The best Rainbow Six Siege operators for ranked play in 2022. Which rainbow six operator should i play

Once you understand well how to say no to drones, Mozzie is a great alternative. Instead of jamming the drones, Mozzie just steals them for you to use.

Rainbow Six Siege: 10 Operators With The Best Weapons

Rainbow Six Siege may be a game focused on team strategy and tactics, but having the right weapons is still extremely important.

Most multiplayer games are based on frantic traffic and chaotic attacks. However, Rainbow Six: Siege asks players to play precisely. Teams need to communicate and strive for accuracy, not just spray and pray. It is a game much more tactical than most shooters and requires more attention and attention to get through the missions than most players can expect.

Below is a list of operators with the best weapons. This will tell you which characters you should choose if you want to deal the greatest damage with the best possible accuracy!

Updated August 21, 2021 by Michael Abayomi: After an extensive Rainbow Six Extraction review shown at the Ubisoft E3 2021 conference, Rainbow Six Siege fans have every reason to be excited about the next chapter in the Tom Clancy franchise. Not only will they be able to play as some of their favorite operators from the previous game, they will also take on the new alien enemy in a sci-fi inspired multiplayer tactical co-op shooter. But while waiting for the game to launch in the current release window in January 2022, they can review this list, which we’ve updated with more information on each operator.

10 Ash

  • Real name: Eliza Cohen
  • Age: 33
  • Place of birth: Jerusalem, Israel
  • Role: Immobilize, flank, frontline, soft breach

There are many pro gamers who will choose Ash even though they don’t like her special ability. Her R4-C deals a lot of damage and also has a great rate of fire. With the right accessories, it can be a truly lethal weapon.

Anyone who knows how to use it can eliminate enemies very quickly. The M45 MEUSOC is also a decent firearm. It has a large capacity, but its greater damage makes it worth reducing it. Just make sure there’s someone on the other side of the ball.

Let’s face it, Thatcher is almost always banned from ranked play, so Kali is the operator you should learn to play. It plays an almost identical role when it comes to cleaning walls, but offers a bit more versatility as it can use its projectiles to get rid of defender tools like Maestro cameras, foldout shields, and bulletproof cameras.

Best Rainbow Six Siege operators for attack


As one of the strongest operators to tackle with a hard breach, it’s hard to build an attacking team without Thatcher. “Thatcher has a fairly powerful monopoly on attacks and as a result has one of the highest competitive ban rates in almost any league,” says JessGOAT.

Thatcher has been in Rainbow Six Siege since the game’s release, and is still popping out of his head and opening bomb sites thanks to a combination of a fairly strong set and a unique gadget. While the recent nerf has taken Thatcher’s ability to smash gadgets away, and his EMP grenades simply knock them out for a while, it’s still a fantastic choice when you’re not sure which operator you want to play.

“While it only now disables gadgets instead of destroying them, it still gives attackers ample opportunities to open walls, disable intelligence gadgets, and deny area access and place attackers in place,” adds JessGOAT.

Securing a target is a key part of Rainbow Six Siege, so ensuring attackers have a clear path to entry (and the fact that certain breaches, such as the Chalet’s snowmobile garage, are impossible without one) mean Thatcher is truly a true MVP on the attack.

a soldier in a beret raises his hands in a combat stance


Zofia has a whole bunch of toys that together make her a powerful pick in any group of strikers.

“With a wide range of skills in almost every category, Zofia is one of the most popular frag / frag-flex operators in all competitive competitions around the world,” says JessGOAT a great primary and secondary weapon, in addition to its gadget: a launcher that provides destructive power along with shocks, making it a triple threat.”

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But it is not everything. JessGOAT and Griefdrums wanted to point out that Sophie can work in two different playstyles: she can be used for aggressive play and scoring frags, or as a supporting role to destroy gadgets like Eyes of Evil, shields, or other devices for which you need explosives.

When you think that Sophie can instantly switch between the two roles, you suddenly understand why she is so loved by top-tier players.

a soldier with a huge sledgehammer over his head crashes against the wall


Another starting classic, Sledge, combines the remarkable soft blast ability with his hammer and then complements it with his grenades and even the ridiculously powerful SMG-11.

