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Just look at the video above. The game, of course, loves the original cartoon. You would have played it even if it were a battle of blue and red squares. It’s a game so good that Optimus Prime is just a bonus.

Transformers: Tactical Arena Video Game Coming To Apple Arcade soon

The official Apple Arcade Twitter account announced the new Transformers: Tactical Arena Video Game Coming soon to Apple’s game subscription service.

Developed by Red Games, the game will be available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV and will engage players in real-time battles between players. We still don’t have a lot of information about the game, but an article on gives us some details:

Gather a team of all your favorite Transformers! Fight your way through the ranks of competing arenas in this real-time strategic PvP game! Unlock new cards, master their unique abilities and develop your strategy for a competitive advantage. With dozens of familiar characters, powerful structures, and an arsenal of tactical support units, no two battles are the same.

You can now pre-register with the Apple Store to be the first to try this new Transformers video game. Click on the bar to see the promotional photos of the game and let us know about your experience on the 2005 boards!

Just Listed on eBay

Hasbro Transformers: War for Cybertron Siege Sideswipe Deluxe Class WFC-S7

Transformers: Tactical Arena Video Game Coming To Apple Arcade soon – Additional Images

An update has just arrived with three new “tabs”.

Arcee (common)
Sunstreaker (common)
Moonracer (rare)

Moonracer is a sniper and “the best sharpshooter in the universe” .. based on my upset they didn’t use the Sureshot.

Sunstreaker is AOE from a distance.

Arcee is a bit of a generalist.


• New community card: Arcee

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