What sims game can you have babies on. What sims game can you have babies on

As you know, it can take three days to have a new SIM card. But now I’m going to show you how to speed up the process with this Sims 4 pregnancy cheat. You don’t have to wait for three days anymore – just follow these steps and get your baby on the road in no time!

The Sims 4: 13 Best Pregnancy Mods

While The Sims 4 has improved many features from previous games, babies and pregnancy are pretty bland. These are the best maternity mods.

The Sims 4 created quite a few things that were introduced to the series better by older games. Vampires, social interactions, and the university experience are some of the things The Sims 4 does better than its predecessors. Unfortunately, babies and pregnancy are a bit of a weakness in The Sims 4, even years after the game’s release. Aside from a few special interactions and mood enhancements, it’s just easier to get through pregnancy (and baby) quickly.

Many Simmers are hoping that one day EA can come back and develop pregnancy and babies, but for now, here are the top 10 pregnancy mods out to spice up your parenting gameplay.

Updated February 12, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: With the arrival of The Sims 5, the franchise could bring back better pregnancies and more engaging babies in the next part of the game. However, as we wait for more information, custom content is the best way to extend your pregnancy.

Hoping to one day see better pregnancy mechanics in The Sims 5, we’ve selected three additional mods to showcase that will greatly enhance any Sim’s pregnancy experience.

13 Ultrasound Mod

One of the most exciting things about having a baby is figuring out what their gender will be. In The Sims 4, if you don’t play with mods or codes, you won’t know your child’s gender until they’re born. However, the ultrasonic modification of the Littlemssam will allow anyone steaming to bring a bit of reality and excitement to a Sim’s pregnancy. Using the Travel Menu over the phone, your Sim will pay 75 Simoleons for “Visit a Gynecologist.”

After returning home, the Sim will be sent back from the game. He will have an ultrasound scan in his inventory. The ultrasound will show the results of a pregnant Sim and Sims will receive a Moodlet. The ultrasounds can also be hung on the wall and even copied to give to friends and family!

As long as Anna is awake, anyone (family and invited guests) can interact with her, coo, talk to her, or do other things related to the baby. This will enhance relationship outcomes and is highly recommended for all family members including parents and siblings.

10 Used To Grow To Children

Those who have played The Sims in the past will know that there were only two different age groups available in the game: Child and Adult. Babies were the third stage of life, but they weren’t exactly controllable until they grew up and became children. Teenagers, old people, or young adults weren’t a thing. Most importantly, toddlers were definitely not a thing, which meant the awkward transition from a toddler in a crib to a fully grown toddler. Who else remembers the sigh of relief when their baby finally grew up and didn’t cry every six hours?

Not only did babies immediately grow up to be babies, but the process of getting pregnant was also quite strange. You’ll have to do enough romantic interactions with the other Sim until a dialog box appears asking if you want to have a baby or not. That’s it!

No need to plan or guess, simply answer “yes” or “no” and the crib will appear in your home. Alternatively, if you have the infamous Vibrating Heart Bed from Hot Date, you can interact with it and experience the same dialogue to have a baby.

8 Babies Were Objects

This may come as a big shock to many people, but the kids weren’t actually even real Sims. The game itself considered them objects. There was no way to tell what the child’s gender, appearance, or personality would be before he actually grows up. Genetics would also be fully randomized. Worse, if you choose to evict the family from the lot where they are carrying the baby in a crib, the baby will not be transported to the new lot with them. How confused it is that you are losing your newborn baby because you want to move houses!

Fortunately, The Sims 2 made great strides in realism and really revolutionized the whole childhood aspect of the game. Babies weren’t just lost items anymore, but real mini-Sims that popped up in the family bar. Now, of course, their portrait was not clickable, which meant you had to guess if the baby was hungry, tired, or needed a diaper change. Moreover, the kids couldn’t be controlled like regular Sims, but they behaved more like dependent mini-syms needing supervision. In other words, quite close to reality!

During pregnancy, Christine will suffer a greater loss of hunger and energy needs. Naps can be frequent and may require extra food here and there. He cannot exercise, and some other physical activities will also be banned; the option will just be greyed out on the wheel menu. Hovering over this will give an explanation.

How to get pregnant and ‘Try for Baby’ in The Sims 4

Getting pregnant in The Sims 4 is an option, not an opt-out. Regular WooHoo never becomes pregnant, and Sims who hope to have a family this way must use the “Try for Baby” option instead.

Found right next to “WooHoo” in the interaction menu (either in the target Sim or in a location where a WooHoo can be used), “Try for a Baby” also becomes available at the same point in the relationship: when the couple in question is around 40% -50% in the romantic relationship meter and / or you are in a formal relationship (dating / engagement / married).


Even under these conditions, “Try for a Baby” will only be available if one partner can “get pregnant” and the other “get pregnant in the other’.

