Top 10 Fortnite Players in the World (All-Time)

Fortnite entered the gaming scene in 2017 as the latest Battle Royale game to take the gaming world by storm. Fortnite since its premiere 3 years ago

Top 10 Fortnite Players in the World (All-Time)

top 10 Fortnite players in the world (all time)

Fortnite entered the gaming scene in 2017 as the latest Battle Royale game to take the gaming world by storm. Since its launch 3 years ago, Fortnite has blossomed into one of the greatest esports in the world, and each year gives you more money than any other competing video game. Fortnite eSports players have reached record levels of fame, wealth and status. Fortnite’s Top 10 Highest Paid Players have combined earnings of over $ 3.5 million. The top Twitch streaming channels in 2020 are Fortnite channels, and it’s not too close.

In this article, we take a look at the most successful Fortnite pros of all time and the reasons why they are at the top. I’ll weigh their overall Fortnite earnings as well as their performance in major tournaments like the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of the Top 10 Fortnite Players in the World the time.

Rank Name Player ID Profits Tournament victories
# 1 Kyle Giersdorf Bugha 3 069 900 4
# 2 Williams Aubin Zayt 1,117,000 10
# 3 David Wang Aqueous 1 890 840 8
# 4 Benjy’s fish Benjyfishy 494 600 8
# 5 Turner Tenney Tfue 588,800 6
# 6 Shane Cotton EpikWhale 1 327 800 9
# 7 Rocco Morales Safi 1 061 500 10
# 8 Kyle Jackson Mongraal pLN 603 500 7
# 9 Martin Andersen Mr. Savage $ 218,900 3
# 10 Tim Miller Bizzle 623 200 3

The Top Ten

1. Bugha

bugha e1593031289201

At the top of the list, it seems there is only one option for the king of competitive Fortnite. Since its inception in 2017, there hasn’t been a bigger tournament in all esports than the Fortnite World Cup in the summer of 2019. It had the most entrants and the largest prize pool to date in esports history. And the person who dominated the tournament was Bugha.

Bugha started qualifying for the World Cup on top and finished on top when the World Cup was over. In the first week of qualifying, Bugha was the best performer and was the first person to qualify for the World Cup from North America. Over the next nine weeks of qualifying, Bugha continued to compete and qualified for World Cup solos multiple times.

In the real World Cup, Bugha continued his dominance in the most competitive Fortnite lobby in history. In his first game of solo competition, he won convincingly with the most kills in the game, giving him a comfortable advantage over the rest of the stake. From there, Bugha never gave up the edge, placing consistently in the top ten in most games to comfortably win the solo world championship. In this tournament, Bugha won a total of $ 3 million, making him the most winning Fortnite player in history.

Since then, Bugha has remained one of the top competitors in the NA East region. He qualified and participated in every major FNCS tournament and made it to the top ten for FNCS duos as well as the 2019 Winter Royale competition. One other player will take a long time to take down Bugha as the best Fortnite player of all time.

2. Zayt

The other half of the dynamic duo simply puts their partner in sixth on the list. Zayt is the peanut butter for the Safa jelly. They are both superstars themselves, but together they are power and stronger. Zayt is peanut butter because he has been more successful alone, as was peanut butter just before jelly. Zayt leads the North American competitive Fortnite scene, organizing training sessions and events for other players at NA East. Zayt is one of the smartest minds and best leaders in Fortnite, and it has made him very successful.

At the World Cup, Saf and Zayt were first in duos until the last game where they died early and fell in the leaderboard. Ultimately, they placed 4th, winning almost a million dollars. As a solo, Zayt also went to the World Cup and finished 36th.

