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TransUnion is a leading credit bureau that monitors credit report information and supplies related services alongside a similar experience provided by both Experian and Equifax. The company offers consumers a free service or a more advanced option that is subscription based. However, alongside its consumer-focused products TransUnion supplies the business and public sectors with an array of other products and services that includes credit reporting, credit scoring, identity protection and insights that revolve around the credit scoring and reporting industry.

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While credit scoring and your credit report might not be something you think about everyday, being able to access it from time to time is pretty important to ensure that the information held on it is correct. Being able to use a service like TransUnion to inspect your credit report therefore makes sense, even if you do have to pay for its more advanced features.

Accessing your credit report in TransUnion is a simple three-step procedure (Image credit: TransUnion)


The subscription price for TransUnion is currently $24.95 per month, plus tax where applicable. However, TransUnion does have a free service that has also been supplemented with additional features and functionality as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Once registered with TransUnion you have several log-in options (Image credit: TransUnion)


TransUnion’s premium options include credit monitoring, credit protection, use of the Credit Compass, which offers up recommendations to help steer your credit score in a more positive direction and other useful tools designed to keep your rating in good shape. 

If you’re a subscriber to the system then there is also the benefit of unlimited score and report access, which are updated on a very regular basis, while the Credit Lock Plus option lets you shield your TransUnion and Equifax reports with ease. TransUnion also offers free ID protection called TrueIdentity, which lets you lock and unlock your credit report quickly and easily. This option also comes with the benefit of unlimited report access, alerts plus $25K in ID theft insurance.

It’s also easy to contact TransUnion if you have any issues with your credit report (Image credit: TransUnion)


TransUnion is a wholly online service that can be accessed from a browser or mobile device and, as such, does everything you expect without surprises. However, head to the log in page and you can also access the various component part areas of the TransUnion service. 

This includes separate log-in access for TrueIdentity, the enhanced ID theft protection package run by TransUnion and TransUnion Plus, which is more of a universal log in that allows management of your financial account. 

It’s also possible to log in to Credit Freeze, where you can lift or remove an existing freeze along with accessing the Credit Dispute area. This lets you investigate and fix any inaccuracies that might be appearing on your credit report.

TransUnion has also adapted its levels of help to assist in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic (Image credit: TransUnion)

Ease of use

If you wish to use the consumer-focused services of TransUnion then the process is very straightforward, with a series of three basic steps to navigate. First up, you’ll need to enter your personal information, which secondly will allow you to create your account. The third part of the process will require you to verify your identity. By signing up for the $24.95 monthly subscription package you’ll be able to instantly receive a credit score, plus gain access to the other features in this option.

There is also plenty of help available at the TransUnion support center (Image credit: TransUnion)


It’s essential being able to contact someone about your credit report, especially if there is something on it that isn’t correct or you feel you need to dispute. In that respect TransUnion offers a raft of customer support options, along with many useful areas of its website that can help you tackle your credit issues more effectively. For example, there’s a credit education page and this offers up some practical insights and offers advice on many important credit topics. 

TransUnion also has a contact page where it’s possible to cancel your subscription, or contact customer services, either via the site or on the phone. For those who prefer to call, lines are open Monday through Friday: 8am to 9pm, Saturday through Sunday: 8am to 5pm Eastern time. Customer support services are closed on all US observed holidays.

Final verdict

TransUnion has obvious appeal for anyone wanting to take a look at their credit score and plan towards getting it in better shape for the future. TransUnion has also been quire proactive in offering assistance during the coronavirus pandemic, with a dedicated support centre helping people to get advice in relation to their credit score during these unprecedented times. 

In fact, through to April of 2022 TransUnion, Equifax and Experian are offering free weekly reports by way of help. And while TransUnion has plenty to offer those of us with the personal finance picture in mind, the online service also has much to offer businesses and the public sector. Little wonder then that it continues to dominate the credit rating marketplace alongside those other two giants, Experian and Equifax.

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