The Crow

The Crow The Crow is an independent lightbringer and marketer of the hunting season. Contents The location of The Crow can be found at two different locations: Wares Crow accepts

The Crow accepts tokens, upgrades the bait, and sells its mods only in Tangled Shore.

The Crow has a reputation bar that can be filled by bringing him scouting data. Reputation Boosts reward Hunting Robe Engrams and allow you to purchase more Crypto Lure upgrades. The player must reach reputation rank 10 to unlock all upgrades.

It sells five random bait mutation mods, their price ranges from Przebłysk1.png8000 to Przebłysk1.png8000 to 10,000. These mods are consumable and players may not have more than 5 at a time. Crow also sells a bait mutation detector too Przebłysk1.png500, it can be consumed for a 24-hour bonus that allows players to receive bait mutation mods as an additional reward for completing an activity.

The Forsaken made us hate Uldren, but Beyond Light makes it difficult to hate his incarnation.

I Hate Bungie For Making Me Love The Crow In Destiny 2: Season Of The Chosen

Bungie made us despise Uldren Sov in the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion, but Beyond Light and Season of the Chosen make it really difficult to hate his reincarnation as the Raven. As a huge fan of Cayde-6 who shed real tears during his murder, I’m in this conflicted place where I love my time in Destiny 2, but I hate that Bungie made me feel something other than contempt for the character, although he is not Uldren anymore.

Before we dive into the confusing world of emotions that is Destiny 2, let’s dive into the story a bit for those who might be a bit behind.

The road so far

Uldren Sov was one of the first Awakened and was an incredibly loyal brother to the Queen of Reef, Mary Sov. He served as the Lord of the Raven, master of Rafa’s spies, and was an urgent force against all threats that posed a threat to his queen and his people. Aside from his difficult relationship with his sister, Uldren’s dislike of the Rangers grew into an unstable hatred after Mary’s apparent death.

He had spent years trying to find her, convinced he might still be alive. Instead, he was cruelly manipulated by Riven with the face of his dead sister to create Contempt. In a bid to reopen the Dreaming City, he murdered Cayde-6, then was murdered by Petra and the Young Wolf. But it wasn’t over.

The Wandering Spirit stumbled upon the corpse and revived it as the Lightbringer. Without his memories as Uldren, including previous incarnation actions against Cayde, he quickly learned that his face was not welcome and adopted new clothes to hide who he is with the help of Spider in the Tangled Shore. The spider, the manipulator that he is, mocked him and called him the Crow, and gave him captivity to pay off a debt of salvation. The Lone Wolf helped him pay off this debt, and he himself became a Ranger. The story so far suggests that his disclosure to Zavala and Ikora may be inevitable. He can only hide his face for so long.

The moment everything changed

When I first played the Forsaken expansion, I felt that this was the change players were waiting for to mark a turning point for Bungie in the post-activation world. For me, this story brought a breath of fresh air to the online game, as did the Taken King expansion pack in the first game. I remember Cayde-6 lying on the floor knowing he had been defeated. Bungie was very clear he was going to die in the pre-release trailers, but I was still hoping and praying that he would somehow survive or come back. I received a lot of tears and an overly emotional ending to this particular story. With each expansion and season after season, I was hoping to see it again. We have Uldren instead. But it’s not really Uldren, is it?

How is The Crow not Uldren?

Although Uldren’s body was resurrected by a Ghost named Pulled Pork who is damn cute – and then renamed Glint – it’s important to remember that Crow is no longer Uldren. Uldren died. Following his resurrection and evolution into a Guardian, all his memories were completely erased, effectively changing everything that made Uldren himself. His personality shaped by his relationship with Mara? He’s gone. His philosophies on Light? He’s gone. His prejudices, his fears, his hopes, his goals, his leadership over Contempt? All for nothing. This can become philosophical very quickly, but we are more than just our bodies. He ceased to be Uldren the moment the Spirit wiped out everything that made him a person. What he becomes is still in the air, but what he is now is nothing but heartbreaking.

