War Thunder System Requirements

Can you run War Thunder on your computer? We have system requirements including the minimum and recommended specifications for your computer.

War Thunder System Requirements

If you want to get stuck in action and delve into the world of military tactics and vehicle combat, you can consider playing War Thunder.

However, before installing this game, it’s always a good idea to quickly check that your current computer can run it. While this is a free title and there is no risk if you choose to install it, checking your computer’s system requirements and specifications can save you a lot of time and hassle.

We’ll show you the minimum and recommended system requirements for War Thunder, but first you need to check the specs of your computer. If you need help finding the specifications, we have a handy step-by-step guide for you.

Once you have your computer specifications ready, just compare it to the system requirements below. In the future, our goal is to facilitate this entire process with the help of the tool we have developed. This tool will automatically check your computer’s specifications and match them with the system requirements of the game you want to play. We will notify you the closer we are to the completion of work on this topic.

For now, read on for system requirements as well as hardware suggestions should you decide it’s finally time to upgrade your gaming PC .

Gaijin’s latest update adds supersonic jets, SAM systems, radar and the ferocious M1A1 Abrams tank

Go full throttle in a supersonic jet

War Thunder has a new fastest jet: the Japanese Mitsubishi T-2. This impressive piece of gear can reach an unbelievable mach 1.6, so if you ever invite it to a party expect it to come around a week early. You will feel the speed in your heart, chest and violently undulating cheeks, so be sure to bring your sick bag with you.

To even the playing field a bit, update 1.87 also supports anti-aircraft gunners. If you’re trying to tag a jet with an anti-aircraft gun, fear not as you will now find a HUD that will allow you to track and guide more efficiently. Just shoot the little green icon that appears in front of the plane and you’ll counter the intense speed in the show.

War Thunder cruiser

War Thunder Review Posted: 10 months ago, last updated 9 days ago. Description War Thunder is a shooter in which you drive a series of vehicles during combat. Similar to

War Thunder is a shooter in which you drive a series of vehicles in warfare. Like Wargaming’s World of Warplanes, it creates realistic air, land and sea battles. The highlight of the fight is that any vehicle or component parts can be tracked down and damaged. Instead of having one energy bar for each vehicle, you need to target weak spots or positions where pilots and drivers are exposed.

Each battle is split up between air force, ground force, or navy rather than mixing these elements. This includes vehicles from different eras: pre-WW1 naval ships, tanks and planes from the Spanish Civil War, and even the Iraqi wars, and more. As the game progresses, more and more elements from World War II, Vietnam, and the Cold War appear. You can control planes, ground vehicles and warships from the USA, Germany, Russia, Great Britain and Japan. You can also play as nations with less military power or less significant in conflicts such as Italy, France, China, and Sweden.

  • Arcade Battles has two teams of up to 16 people with vehicles from different countries. The damage is simplified, although it is still intended to be realistic.
  • Realistic battles are more advanced by simulating realistic physics and damage modeling. Along with this, there are more rewards and upgrades, as well as more strategic skirmishes. Historical battles can be recreated in this mode.
  • Simulation battles add more constraints to create a believable experience, without showing over your head or seeing the action from outside.

It can be difficult to determine which War Thunder tank is right for you. Read our guide for a list of the best


High mobility, decent gun rotation, ammo options suitable for paralyzing most enemy tanks – this makes the Panther A one of the best medium tanks in the game. Like most German proposals, it has a heavy, sloped frontal armor, counterbalanced by weak sides, but its agility allows for quick escape and subtle fishing in defense. Its range and firepower are superior to tanks of a similar combat value, penetrating armor at moderate distances.

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The omnipresence of Panther A is her downfall: everyone knows her weaknesses. Enemies will shoot directly at the cover of your soft pistol to cripple you, so avoid direct confrontations and deal with those you meet quickly. Best move with a group of others, use your speed to surprise your enemy and make sure every shot counts. With its high profile, subtlety isn’t a Panther A’s specialty, so get bogged down in the heat of battle quickly and make the most of its deadly main gun.

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