This is How to Create the Best YouTube Thumbnails. How to make a cute youtube thumbnail

Be brave. Remember that your thumbnail appears in a grid full of other thumbnail skills, so increase the text size. The display’s sparkling fonts with squiggles and a gloomy aesthetic won’t be readable, so stick with clean, sans-serif choices.

How to make a cute youtube thumbnail

Thumbnails can also affect YouTube search ranking. Since your video’s click-through rate is one of the most important ranking factors in YouTube’s search algorithm, especially during the first hour on the platform, an eye-catching thumbnail can make a huge difference to your query ranking first, not Everything.

If your video has a plain or weak thumbnail, it won’t get anyone to click. YouTube may consider this video irrelevant and will not classify it in search results or distribute it through the Featured Videos channel.

Luckily, pulling freeze frames from YouTube videos isn’t the only way to create thumbnails. There are online tools, made especially for people who may not have a lot of design experience, that can help you create custom thumbnails – all for free.

Below, we’ll walk you through a simple five-step process to create visually stunning YouTube thumbnails that will cut through the noise, increase your video’s click-through rate, and raise your rankings.

How to Make a YouTube Thumbnail

  1. Visit YouTube’s free online thumbnail maker.
  2. Upload a photo or choose one of the thumbnail maker templates.
  3. Add text, clipart or a background to your thumbnail.
  4. Download the finished product to your computer.

1. Visit a free online YouTube thumbnail maker.

We’ve listed seven free YouTube thumbnail makers below, but we’ve covered FotoJet in this guide as it’s one of the few YouTube thumbnail makers that doesn’t force you to sign up for a free account before creating a thumbnail. Their robust thumbnail creator allows you to customize and download your thumbnails absolutely free – no email address required.

The free version of this online application allows you to download small and medium image files, but large and very large are premium features. This means you’ll be creative with your designs to make them as expressive as possible on YouTube.

2. Upload a photo or choose one of the thumbnail makers’ templates.

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