This split between the two characters as part of the same body makes this bow so incredibly interesting. We got used to seeing Uldren in the role of the villain, a role he played so well, only to be taken from him to have a chance at something new; redemption. Despite being the same voice, same body, same manners, Uldren and The Crow are not the same person, and that’s what makes this whole theme arc so powerful and expertly crafted.

I’m not crying, you’re crying

There is one moment during a quest for him where you find alternative sleeping places for Raven and it becomes a silent conversation between him and the player. The room is modest with a cheap sleeping bag as a bed and small souvenirs to call your own. This is where Raven states that he needed this place away from Spider, and it’s not much, but it’s his. It’s also another occasion where he admits he needs to stay hidden from the public as everyone he meets despises him for Uldren’s actions. It really shakes my heart, and I didn’t expect to feel so deeply sorry for him when I hated Uldren for everything I had.

I don’t know if I’m just too sensitive, but I remember those moments in high school or at social events where some people already found themselves hating me without knowing me. Whether it’s because of rumors or just good clique, it doesn’t really matter, I just remember the feeling of emptiness and deep-seated sadness that my entire character as a person was wiped out due to misunderstandings. It hurt, and I didn’t even murder anyone like Uldren. Displaying my own problems on video game characters is nothing new to me; I love delving into a story where this becomes my reality for a few hours, so seeing this screening from The Crow was no surprise to me. But his voice actor (Brandon O’Neil) did a phenomenal job of showing a silent acceptance of his new reality, acceptance of past actions he doesn’t even remember, and acceptance regarding the future.

Uldren’s story was interesting in its own right, with his descent into world-changing rage and sorrow, but his stepping into a person free from expectations, free from family ties, free from a life steeped in lies and deceit is just as alluring. While I knew I’d be interested in how Bungie would change this character in the eyes of so many who loved Cayde, both in and out of the game, I didn’t expect a creeping love to develop regarding who may be. I have to convey this to Bungie; Killing Cayde was a risky move that many at the time were billed as the “final nail in the coffin” in the sequel. Seeing this opinion and doing it anyway, Bungie staked a gamble that paid off tenfold. I can’t wait to see what else they do and how The Crow evolves, even if that means Papa Zavala is going to be incredibly angry.

Uldren Sov, born Uldwyn Sov as a human, was one of the first Awakened and is the loyal brother of Reef Queen Mara Sov. As Prince of Reef, he served as Lord of the Raven, official spy for Reef, and monitored all threats to his people. Being a loyal adviser to his sister,…

The Crow’s Biography


Uldren was eventually buried in the Dreaming City on a sheet-covered dais as per Awakened custom, where he remained for a short time. Shortly after his death, a Spirit named Pulled Pork found him and resurrected him as a Lightbearer. Uldren sat up in shock as the Light brought him back to life, though he didn’t know who or where he was.

A little less than a year after he woke up, sometime during Dawn, Uldren was seen in a Pulled Pork shipping container. He has yet to go to the City, and he spends his days alone except for his Spirit. All the Rangers he had ever met had shown a range of negative reactions to him, ranging from regret to outright hostility. [23]

Caught in the Spider’s Web

Due to the naivety of Raven, he eventually began to force work for Pajak, promising the crowds safety from the outside world. However, soon Crow will be forced to work for Spider as Glint is lined with explosives that can be detonated at any time should Spider feel he is going rebellious. From there, the Crow was used for permanent, servant tasks that Spider would normally pay his associates for. Crow was initially unaware of Spider’s exploits, however, the longer he watched his associates, the House of Fallen Twilight, and even the other Guardians, he began to doubt whether or not Spider wanted to “help” Crow and Flash, ultimately wanting to escape the Spider, but could not due to the explosive shell Glinta.

The High Celebrant Rises

After Season of the Hunt begins, Crow is tasked with being a Wrathborn investigator, using technology in Spider’s hideout to make a jury-bait to give to the Guardians in order to lure and hunt down Wrathborn’s leaders. While the hunt continues, Crow manages to fortify the bait in such a way as to hunt down the rageborn leader, high celebrant Xivu Arath. He then provides the Guardian with a special bait to kill the celebrant.

