Today I learned how to mute PS5 audio with a single button on the DualSense controller

Did you know that you could mute all system audio by simply holding the mute button on the DualSense for about one second? I’ve had a PS5 for months, yet I only now realized this hidden feature exists after watching a YouTube video that the algorithm served me. You’ll know it’s working when the orange mute light strobes softly, then you won’t hear any system sounds.

Apparently, this trick works to disable all audio, no matter the audio source, be it your speakers, headphones wired into the controller’s 3.5mm jack, a wireless gaming headset, or one plugged in via one of the console’s USB ports. Even though the DualSense has some limited PC support, this feature is exclusive to PS5, it seems.

This video isn’t the exclusive source for this information, and it doesn’t appear to have been the first to crack that the function exists. A Google search for this feature shows a steady stream of gamers are accidentally stumbling upon it on a rolling basis, perhaps as more PS5 consoles become available to buy.

Given that the console is still difficult to buy, let alone find in stock, I figured it’d be useful for anyone reading this who’s trying their luck at getting one. I’m not sure I would have ever figured it out myself if I hadn’t been served that one video, either.

It’s a handy feature, though it might take a little practice for me to take advantage of this feature versus my usual muting method, which is just to yank my headphones off.

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