Total War: Warhammer DLC buying guide

There wasn’t much DLC until the first Total War: Warhammer, but here’s everything you need to know about it

Total War: Warhammer DLC buying guide

the snow troll raises a hammer to throw meager people underneath

Total War: Warhammer, in addition to representing one of the biggest missed opportunities in video games for a cool name (Total Warhammer. You know it makes sense), could also be marked as the beginning of a new era for Creative Assembly. Until now, the company has dealt mainly with historical topics, so it has always had to design with historical authenticity in mind.

However, taking over the fantasy IP “Old World” from Games Workshop really allowed them to break free and experiment, and this idea can also be found in the modest stable of the post-launch DLC the game received. What you’ll see below will shape the DLC landscape not only of Total War: Warhammer 2, but also of Total War: Three Kingdoms and more.

Even though the situation is now, there are enough additional Lords and Premium factions to add up the cost of another full game price. Some give you more benefits than others, so we’ve taken the time to break them down according to what they add, what style of play they cater to, and how much value you get in relation to cost.

Those looking for more knowledge or just more units will find valuable content in these DLCs for Total War: Warhammer 2.

10 Blood for the Blood God II

Most Total War games really do not contain blood or blood when released to maintain a safe grade. It’s a bit of a hassle, especially for a game that prides itself on the grim and dark brutality of its warfare. Therefore, not owning Blood for the Blood God II is incomplete experience.

It is one of the cheapest paid DLCs in the game, although the pickup is not very stellar based on Steam reviews due to the higher price compared to previous blood packs in older games. Still, it’s here because Total War: Warhammer II is a rather sterile and bland wargame without it.

There are tons of Total War Warhammer 2 DLCs out there. This guide is designed to help you find out what to buy and what to avoid.

The Queen and the Crone

If you’re a High Elf fan, this DLC goes without saying. It is also not too shabby for Dark Elf players. The Queen and the Crone introduces Alarielle, Shadow Warriors, and Sisters of Avalorn to the High Elf roster. Meanwhile, the Dark Elves capture the Hellebron Crone, Doomfire Warlocks, and the Kharibdyssa. Queen Alarielle is certainly one of the best Legendary DLC Lords in the game, and the Sisters of Avalorn are the backbone of any High Elven army these days. The Dark Elf portion of the DLC is a bit weaker, but the Crone Hellebron faction is pretty fun to play and worth checking out.

Verdict: You have to buy

It seems likely that Total War: Warhammer 3 will close around the Dragon Empire of Cathay, Ogre Kingdoms and…

Total War Warhammer 3 Bonus Pre-Order and DLC Race

Creative Assembly has confirmed that players who pre-order or purchase Total War: Warhammer 3 during launch week will receive an additional racing pack for free. An additional faction was revealed in November 2021 to be none other than the Ogre Kingdoms.



Earlier, we spoke with Scott Pitkethly, lead developer for the Warhammer franchise, who told us why and how the Total War: Warhammer trilogy was created:

“We certainly said from the beginning that we wanted to make Warhammer a trilogy, and that’s because we looked at the content and found that you can’t do justice to the license in just one game. There is no way we can. We did this with all factions in one game, so we knew we wanted to split it into three games so we could do justice to all factions. Personally, I’m a Daemon Chaos player!”

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