Once the hunt begins, the Crow goes to the Dreaming City’s Ascension Plan to surround the celebrant and force him to return to the Dreaming City so that the Ranger can continue the hunt. While hunting, Crow is trapped in the Ascension Plan and mutilated, forcing the Warden to enter and finish the celebrant himself. While the Ranger tries to keep the pressure on the celebrant, Crow recovers and finds a way to forge the celebrant’s portals, forcing them to stay on the Ascension Plan and stun them, enabling his partner to end the celebrant’s campaign and her life for good.

Dreams of Light

As the hunt continued, Crow began to experience strange vivid dreams and confessed to Glint. Soon, the Ranger found some para-racial feathers in places crow dreamed of, and discovered a golden hawk that led them to a previously unknown fragment of the Traveler in the Sacred Grove. They repelled the Captured forces of Savathûn, Queen of the Witch, and the Traveler presented them with a Forged Hawkmoon Hand Cannon. They were celebrating their victory over the fire, and Savathun was clearly watching them. [24]

The Hawk summoned them to the shard a few more times, and on one such incident, the Ranger stopped at the Crow’s nest in the EDZ and discovered that his old ship had been replaced with a new one. The Traveler would also give the Ranger a ship: the Radiant Accipiter, paracusal in nature, much to Amanda Holliday’s bewilderment.

Slaying the High Celebrant

After weeks of hunting the Ghostborn and collecting pieces of the High Celebrant Trail, Crow informed the Young Wolf that he had tracked their prey in the Dreaming City. Providing the final upgrade needed to attract the attention of a high-ranking celebrity with its bait, Crow smiled and found that they were, as Spider liked to say, in business and ready to go hunting. [25] Traveling to the Dreaming City with the Young Wolf while Osiris provided observation, Crow found the High Celebrant and followed him through a portal into the Ascendant realm while Young Wolf took the baited position in front of the cryptolite. Crow noted that he had been studying how the celebrant moved between the planes and learning his tricks. Once the bait was placed, the Crow attacked the High Celebrant and injured him so much that he was bleeding energy to make it easier to track him as he travels between the worlds. After Young Wolf forced him back into the realm of Ascension, their Spirit reported that he had left some energy behind. Crow explained that they could use this to open the gate and continue to chase after it. He remained in the kingdom of the Ascendant while they chased the High Celebrant back to the Dreaming City, stating that as long as they were in the same place in both realities, the High Celebrant would have nowhere to hide. He then drove some Fallenborn to the Dreaming City so that the Young Wolf could kill them and use the recovered Light energy to hurt the High Celebrant. [26]

However, the High Celebrant soon realized what they were doing and healed himself, not releasing any more energy for them to follow. He escaped back to the Ascendant realm and sealed the way back, and without the energy he had left behind Crow and Flash, they had no way of returning. As the situation turned, Crow was pursued by the Supreme Celebrant by the kingdom of the Ascendant. He caught up with him and, after a short fight, broke both his legs and threw him into the abyss. He sent a message to Young Wolf, asking them not to blame themselves if something went wrong and thanking them for giving him their choice of help and feeling that he was doing something good while he was trapped in the Spider’s employment. Young Wolf and their Spirit managed to recreate the portal to the kingdom of Ascension and send them a message, although Crow said he could handle the situation. Glint disagreed and revealed his injuries, although he healed Crow quickly. The Crow insisted that he was fine and had a plan to direct the Young Wolf to the High Celebrant’s whereabouts. [26]

Returning to where Young Wolf entered, Crow asked them to take care of him while he returns to the Dreaming City. Ghost wondered if he was leaving, but Crow noted that the High Celebrant had to die in the Ascendant’s realm to really be defeated, and believed Young Wolf had the best chance for that to happen. Waiting for the moment to conclude that the High Celebrant would appear when he returned to reality, Crow used what he had learned about traveling between worlds to close the portal for the Hive warrior, sending him back to the Ascendant realm and vulnerable to being finished. Osiris was amazed when the Crow explained what he had done and asked the Young Wolf to retrieve the High Celebrant’s head, to provide the Spider with proof that their mission was successful, and to tell them that it was an honor to work with them. [26]