Following the World Cup, Zayt continued his dominance over North America in the Fortnite world. In every major contest, it seemed to be a guarantee that Zayt’s name would be at the top of the rankings. It was inevitable. In the trio, Zayt took 4th place next to Saf and Zyfy. In Teams, he has teamed up with Commandment, Highsky and Saf, strong individual players. They took 4th place again. In duets, it was the same story with the same people. Zayt and Saf worked together during Chapter 2: Season 2 and won the FNCS Duo Finals, proving they are the best duo in North America. In the next FNCS, Zayt again entered the Top 10 out of 9, making him one of the few players in the world to finish in the Top 10 in all 4 FNCS tournaments since the World Cup.

Zayt is Mr. Consistency and leads the competitive Fortnite in NA East, so receives a nod to the second-best Fortnite player to walk the earth.

3. Aqua

water e1593031237122

Aqua ranks third on the list and is the best European professional on the list. Aqua is the most consistent player in the European region, which is considered to be the region most difficult to maintain success at the highest level. Despite intense competition, Aqua has managed to stand out despite the talent of the players he faces.

At the World Cup, Aqua was a leading force in his duo, who managed to make a crazy comeback by winning the last two games to ensure a World Cup victory for Duo, alongside Nyrox. This immediately made him the second highest earner in Fortnite history, behind Bugha, after winning $ 1.5 million.

Since the World Cup, Aqua has remained one of the best Fortnite players, regardless of region. In the FNCS trios, Aqua won the championship again, along with Tschinken and Stompy. At Squads, Aqua left with another huge payout, placing himself in the top ten for squads in Europe. In duos, Aqua has once again proved to be one of the best of the best. Together with Stompy, he took 4th place in Europe in FNCS Duos. He continued those good performances with another at FNCS Solos, finishing 3rd across Europe.

4. Benjyfishy

Bejnyfishy is the third European pro on this list and also the second British player on the list. Benjy gained fame alongside Mr. Savage as the most loved duo in the world competing on their way to the World Cup. Benjy was a fan favorite because he was passionate about Fortnite and used the competitive side of the game to support his family, which is wildly mature for a 16-year-old who has made hundreds of thousands in a short space of time.

At the World Cup, Benjy continued to steal the hearts of fans with his chubby smile and great gameplay. He finished 14th in duos and 25th as a solo, showing that he is one of the most talented players in the world. He immediately became a legend in the competitive Fortnite community and is widely regarded as one of the best.

In the FNCS competition, Benjy supported his game with permanent locations in Europe. As a trio, he teamed up with the two best in Europe, Mongraal and Mitr0, to take 10th place. In teams, Benjy led his team to second place in Europe along with Mongraal, Nayte and Wolfiez. In duos and solos, Benjy did not finish in the top ten, but made it to the finals among the top 50 players in Europe. Moving on, Benjy must continue to win the events and play consistently to remain one of the top 5 players in the world.

Discover the 5 oldest known Fortnite players here. Get ready to be transported into the rich and compelling history of the oldest Fortnite players in existence.

5 Oldest Known Fortnite Players

Fortnite has only been around for three years, but has grown to become one of the most popular games in the world. In fact, Fortnite is so popular that tens of millions of people play it every month. With so many people playing, it is only natural for the game’s demographics to encompass a wide range of people. While the target audience of the game may be a bit young, many parents and grandparents are said to be playing the game. This list features some of the oldest known Fortnite players who have made a name for themselves on the Internet by sharing their in-game videos and broadcasting live on Twitch.

As of October 2020, the information on this list is as accurate as possible and will be updated as necessary.

5. Somebody&’s Mother

Current age (as of October 2020): approx. 52 years
Country of origin: Auckland, New Zealand
Social media channels: SomebodysMother on Twitch; S0MEB0DYSM0THER on Twitter; and Somebody & ‘s Mother on YouTube


photo source: YouTube

As the name suggests, Somebody & ‘s Mother is actually somebody’s mother. According to her YouTube profile, Somebody & ‘s Mother has been playing games for over 40 years and has no intention of stopping until she can play. Although Somebody & ‘s Mother has a Twitch and YouTube channel, she hasn’t been active on her social channels since 2019. Somebody & ‘s Mother is the only old Fortnite player on this list who is from outside the US.