The player can override this by using the Custom Gender Settings (see above), where it is also possible to completely disable the Sim’s ability to “Try for a Child” by selecting “Ani’.

Any prospective parent can initiate a “Try the Child”. The interaction itself works just like a regular WooHoo; only after the fireworks are over, things get a little different.


Note: Sims with the Trait “Hates Children” can still “Apply for a Baby”, but will receive the “Conception Tension” moodlet (+1 voltage.

Another note: households in The Sims 4 are limited to eight members; So if your Sim’s household already has eight people, no one can “Try the Baby” until someone moves out (or dies) to make room for the newcomer.

If your prospective parents are living apart, only the Sim who may “get pregnant” need to worry about the size of their current household as children are added to the biological parents’ family right after birth (even if you are playing with a non-biological parent as active Sim).

Pregnancy odds in The Sims 4 explained

The base chance of becoming pregnant from any “Try for Baby” interaction is 80%.

In other words – your Sims will most likely get pregnant the first time, and two tries should guarantee it.

Even in the unlikely event that you are out of luck with a random number generator the first time, you really don’t need to worry: apart from a few short-lived Moodlets, there’s nothing that can bring your Sims’ fertility below 80% of the minimum, so you just have to try.


However, if you’re looking for guaranteed immediate results, you can check out the twins and triplets sections below for additional tips.

Using any of these methods to increase your chances of getting twins or triplets increases the chances of ‘Try for a Baby’ to 100% or even better, meaning you can be sure of having at least one baby.

Moreover, after installing Romantic Garden items, Sims young and old who have a place in their home can wish for a child.

Extreme success will be met with the immediate addition of a child to the family; meanwhile, moderate success will be ensured by the Flirty moodlet “Try it for a child”. Using the “Try Baby” interaction while this moodlet is active will guarantee pregnancy.

One painful animation later and your Sim will be left with their new son (s) and / or daughter (s). You will immediately be given the option to name the baby (or babies – in the case of multiple births, pop-ups will appear one at a time).

Getting Married: Every Step Leading To The Marriage Vows

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Marriage is something that takes a lot of time and energy, and also a little bit of money if you want to do it in The Sims Mobile. Here’s all you need to do to get married:

  • Reach 7th experience level – the option to get married will not be unlocked until the overall experience level in the game reaches 7.
  • Suggest – In addition to your level 7 game experience, you will also need a relationship with a level 7 Sim to ask them a question.
  • Complete the Wedding Collection – if you want to get married, you must also have the right equipment. Once your proposal is approved, buy three items for your wedding collection. You will find them by following these steps:
    • Open the furniture menu on the right side of the game screen
    • Tap the Build menu icon
    • Tap on Home Items Collection
    • Swipe until you see the Wedding collection.
    • Buy three items and place them in your backyard.

    How does a Sim’s life change after they get married? It really isn’t. Apart from the fact that there is an extra body in the house, you spend most of the day the same as before.

    Sims Mobile Family Relationships: How To Have Babies, Age Them Up And More

    sims, cell phone, how to get married, have, baby, relationship, tips, guide, age, up, baby

    Once you find your life partner, you may be interested in hearing the patter of little feet. If you find you have childhood fever, here are the steps to bring it into the world.

    How to have a baby

    • Reach EXP Level 11 – Similar to marriage, experience is required before you can have a child. In this case, it unlocks at player level 11.
    • Buy the Stork Visit Bassinet – it’s the only ‘required’ item to take your baby home, although you’ll be donating loads of cash in the future to make it bloom. You will find the gondolas in the furniture menu on the right side of the game screen. Tap the chair icon, then Babies & Babies and scroll until you see the crib.
    • Choose Birth or Adoption – Once you have a crib, just touch it and the options for birth or adoption will appear. If you want a biological baby, you will need a double bed in the house. Otherwise, adoption is the only option. Adoption takes 30 minutes.

    How To Grow A Child: Growing A Child From Infant To Toddler To Adult

    When your baby is born, she comes with the event, just like your other relationships. The more you “socialize” with your child, the more likely it is that they will acquire the “Well Managed” trait that will make them more successful in adulthood. In the meantime, here’s what you need to do to “grow old” your child and move on to childhood and beyond.

    As you care for your baby, you will notice that some developmental changes are starting to emerge. Soon your little Sim will begin to think about emoji just like adult Sims do. If you notice that your child is thinking about a birthday cake, touch that thought bubble before it disappears! This will automatically age your baby to the next stage of development.

    What Happens When Child Sims Become Adults? – The satisfying aspect of having a Sim Child is that when he grows up he can take the place of playable Sims when they retire. If you choose to retire a Sim, they will no longer be playable, so posterity must continue their legacy.