“The most popular grenade operator in the entire attacking squad, Sledge, has started to compete with Sophia’s rival pick rate,” says JessGOAT. “A lot of his strength comes from his ability to use grenades to destroy gadgets / shields, but also from his ability to be an effective soft breach operator with a hammer.

“Actually, if Zofia hadn’t been accused of a breach, I think we’d have seen his pick rate begin to far outstrip hers. This is due to the current meta, which allows attackers to better utilize grenades to their full destructive power without having to worry about anti-bullet gadgets as a primary meta.”

Best Rainbow Six Siege operators for defence


“Jager is starting to compete with Blackbeard in the nerf department recently, but no matter what the developers do to him, the operation is so ingrained in the fabric of Siege itself that you will have a hard time spotting the defense without it,” says Griefdrums.

Jager has an absurd selection factor and is invariably a fan favorite, a combination of the 416-C that rip and his shut-and-forget gadget that allows you to help your team without doing anything.

“His put-and-forget gadget will still be active and will help the team long after Jager’s death, especially now that they are active all round, rather than having limited uses as before. Being able to catch a stray overhead that might kill your anchor or link it to other ADS Magpies to allow a defender to hold a power position, Jager can take virtually any basic defense setup and upgrade it, ”he adds.

Jager is a good pick in most scenarios, but if you have a good target and good sense of position, you can dominate the game with this operator.

The woman touches the surface of the pond as she prepares to move forward


Melusi can stop the attacking team’s momentum completely and should be scared off by any attacking team.

“Melusi’s banshee gadgets are pure oppression. While you can just walk over and hit it to destroy it, you have to get there first, walking as if you’re stuck in quicksand, still waiting for it to fly around the corner and shoot you while you’re vulnerable, ”says Griefdrums.

“Thanks to the three banshees, it can close entire corridors or slow down entering the rooms. Having trouble with attackers like Ash getting onto your site too quickly? You can slow down this attack with Melusi, or at least get an early warning when the attacker needs to use utility and breaching rounds to remove this gadget from their path.”

Melusi is the perfect counterweight to the finish line, which has begun to focus on approaching the target quickly and lowering the plant, avoiding hikers and overwhelming anchors on the spot. With her gadget making a lot of noise – whether it’s destroyed by attackers or activated – Melusi is a great opportunity to stop that attack and give you time to reposition.

A man in a gas mask has a tight grip on the pump gun


Do you have any DIY? Smoke will allow you to rebuild the site however you like, boasting a great shotgun and a choice of barbed wire or a foldout shield that will allow you to complete all the Great Projects wherever you plant your bomb.

“The Smoke has great gear, including the secondary SMG11 pocket sniper – a weapon that is great at almost any range if you’re able to control it – is often a solid choice for wasting attackers’ time. Since defenders only have to delay attackers until time runs out, his ability to delay more than 30 seconds with his toxic grenade gadgets puts Smoke high on the list of the best defenders, ”says Griefdrums.

“One of the best things about Smoke is that the longer he lives, the stronger his gadget becomes. As time goes on, each toxic grenade you own is ten seconds in refusal until you get to the point where the attack has to push through that gas and take damage over time. If you can take 30 health points from the attacker, you will have to land on him one missile later.”

So far, Ubisoft hasn’t talked much about its Downloadable Content Roadmap (DLC) for Rainbow Six Extraction, although it has announced that at least six operators will be added post-launch (without specifying a timeframe).


With Pick & Ban and a huge variety of placements, no team of operators fits every attack strategy, so it’s wise to have a few different Rainbow Six Siege operators that you can adapt to when you need to.


Twitch’s appeal is quite simple: it has the best weapon in the game. The F2 assault rifle combines high damage, controlled recoil (even after last year’s infamous nerf), and a terrifyingly high rate of fire – plus it has a 1.5x scope. On top of that, Twitch’s Electric Drone comes in handy for destroying Mira’s black mirrors and other nasty Defender gadgets like Bandit batteries, Mute Disruptors, and Jager Magpies.


