The Minecraft Guide for Parents: Getting Started

Cori Dusmann goes over the options for buying Minecraft, as well as the steps for downloading and installing Minecraft.

The Minecraft Guide for Parents: Getting Started

Minecraft is very easy to buy. You can buy it online at Mojang, or you can go straight to and buy it there (both end up in the same place, but the route takes a few steps away). Alternatively, you can purchase a gift card, available at many stores, and then use it to purchase the game. You can also buy a Minecraft account for someone else and receive it by email, or email it to you so you can gift it directly (Figure 4.1). We will go through the entire process.

Figure 4.1

Figure 4.1 There are many ways to buy Minecraft.

The “Ordering Error” prompt appears when some users try to buy Minecraft from the official store (on The most affected users are

Method 1: Update your Browser (if applicable)

As it turns out, your attempt to buy Minecraft may be suddenly interrupted by your browser for security reasons. For example, Google Chrome is often known to have a new security update that the user has yet to install.

Several affected users confirmed that they had successfully resolved the problem by forcing Chrome to update to the latest version available.

If this scenario applies, follow the instructions below to update your browser to the latest available version:

  1. Open Google Chrome and click the action button (the three-dot icon). Next, click on Help, and then in the newly appearing context menu, click About Google Chrome. Access to Google Chrome
  2. After going to the next screen, wait for the update function to identify the new version of Google Chrome. If a new version is actually available, the tool will automatically update it. Update Google ChromeUpdate Google Chrome
  3. After installing the next version, restart your browser, and after the next restart is complete, try to purchase again to see if the problem is resolved.

If the same problem persists, go to the next potential fix below.

If you want Minecraft for PC, there are two different versions you need to know about.

commercial graphics

Minecraft (Java Edition)

Minecraft for Windows 10

Have you played Minecraft?

The Windows 10 version of Minecraft is technically the “Bedrock Edition” of the game, which is an iteration of the discontinued “Pocket Edition”. Pocket Edition is the mobile version of Minecraft that has become the basis or foundation for current cross-platform Minecraft editions.

For this reason, it comes with content packs that you can buy to shake up and the different editions come with different themed content. For example, the Switch version of Minecraft comes with the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack. If you’re familiar with the console versions, it’s the same idea: theme packs that change the look of mobs and blocks in the game.

Minecraft for Windows 10 also has controller support that is missing from the Java Edition. If you’re used to playing Minecraft on your console or mobile device, the transition is likely to be easier on Windows 10. However, I am of personal opinion that all PC games are better with a mouse and keyboard, so I recommend that you learn one true way to play games on PC. Since Java Edition is, well, Java, it runs cross-platform which means you can play on a PC or Mac. If you’re one of the faithful Macs and want to spend hours digging holes in the virtual earth, the Java version is your best bet.

Being a sandbox game, Minecraft is endless. However, it is generally accepted that you will “finish” the game after killing the End Dragon. This tutorial shows the steps necessary to locate and enter the End Dimension, then defeat the End Dragon as well as kill the withers. Notes…

Step 4: Boss fights

There are two bosses in Minecraft (three in Bedrock Edition): Ender Dragon, Wither and Elder Guardian‌‌ [BE only] .

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