The Bird Flies Free

Returning to Pajak’s lair, Wrona and Young Wolf reported their success to the crime boss. Spider told Young Wolf to name his reward, promised anything in his lair, and Crow was stunned when Young Wolf called his freedom as their reward. Spider flinched as his guards prepared to fight, but Young Wolf reminded them of their agreement as Crow nervously watched. Trapped in his own words, Spider agreed and ordered Crow to fly away before demanding to leave his lair. As they left the building, Crow and Glint wondered what they would do now and that their freedom didn’t seem real. Addressing the Young Wolf, Crow asked why they did this for them and their friend told them it was because Crow was a Keeper. [27]

The Crow returned to the lair for the Spider to remove the explosives from the Glint and chose to stay nearby on his own volition to finish off the remaining Wrathborns. When Young Wolf visited him, Crow noted wearily that he was suspicious of the Spider who kept his part of the bargain, and noted that he had never done anything unless he got something out of it. He informed them of his plans to stay for a few weeks to end his business, and then he would find a way to enjoy his freedom. [28] A few weeks later, Raven was visited by Osiris and asked about his plans. Crow stated that he planned to explore remote places in the Sol System, including Venus, but the former Sorcerer made him another offer: to come to the Last City and join his fellow Guardians in the Tower. Agreeing to the plan, Crow began packing his things and getting ready to leave the Shore. Before his departure, the Young Wolf visited him for the last time in the lair. He explained his plans to them and expressed his nervousness about leaving the Shore and going to the Tower. However, Crow decided that while he could be judged for who was in his previous life, he would not be afraid and would act like a Guardian. [29]

Traveling to the European Dead Zone on Earth to meet Osiris, Crow wondered what life in the Last City would be like. He wished he had the bottle of alcohol Druis had once offered him because he had never been drunk. Glint suggested that he could drink as much as he wanted in the City, but then suggested caution after quickly checking the details of what happens while drinking. Crow told Glint that he was suggesting caution in everything, but got upset when he thought of all the people in the City who might recognize him for crimes he didn’t even remember. Glint assured him that he could do whatever he wanted as long as he was disguised. Crow expressed a desire to eat food that didn’t taste like ether and gun oil, and was surprised when Osiris arrived and suggested a Long-Boy Special in the Drunken Noodle. Noting that he had seen the images of noodles and reminded him of worms, Crow listened as Osiris suggested to him that they should get him clothes before leaving for the City. Glancing at its hood decorated with the Spider symbol, Crow agreed and followed Osiris back to her ship, where a change of clothes was waiting for him. As they boarded the deck, Osiris stopped and warned that the day would come when the Crow’s face would be seen and the City would know who he was, but he assured him that one exile to another that he could trust Osiris when that happened. Pleased with Osiris’ support, Crow felt he might find acceptance after all. [thirty]

Clash of the Chosen

Gathering Intelligence

Upon arriving in The Last City, Crow was given new armor, which Osiris had paid for, although Glint chose the material from which it was made. He also began wearing a mask to hide his face for his own safety. He was asked by Osiris to join the task force set up by Commander Zavala as a reconnaissance expert. The task force was to prevent Empress Caiatl of the Cabal from reunifying the Cabal Empire with the remnants of the Red Legion. Crow agreed to join and took up residence in HELM, from where the task force carried out its activities. [31]

