When Does Midnight Hunt Release on Arena. When does innistrad midnight hunt release

FromTheShire: Izzet is always on the lookout for the next cantrips, and while it’s not a guarantee, in the right deck it can certainly get you there.

When Does Midnight Hunt Release on Arena?

Do you want to know when Midnight Hunt will be released in the Arena? For the exact release time of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, check out this article for more information.

Maintenance will begin on September 16 at around 8:00 CEST (15:00 UTC). This should take around four hours – or a bit more if there are any issues with the update. Sometimes we are even lucky and the kit is released early. Find out more about the update below.

UPDATE: The Midnight Hunt bundle is now LIVE in the Arena! Check out the MTG Arena codes for the three free packages and our midnight hunting guide for more wins.

Midnight Hunt Release Time on MTG Arena

You can also check the approximate release time of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, based on your timezone, in the table below:

Region The time of release of the midnight hunt
USA, Canada (Pacific) 11:00 CET (September 16)
USA, Canada (mountains) 12:00 MT (September 16)
USA, Canada (Center) 1:00 PM CT (September 16)
USA, Canada (East) 2:00 PM ET (September 16)
USA, Canada (Atlantic) 15:00 AT (September 16)
Brazil 15:00 CEST (September 16)
United Kingdom 7:00 p.m. EDT (September 16)
Central Europe 8:00 p.m. EDT (September 16)
Australia 3:30 AM ACST (September 17)

Check the Maintenance Progress

The update can be problematic (the last few have had their problems), so if Arena doesn’t launch as expected, check out the Twitter Customer Service Wizards for more information. They usually tweet when maintenance starts and after it is finished. There you will also find out about possible delays.

If these aren’t that exciting for you and you’re only playing MTG in the Arena, you’ll be glad to know the next thing.

Midnight Hunt Arena Code

As always, you can expect a new code for 3 free Midnight Hunt boosters. You’ll find it and all other MTG Arena cheats here. The code will be available after the maintenance is completed.

BPhilipYork: I think it’s potentially pretty strong when combined with cards like Burial, Buried Alive, and Unmarked Grave. It’s a bit expensive, but allows you to get a total of 4 minions for 11 mana, putting 2 to play and 2 to your hand.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Release Dates

Loyal Gryff Innistrad Midnight hunt

The first release date for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt comes from MTG Arena. The digital bundle will arrive with the Mastery Pass on Thursday, September 16.

A day later, on Friday, September 17, there is a paper pre-premiere. The home pre-order versions are still a great option these days, even with more local game stores open. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, but check with your LGS to see if they are organizing an event on the day.

Finally, the full paper version of Innistrad: The Hunt at Midnight will arrive on Friday, September 24th. Then all products will be widely available online and in stationary stores.

Boxed Prodcut List

Double for Dominance Innistrad Midnight Hunt

Depending on your preferred format, there are many products available to keep you going for your Innistrad: Midnight Hunt release. Starting with the most expensive items, you can buy the Collector Booster Box, Set Booster Box and Draft Booster box. They are best suited to the standard game format.

Two reconstructed decks are available for Commander fans. Sabbath counters and release the undead. Leinore, Autumn Sovereign, and Wilhelt, Rotcleaver are the commanders who direct the decks.

Finally, if you are looking for a smaller product with a few boosters and some soil, choose the Bundle Box. These include 8 Kits Boosters, 20 Foil Lands, 20 Non Foil Lands, 1 Promo Card, and the D20 Set Theme.

BPhilipYork: Another way to get day into night that unfortunately I don’t think will matter much in Commander. If it’s good enough to play it will likely break the formats you have constructed, but otherwise it probably won’t be sufficient support for day / night cards.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Will you try to chase away the coming darkness? Or embrace the power of the oncoming darkness? Let’s guess; you just want to check out all the new cards and new mechanics in the freshly revised Standard Environment.


  • Keep an eye on @Wizards_Help for the latest updates on maintenance times.
  • Pre-order before the clock strikes Innistrad: The Midnight Hunt!

Day & Night, Daybound & Nightbound

While we strongly recommend you check out the aforementioned Innistrad Mechanics article: Night Hunt for more information on how this new mechanic works in magic, let us nevertheless show you how it will work on MTG Arena using our familiar friend, the Ruffian Tavern.

Tavern rogue

Tavern Destroyer

As noted in the full mechanics article, there is neither day nor night when the game starts. When it’s day, night, or daytime again (as these things happen, in-game, and beyond) you’ll see a short but impossible to miss visual indicator: bright and golden sun for the day or a silvery full moon for the night.