Montagne isn’t for every bombing site, but sometimes there’s no better option than to park a missile sponge in the door, plant a defuser, and allow defenders to try to reclaim a spot with that French monolith standing in their way. Playing Monty takes a lot of patience and you should hardly ever lower your shield. You’ll get the most out of it when you’re calling through the best gaming mic because it’s a walking drone, and you’ll also want solid fraggers to support you as you can’t do much for yourself.


Rarely essential, but always useful, Capitão’s pace, solid weapon selection, and versatile set make it an evergreen choice for attacking. His crossbow can fire two AoE fire bolts which are useful for pushing defenders out of cover or temporarily blocking rotation, while his two smoke bolts are very powerful for trespassing and planting a defuser.


It may not be important to one thing, but Fink is a great choice for a supporting operator who can really make a difference to your team when it comes to fragging entries. For those struggling to win fierce offensive shootouts, the Finka’s Aiming and Health buff gives teammates a little more confidence when trying to strike a target, and the ability to resurrect downed allies remotely has great grip potential. With the Gonne-6 balancing gadget and the 100-round 6P41 LMG in her arsenal, the Finka is also quite adept at taking land with brute force. It can’t do this in the Pro League, but its buffs work wonders in an average Rainbow Six Siege ranked match.

rainbow six siege operators are smoking



no defensive operator has managed to beat Smoke when it comes to blocking plants and entering. Smoke’s three gas grenades can stop an enemy advance for a total of 30 seconds, dealing enough damage to kill any operator who tries to carefully push through the toxic cloud or plant a defuser. These gas grenades are activated remotely, so you can keep one near the entry point until the attackers try to push, activating it just in time to ruin their attack.

In addition to the powerful gadget, Smoke also has a very powerful set. His SMG-11 is a headshot machine, his M590A1 shotgun is not only the best shotgun in the game, but also crucial for opening the site. Oh, and Smoke can bring you a foldout shield which is a very powerful add-on gadget and pairs perfectly with Smoke’s gadget.

rainbow Six Siege Operators jager


It doesn’t seem to matter how much you weaken Jäger, he’s still one of the strongest defenders in the game. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that it is the most effective way to absorb utility and protect Defenders from fragmentation grenades. Unlike the Wamai, Jäger is free to deploy his gadgets and hit the road, which is handy as his assault rifle is still one of the best primary defense weapons in the game.

If you properly place his gadgets, they are extremely difficult to deal with, and as they recharge over time, a poorly coordinated attacking team can easily exhaust all their throwable items while trying to get in place.


Intel is crucial to the maintenance of certain sites as it allows users to roam to play with much less risk. Valkyrie’s cleverly placed cameras can also be used in conjunction with a nitro cell to kill easily from below, and since any defender can use cameras, you don’t have to pause on a single nitro cell kill. Plus, the Valkyrie cameras are hard to spot and can provide crucial information throughout the round, even letting dead players help out if you’re also trying to grab hold of.

Her MPX submachine gun is fairly average in terms of damage per shot, but has almost no recoil, so it can shatter heads easily with it. The D-50 sidearm cannot rotate, but can be used to hide cams in floorboards or to create vertical angles.


Lesion is one of those operators that is never essential but always useful. His invisible needle mines recharge over time, meaning Lesion is an operator that gets stronger as the round approaches and helps the defending team by slowing down attacks, providing information and discarding a bet every now and then.

Gu mines don’t deal much damage at first, but since they slow down movement speed and stop it from planting, they can completely alter the course of the round – and Lesion doesn’t even need to be around to take advantage of an enemy that is nearby pulling out a needle. Its T-5 submachine gun is very strong and easy to use, and it can also fetch impact grenades to help open up a spot or create escape routes if you’re roaming.

This place could go to Bandit or Kaid, but we believe Silence is the best choice when it comes to keeping reinforced walls intact for as long as possible. The main reason for this is that its disruptors not only stop disturbing the gadgets, but also prevent the drones from gaining information on the target. Paired with Jäger’s ADS gadgets around the drone holes, and it can be really hard for attackers to open a wall unless they have a good Maverick, Kali, or – if by some miracle he’s not banned – Thatcher.

