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Impeccable graphics aside, WRC 9 is without a doubt the best entry in the series. The storied rally racer brings more content than ever to Xbox Series X, including three new rallies, 35 special stages, a completely reworked sound system – so your engines sound louder than ever – and the option to create your own custom championships.

The 20 best racing games to play in 2021

Our list of the best arcade, sim, motorsport and open-world racers.

About a decade ago, racing games seemed to be a genre on their way out – arcade racers like Blur and Split / Second weren’t selling, great studios were closing and even mainstream series like Need for Speed ​​were struggling to get the attention they once had. Outside of a Mario Kart or a Gran Turismo, it seemed the days of the big-ticket racing game, and of the genre as an exciting mass-market draw, were over.

Happily for racing fans, things now look much better. Forza Horizon made driving games cool again, indie studios have resurrected the joys of the 90s-style arcade racer, the PC simulation racing scene is more competitive than it’s ever been, and Codemasters has ridden a successful stint on the Formula One license all the way to an incredible 400.2 billion acquisition by EA, which shows just how highly racing games are valued now.

Here we present our picks of the best racing games to play right now – mostly modern, because this is a genre that tends to improve with technology, but with a classic or two that has stood the test of time thrown in. As usual, we’re focusing on games that are easy to find and play on current hardware. To break things up a bit, we’ve divided out list four sub-genres: open-world racing games that combine racing and exploration over a large map; arcade racing games which are all about immediacy and fun, and less about realism; motorsport games based on licensed real-world sports; and sim racing games which concentrate on the authenticity of the driving experience.


Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC

It started out as a spin-off from the Forza Motorsport circuit-racing series, but Forza Horizon has now become the main event: a beautiful, uplifting series of racing games for everyone set across huge, real-world-inspired maps. Horizon 5 – which also features in our lists of best Game Pass games and best Xbox Series X / S games – brings the formula to Mexico in another loving package that includes the sprawling campaign, knockabout multiplayer, moreish car collection and festival good vibes we expect from Horizon games. Horizon 5 doesn’t introduce much that’s new (beyond the excellent co-op mode, Horizon Tour) but refines everything that the previous game did, and has a much better campaign structure for sorting through the ridiculous amount of stuff to do. The visuals are absolutely spectacular, too.

Digital Foundry on why Forza Horizon 5 is a tech masterpiece.

It’s another great choice on our list for anyone looking for something fun and exhilarating. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s packed full of exotic cars to race with such as the Aston Martin V12 Vantage and a range of Lamborghini Gallardo’s.

Forza Horizon 5

The Forza Horizon series from developer Playground Games took the racing series to the open-world in 2012, and in 2021, Forza Horizon 5 became the fifth wonderful installment speeding onto consoles to resounding applause.

An Xbox exclusive, Forza Horizon 5 sees huge technical upgrades for the Xbox One and Series X consoles as well as a wealth of customization and a multitude of racing options as you drive around in the fastest car in Forza Horizon 5. Set in Mexico, the open-world mechanics, as always, show off the different terrains of the diverse country from desert, to farm lands, to volcanoes all open for racing. There are even weekly events being held to keep you gripped, including Treasure Chests to find and championships to win.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

This racing sim is from Italian developer, Kunos Simulazioni, and the title, quite literally translated to English is, Race Setup Competition… but it sounds better in Italian.

Although it came out in 2018, there have been numerous content updates as well as some DLC bringing the GT World Challenge to consoles. It’s out on Xbox One but won’t hit Xbox Series X | S until February 2022.

Forza Motorsport’s open-world offshoot, Horizon, steps away from real-world circuits and instead offers a more mainstream arcade-like street racing experience. But before you fret, this is open-world racing done right!




Developer: RageSquid
Publisher: No More Robots

While the joy of racing games is usually the idea of ​​competing against others to determine who’s the fastest, that’s not necessarily the case with Descenders. Sure, you’re always in competition, but it’s not typically with others – it’s with your environment.

A downhill mountain biking game, Descenders pits you against a series of randomly generated race course that vary in the amount of stunts, curves and overall steepness. It’s up to you to navigate your way to the finish line without crashing along the way. It’s a racing game meets roguelike, which sounds odd, but it’s worth checking out.

WRC 10

WRC 10

WRC 10

Developer: KT Racing
Publisher: BigBen Interactive

Rally games have been a key part of the racing game genre for decades, with titles like SEGA Rally offering an arcade-style, drift happy experience. Nowadays, rally games tend to lean more towards heavy simulation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have massive amounts of fun.