    Freddie panics with an automatic “prenatal panic!” action that cannot be interrupted, but it’s okay: let this ungrateful pass out, because Christine is the one who is doing the hardest part!

    Getting Pregnant

    As in real life, Try for Baby is not always an automatic success. Your Sims may have to try the baby a few times before you are successful. (The Fertile Reward feature can help if things just don’t click for your Sim.) The only way to find out if your Sim is pregnant or not is to select her as the active Sim and click a nearby toilet that will show Do pregnancy test ($ 15). Do it, and assuming both simulations are successful, the female sim will get food for two! bonus (as well as sudden weight gain). If nothing happens, you’ll just have to try again.

    A little sim cheered up by an adult Sim in The Sims 4. Babies can turn into babies as soon as you like.

    A little sim cheered up by an adult Sim in The Sims 4. Babies can turn into babies as soon as you like.

    The Pregnancy

    The rest of this process is fairly straightforward. Your sim will now have a distinct baby lump and will progress to the second and third trimesters for the next two days. Few of the changes in the second trimester of pregnancy, although in the third, your sim will likely be uncomfortable, often hanging around their new load. Avoid physical activity in the third trimester. These days, your sim can show off their baby to other Sims, especially to their father; depending on how much the sims like children, the reactions will vary. (And no, you don’t have to share big news with your father. He’ll figure it out himself. However, you usually get a mood boost from it.)

    During the third trimester, a Sim will achieve Gone Into Labor status at some point. When this happens, the sim will feel extremely uncomfortable until she gives birth. Place a cradle at home and you will be able to give birth or give birth in the hospital; anyway, you have a baby. If your Sim has twins or triplets, you will magically get extra gondolas. (I have been told the Sim will eventually give birth to the baby themselves if you do nothing to induce labor. In this case, you seem to be getting the crib for free.)

    The Sims 4 is a life simulation game that lets you take control of your Sim’s life and experiment with different personalities. When it comes to having children, there are a few important things you need to know about pregnancy in The Sims 4.

    How to Change Gender and Have a Girl or Boy Baby in Sims 4?

    Do you want to get your sim pregnant with a child of a certain sex? There are two ways to change your baby’s sex. One with a 100% guarantee and the other with a 50-50 chance.

    How to change gender and have a girl or boy in The Sims 4 game

    First of all, I will guide you through the 100% guaranteed method, which is the cheat method (using the Sims 4 pregnancy codes). Follow the instructions given below to apply this method:

    • Open the game, then use the hotkeys to open a command console.
      • In Microsoft Windows: press Ctrl + Shift + Alt
      • On macOS: Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt
      • On PS4: Press all four buttons on the shoulder
      • For Xbox One: Press all four shoulder buttons

      Now, if you don’t want to cheat, you can also try the other method given below.

      Now I am going to teach you a trick that may work for your situation. Most of our users found it very effective, so I recommend trying this method before anything else, then let us know how well it worked. Follow the instructions given below as required.

      • If you want a girlfriend, have your Sim listen to pop music and eat strawberries.
      • If you want a boy, your Sim must listen to alternative music and eat carrots.

      Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats for Twins (2022)

      If you want to give your pregnant twins sim, these tips are for you. There is nothing better than having two newborn babies at once! These methods work fine and will get the job done even in hard mode. Both methods are good, but the success rate of the second method is lower than that of the first method.

      The Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats For Twins (2022)

      The best way to get two babies in The Sims 4 is to cheat (Using Sims 4 twins cheats pregnancy). This method has a 100% success rate and every user found it helpful, so follow these steps to have twins in Sims 4:

      • The first step is to get a Sim ID by using a shortcut, such as “sims.get_sim_id_by_name (enter your Sim’s name here)”.
      • Now you will get a long list that you need to copy.
      • Open the command console using the shortcut keys given below:
        • In Microsoft Windows: press Ctrl + Shift + Alt
        • On macOS: Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt
        • On PS4: Press all four buttons on the shoulder
        • For Xbox One: Press all four shoulder buttons

        If you don’t like cheating, there is another way that may work to your advantage. It may have a lower success rate than some of the other methods, but don’t be put off as this sometimes happens to our users as well.

        This is a practical method, you can get a fertility massage if you know a Sim with wellness skills and have the spa pack installed. Additionally, if your Fate Trait is “On the Ley”, you have a better chance of having twins. Again, however, the only way to be sure you have 100% twins is to use the Sims 4 Pregnancy Code.

        Each trimester of pregnancy comes with a new +1 Happy Moodlet to help you track your pregnancy progress. The moodlet “Eat for Two” applies to the first trimester of pregnancy.

        Conception and Pregnancy

        Christine, however, could have made that decision sooner if she had wanted to. The Sims 4 allows unmarried couples to live in separate houses, and Christine could use the “Try Your Child” option. ”Command from Freddie regardless of their social status. She may have gotten pregnant when she was unmarried and Freddie was still alive “Out of this world” as per the Manage Worlds screen. For Christine, the decision comes from a safe place, as a single parent with a small home does not give her child the best chance for a virtual life.

