history and astounding attention to detail, making this nearly ten-year-old game still one of the most talked about open-world games. It also still has a dedicated modding commute, so you can check out the best Skyrim mods once you’ve exhausted all your ways to play.

What a fuss this big old franchise has caused! It’s an empty MJOLNIR suit, but when it first appeared on the original Xbox, the boy came out with the swing! It’s a huge franchise, has live spin-offs (a little better than a Super Mario Bros movie), and it was a big deal for shooters when it came out. Popular.


game of tetris

I bet you haven’t seen it coming! Just kidding you probably got it while you were reading the title of the article. But listen, when it comes to old heads that don’t play video games, ask them for three game titles, at least 50% of them will say Tetris.

sports wii

Wii Sports is an undeniably great time. If Pacman could be more like the Wii Sports, maybe roller skates wouldn’t be closed and maybe Pacman would have a better place on the list. But no, only Wii sports can be like Wii sports.

This game is definitely popular, fun for all ages, and has sold many copies. The only problem is that it was included with all Wii sales except possibly in Japan. So maybe the sport of the Wii is popular just because his friend Wii is popular. We’ll never know.

Sonic the HedgeHog

sonic the Hedgeho Game

Some entries in this list make more sense as a whole series than as a single game. Sonic, for example, has probably gained popularity thanks to Sega Genesis and Game Gear. Not so much on Dreamcast (sega RIP systems). But people recognize him. Maybe she just has one of these faces.

the sims 1 game

Lol. This is the only game that no matter how many times you manage to get into the pool and take the ladder, it won’t die. We will not lie, we have spent many hours building our own houses, putting dirty dishes on the floor, budding roses and setting the kitchen on fire.

This could be a fun game. And it has some serious appeal beyond the typical player base.

On the gaming front, Tencent’s PUBG Mobile has been awarded “The # 1 Mobile Game” with over 85 million downloads, while “Best Game” was won by Grand Theft Auto V. Assassin Creed was voted the best “User Choice Game” in this year.

25. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Release date: January 16, 2020 | Developer: CyberConnect2 | Supported Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is another game in the epic Dragon Ball series. It’s an RPG where you fight your opponents, train, even catch fish and more. The game continues the storyline of the Dragon Ball Z series. You can also relive the Battle of Gods saga and Dragon Ball Super stories thanks to the DLC. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is widely rated as one of the best in the series with enemies like Cell, Android 19 etc as bosses.

The game lets you relive the classic Dragon Ball story, worshiped by all anime / manga fans. It is expertly crafted, ensuring that the storyline does not deviate from the original DB storyline. We also get well-designed graphics and impressive moves with every playable character in the game.

24. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

Release date: March 27, 2018 | Developer: Ubisoft | Supported Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Far Cry 5 is an FPS shooter and one of the most popular games right now. Centered around the fictional Hope County, Montana, the story revolves around a doomsday cult that has taken control of the county. It is headed by the charismatic and powerful commander Joseph Seed. You can play the role of an unnamed deputy sheriff trapped in the county. The gameplay is addictive with an emphasis on exploration and combat, and players fight enemy soldiers with an arsenal of weapons.

Far Cry 5 is one of the top-rated action shooters, packed with stunning mechanics, enemies, atmospheric wild creatures, and high-octane combat. The story of the game starts well but ends abruptly, reminding you of the defeat of Game of Thrones season 8. However, it flawlessly transfers the transition from exotic places to an American backyard with amazing graphics.

23. Rocket League

Rocket League

Release date: Jul 7, 2015 | Developer: Psyonix | Supported Platform: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS

Rocket League is a unique take on football where you play with rocket-powered cars. The game assigns 8 players to each team. Use fantastic cars to perform surreal stunts and score goals to win the game. The game also supports cross-platform games, so you can play it on almost all consoles or PC operating systems. The developers ensure the highest performance regardless of the device thanks to frequent and timely updates.

Rocket League is a high-octane game that fascinates with colorful graphics and incredibly smooth gameplay. While it supports 4k / 60fps (on PS4, PC, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X), the graphics are a bit questionable on the Nintendo Switch, offering 720p handheld and 1080p when docked. The game also tends to switch to an older preset rather than the last used preset. However, it is an addicting game with iconic followers. Play to believe it!


What’s The Most Played Video Game Right Now in 2021?

CrossFire is currently the most played video game in 2021, with over 8 million active users and 650 million registered players. It is a tactical FPS shooter, a classic FPS game. A large part of its popularity comes down to its low performance requirements, and precisely what makes it satisfactorily high in performance. It is somewhat similar to CS: GO and with the more advanced graphics and gameplay features of COD:, the advanced graphics and gameplay features of COD: Warzone.

Which Is The Best Video Game To Play Right Now?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best video game right now. The game offers spectacular graphics, amazing gameplay with an intriguing storyline. Breath of the Wild is widely rated as one of the best open worlds in the gaming realm, perhaps second only to Assassins Creed: Odyssey in terms of size.

What Game Has The Best Graphics Right Now?

It has to be Assassins’ Creed Odyssey. If you think you have a PC that can handle it, make the most of the tons of graphics presets available and set the render distance high, we dare. From the lush fields of Sparta to sailing the rough seas in the middle of a storm, Odyssey is a magnum artwork with a huge open world and arguably the most brilliant artwork. But be careful, Odyssey might melt right across your motherboard!