MTG Arena day indicator

MTG Arena night indicator

While our companions at the table will equip you with a card that can be used to remind you of the day / night card rules, which can also be used to track the current state of play manually, at MTG Arena players need look no further than the icon on the left their screen, where our emblems enjoy watching the game. Hover over the reminder image (or touch and hold on mobile devices) to display the reminder’s full text as shown in the screenshot below.

Text reminder of the MTG Arena night

Some other important reminders:

  • You can hover your mouse over (or tap and hold on mobile) a transforming double-sided card to see the other side of the card. For day and night related creatures, you can right click to view the full text of the rules reminder.
  • Day and night do not affect the cards that are thrown in the pile. Using the example above, if you cast a Tavern Ruffian at night, it will be a Tavern Ruffian in the stack. Once the spell is resolved, he will enter the battlefield as a Tavern Smasher.

BPhilipYork: It’s a decent control card for Gruul, in particular you can throw it on your own lands if you want, and in that sense it’s a Harrow upgrade as it’s more flexible and has flashbacks.

Set Mechanics


While technically not a new mechanic, “day” and “night” are the keywords that make the new transforming double-sided cards a lot easier to follow.

Take, for example, the mayor of Avabruck. He says, “At the beginning of each upkeep, if no spells were cast in the final turn, transform into Mayor of Avabruck.” On the other hand (Howlpack Alpha) we read: “At the beginning of each maintenance, if a player cast two or more spells in the final turn, transform into Howlpack Alpha.”

These long snippets of text have been replaced with day and night related texts that look so much nicer on the Magic tab. Additionally, we get these really cool Day and Night tokens:

These tokens not only help from a thematic point of view, but also allow cards such as Tovolar, Dire Overlord to transform werewolf cards under conditions other than just counting the cards thrown by the player during his turn.

Werewolves aren’t the only two-faced creatures in Midnight Hunt. Creatures from any tribe can be equipped with the new “disturb” mechanic that allows you to throw them from the graveyard for an alternative cost. When you do this, this creature will enter the battlefield changed.

It’s important to note that you can cast a minion for its disruptive cost regardless of how it entered the graveyard, so discarding or disrupting milling is a good value.

Join the dance

Flashback is another Innistrad mechanic returning to MTG from Midnight Hunt. A flashback spell can be cast from your graveyard for its flashback cost, which is usually more expensive than its normal cost.

Flashback provides free built-in value for your spells, and also works well with the synergy of discards, self-milling, and graveyard. Join the Dance is an average but playable spell that has an expensive second cast.


Secrets of the key

“Research” is a mechanic returning from Shadows Over Innistrad. Each time you research, you create a Clue token. It’s a bit like drawing a card only slower.

You can spend a Clue at any time, assuming you have mana to activate its ability. This is a great mechanic for Limited where it is difficult to draw cards and generate value.


Sigarda, Master of Light

“Sabbath” is a new mechanic that determines the type of reward triggered for having three or more creatures with different powers, much like a witch’s coven. This trigger occurs at the start of combat on your turn. The easiest way to build a good coven deck is to play a large number of creatures with different powers.

Revenge of the Drowned

Another new mechanic for the Innistrad kits is “broken”. A decayed creature cannot block, and its controller sacrifices it at the end of combat after it attacks. Creatures with a rotting creature are generally weaker than creatures without it because they can only attack once, but cards with this mechanic compensate for this by having other powerful effects alongside the rotting creature.

Land Lovers Rejoice

Slow Lands

Slow lands is a completely new series of two-color lands that have the potential to enter the game untapped, assuming the right conditions are met. Unlike fast lands, which require two or fewer other lands in the game to enter unused, slow lands require two or more other lands in play if you want to use them immediately.

Gamers love building greedy mana bases for their standard decks, so these sluggish lands will be in high demand for the next few months (or years).

Eternal Night Basic Lands

We also received a set of 10 core realms with full graphics, called the ‘Eternal Night’ bases. They appear in Draft, Collector, and Set Boosters. You are guaranteed one in each drafting booster.

Coven is a skill word used to emphasize abilities that get better if you control three or more creatures with different powers. Permissions as in strength / endurance, the number of the left side of the backslash in the lower right corner of the card.


source: Wizards of the Coast

source: Wizards of the Coast

BPhilipYork: The jam skill here is really strong and UW for 2/3 with lifelink and decent stax skill is very playable in my opinion. The downside, of course, is that you can only get 1 Clue per turn, otherwise this card would be really out of control and the interference with rage would be enormous. Even so, I think you can see it in Azorius’ decks.

FromTheShire: Both sides are valuable, but you really want a revelation. I would like to give it a chance in Esper controls or certainly in milling / self-milling decks.

source: Wizards of the Coast

BPhilipYork: It is moderately playable with some deck types, you can flicker a Wandering Dragon or a Betrayal Agent to fit well with the Brago, King Eternal and Yorion decks, but otherwise its speed is too low so it may not be for utility purposes to protect your creatures.

