What Is The Fortnite Player Count in 2021

With the allegations that Fortnite Epic Games is a “dead” game, how many people play Fortnite and what is the number of Fortnite players in 2021?

What Is The Fortnite Player Count in 2021

The number of players in Fortnite means the Fortnite party is still going strong as the Battle Royale favorite Epic Games continues to captivate us. Although Fortnite evolved from its original foundation in 2017, the beast, or Battle Royale mode, is where we spend most of our time, as evidenced by the number of Fortnite players in 2021.

Despite the accusations, Fortnite is a “dead game”, still many of us regularly jump off the Battle Bus and pick up the Battle Pass every season. Epic has become a master at keeping it fresh, with each season offering new weapons, new skins, and a new theme to lure would-be deserters back. But how many people played Fortnite in 2021, and what is the current Fortnite player count?

Most game developers rarely provide information on the number of players. Every now and then, Fortnite publishes very detailed data on the Fortnite player base. Based on this data and several other sources, we can get a little picture of the number of players.

How Many People Play Fortnite?

Epic Games doesn’t provide the completely frequent or accurate photos of how many people play Fortnite. However, we do have some metrics and measurements on the number of active Fortnite players.

The first is the total number of active accounts. We know that Fortnite had over 125 million players in the year since its launch. It also seems that the total number of registered numbers is as high as 350 million registered users. That’s about 4% of the world’s population. Something about this fact probably doesn’t seem right? This is because registered users are a pretty bad measure of Fortnite player count.

The total number of registered users is just the total number of accounts created. It is by no means one per person. Many people have access to more than one Fortnite account, whether created accidentally or sometimes on purpose. Also, if you’re wondering if Fortnite is losing players, that’s a factor too. Registered accounts are not necessarily in use.

Even among the great characters in Fortnite, such as the best Fortnite streamers or the best professional Fortnite players, they had quite a few accounts under their own name. It may be against the rules, but this breaking of the rules can be quite brazenly disregarded. Some players often sign up for a new account to play a quick match against a lobby full of practice bots. So registered users are not a particularly helpful measure of how many people are actually playing.

When it comes to the number of active and gamers, in 2019, 12.5 million were playing. Fortnite’s best month by player count was 2018, when 78 million were actively playing in August. In addition, in December 2020, more than 15.3 million players united to defeat Galactus in a one-day event.

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