Valve releases Steam Link app for macOS

Valve is launching a dedicated Steam Link app for macOS this week. The app allows Steam users to stream games from a PC to devices with the Steam Link app installed. While the Steam macOS app has offered streaming already, MacRumors points out that this lightweight Steam Link app is just 30MB in size from the Mac App Store compared to the full Steam app, which requires 1GB of storage space.

Steam Link will be useful on Macs, particularly as it’s rare to see big AAA games debut on macOS. Mac users typically have to dual boot Windows, use virtualization apps, or Steam games from a PC to get access to most of the latest titles.

Steam Link launching on macOS follows a Linux version of the app earlier this month, and it now means Steam Link is available on macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi. All you need to do is download the Steam Link app, pair your device with a compatible controller, and connect to a PC over your local network to stream PC games.

Valve also rolled out a big update to its Remote Play Together feature earlier this month, allowing Steam users to stream local multiplayer games with friends over the internet.

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