FromTheShire: I think it’s quite difficult for a commander, unless you use it as part of a combo on your turn. If the Espera control deck I’ve heard about actually materializes in Standard, I can absolutely see that it’s a handy tool in the meta with loads of disturbed and transformed creatures.

source: Wizards of the Coast

BPhilipYork: Honestly for Teferi this card is so tame. Useful as an ingredient against Chain Veil decks or other decks where you really want to untap a powerful artifact, something like the Scepter of the Judge. Plus, I don’t think this stands out enough to try to protect it in a 4-player game.

FromTheShire: Another possible power of Standard, people have already noticed that he gains infinite life from Lithoform Engine, mana dork and any land, and also gives infinite mana if the dork knocks for more than 1. If you feel like it, he can certainly do these Same antics at the Superfriends deck.

source: Wizards of the Coast

BPhilipYork: Average at best for a zombie tribe, yet boring.

FromTheShire: There’s already a Dimir Zombies deck that scores in Standard, and getting half of the Lord effect you really care about at 2 drops is not bad for a Commander either.

source: Wizards of the Coast

source: Wizards of the Coast

BPhilipYork: Suddenly I think of Sage of Hours and I use it to do several turns by banishing a lot of creatures from your graveyard. Theoretically, it could be your commander and you could use it to inflate him and make him unblockable, but I don’t find this Ludevic impressed.

Multicolor Double-faced

source: Wizards of the Coast

source: Wizards of the Coast

FromTheShire: It’s unlikely that it would end up in the Werewolf deck, but if the People deck does materialize, it will definitely be there in terms of the Devil Hunter impression.

source: Wizards of the Coast

source: Wizards of the Coast

FromTheShire: This fits Edric’s deck, but other than that, I’m trying to see where that is happening in any format.

Despite the abundance of werewolves and other night dwellers, humans flock deep in the woods of the village of Kessig, but they have strength and hope. But the story does not end with one focus of the event.

  • 1 package to win, minimum 1 package. Nobody comes home without a reward!
  • Additional packages and promotional packages for the best players.
  • Special bonus prizes for top players
  • Special door prizes to be given in addition to payouts for tournament packages.

celebrate the official street release with us!

instrad: hunting at midnight

We will be hosting a Draft event using the new kit.

Registration will begin 30 minutes before the event. A code will be displayed on the TV in Gaming Hall for you to join via the Magic Companion App and the list will be available for signing on at the checkout.

  • 1 package to win, minimum 1 package. Nobody comes home without a reward!
  • Additional packages and promotional packages for the best players.
  • Special bonus prizes for top players
  • Special door prizes to be given in addition to payouts for tournament packages.

Important! DCI numbers are no longer used in the Wizards of the Coast organized game in Magic the Gathering. Players now register for events using the Magic Companion App. This app provides registration tools, direct pairing rounds, scores, and more. Using this app is not 100% required but is strongly recommended for a smooth Magic experience due to the new Magic events administration program.

The code will be displayed on the TV screen in our Game Room before each event. Enter this code in the application to subscribe to the event list. If you do not have access to this app, please let our jurors know so they can add you manually.

What else to take? Noble Knight Games will provide land cards for this sealed event. We suggest you bring your spin-down dice or life meter, tokens, a playing mat, sleeves, and a deck box for your newly drawn cards. They are not required, but are recommended to facilitate the game and protect your cards. If you need any of them, our store support team will be happy to help you choose them. We have tons of options!

These tokens not only help from a thematic point of view, but also allow cards such as Tovolar, Dire Overlord to transform werewolf cards under conditions other than just counting the cards thrown by the player during his turn.

Mtg Innistrad Midnight Hunt Spoilers

So far, only a few spoilers have been revealed, so we expect a real spoiler season in a few weeks. So far, six cards have been shown, and each of them brings something interesting to the upcoming expansion. Modern Horizons has a brand new version of Planewalker, the late version of the classic Human card and some standard staples. Here are the mtg innistrad spoilers on the midnight sun card list,

Champion of Missing (Rare, Black)

Hell’s Embrace (Black)

Play with fire (red)

Join the dance (white / green, unusual)

Triskaidekaphile (rare, blue)

Wrenn and Seven (mythical rare, green)

instrad hunting spoilers at midnight

mtg innistrad hunting midnight hunt spoiler season

hunt release date at midnight mtg innistrad

instrad spoiler hunt at mid-season

mtg innistrad hunting spoilers at midnight

midnight hunting spoilers

spoilers mtg innistrad

hunting instrad at midnight

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