Where do i get my destiny 2 beta code. Where do i get my destiny 2 beta code

Did you notice that PC beta testing is not on this list? With a significant delay in the store prior to the full Destiny 2 PC release, the beta will also begin later. Bungie has yet to specify when the PC beta will be released, except for the “late August” timeframe. We expect the same Early Access and Open Test Periods on PC.

Destiny 2 beta error codes: what to do about Moose and Weasel, crashes and identified points

Destiny 2 Beta should not be without its problems. Here is the latest information about the error codes and points identified.

If you’re having a problem with the Destiny 2 beta, it could be a bug or simply the truth that you are serving to check out an unfinished product. In both cases, it is not sudden and it is best to anticipate breaks in the game.

However, that doesn’t mean you just have to live with it. In front of

Destiny 2 beta identified points

The biggest and most visible drawback that Bungie has prematurely highlighted is network points, one thing you will surely come across under stress, look at it this way. Other points include location names not shown in Crucible matches, errors with joining an ongoing sport such as the Reverse Spire strike, missing locations for some content, and bonus content.

Here is the total record at the time of writing:

  • Players can see a wide variety of network error codes when trying to play the beta
  • Bungie will likely be testing server stability throughout the beta, which may cause error codes to appear periodically
  • Location names usually do not appear throughout the Crucible game
  • Players are usually thrown into orbit after seeing a black screen during a countdown match
  • Players can usually be placed at the start of a Reverse Spire attack as they become members in progress
  • Sandbox balancing keeps falling: some weapons or talents can do more or less damage than intended
  • Not all content was localized in all languages
  • If you encounter any community issues during the Destiny 2 Beta, please refer to our Community Troubleshooting Information to ensure Destiny community settings are correct

Bungie advises players to report any points not listed above to the support forum if and when they encounter them.


Two days are enough to learn about all three available activities. However, you can choose one class and gain experience for it. Depends what role do you prefer when playing FPS games?

How to Get Into the Open Beta on PC

To access the Destiny 2 Open Beta starting August 29, 2017, first download and install the Blizzard desktop app,

Once installed, you will be able to download and install Destiny 2. This installation will remain active until the end of the Open Beta on August 31, 2017.

How to Redeem a Destiny 2 Beta Code

You’re probably wondering which console uses the nine-character code format. The answer is none. Instead, you’ll want to go to Bungie.net and your Profile Code Portal to redeem the code.

Don’t have an account on bungie.net? No worries! You only need an Xbox or PlayStation Network account to sign up and the rest are mostly automatic. Just go to the bungie.net homepage and click “Register” in the top right corner of the page.

You want to go to a page that looks like the one above. You can do this by clicking on the link above or by going to the bungie.net homepage, hovering over your profile avatar and then going to the “Redeem Code” option”.

Enter the code in the field as shown above and click “Enter” when done. Please note that if you try to redeem fancy codes, you will not be able to enter codes for a while.

After you redeem your code on Bungie.net, go to the Codes tab on your profile page to select your platform and region.

After selecting the platform, you will receive a code that you can use on the selected console.

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Can’t Install or Download the Destiny 2 Beta

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