The Sims 4: Rocket Science Skill Guide

Owning a rocket ship is a strange thing, but with the rocket science skills in The Sims 4, you can go into space for the adventure of your life.

The first way to learn rocket science is to read rocket science books that you can buy from any library. This is the slowest way to get skills, but if you can’t afford a rocket ship it might be the best thing to do.

Another way to get skills is to build a rocket ship. You will have to pay 5,000 § to own the rocket landing site, and then pay another 1,000 § to just building it. It’ll take you a couple of hours, but you’ll gain a decent amount of skill that does it.

Once you build a rocket ship, you’ll be able to upgrade it with a variety of upgrades, but each will cost you money. Owning a racket is an expensive hobby.

If your Sim is a teenager and owns The Sims 4: Parenting, you can also complete Rocket School projects to get this skill. Or ask an adult sim to help your teen with his projects to gain some skills!

If you are unable to build a rocket in Sims 4, ask the NPC to start building a rocket for you. Then you can continue your work.

Fix 1: Ask an NPC to start building the rocket

Invite a resident, create a group with him, and use the “Build Together” interaction. Have the NPC start building a rocket. Then you can continue your work.

By the way, you can use the rocket on GeekCon to conduct space missions. If you’re playing in a scientist career lab, you should be able to build your rocket on GeekCon.

Fix 2: Use the Build Rocket (DEBUG) option

  1. Purchase 5000 Simoleons Rocket Launcher.
  2. Then place the Rocket Launcher on your lot.
  3. Press CRTL, SHIFT and C to turn on the codes.
  4. Enable code testing.
  5. Then press SHIFT and right-click on the starter.
  6. Select the option Build a rocket (DEBUG).
  7. The game will automatically build a rocket.
  8. Add all the necessary improvements.

While this workaround does not solve the problem of not being able to build a rocket from scratch, progress does count towards completing the aspiration.

Fix 3: Repair your game files

If your game files have been corrupted, don’t be surprised if some game features don’t work. Go to your Origin Library, right-click on Sims 4 and select Repair.

Then go to the Electronic Arts folder and open The Sims 4 folder. Open the Documents folder and find the Cache folder. Delete the local cache file.

Restart your computer, restart The Sims 4, and see if you can build the rocket now.

Fix 4: Disable mods and CC

Make sure the mods do not affect your Sim’s rocket-building skills. Move the Mods folder to the desktop and see if you can build a rocket.

If the problem is gone, move your mods back one by one to the Sims 4 folder. Check if you can still build your rocket after adding each mod back to identify the culprit.

Once a problematic mod is identified, update it or keep it on your desktop to prevent it from breaking the game again.

Cottage Living is breaking rocket building

Many Sims 4 players have complained that Cottage Living is breaking the rocket-building feature. Finchwick Fair of Cottage Living seems to be messing up the rocket set.

You should have no problem building a rocket in the new defense against Saturday’s first hits and the Finchwick Fair. After the Fair, the new missile sets will cease to function.

Worst of all, if you don’t even need to attend or enter the Finchwick Fair. The mere fact that they are taking place is enough to break the rocket-building function.


If you are unable to build a rocket in Sims 4, ask the NPC to start building a rocket for you. Alternatively, you can also use the Build Rocket (DEBUG) option. If the problem persists, repair your game files and disable mods and CC.

Hit the comments below and let me know which of these methods has proven effective for you.

Improve your rocket science skills with the Sims 4 Space Mission mod, including build your rocket and enjoy the space mission reward astnode career guide.

World Of Sixam is a hidden area in The Sims 4. Here you can collect rare items and meet aliens. You can visit The Sixam in two ways. Scientific career or rocket science. Two crystals and precious metals were found at Sixam. You can collect six-piece geodes at Sixam. They help you go home and improve the environment. The Sixam wormhole generator helps you get back.

Astronaut & career is divided into two parts: Interstellar Smuggler and Space Ranger. The perfect mood for an Interstellar Smuggler is full of energy. Received items will give Sims a Confidence Aura. An interstellar smuggler makes more money than a space tracker. This means that Sims have to work hard for more hours. The interstellar smuggler also needs to complete a daily space mission to improve.

Explained how WooHoo in The Sims 4 was explained, and WooHoo benefits, WooHoo locations, WooHoo death, and WooHoo achievements such as WooHoo in Rocketship explained.

How to WooHoo with 50 Unique Non-Player Sims for the ‘WooHoo!’ achievement in The Sims 4


Achievement: “Woohoo!’
Platforms: Origin
Requirements: WooHoo with 50 unique non-playing Sims.

This is generally considered to be the most difficult of the three WooHoo achievements to unlock; however, this is partly due to a misunderstanding of how to track achievement.

Doesn’t require one Sim to WooHoo with 50 unique NPCs. Each time a Sim in the currently active WooHoos household with a new Sim that is not part of that household, the counter goes up; which means you can get the achievement by using a different playable Sim for each encounter if you so choose.

Even more generously, “Non-players” in this context includes Sims who are part of other playable / played families in the game; they just have to come from outside the household you currently control.

It still takes a lot of time and relationship management to get 50 playable / NPC pairs to the point where they can successfully WooHoo, but it’s not as daunting as it seems at first glance.

Note: Technically, there is a fourth WooHoo achievement in The Sims 4 for Origin, although it has been disabled in the game. The “Kama-Simtra” achievement for having one WooHoo Sim in every possible object is still present in the game code, but is currently not active.

This could be because bonus content often introduces new locations where Sims can WooHoo, making it difficult to track achievements. His continued presence behind the scenes suggests that he may be re-enabled at a later date, but for now this is not achievable in-game and therefore is not covered in this guide.

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