By contacting his assets in the Tangled Shore, Crow learned that most of the remaining Red Legion commanders were brutes and warlords looking for ways to impress Caiatl. Crow met Osiris and the Young Wolf to discuss the situation. While Osiris had warned him to wear his mask at all times, Crow reassured him that this would not be a problem and that if this was the price he had to pay to change humanity, then it was fine. Osiris assured him that he once had to walk in disguise in the Last City and that the Raven would be greeted as it would one day. Bringing their attention to the Cabal, Crow commented that Saladin would hold the front line as they identify and eliminate important targets. Passing on what they had learned on the Coast, they devised a plan to eliminate all contenders for the Caiatl War Council and prevent the Cabal from reorganizing into war. Having a plan, Osiris dismissed them, but before leaving, Raven told Young Wolf that they would be working together again in the field and that he got the impression that they liked having him around. [31] Crow began his role in the operation by spying on Operation Cabal Europe led by Basilius Golem, learning that he planned to collect Golden Age technology to bolster the Cabal troops as a sacrifice to Caiatl. Crow reported his findings to Saladin, who made Basilius the first target of the task force. [32]

Wrona decided to visit one of Pajak’s bookmakers at Kosmodrom to gather more information about Kabbalah’s activities. As they approached, Glint worried it might be a trap, but Crow assured him that if Spider wanted him back, he would have made his move by now, and the outpost had no idea it was coming. Several snipers suddenly attacked him, and Crow quickly shouted the password. The snipers stopped as Avrok opened a nearby hidden door. On entering, Crow noticed that an accomplice had been promoted and asked what the chances of Caiatl’s winning were. The warehouse was dark and Raven’s eyes had trouble adjusting to what was stored in it. Avrok growled that this information cost money, causing Crow to produce a flicker beam that partially illuminated the room and allowed him to see the numerous weapons, vehicles, and Cabal technologies used as security by the better. Commenting on the objects, Raven’s attention was drawn to one Sparrow, which Avrok noted that it belonged to Val Ma’rag, who had bet he would become the first member of the War Council. With this new information, Crow turned to Avrok and set his Sparrow on a counterattack, claiming Ma’rag might have him if he joined the Council, but suggested to Avrok that the Guardians would disrupt the Rite of Val’s Trial. Avrok was pleased with the bet and doing more business with Crow by going for the betting book. Glint was concerned about the loss of Sparrow and noted that Crow hated to walk, but Crow just shrugged and found that Crow liked winning more. [33]

As operations against the Cabal continued, Crow befriended Amanda Holliday, a boatbuilder providing air support to the task force. After one operation on Nessus, Crow wondered why the Kabbalah had deployed the tank to Nessus, and why Amanda insisted that all they knew was brute force. He asked where she learned the Cabal’s tactics and learned from her that she had fought on the fronts of the Red War and witnessed the Cabal murdering defenseless civilians and Guardians without Light. Crow was surprised to have little knowledge of this conflict and did not understand why the Cabal was still fighting, even after losing its leader Dominus Ghaul to the Adventurer. [34]

The Psion Conspiracy

The Crow then traveled to Nessus and learned that Psion Ixel, Far Reach, was leading a group of Cabal to incurs into Vex territory, searching for their prediction engines to offer Caiatl knowledge of the future. [35] Although Ixel was killed, three other Psions escaped with data stolen from the Vex Prediction Engine. Crow was dispatched to monitor the Cabal’s response to their attacks and noted that while they were angry with the Guardians disrupting the Ritual of Trial, many others were upset that Caiatl tried to recruit humanity into the Cabal at first. Returning to HELM to meet Osiris and the Young Wolf, Crow announced his findings. While Osiris saw this as a prospect to exploit, Crow expressed concern about retaliation by the Kabbalah using data stolen from the Vex, which they determined was about the future of Commander Zavala. Osiris noted that this was only a possibility, not a fact they had found, and assigned Raven to work with Young Wolf to stop what the Psions were up to. The crow protested, not informing Zavala of what they found, but Osiris expressed the hope that both of them would make sure there was nothing to report. Addressing the Young Wolf, Crow stated that he would take this as a compliment to their abilities and departed to begin his new mission. [36]

