The best Rainbow Six Siege operators for ranked play in 2022. Which rainbow six operator should i play

Once you understand well how to say no to drones, Mozzie is a great alternative. Instead of jamming the drones, Mozzie just steals them for you to use.

Rainbow Six Siege: 10 Operators With The Best Weapons

Rainbow Six Siege may be a game focused on team strategy and tactics, but having the right weapons is still extremely important.

Most multiplayer games are based on frantic traffic and chaotic attacks. However, Rainbow Six: Siege asks players to play precisely. Teams need to communicate and strive for accuracy, not just spray and pray. It is a game much more tactical than most shooters and requires more attention and attention to get through the missions than most players can expect.

Below is a list of operators with the best weapons. This will tell you which characters you should choose if you want to deal the greatest damage with the best possible accuracy!

Updated August 21, 2021 by Michael Abayomi: After an extensive Rainbow Six Extraction review shown at the Ubisoft E3 2021 conference, Rainbow Six Siege fans have every reason to be excited about the next chapter in the Tom Clancy franchise. Not only will they be able to play as some of their favorite operators from the previous game, they will also take on the new alien enemy in a sci-fi inspired multiplayer tactical co-op shooter. But while waiting for the game to launch in the current release window in January 2022, they can review this list, which we’ve updated with more information on each operator.

10 Ash

  • Real name: Eliza Cohen
  • Age: 33
  • Place of birth: Jerusalem, Israel
  • Role: Immobilize, flank, frontline, soft breach

There are many pro gamers who will choose Ash even though they don’t like her special ability. Her R4-C deals a lot of damage and also has a great rate of fire. With the right accessories, it can be a truly lethal weapon.

Anyone who knows how to use it can eliminate enemies very quickly. The M45 MEUSOC is also a decent firearm. It has a large capacity, but its greater damage makes it worth reducing it. Just make sure there’s someone on the other side of the ball.

Let’s face it, Thatcher is almost always banned from ranked play, so Kali is the operator you should learn to play. It plays an almost identical role when it comes to cleaning walls, but offers a bit more versatility as it can use its projectiles to get rid of defender tools like Maestro cameras, foldout shields, and bulletproof cameras.

Best Rainbow Six Siege operators for attack


As one of the strongest operators to tackle with a hard breach, it’s hard to build an attacking team without Thatcher. “Thatcher has a fairly powerful monopoly on attacks and as a result has one of the highest competitive ban rates in almost any league,” says JessGOAT.

Thatcher has been in Rainbow Six Siege since the game’s release, and is still popping out of his head and opening bomb sites thanks to a combination of a fairly strong set and a unique gadget. While the recent nerf has taken Thatcher’s ability to smash gadgets away, and his EMP grenades simply knock them out for a while, it’s still a fantastic choice when you’re not sure which operator you want to play.

“While it only now disables gadgets instead of destroying them, it still gives attackers ample opportunities to open walls, disable intelligence gadgets, and deny area access and place attackers in place,” adds JessGOAT.

Securing a target is a key part of Rainbow Six Siege, so ensuring attackers have a clear path to entry (and the fact that certain breaches, such as the Chalet’s snowmobile garage, are impossible without one) mean Thatcher is truly a true MVP on the attack.

a soldier in a beret raises his hands in a combat stance


Zofia has a whole bunch of toys that together make her a powerful pick in any group of strikers.

“With a wide range of skills in almost every category, Zofia is one of the most popular frag / frag-flex operators in all competitive competitions around the world,” says JessGOAT a great primary and secondary weapon, in addition to its gadget: a launcher that provides destructive power along with shocks, making it a triple threat.”

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