Unlock your Guardian s potential with these Destiny 2 armour mods

Are you looking for the last piece of the armor puzzle for your Ranger? Here are the best Destiny 2 mods to help you perfect your playstyle.

Unlock your Guardian’s potential with these Destiny 2 armour mods

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What are the best Destiny 2 mods to suit your playstyle? After years of playing Destiny 2, many of us have amassed a sizeable armor collection, it’s time for me to delve into the mod scene.

Following the Destiny 2 2.0 armor update that landed on Shadowkeep in 2019, the mods have undergone an overhaul and the stat-based Guardian’s protection has been returned in a big way. This guide covers everything from where to get Destiny 2 armor mods, how they work, and the armor sets they work with.

Mod components are needed to purchase mods from Banshee-44 and HELM. Here’s each way you can get them.

How To Earn Mod Components

With the expiration of many vendors and activities at Beyond Light, Mod Components have become much rarer. Switching from disposable mods to a reusable system has made disassembly of mods no longer possible. Regardless, there are currently three ways to get mod components:

Method Type Quantity
Banshee-44 Journals Generosity 2
Dismantling the Y1 gearbox Various 1
Dismantling mods Various 1

Gunsmith Bounties

Number of modifiers: 2 for each order

Banshee-44 sells four daily bounties, each providing two mod components as a reward. These jobs are fairly easy to complete and require you to defeat your enemies with a specific weapon. Since the daily bounties are tied to your character, you can complete up to 12 of these bounties each day if you have three characters, giving you 24 mod components that you can earn per day. This is by far the best way to get mod components if you can’t use the next method.

Dismantling Gear

Modifier amount: 1 for each disassembled item (the weapon does not guarantee that a modifier will be dropped)

Despite what the description of mod components says, the current legendary gear does not provide mod components. Dismantling any piece of armor that uses the Armor 2.0 system (any piece of armor obtained from Shadowkeep) will not yield mod components. The weapons you got from Shadowkeep and beyond run on a similar system as this was an expansion that allowed weapon mods to be reused. For clarity, we mean any hardware you received from Shadowkeep and more, not just hardware related to this expansion.

With that in mind, Year 1 Legend Weapons provide mod components when disassembled. Based on limited testing, only weapons yield Mod Components; Year 1 armor only grants Gunsmith materials and Legendary Shards. This allows Destiny 2 Vets who played Year 1 to receive mod components for a modest cost of some Gimmer, Legendary Shards, and Gunsmith Materials.

Go to the Collections tab, enter your Weapon Collection, then craft any Year 1 Rare or Legendary weapon (single trait sunset guns with static rolls). Legendary items appear to have a higher drop rate but cost more resources. Disassembling these weapons has a high chance of receiving a mod component. If you’re sitting on tens of thousands of Legendary Shards and Gunsmith Materials, this is by far the best way to currently farm mod components in Destiny 2.

Additionally, any obsolete mods in the Mods tab (found in the inventory screen) can be dismantled for each mod component. These mods include Transcendent Blessings, Discontinued Leviathan Rally Mods, Paragon Armor Mods, Hive Rally Mods, and Fallen Rally Mods. Seasoned players who have never disassembled them can do it for a large sum of mod components.

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Destiny 2 | How To Get Kinetic Weapon Mods Is It Any Game; the right mods are always helpful. Similarly, in Destiny 2, the corresponding mods add the required effect to both weapons and armor.

The Bottom Line

We hope our article helps you get hold of the various kinetic weapon mods in Destiny 2. The latest Bungie patch has made it easier to farm these kinetic weapon mods. The most possible method is to dismantle legendary mods and exchange them with Banshee-44 to exchange valuable resources. Remember to always choose a random weapon mod from Banshee when spending mod components; otherwise you will buy items for your armor. The latest update now allows you to purchase these kinetic mods directly from Banshee-44. However, they will have to be in stock. So always check the weekly rotation schedule to keep track of mods and exotics.

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The most common way to get mod components is to go to Banshee-44 in the Tower and receive rewards from it.

Mod Components Use

Weapons that are legendary and below have modification slots that allow you to insert a mod you have acquired into them.

They provide a bonus and you may need a specific mod for a specific weapon you own, so it’s important to have a stock of mod components ready.

The reason you need to save on mods is because vendors like Banshee-44, Ada-1 and the war table in HELM will have a rotation when it comes to their goods.

If you have a stock of mod components, you will be able to buy the mods you want whenever they are available without any hassle.

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