WRC 10 is an authentic take on the sport, which you’d expect considering the fact it’s a licensed game, but the title offers plenty of gameplay features and refinements to make it worth your while. Improvements to the overall car handling, a robust career mode and online multiplayer are just some of the reasons why you should play WRC 9. It’s even been enhanced for Xbox Series X | S.

Assetto Corsa was released on Xbox back in 2016 after numerous delays. It’s more online-competition-focused stablemate, Assetto Corsa Competizione is due to hit consoles in June of this year, so is the celebrated sim still worth looking at?

Project Cars 2 (Xbox One)

If you love an edge of your (car) seat adrenaline rush from a realistic racing game, Project Cars 2 is one of the best racing games Xbox One makes for sheer, curve-hugging excitement. Created by gamers in consultation with pro drivers and featuring stunning top-class visuals, this game is a literal thrill ride. Slightly Mad Studios has produced some of the finest car simulations by working with the auto manufacturers and motor companies for highly specialized performance characteristics with unmatchable realism in every car.

Project Cars 2 includes over 180 licensed cars from iconic brands from Bentley Speed ​​8 and Jaguar XJR-9 to Formula X. You will enjoy 46 unique tracks with 121 layouts. The new time and weather system on the large track roster adds further realism for one of the best simulation experiences available in a racing game. LiveTrack 3.0 recreates authentic, atmospheric weather conditions for each season as well as for time of day. Enjoy racing in any weather condition, day or night, for heart-pounding fun. Handling in Project Cars 2 is sensitive and the road surface transitions realistically affect the performance grip of each vehicle.

The precision physics and challenging AI, as well as the inclusion of all motorsport classes as well as off-road fun, make Project Cars 2 one of the best racing games Xbox One has produced for serious race fans. You can test your skills against friends online and investigate competitive esports.

Project Cars 2 envelops the full spectrum of motorsports that any gamer will appreciate. It’s a must-have for any race fan’s collection.

  • Includes over 180 iconic cars competing with adrenaline-rushing speed
  • Enjoy endurance prototypes, GT, touring cars, and more
  • Large track roster with 140 layouts and 60 locations
  • LiveTrack 3.0 system for more realism in every track
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Genre: Racing Simulation
  • Mode: Single-player / Multiplayer
  • Platforms: Xbox One
  • Rating: Pegi 3-Everyone
  • Created by gamers in combination with pro drivers
  • Stunning visual effects for an intensely realistic experience
  • Compete with friends online
  • Fantastic engine sounds
  • More simulation-like than game-like with no rewinds
  • Setting up cars for high performance can be time-consuming

The Crew 2

One of the best racing games Xbox One has created for a diverse vehicle experience and large open-world exploration is The Crew 2. In this game, players enjoy the exhilaration of driving some seriously iconic car models with intensely realistic simulation in street and pro racers , off-road experiences, and freestylers.

In Crew 2, players step into the world of a racer striving to become a champion in the multiple disciplines of racing, including cars, motorcycles, planes, and powerboats. With the “Fast-Fav” system, players can Instantly switch between vehicle types in serious thrill rides across land, sea, and sky with stunningly realistic graphics. Enjoy jumping off a bridge on a motorcycle and landing in the water on a powerful speedboat to ride the waves at high speed. The captivating graphics are realistic down to the smallest water-splatter droplets on your windshield for a seriously immersive racing experience.

Four different hub worlds each have unique themes, including street races, pro-style races, off-road, and freestyle racing. Enjoy the freedom of exploring America’s iconic cities, parks, bridges, and waterways with nearly any vehicle type you desire. With greatly improved graphics for lushly realistic simulations, your racing and exploration is always a joy ride across any road terrain, skyline, or waterway.

Crew 2 is played online only, even in single-player mode. Multiplayer mode offers even more fun. This is one of the best racing games Xbox one makes with challenging competitions, including fun races such as the “king of the Road” race.

  • Race icon model cars, boats, motorcylces, and planes
  • Enjoy open world landscapes
  • Different gameplay for each vehicle-type
  • No menus or screen loading
  • Become a champion in multiple racing disciplines
  • Enjoy a cooperative multiplayer mode with boss events and more
  • Enjoy exploring the open world environment of the continental USA in your vehicle of choice
  • Online play only means internet required even for single-player
  • Airplane races are beat the clock only

For those who prefer their racing with a little bit more realism, F1 2021 is the perfect game for you. As you would expect, F1 2021 contains everything from the Formula 1 season, including the drivers, teams and race tracks.


