War Thunder skins: the best user skins

Add some personal touch to your aviation, tanks and fleet with the coolest War Thunder skins

War Thunder skins: the best user skins

A red tank highlighted with a gold leaf with a custom War Thunder skin

War Thunder skins are simply essential if you are serious about the game. Imagine: you’ve downloaded War Thunder, played a few matches, and count on anyone who dares to challenge your sailing, aviation or car skills. You understand that you should not draw an airplane under the sun; you know how important it is to study the map for natural bottlenecks; and mastered the missile drop from naval cannons to penetrate the hulls of enemy ships at any distance. But can you do all these things while remaining at the height of fashion?

That’s right, the goal of the infamous grind in War Thunder is not only to become a champion of land, sea and air combat – but also to embellish the vehicles with new, sickly skins. There are many unlockable camouflages available in the game, offering new color schemes and options to better tune your war machines to different environments. However, once you get tired of them, you’ll probably want to delve into the ins and outs of custom War Thunder user skins. Made by fans and extremely elegant, they offer the best solution to create a unique look for your planes, tanks and ships.

One thing to keep in mind: while camouflages provided in-game by Gaijin or approved for sale in his marketplace are visible to other players in the match, user skins are purely local. Only you will be able to see every visual spruce you love to give your vehicle. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Totally not! As with most aesthetic sensibilities, fashion only matters if it makes you feel good. It’s a great way to personalize your arsenal without having to buy or unlock new official camouflages.

While War Thunder skins are appearing all over the internet, a useful collection can be found on the official War Thunder Gaijin live portal. Luckily for those of you who don’t want to wade through the hundreds of possible paint jobs, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a handy list of the best War Thunder skins below. Enjoy!

Beginner’s Guide to War Thunder – Camouflage and Decals We have received a letter from Mr. J. Clarkson of Chipping Norton. It says, “Dear Beginner’s Guide to War Thunder, no matter what

8 thoughts on “ A Beginner&’s Guide to War Thunder – Camouflage and Decals ”

OK… How to “flip” only one side of a double-sided decal. Most of the drawings of the nose look weird backwards.

Press T while in use, pressing once will keep the sticker in the correct orientation (if you are reading it). Pressing T again will keep the same orientation on the side you applied it to (looking back). Pressing T again will take you back to where you started, with the sticker on only one side.

how to paint in the plane? can i paint on standard leather? how to access the decal? is there a network for them?

Just got “Kilroy Was Here” but can’t figure out how to put it on my tank, any tips?

Anyway, I figured my brain must have been running on the Gaijin server. I had to close and reopen the app

no decals show up when I go into the menu as only missions do. We ask for help.

What if you are using a laptop without a “mouse wheel”?

Good question! I’m not sure, but I’m afraid the official forums are probably the best place to ask.

Here I will tell you how to change the appearance of a vehicle in War Thunder. This article will be helpful for those who don’t know how to do it.

Changing Vehicle Appearance in War Thunder

Changing the appearance of the vehicle in War Thunder

Vehicle change in War Thunder | Bananatic

To change the look of your vehicle, we need to find a user-created skin that you want to use for your vehicle. First, you can find user-made skins by clicking here. Enter the vehicle name and the type of skin you want in the search bar, for example # BF-109 #anime. In addition, it is also recommended to find a skin that is 4K DDS. Once you’ve found your favorite skin, you can download it by clicking the download button.

After downloading the skin file, you need to extract the zip skin file. A folder containing the extracted file will appear on your desktop. We will have to create a custom template for this skin, which we will process in-game. Right-click the vehicle you want to scan and click customize. Then click on the magic wand icon labeled “to create a user skin file”. When clicked, it will give the vehicle a second camouflage option.

Finding War Thunder Folder

Now we need to find the folder where War Thunder is installed. If you’ve downloaded War Thunder on the default destination, the best way is to go to File Explorer. Then click: C / Local Disk and then click Program Files (x86). After opening Program Files (x86), click “steam” and then “steamapps”. Then click on the shared folder and open the War Thunder folder. With the War Thunder folder open, click on the UserSkins folder.

Replacing and Installing Skin Files

However, if there is no UserSkins folder, you can do it yourself. In other words, you create a folder with the same name (UserSkins). Find and open the vehicle templates folder you want to scan. Then open the extracted skin file. Copy and paste all content from the extracted skin folder into the template folder. Replace all old files in the template folder with the extracted skin files, or click “replace all files in this target option” if it appears.

234 234 456 456

War Thunder how to change the look | scottish koala

Now go back to War Thunder, open the customization menu again and select your new skin under the “user skin” option, usually named vehicle template_name. You can rename the skin by renaming the folder you copied and pasted the files into. You can delete the zip folder and the extracted skins folder (optional). Now you can use the new skin you have installed on your vehicle.

Log in or register. This is a skin for the XP-38G Lightning that gives it tail IDs and invasion stripes. You can easily apply it to the P-38G by simply replacing UserSkins


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