As Crow began to investigate the Psion tracks behind the lines of Imperial Kabbalah, Saladin ordered Young Wolf to disrupt more Trial Rituals to distract from Operation Crow. [37] With the help of the task force, Crow was able to sift through the information he collected and the data recovered by the Young Wolf, and he realized that all the futures the Psions were looking at were related to Zavala’s death. Believing that the Psioni intended to murder Zavala on behalf of Caiatl so that the Empress could force the Guardians into her service, Crow summoned the Young Wolf back to HELM and shared his fears with his friend. Noting that Glint needed more data to determine exactly when a kill would occur, Crow asked that they collect their own data from the Vex systems. [38] Young Wolf pursued several leads gathered from Vex data and retrieved a mysterious device from the Cabal encampment on Earth. The Crow met them once more and informed them that the device would interfere with the Light of the Spirit it was attached to and expose their Guardian to their final death, an improvement to the cage used by the Red Legion on the Wanderers. He noted that the device was an elegant way to defeat the Guardians without a fleet or army, but with one killer. Crow relayed the information to Osiris and promised to keep an eye on Zavala to keep him safe. He was glad to be right, but quickly remembered that several Guardians had been reported missing in the past few days, one of them found dead without Spirit or Light, and apparently killed with human weapons. This made him suspect that these Psions were experienced and had been planning it for some time. [39]

For the next week, Crow and Glint discreetly watched Zavala. During the day, he covered it from behind with a sniper rifle, while at night, they crept into the Tower and served as secret bodyguards due to more limited visibility. When they watched the Commander one day, Glint suggested that he should get a new mystery shell from Tess Everis as they were undercover, but Crow noted they were on a reconnaissance mission and only Crow had to hide his identity as no one knew who Glint was. His Spirit protested that he knew everyone and that he had existed for hundreds of years. The Crow teased him that they know him as the “Pork Punk” and are unaware that he has a new Guardian. As Glint complained, Crow adjusted his position deeper in the shadows so that Zavala wouldn’t notice any reflection in his binoculars, shielding himself with his cloak. Admiring the robe, he felt guilty about being wiry from the generosity shown to him, and told Glint that they would provide him with a shell of disguise after the mission. Glint was delighted while Crow joked that it would only be a rare or legendary shell and that he would have to find another Guardian if he wanted an exotic one. Glint refuted this view and told him he was the best despite what Saladin had said, causing the Crow to snort and note that he hoped the Iron Lord would soon understand that they were all on the same side and treat him like a real one. Guardian. [40]

One night, while he was watching over Zavala in the first garden of Last City, Crow took off his mask for a moment to relax. However, he saw Psion approaching the scattered commander and shouted a warning, allowing Zavala to turn around and kill the assassin before they could strike, and allowing Crow to leave quickly. [41] Crow met with Osiris and the Young Wolf at HELM to discuss a foiled coup, where he learned that Zavala saw enough of him to identify his face, but portrayed it as a hallucination. Both argued about Raven’s behavior, and he insisted on Osiris that the situation was far more deadly than the Sorcerer realized and that he must risk his cover as Zavala is distracted and his Spectral Shield is outside and defenseless as the Psioni approached . Osiris criticized him for being exposed when he did so and asked if Spider hadn’t taught him that small mistakes could have serious consequences. The crow angrily snapped back that he suspected Osiris had learned of the pursuit of Xivu Arath. After a moment of silence, Osiris warned him to choose his next words wisely. Calming down, Crow admitted that he should have put on the mask, but he didn’t regret acting and continued to believe that Zavala was in danger. Osiris agreed and ordered Crow to become Zavala’s new bodyguard, noting that detailed protection would be too obvious and they would have to bring in the killers, but warned him never to speak up and always wear a mask. Crow assured him that he would complete the task with the utmost discretion. [42]