Finally, blasts such as Eli’s Thunder Mines and Echo’s ultrasonic blast can confuse Montagne, who can hide his shield and become vulnerable for a few seconds.

It pays to work your way through all the operators

Extraction of the Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six extraction. Source: Ubisoft

In Rainbow Six Siege, players have often specialized in specific operators according to their favorite team role – say support or tank. But right from the start, Rainbow Six Extraction has been working very hard to counter this and encourage the game as each operator.

At the end of each mission with three objectives, your XP fuels your overall progress, which unlocks new maps and ultimately modes. But the Operator you’ve played will advance individually as well, and considering that Operators are often unavailable because they’re recovering from previous missions or are MIAs, it’s important to advance them all.

Promoting operators improves their base stats and improves each operator’s individual skills, so you really notice the difference between an operator in a basic state and one that has been promoted. In New York and San Francisco, in the first two areas of the Extraction map, the handling is gentle enough that it doesn’t really matter which operator you choose, and you have room for maneuver to learn how to make the best use of their skills without getting into over-pressurized situations.

But once you start running into more difficult missions, you won’t get very far, unless you use a higher difficulty operator: Major rated missions are only available to level 6 operators, and the most difficult critical missions require level 8 or higher operators. Operators will peak at level 10.

Aligning operators has another advantage: it opens up new equipment configurations. You are limited to one loadout at first, but as you level up and purchase new REACT technology, and your operators’ alternate kits are unlocked as you level up, you approach a state of equipment flexibility that allows, say, operators who normally pack shotguns to instead of shoot this at specific targets with your assault rifles.

Post-launch content is currently mysterious, but we do know about different endgame modes

Rainbow Six extraction. Source: Ubisoft

So far, Ubisoft hasn’t talked much about its downloadable content roadmap (DLC) for Rainbow Six Extraction, although it said at least six operators will be added post-launch (without specifying a timeframe).

But it did provide some information on the various ending modes, all of which may or may not be operational premieres, and most of them will be updated with the addition of weekly content. To be more specific:

Maelstrom Protocol is Rainbow Six Extraction’s main ending mode that will be available on launch and will be guided by the game as you clear all four areas of the map and achieve REACT Milestone 16 in overall progress.

Ubisoft describes it this way: “The Maelstrom Protocol is an extended invasion in a Chimera-infected environment that is evolving week by week. Increased Archæan activity is to be expected. Only selected operators are allowed to engage and must move from a sub-area to a sub-area in series. Intel’s goals must be met before moving to the next zones. The extended duration of the Maelstrom Protocol will result in increased aggression and responsiveness of the archæan types. Resources will be limited and the transition time between events will shorten as operators progress.”

In other words, every week in the Maelstrom protocol, Ubisoft will publish a list of operators that can participate in it, and to participate you will need to have at least three of the listed operators available and aligned.

Ubisoft says Quests are: “Specific weekly missions. Look for new challenges and new opportunities as you revisit raids into the Containment Zone with all-new rules of engagement.”

This suggests that Quests will reuse maps they’ve previously visited, but with extra gameplay twists compared to the first playthrough. At launch, at least one quest will be available that takes place on the Truth or Consequences map. Quests will be unlocked when you press REACT Milestone 13.

According to Ubisoft, Veteran Mode will be: “An Immersive Mode for Standalone Operators. This task requires sound ammunition management to face the Archeans without any support. Veteran may sound like solo mode, but it isn’t: one of its features is that you’ll be punished for friendly fire. Additionally, it will bring in what Ubisoft calls “tactical reload” – which will destroy any remaining ammo when reloaded – and will have a minimal HUD. One for hardcore.

This end mode, which is likely to be post-launch, has been described by Ubisoft: “Combat mode for versatile operators. In this task, REACT has to stabilize the parasite during the abnormal stress phase. In order to pass between the subzones, the airlocks must be unblocked via a security station.”

It looks like wall-to-wall will be the answer to Horde mode: it will throw waves of increasingly terrifying Archaean attacks against three-man squads of operators, and unlocking sub-zones will be a time-consuming task, riding a growing storm, punctuated by two brief moments of respite.