Did You Know?

While Somebody & ‘s Mother took notice of their Fortnite videos, they also have 166 World of Warcraft videos on their YouTube, as well as some PUBG compilations.

4. GrannyNoScope

Current age (as of October 2020): approx. 60s
Country of origin: California, USA
Social Media Channels: GrannyNoScope on Twitch; GrannyNoScope on YouTube; and GrannyNoScope on Twitter


photo source: YouTube

GrannyNoScope is the oldest known woman on Twitch and is in her 60’s. Like most of the other players on this list, GrannyNoScope has amassed a decent fan base by streaming its Fortnite games on Twitch. He currently has 31.3 thousand followers on Twitch.

According to the GrannyNoScope & Twitch profile, she has worked in accounting for 34 years and now enjoys the occasional retired housewife. GrannyNoScope also says that she has been playing for over 30 years, and she often enjoyed playing with her kids as they grew up. Besides video games, GrannyNoScope enjoys diving and creating.

Did You Know?

For the past few years, GrannyNoScope has looked after her 93-year-old grandmother, who recently passed away in June and was born in 1927.

3. G-PA the Gamer

Current age (as of October 2020): approx. 66 years old
Country of origin: USA
Social Media Channels: G-PA the Gamer on YouTube and G-PA the Gamer on Twitter

photo source: YouTube

Compared to other players on this list, G-PA the Gamer doesn’t have a dedicated Fortnite Twitch stream or a regular schedule. G-PA the Gamer seems to play Fortnite when he can, and uploads videos to his YouTube every few months. The last time G-PA Gamer posted a video was on June 30, 2020. From the video on April 4, 2019, G-PA Gamer revealed that he was 65 at the time, which would mean he would be around 66 this year.

G-PA the Gamer discovered Fortnite after one of his grandsons showed it to him. He immediately connected to Fortnite and decided to start uploading some of his videos to YouTube. G-PA the Gamer called their viewers G-Palami.

Did You Know?

G-PA the Gamer only started playing games about ten years ago after his wife, who played World of Warcraft, asked him to try the game, and he fell in love with video games.

2. OldBuzzardt

Current age (as of October 2020): approx. 72 years (died October 17, 2020)
Country of origin: USA
Social media channels: oldbuzzardt on Twitch; oldbuzzardt on YouTube; and oldbuzzardt on Twitter


photo source: YouTube

By the time he died on October 17, OldBuzzardt was one of the oldest Fortnite players at 72 and a beloved member of the Fortnite community. His family informed about the departure of OldBuzzardt & before one of the streams he planned. His family left the stream for a while so that the Fortnite community could pay tribute to OldBuzzardt, fondly referred to by many of his followers as “The Grandpa.

OldBuzzardt served as a law enforcement officer from 1969 to 2010. He also served briefly in the US Air Force and spent time in the army reserve. OldBuzzardt spent his retirement time with his family and playing games. While Fortnite was his most popular game – he played so much that Epic Games appreciated OldBuzzardt &’s love for the game by giving it its own creator code – OldBuzzardt also played League of Legends and a new sensation, Among Us.

Did You Know?

According to the OldBuzzardt & Twitch profile, he has been playing computer games since 1982, with a Commodore 64 being his first computer.

1. Grand007Pa

Current age (as of October 2020): approx. 75 years
Country of origin: USA
Social media channels: grand007pa on Twitch; Grand007Pa on YouTube; and Grand007Pa on Twitter


photo source: YouTube

Grand007Pa is currently the oldest known Fortnite player at the age of 75. According to Grand007Pa’s biography, he is basically a grandfather who loves to play Fortnite, fish and spend time with his grandchildren. He made a name for himself in the Fortnite community with his Twitch broadcasts and YouTube videos. Although Grand007Pa only streams playing on Twitch, she enjoys playing other shooters. Grand007Pa also says he has been playing computer and console games since their release, which is much longer than most of his supporters are alive!

