Where Are Asus Laptops Manufactured. Where are asus laptops made

The penultimate step is assembly. Above is a close-up of some of the components that make up the new ZenBook Pro Duo, including the ScreenPad Plus, which takes up nearly the entire base of the laptop above the keyboard.

10 Best Laptops Not Made in China for 2022

Since the world is in a situation where the world economy has collapsed due to one particular country, we try to avoid any kind of business dealings with that country. We believe in products that are not made in China, which is why this is the item you are looking for. This article is entirely dedicated to the best laptops not made in China and all related information.

As we progress, we also have to accept the fact that we cannot find a laptop that is 100% different from Chinese laptop brands, but we have tried and kept it as free from Chinese products as possible.

For your reference, we provide the best non-Chinese laptop brands:-

  • Micromax (India)
  • Samsung (South Korea)
  • Toshiba (Japan)
  • Fujitsu (Japan)
  • Microsoft (United States)
  • Panasonic (Japan)
  • Sharp (Japan)
  • LG-Gram (South Korea)

Here are some of the best-known laptop brands that are not made in China. Now let’s move on to the best laptops made in other countries in detail.

Best Laptops Not Made in China

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 15.6

These South Korean brands fall into this category and also have some amazing features that you can take a look at. Specifically, the operating system of this laptop is Windows 10 home.

This laptop has one of the longest-lasting batteries and has a wireless power share. This laptop’s network speed is three times faster than any other laptop and downloads files in seconds.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Ion 15.6

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