It also has Baliff and Impacts which provide key rotation or are used to contradict Selma / X-Kairo, and its only real drawback is that it is one of the slowest operators.

Player toxicity and cheaters in R6 remains high

But there are a few issues that still plague Rainbow Six: Siege. Player toxicity is high at the moment, as the random players you connect with have a high chance of trolling or simply ruining the experience of other players, and this happens in any available game mode. If you aren’t doing that well in the match, you might just get killed by your teammate for your performance. You can be called insults for not sticking to a 3-on-1 situation and can find someone who simply insults you through the microphone for no reason whatsoever.

Toxicity levels can be similar or higher than other known competing titles, and sometimes the best weapon against such behavior is a trusted option to mute chat and voice. However, relying on such a feature is a problem that Ubisoft has not solved. There are self-respecting players of all skill levels, which greatly underscores the beauty of the game, but nowadays, in 2021, this is rare.

Then we have scammers who seem to be everywhere. Aimbots, wallhacks whatever you want. Ubisoft is still struggling to keep these players in check as there are waves of bans every day. Even in the low ranks, Rainbow Six’s ranked mode is still full of seasoned cheats.

For newcomers

Despite the community issues discussed above, Rainbow Six Siege is in a good place as a live FPS shooter. As a new player, it would be best to take the time and learn the basics by playing Operations (even if it is terrible) and take the time to watch the video guides and walkthroughs to get a better understanding of some aspects of the game. Sure, playing R6 will be the best way to learn, but your first hours of the game will be positive if you have a friend or two with you showing off the ropes willing to answer all your questions in the game.

There is no game similar to R6, so the game takes a lot of patience on your part and thanks to the way the game is played you either totally enjoy it or totally hate the experience. Getting started with R6 is rather cheap, as the cheapest version of the game is PHP 750, which supports the underlying operators, and after the occasional sale takes effect, Ubisoft becomes even cheaper.


Twitch’s electric drone is a tough opponent if you can enter a room undetected (which is not easy to achieve as her drones are noisy and bulky) and destroy the Black Mirrors gas canisters.

Most banned attack operators

Most frequently banned Rainbow Six Siege attack operators

# Operator Ban indicator
1 Thatcher 80%
2 Jackal 53%
3 Montagne 19%
4 Blackbeard 14%
5 No prohibition 7%
6 Maverick 6%
7 Flores 5%
8 As 5%
9 Nomad 5%
10 Hibana / Ash 1%


Thatcher has a high ban rate due to his EMP grenade: most defender gadgets work on electronics, and Rainbow Six Siege revolves around setting up defenses and destroying them.

These days the meta is very electronic and there aren’t many great alternatives to Thatcher. This can be considered a game design flaw, or maybe we just need more attack operators with a similar role.

The damage dealt by Mira Vector .45 ACP is fairly low, which is why many players choose the shotgun as their primary weapon. However, it could be a wrong move as the high rate of fire of the submachine gun is absolutely brutal.

Best Attack Operators

With low armor and high speed, Ash is a great operator for budding fraggers (Image via Ubisoft)

With low armor and high speed, Ash is a great operator for budding fraggers (Image via Ubisoft)

Ash is probably the most common and easy-to-use frag operator in the game. Due to its low armor and high speed, Ash is the staple of most players. Her rifles have undergone many changes to balance her in 2019. However, the R4C and G36C seem to fit better together now. R4C for running and shooting, G36C if you want to play with ACOG. Find your style and learn to frag with Ash.

It also has a valuable breach tool that is used to destroy soft walls, enemy gadgets, and unsecured hatches. This makes it quite good at breaking through enemy defenses or traveling around the map.

Once you feel like Ash, give Sophia a try. It has similar capabilities, but less running and firing tactics and more stunning mechanics.


Thatcher is one of the supporting attackers that must be learned. Thatcher is one of the two device destroyers in the game. Thatcher simply throws an EMP grenade that destroys enemy electronics. C4, mute jammers, Mozzie drones, you know.

A good use of Thatcher can provide crucial opportunities to break through a defender’s walls. Knowing how to put Thatcher in the right place at the right time is a skill worth learning.