        A couple could adopt a 1,000-cent child using a computer, but Christine decides to approach the challenge the classic way. He interacts with his bed, chooses “Try for the baby”. “And the fireworks begin.

        Unlike previous versions of the series, there is no special musical tone to indicate pregnancy. However, there is a much more direct method of checking. When the couple wake up in the morning with Christine as the active Sim, we can interact with the toilet and select the “Do a pregnancy test” option. Unlike the real world, The Sims 4 Pregnancy Test is absolutely guaranteed.

        Christine ignores this option and instead acts normal throughout the day. If she was indeed pregnant, she would realize it later that evening, or perhaps the next morning, when she was first hit by morning sickness. Since both Christine and Freddie were influenced by positive emotions at the “Try Baby” command, it is almost certain that they will become pregnant. If either or both of them also had the fertility trait, conception could reach a 100% chance.

        Success! Christine is now “eating for two” and maybe more. Twins and triplets are possible, although they are difficult to find without one or both parents who have the fertility trait. We won’t know how much Christine has until the time is right.

        Speed Up Pregnancy Cheat

        Want to speed up your Sim’s pregnancy? There is a scam for this! Check out this wiki page to see how, and check out the other code pages for more info!

        During pregnancy, Christine will suffer a greater loss of hunger and energy needs. Naps can be frequent and may require extra food here and there. He cannot exercise, and some other physical activities will also be banned; the option will just be greyed out on the wheel menu. Hovering over this will give an explanation.

        However, most of the actions are still feasible. Christine is still expected to arrive on time for work and the promotions do not end or slow down for her. At least her daily task (“romantic actions” as she is in the career of a super agent) is fairly easy to complete. Freddie certainly wants to play the other half.

        We can hover over the Moodlet to see Christine’s progress. Each trimester lasts for one day, so labor is expected approximately 72 hours after the first notification that she is pregnant. This means four days after conception, not three; The countdown doesn’t start until you officially notice your Sim is pregnant, although we may have sped it up with the pregnancy test.

        Caring for Babies

        Childcare has been greatly simplified in The Sims 4. Anna cannot be selected as the Active Sim, although we can see her colored background in her portrait to define her mood. Babies have almost three settings: normal, sleepy, or noisy and unpleasant. They only start crying when they are hungry, dirty with a used diaper, or when they feel a little lonely.

        After a few hours, Anna begins to cry. Christine’s immediate reaction is to pick her up and rock her. If you don’t see the green “smoke” pointing to a dirty diaper, your first action should be to engage in any kind of social interaction in case your baby is lonely. On top of that, it adds a few relationship points that will go 1: 1 as the child ages.

        This time for Annie, socialization was enough, but the babies are born hungry and the couple were too exhausted after giving birth to feed her. Christine interacts with the gondola, then selects “Pass. “A new feature in The Sims 4 is to allow a mother to breastfeed her baby, not just using a standard bottle.

        There seems to be no major game difference between the two options, although breastfeeding enhances the outcome of the relationship much better than bottlefeeding. Breastfeeding is only recommended when you have the option, unless you don’t want the baby and mother to get along. Of course, Freddie and everyone else can only use bottles, which is more than enough if Christine is in a time-consuming situation.

        If Christine or Freddy try to feed Anna when she is not hungry, Anna will refuse and they will all suffer a very minor blow to the relationship. If you want to be sure, try rocking your baby when she cries, and if she’s still crying, feed her. Otherwise, if rocking was enough for her, don’t bother trying to feed her. It is assumed that you do not have the Parenthood game pack installed; if you do, your Sim can level up enough in Parenting Skill so that they can directly see what the child needs through social interaction.

        As long as Anna is awake, anyone (family and invited guests) can interact with her, coo, talk to her, or do other things related to the baby. This will enhance relationship outcomes and is highly recommended for all family members including parents and siblings.

        However, unlike previous games in the series, Anna cannot leave the gondola. Technically speaking, babies are “objects” of the world, not individuals. Long-time veterans of the series will recognize that this is closer to The Sims 1 than The Sims 2 or 3.

        It’s subjective whether this is a change for the better overall, but this change has some positive effects in the game. For example, both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 had bugs that allowed your neighbors to pick up your baby and just walk away with him. In addition, adults in both games were able to pick up the child and then leave them somewhere in the parking lot to lie down on the cold floor, possibly even outside. For better or for worse, babies as special objects facilitate interaction and allow the player to better control the situation. A baby’s cry will wake everyone up in the same room, and by moving the cradle, you can perfectly position when, where and how your older Sims can respond to your baby’s needs.

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