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Joining a Thieves Guild gives you access to a whole line of skills that make life of crime a lot easier, especially the Mercy perk, which allows you to bypass the guards if they can chase you. Being part of a thieves guild just makes criminal activity much more possible to, say, make a lot of gold very quickly.

Is It Too Late to Get Into ESO? The Elder Scrolls Are Still Online


Do you want to fill the Skyrim shaped hole in your life? This ESO guide explains all the details that an Elder Scrolls fan should consider when hoping to jump into this massive Elder Scrolls themed MMORPG.

it’s easy to get discouraged by looking at the huge world map of Elder Scrolls Online. Tamriel is filled with hundreds of hours of quests, secrets, and things to discover and do. So much so that it can seem completely impenetrable, especially if you expect to get close to it. But since ESO runs on a level scaling system, there’s really no grind at all. Apart from PVP (which unlocks at level 10) and higher tier trials (basically raids that become available at the earliest after reaching CP160), you can jump directly into any part of the world that seems interesting.

We strongly recommend that you have the latest Blackwood extension, which includes all the other extensions leading to it. We also recommend a $ 15 monthly subscription to ESO Plus’s premium service – which unlocks all DLCs – if you want to see it all. That said, assuming you have all of these things, you can basically head anywhere after you’ve completed the tutorial. If you want to travel directly to the fiery Deadlands, you can do it! If you want to explore the Wrothgar Mountains and hang out in the home of the Orcs, you can do it too!

Is It Too Late to Get Into Elder Scrolls Online?

Back to your initial question, it’s actually never too late to get into ESO as you can play as little or as much of the mountain of content in any order you want. Each enemy and quest scale to your level, and very few storylines are directly connected to each other. [Editor’s Note: If you want to play in sequence, here’s a guide on how to do it.] You may see some characters reappearing in quests, but you’ll never miss a thing if you skip a quest or just choose not to follow the main story.

If you’re trying to find the best place to start, here are some tips that may interest you. These are absolutely essential activities that I would recommend to any new player, especially when trying to learn the basics and get to know your surroundings at ESO .

Note: All of these tips assume you are an ESO Plus subscriber and have the latest add-on, Blackwood .

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Elder Scrolls Online is still a good-looking game, even in all the years after its release. Rather than relying on photorealistic visuals that won’t age, ESO has adopted a somewhat fantastic aesthetic while retaining maturity, making it a pleasure to look at even today.

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