As of this writing, Grand007Pa has 29.7k Twitch followers and 134k YouTube subscribers. Near the end

Did You Know?

Grand007Pa is a Vietnam veteran who has spent almost 10 years in service and has been posted to Germany, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

The Best Fortnite Players of All Time These are the iconic players who made Fortnite popular! Ever wonder who the greatest Fortnite players of all time are? Over the years, Epic’s Battle Royale

Although Ninja is not a world champion, he is the most famous streamer / Fortnite player of all time. Community experts often refer to him as “poster boy” in Fortnite, and his contribution to the popularization of the battle royale genre is incomparable. On January 15, 2020, Ninja received its own Icon Series skin in Fortnite.

Tfue is one of those players that becomes synonymous with the game they play. Its popularity started early, during the first chapter of Fortnite. He participated in the World Cup, but did not take a high enough place. Since then, Tfue has evolved into one of the most influential Fortnite streamers of all time.

lll➤ Our roster includes the best Fortnite players in 2021 ➜ Top 10 Fortnite players who really stand out right now ✚ Special Mention and FAQ.

Best Fortnite Players FAQ

Fortnite players are numerous, but determining who are “professional” is difficult. There are hundreds of thousands of people trying to earn money as a professional Fortnite player. However, the numbers are a bit lower if we limit ourselves to those who are successful professional Fortnite players and therefore professionals. That number is lower, around 1000. This is the number of players competing at the highest level in tournaments in each region. Having so many regions helps thicken that number a bit for Fortnite. The game gives away a lot of cash prizes, but not enough to do a full-time job for more players.

At the moment, Elemental Ray holds the record for the highest number of solo kills in the game. That’s 48 kills he managed to collect, massacring players calmly watching the event. As you may have guessed, that doesn’t mean he’s the best, just someone who used the opportunity to ruin an event for a lot of people! Live events don’t work that way anymore, so players hoping to defeat the Elemental Ray would have to kill half the lobby in the active game.

The Fortnite player with the most earnings is probably a Ninja. However, it can be difficult to measure this. If you are only counting winnings from official tournaments, Bugha is the answer. Its World Cup cash prizes are significantly higher than all the others offered by Epic.

However, there is more money in Fortnite content and streaming than in competing in esports events. This is why Ninja probably takes the lead. He’s the biggest streamer, big enough for Microsoft to spend a lot of money porting him to the unfortunate Mixer platform. If you take his earnings as a Fortnite streamer and other related cash, he likely made more Fortnite money than most pros combined.

The best player in the US is probably Arkhram, Rehx or EpikWhale. However, as with the best players, it depends on preference. Players are doing better or worse in each tournament. Since it was the Trio who won the last two major events, they tend to come to the top. However, this does not guarantee that they will win the next big tournament.

Muz is possibly the best player in Australia. He regularly appears at the top of Australia’s exclusive tournaments.

Jiren has a good claim to be India’s top player. He is an electric team player and placed high on servers in the Middle East.

It is not known how many Fortnite players are bots in a particular game. We know Epic is deploying bots to fill lobbies and improve matchmaking. Bots are also fairly easy to spot, looping the same basic behaviors. They even wander into the storm to take their own lives if too many players progress to the next tier. However, each game has a different number of bots, so it’s impossible to tell what percentage. The exception is your first Fortnite game. Ever since Chapter 2 began, brand new players have jumped right into the bot game with 99% bots.

Fortnite for Android has at least 40 million players, but we can’t say how active they are. Fortnite for iOS is no longer supported, but the game had quite a few players when it was available.

The worst Fortnite player probably isn’t one person or anyone whose name you recognize. However, you will likely meet a player who is entitled to the title in most pub matches. Players who just seem to walk without being aware of what is happening.

As with most games, the number of active players in Fortnite is declining. However, the total number of registered users is growing. The number of Fortnite players is hard to get hold of as most developers don’t publish this kind of information.

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