War Thunder Review: 9 Years on From Launch, Is War Thunder Worth Playing in 2021

War Thunder released in November 2012, is it worth playing in 2021?

War Thunder Review: 9 Years on From Launch, Is War Thunder Worth Playing in 2021?

For a game that came out in the fall of 2012, it’s quite unusual to review War Thunder some 9 years later, but perhaps this shows the enduring appeal of Gaijin Entertainment’s military MMO. That said, if you were to show a new player what War Thunder looked like, sounded and played like it back then, they’d have a hard time understanding how small the game was and how much it has grown.

Back in my day.

In the beginning, War Thunder started out more as a flight simulation game with only 200 planes in which you started out with biplanes from the interwar period. Players progressively progressed through the XP-based progressive system, from early and late war propeller planes to Cold War era jets (the jets are at the top of the game and they always picked the super cool ones to get you hooked).

Players could use these planes in 3 different game modes to suit the style of the game and the player.

Arcade – For those who just wanted to jump in and shoot down loads of stuff, while all players and plane types were tagged with a guide pointer so you knew where to aim.

“Simulation” – was intended for people who liked games like IL2, DCS and Birds of Steel, a realistic flight simulation where you would have to identify enemy and friendly planes while taking part in set missions / objectives and locked in cockpit view

“Realistic” – arguably the most widely played game mode, it was the perfect balance between Sim and Arcade, with great flight physics, but you still had to recognize your targets.

These 3 game modes are still the core of the game, only now there are thousands of planes in 8 countries but with the addition of tanks, helicopters and ships all of which have been incredibly handcrafted with the most amazing detail.

New Players, Don’t Be Scared

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