Which Is The No.1 Mobile Game In The World?

PUBG Mobile is the world’s # 1 mobile game with over 1.2 billion downloads, 100 million monthly active users, and over $ 146 million in revenue. PUBG was one of the first multiplayer shooters to extend the game to mobile and instantly won awards. If you don’t think you have a performance-oriented device, you may consider downloading PUBG Lite instead, sacrificing the graphics but not the gameplay.

Release date: Jul 21, 2017 | Developer: Epic Games, People Can Fly | Supported Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the number one action RPG game with an open world.

This most popular game is a large, free exploration RPG that can be played anywhere and on any device. So you would see a pair of magical twins wandering the universes for no apparent reason (to find each other) when an unknown and powerful deity thinks that they are too full of themselves to jump between realities as they please, and that it must end.

As a result, the self-proclaimed goddess kidnaps one and takes over the power of the other, leaving them trapped in a strange land in search of her sister and the way home.

Genshin Impact allows you to change characters, not weapons; some use one-handed swords, others bows, and still others carry magic books; that’s why you build your team of 4 and change characters on the fly. Once you collect your gear, you can use it to further upgrade your best weapon. It also leads to what could be a great war. It is in the top ten games.

Download for iOS and Android

GRID Autosport

One of the things we learned in the Epic vs Apple lawsuit was that games account for 70% of App Store revenues, which is the final warning sign for a leading game development company and the industry at large.

GRID Autosport is a renowned brand, also called the mighty “Funny Cars” because they are ordinary and at the top of GRID Autosport drag racing. The sensation of driving is like a total assault on the senses as drivers try to tame eight thousand horsepower by pushing at over 300 miles per hour.

GRID Autosport gives your mobile device a console-like gaming experience. You’d think a game with such stunning graphics would cost the same as the original PC edition.

GRID Autosport is a big game, even if it’s on a small screen. It’s a fairly large smartphone app, with a suggested free 6GB internal memory. This is a realistic racing game that will push even the most experienced drivers while at the same time attracting casual gamers who are looking for “classic” racing games. Each car has a different driving experience that can be felt.

Download for iOS and Android

Not only are the top ten games we have listed above, but there are plenty of games that are rapidly climbing the popularity ladder. Here are the best games that have already caused a lot of hype.


With the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett next year, we will be inundated with even more game releases. Mobile games look tougher than ever, with Chinese studios putting out hundreds of new ideas every day.

Since games are rarely limited by hardware these days, developers can really let their imaginations run wild and reward us with new forms of storytelling and truly unique experiences.

After confirming backwards compatibility for next-gen consoles, you can throw in discs from your old game collection and play them whenever you feel nostalgic.

And that’s a step further for PC, where you can literally download any of the hundreds of DOS games from the 80’s and play it right now. You can also emulate PS2 and Nintendo games like God of War or Zelda.

Pastebin’s internet user known as “Data_Baser” has taken on Goliathan’s job of cataloging each video game he has produced. With the help of a retro 4chan game board, this person records games as old as 1971’s Computer Space and Galaxy Game!

This list even includes cross-platform releases for each game, and currently counts 49,668 entries. It doesn’t include many of the smaller mobile games that are released daily, but which are only played by a few.

And they didn’t include all Flash and HTML based browser games because that would be really impossible. This Pastebin sheet was compiled with and and the last update happened in April 2015. Since then, several game releases have appeared that are not documented in the database.

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While Magnavox and Ralph Baer came up with the concept, Atari popularized it and turned video game consoles into a product the average consumer wanted. They released the first electronic video game, Pong, and we’re sure you’ve played the game in one form or another in your life.

Witcher 3

witcher 3

The final chapter of the Witcher Geralt of Rivia trilogy combines the grim, realistic atmosphere for which the series is famous with an open world reminiscent of Skyrim – but oh so different.

Instead of ruining the experience, let me just say that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt scored a rare five-star review, easily won the 2015 PCWorld Award, and is my all-time favorite game. If you are in a rush, you will pack it in 60 to 80 hours. Do you feel more revealing? Expect to spend up to 200 hours – plus roaming the world, killing monsters, and that’s before you immerse yourself in the fantastic expansions.


xcom 2

XCOM 2 increases the tension even more than in the original reboot, putting you at risk as XCOM becomes a guerrilla force in a world conquered by aliens. You command an army of soldiers who are risking their lives to defeat the threat. This is no joke: if one of the commandos under your watch dies, he remains dead, taking his hard-earned experience with him. Too many wrong moves can make your squad full of newbies rather than gray vets, which could force you to restart the game.

Tactical turn-based combat in XCOM 2 is challenging, with both maps and enemies randomly assigned to each battle, but the game gives you plenty of time to think about your moves. During the strategic phase between missions, you deal with organizational tasks – financial management, increasing XCOM’s influence, researching newly discovered alien technologies, and so on. You’ll have to balance between hitting aliens where it hurts, avoiding their counterattacks while juggling scarce resources all the time. This is great.

The game offers almost endless playability, but if you get bored of the basic scheme, two additional modes will turn XCOM 2 into brand new games. War of the Chosen is the official Firaxis expansion that adds tons of new factions, enemies, story threads, weapons, and more, while the sublime mod for a complete Long War 2 conversion greatly extends game time and adds importance to your strategic map and resource planning. They’re both perfect, period.

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