Before leaving, Raven spoke to the Young Wolf and explained what had happened, wishing he had lost his vigilance to feel safe for a while. He knew that whatever choice he made at that point, whether to let Zavala die or to come out, would spark criticism from someone, but he would not regret his choice. Reflecting on how he was sure Young Wolf lost people in similar situations where they were too far away to act but close enough to wonder, Crow made a bet that they would give their best to stop it, no matter what the cost . Recalling his own experiences of being at the mercy of other Light Bearers, attacking without knowing why or how to stop it, Crow stated that he was not going to cause more pain. He swore that the next time the killer came for Zavala, they would have to pass through him, with or without a mask, before quickly asking them not to tell Osiris that he had said this last part. [43]

A Growing Friendship

After another operation on Nessus, Crow noticed that Amanda was tense and more aggressive towards Kabbalah than usual due to her failed assassination attempt on Zavala. He tried to reassure her that he understood how she was feeling, but noticed that the Commander had survived. Amanda replied that Zavala was all that held the City and the Vanguard together and that if Kabbalah had killed him, they would have been doomed. Surprised by the passion and pain in her voice, Crow asked how close the two were, and Amanda explained that Zavala and Ikora were like family to her, just as Cayde-6, the late Hunter Vanguard, was for her. Crow remembered stories he had heard about Cayde and wished he could meet him, which made Amanda say that at least his killer got what lay ahead. Expressing sympathy for her loss, Crow was surprised to ask him to have a drink together when they returned to the City. He told her he always wanted to do this, surprising her and causing Amanda to warn him to get ready to party. [34]

After they returned to the Tower from another mission, Crow asked about the song Amanda sang when she landed on their ship, which she explained was from her father during their journey. As they left the ship, Crow noticed Osiris was having an intense conversation with the Exotic Titan and quickly pulled Amanda by the landing stick. [44] They both grimaced as Osiris shouted at Exo never to mention “her” again. Seeking Amanda’s explanation of what they had witnessed, she promised to tell him later, but went to console the Titan. The Raven followed him anxiously, as meeting new people still annoyed him, even in the mask. Amanda introduced him to Saint-14 and told Crow that he was leading the Trials of Osiris, surprising the Hunter because he didn’t think a vigorous Titan matched what he had heard about the Trials. As they talked, Crow wondered what a grim figure like Osiris might have to do with someone like Saint. Saint went off to meet Ikora, leaving Crow with barely enough time to say goodbye, much to Amanda’s amusement. He asked if she could explain now, but she would only do it in front of the drink line, insisting Crow buy it this time. [45]

Zavala’s Guardian

Crow accompanied Zavala to seal the truce between the Vanguard and the Cabal Empire on Nessus after Young Wolf led a strike team that defeated Caiatl’s chosen champion Ignovun in the final Selection Rite. As the ceremony progressed, the participants were surprised to find Zavala’s Spirit Market suddenly trapped in a Light-draining cage. As Zavala fell, confused and lightless, the psionic assistant Valir ordered the commander of the ceremonial blade used to ritualically seal the truce. Raven moved to stop Psion, but failed to stab him, only intercepted the first blow and fell to the ground, wounded and without a mask. However, Caiatl intervened personally and killed Valir before sending one of her bodyguards to find the sniper who had trapped Targe. The crow reached out to Targe and ripped the cage from him, restoring the Light of Zavala. The commander asked if he was okay, and Crow said he was alive, but reluctantly turned to Zavala without the mask. Although Zavala was shocked to see his face, Crow was equally surprised when he reached out and offered him the hand that Crow happily took. [46]

Returning to The Last City, Crow and Zavala discussed his situation, and the Vanguard decided to keep his identity a closely guarded secret that would spread slowly while the Crow continued to hide. However, Raven’s actions made him a hero of the Tower as well, and offered him an official institution as a ranger and recon agent for the Vanguard. As part of his first assignment from Zavala, Crow was asked to track down the other Psion conspirators behind the treaty incident. Now without a mask, Crow met Young Wolf at HELM and informed them of the good news. He believed Caiatl’s word that she wasn’t the one behind the assassination attempts, but she wasn’t willing to risk any more happening. Reflecting on his interaction with Zavala, Crow noted that the Commander saw him and not who he was before. Noting that while the discussion of who they had been before was taboo, Crow now felt that the weight he had been wearing around his neck since his rebirth was finally lighter. Saying goodbye to his friend for now, Crow was sure they would see each other again soon. [47]