Rally car racing to the finish in WRC 9.

Optimized for Xbox Series X, rally racing fans have the option to enable a “High Visual Quality” mode – further enhancing the game’s 4K graphics at the expense of a few frames. Or, if you like your racing games to buttery smooth, you can turn on the 120Hz mode for a true next-generation experience.

Impeccable graphics aside, WRC 9 is without a doubt the best entry in the series. The storied rally racer brings more content than ever to Xbox Series X, including three new rallies, 35 special stages, a completely reworked sound system – so your engines sound louder than ever – and the option to create your own custom championships.


Wreckfest cars colliding.

Sometimes the best part of a racing game is pulling off impossible stunts – or crashing spectacularly in the process. If you’re the kind of player who likes speed and explosions more than drifting and drafting, consider giving Wreckfest a test drive.

Recently upgraded for Xbox Series X, Wreckfest is less of a racing game and more of a demolition derby. You’ll be customizing a variety of cars with bumpers, body armor, and other impact-absorbing mods before jumping into a match. There are practically no rules during Wreckfest tournaments – so do whatever it takes to make it across the finish line intact.

Instead of vying for a spot on the leaderboard, you and your team will be chasing a ball around a small arena. Your objective? Knock it into the opponent’s goal while defending your own. It requires just as much driving skill as your standard racing game, but also throws in the need for teamwork, goaltending, and aerial acrobatics to up the ante.

Dirt Rally 2.0

If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool rally-nut; you may find the mainstream Dirt series a little watered down for you. Dirt Rally 2.0 offers a far more white-knuckled and unforgiving experience aimed at more proficient (or ambitious) rally simulator players. There’s no in-game training school like Dirt 4; you’re thrown straight in the deep end here. And you’ll likely be crashing big when you first start, but with a steeper learning curve comes greater satisfaction.

Dirt Rally 2 Jpg

The career mode isn’t as extensive or fleshed out, but the driving mechanics are significantly more detailed and realistic, nuanced down to how well you weight up nose the car on corner entry. If you’re serious about going fast off road, this is your game.

F1 2019

F1 2019 arrived ten years after Codemasters formally acquired the F1 license and launched its first foray into Formula 1 with F1 2009. There have been highs and lows, but the current installment of F1 2019 is undoubtedly its most polished and best yet.

F 1 2019 281 29 Jpg

The big news was the inclusion of F2 for this game, which can either be played in isolation, or as a tie in to the mammoth ten-season career mode. It’s the most accurate representation of the F1 circus, and the racing is equally as intense. It’s also currently the simulator-of-choice for the official F1 Virtual Grand Prix which, given the current state of the global Coronavirus pandemic, has essentially replaced the actual F1 Grand Prix season.

In this edition, it’s a 50th anniversary and with that celebration comes a whole fleet of legendary cars spanning its history. With a generous career mode and a range of solo and multiplayer options, there’s a lot to get excited about.

Dirt 5

Dirt 5

Not to be confused with the fabulously realistic and also fabulously difficult Dirt Rally 2.0, which is also well worth a look, Dirt 5 was the first racing game specifically built for this latest generation of consoles. The reason it lives here on this Xbox list specifically is that even if you plumped for the more affordable Xbox Series S console over the top end Series X, you can still benefit from Dirt 5’s ability to deliver 120 graphical frames every second, for ultra- fluid and super responsive racing if you’ve got an appropriate TV or monitor.

You’ll need every last picosecond of reaction time as well as you scramble through spectacular blizzards and dramatic sandstorms on what appears to be a whistle-stop tour of the climate apocalypse. Still, if the world is going to end, you might as well experience it from the seat of a Group B rally car.

Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2

Bit of a strange one, this. When Project CARS 2 launched on Xbox One, the action was choppier than an expert sushi chef. With their beefier processors, though, the new Series X and Series S consoles transform the game, offering butter smooth framerates and crisp resolution that genuinely make it feel like a brand new game.

Now that it’s fixed, we slightly prefer this to the more polished but ultimately slightly confused sequel Project CARS 3. And the best part is, this being a game from 2017, you might already own a copy. If you didn’t trade it in at the local game shop to buy your new Xbox.

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