What is Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift and how can you fix it. How to fix my joy con

Warning: If you intend to use compressed air, use a specialized WD-40 electrical contact cleaner (or something similar) and not the regular WD-40, as the regular version may cause additional problems for the Joy-Con.

Is This the Joy-Con Drift Fix We’ve All Been Waiting For?

Joy-Con drift has been a problem for Switch owners since the console’s premiere. But now a simple fix has come to light.

Do your Joy-Cons do as they please, throwing your in-game character like a rag doll? Then your Joy-Cons drift.

However, the pioneering Switch owner believes they’ve found a solution to the Joy-Con drift, and you can do it at home, without Nintendo’s involvement.

Check Out This Potential Fix for Joy-Con Drift

YouTuber and Switch owner, VK, believes he has come up with a solution to a horrible problem faced by many other Switch users.

In the video above, first spotted by Nintendo Life, we see VK bringing back the functionality of its Switch Joy-Cons using some incredibly high-tech gadgets on a piece of paper. The VK realized this after noticing that the pressure on the casing around the stick of the thumb meant that the drift phenomenon had completely stopped.

Yes it’s true. Despite the fact that Nintendo and many of its engineers have been unable to find a solution to the problem that has been drifting for four years, a random guy shows up on the Internet and fixes it with a piece of paper smaller than the nail on your little finger. Embarrassing, Nintendo? We would say so.

It’s also important to note that the left and right Joy-Con are not perfect mirror images, so there are slight differences to keep in mind when opening each one.

What is Switch Joy-Con drift?

Drift Joy-Con is the name of an issue some Switch owners have experienced with one or two detachable controllers.

They found that their Switch detects movement even when they don’t touch the stick on the Joy-Con. Sometimes this even happens when they don’t touch the Joy-Con at all.

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This makes the game difficult as characters move in directions that are not suggested by the player. Or, the in-game camera may suddenly drift away from the action for no good reason.

Reports of Joy-Con drifting are also not unique. There are many posts on Twitter complaining about this issue, and several Kotaku staff members have revealed that they experienced it as well.

Also, since the Nintendo Switch Lite was released, some owners of the new, more portable Switch have said they also suffer from Joy-Con drift on its inseparable sticks. The OLED Switch, meanwhile, has supposedly improved the Joy-Cons, but it also generates similar reports.

What to do if you experience Joy-Con drift

Nintendo responded to the news by telling Kotaku that anyone with problems with the Joy-Cons should contact Nintendo Support: “At Nintendo, we take great pride in creating quality products and are constantly improving them.

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