House of Light

After the truce with Cabal, the Last City was plagued by Endless Night. The Vanguard would conclude that the Vex were responsible and were looking for the only person who had the ability to break into the Vex realm: Mithrax of the House of Light. The Rangers would be able to locate Mithrax and his fleeing House of Light on Europe, and could enlist his help. Furthermore, Ikora Rey offers Mithrax and his men a safe haven within the walls of the Last City, which he gratefully accepts. However, the decision is still not good for the consensus factions, leading to increased tensions in the Last City.

Upon learning of the sanctuary’s potion being awarded in the Last City, Crow expected to be given the task of observing the potions, but was instead placed on a bench, which led him to confront the Vanguard for clarification. Zavala and Ikora understood his knowledge of the eliksnia, but with the Consensus opposed to keeping the House of Light safe in the Last City, and if they discovered his true identity, the situation would become even more tense. Outraged that he was still tried in a public court for a crime he had no real knowledge of, Crow accused Avant-garde of playing politics despite their claims to be to protect him. Regardless, Crow leaves in search of Osiris, to whom Zavala believed he would tell Crow the same.

Despite his orders, Crow continued to observe the House of Light potions, but one night when the Ranger visited the Potions Quarters, Raven contacted them, recalling his time in the Potion on the Tangled Shore.

Reunion in The Reef

After Endless Night was abolished and Lakshmi-2’s unsuccessful plot to overthrow the Vanguard and banish the House of Light, rumors circulate around the Tower about Osiris’s alleged role in the plot. Seeking answers, the Vanguard sends the Ranger to hunt Osiris to bring him back to the Last City and make him answer for his actions. The trail takes them to the Dreaming City on the Reef. Wishing the same, Crow joins the hunt for his mentor along with Saint-14 as he traverses the Ascension Plan plaguing the Dreaming City in order to swiftly break through his opponents. Crow finds Osiris talking to Mara Sov. Although he admits that the Dreaming City seems familiar to him, he does not remember the Awakened Queen. The Warden and Saint-14 soon catch up with them and ask Osiris to return to the Last City and explain himself. Instead, Osiris mocks them and retreats into the darkness, transforming into a dark being that terrifies the three Lightbringer, but Mara Sov quickly encapsulates the creature in a purple crystal. The creature soon reveals its identity as Savathûn, the Witch Queen of the Hive herself. Like Saint-14, he demands the whereabouts of Osiris, but the Hive goddess mocks that Crow has been Osiris since he knew him, essentially being the one who mentored him. Though shocked by this truth, Crow agrees with the plan to help Mara Sov make her deal with Savathûn; In exchange for carving out the Witch Queen’s worm, Savathûn will free Osiris.

To help fulfill this agreement, Crow works with the Keeper, Mara Sov, Petra Venj, and Saint-14 to take control of the Ley Lines in the Dreaming City, stabilizing them, thereby stabilizing the Ascension Dimension and saving the Techeuns as Mara requires their power to cut down the Savathûn worm. The Crow mostly helps coordinate the Ranger’s efforts alongside Petra, but he is curious about the Dreaming City, something Mara Sov hopes to teach him about the Awakened story. Later, Crow becomes suspicious of what Savathûn is planning, because now knowing that she was his mentor and assigned him missions, Crow talks to Ikora about one task, which was to collect the Dead Spirits from the Spider’s collection. Crow tried to confront Savathun, but was prevented by Petra, who believed that he would be susceptible to the lies of the Queen of Witches, which led to an argument between them.

Eventually, Crow managed to confront Savathun, who had apparently revealed his past to him. This discovery prompted him to demand a reassignment from Ikora to escape from Dreaming City to remake his past without being influenced by Savathun (and maybe even Mary). He currently serves as the City’s broker with the Empress Caiatl and it is unknown when she will return. However, Glint is still listening in on Guardian operations in the Dreaming City.

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