For players looking to learn the support pieces, Thatcher is a must. Once you get used to Thatcher, you can try Twitch. Twitch offers similar options, but uses a special drone instead, making it easier for defenders to counterattack.


To better understand how to breach and attack targets, Thermite is a key operator for gamers (Image via Ubisoft)

To better understand how to breach and attack targets, Thermite is a key operator for gamers (Image via Ubisoft)

Original hard breaker. Thermite is your answer to any rugged structure that needs an adult-sized hole. Learning to play Thermite teaches you the basics of achieving your goals. In addition, Thermite teaches you about attacking synergy and a Thatcher or Twitch player will become your best friend for the round.

For those gamers looking to be team oriented, Thermite is a handy operator to learn. From there, you can learn to play Hibana, which specializes in breaking manholes and creating smaller holes for other purposes.


Capitao is a user-friendly game support operator. He has great weapons, especially with LMG buffs in early 2019. Capitao uses a crossbow, which has incendiary arrows, to flush defender spots or smoke grenades to help your squad plant more safely, or to make defenders be careful about pushing through the smoke.

Once you feel Capitao, you can go to Sophia for her stun and stun grenade launcher, or go to Ying for her cluster grenades.

Okay, more people are suggesting Sledge over Buck and that’s okay. Most of the time, however, Buck is really better. Buck’s skeleton shotgun wrench offers an option to destroy the floorboards above. Various attachments to his weapons also affect the dispersion of his skeleton key shotgun, allowing for advanced planning throughout the round.

Best Defense Operators

The Rook is amazing for holding angles, sitting in place and protecting the lens (Image via Ubisoft)

The Rook is amazing for holding angles, sitting in place and protecting the lens (Image via Ubisoft)

Rook is a titan of defenders. She dumps a bag of armor plates, giving anyone who selects her extra damage mitigation. In addition to Rook’s three armors, his plates make it even more durable.

The Rook is also amazing for holding angles, sitting in place and protecting your lens. If you’re more of a turtle tactic player, Rook is amazing for the role.

Once you understand how to stick to angles or watch the site, operators like Kaid, Doc and Goyo are some of your alternative options.


Jager is one of the few defenders equipped with an assault rifle. His special gadget is also a trophy system designed to destroy attackers’ throwing items, such as grenades, stuns, EMP, etc. Jager always as a target on each side of the defender.

Jager is also a great trekkers with three speeds and one armor. For those looking to be a defense-side fragger, it’ll likely become your primary.

Back in the day, when you want to play other trekkers, operators like Vigil, Pulse, and Alibi fit perfectly into their own niches.



Bandit’s speed can be a strong frager for any defense squad (Image via Ubisoft)

Like Jager, Bandit is a fast operator with a great submachine gun. He can create a strong wanderer and fragger for any defense plan. However, its main purpose is to electrify reinforced structures. This makes it difficult for Thermite and Hibana to break into websites. Being good at the bandit trick is a great feat for any defensive player.

Alternatively, the latest Kaid electrospray reinforcements make it easy to electrify multiple structures at once. If you prefer a more armored playstyle, play Kaida if you like electrifying mechanics.

Mute is the easiest choice for learning to counter attack drones. Placing a jammer at drone access points deprives the attacker of valuable information. This is important for any effective defense strategy as attackers get information about who is playing where, what devices they need to be aware of, etc.

The Mute also comes with the C4 option, making it a great operator and planter locking tool.

Once you understand well how to say no to drones, Mozzie is a great alternative. Instead of jamming the drones, Mozzie just steals them for you to use.


Maestro is arguably the easiest defender operator to use when it comes to information tools. The maestro places sinister cameras on surfaces that he can later access to shoot low-damage lasers against his opponent. This is great for contradicting breaching tools like Thermite, destroying drones, and maybe even killing an unsuspecting attacker. The Maestro is equipped with three of these devices, making it great at establishing a defensive line, with several options for tracking information.

In addition, its LMG is easy to use and deals high damage. This makes him a valuable anchor and goal holder.

Once you get used to the intelligence game, it will make Valkyrie much easier to understand. Lastly, the Echo is a good choice for advancement when not being banned in the ranking.

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