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The inclusion of Vagabond in Destiny 2 has created some epic memes, and these are ten of the best and funniest.

Destiny 2: 10 Hilarious Memes About The Drifter That Will Leave You Laughing

The inclusion of Vagabond in Destiny 2 has created some epic memes, and these are ten of the best and funniest.

Alright, alright, alright! Newly introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken, the Vagabond is a rogue light bearer and the owner of a hybrid PvEvP game mode, Gambit. Not quite a hero and not quite a villain, Drifter surrounds himself and the things he is associated with, a mystery, creating his own unique place in Destiny 2’s history and amongst a unique and unforgettable cast.

However, despite his unique position, he is in no way exempt from being turned into a meme like everyone else, and here are ten excellent examples of how he can be a meme.

Our Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter guide has everything you need to know about all the new activities coming to the Season of the Drifter DLC, including Gambit Prime, The Reckoning, as well as all the new weapons, armor, and gameplay updates.

Here’s a quick overview of all the new activities coming with Season of the Drifter:

Gambit Prime

Gambit takes center stage in Season of the Drifter. Namely, it will receive some tweaks that should make it a more balanced, enjoyable game mode. Moreover, there will be four new armor sets with Gambit-specific features that will make PVE / PVP even more competitive.

One of the biggest changes to Gambit is match length. Now, each match only lasts for one round, which should make everything more meaningful and exciting while eliminating the fatigue associated with being drawn for the best of three.

We’ve also summed up all of the other changes below:

  • Players can now drain crumbs from the enemy team’s bank.
  • The ancient bosses are more difficult at the end and will require more teamwork to defeat them.
  • There will be private Gambit matches.
  • Two new maps will appear in Gambit, one on Mars and one on Titan.
  • New Gambit weapons will appear.


Reckoning is the pinnacle of the PVE experience, and it will get harder and harder as you unlock new levels throughout the season.

It feels like a race against time to clear as many waves as possible in PVE space, and according to the developers: “Every week you play, hoping to come out with more and more armor pieces for Gambit Prime”.

Gameplay Updates

Bungie has learned his past mistakes with the Black Armory and is making sure anyone with an Annual Pass gets access to Season of the Drifter content as soon as it drops.

This time around, Bounty Power Surge will be available, which will allow players to catch up with the Guardians and reach level 50, 640 as quickly as possible.

The Iron Banner will also return, as well as new exotic weapons and armor.

Destiny 2: Season of the Vagabond begins next week and it looks like players will have plenty to do with the plan.

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What is the Vagabond really up to? Our Destiny 2 Drifter Lore post explains everything we know about him, Gambit, and Season of the Drifter.

Civilian Atrium South

The tramp passed the corner of the Bazaar and grabbed a cloth hanging from one of the stalls.

He dodged the gate, passing through a rarely used door into a civilian corridor. He wrapped the cloth around himself as he walked, covering his head and covering his face. He gradually changed his gait and posture during the walk: he moved a little slower, slumped a little lower. When he stepped out into the next atrium, he felt as if he had aged sixty years.

Noticing a group of elders basking in the sun, he shifted and sat down as one of them.

– Are you new here? one of them screeched.

“I always feel like it,” he replied squeakily.

“I know what you mean,” the elder said, staring at the squad of Titans passing by, their armor reflecting the sky. “They always remain the same,” he pointed at them. “Everything around them changes according to their whims. For better or for worse.”

“You’re right.” This was not what he meant. When traffic stops, he will be able to go straight to the annex. No Guardians to pester him about the rules or changes to Gambit payouts.

He hated going out there with the Lights. He was pissed off by their zeal. He only did it because he had to eat. What he loved about Gambit was one thing, and only one thing: the delicious Shards of Darkness.

the bench creaked as someone sat down next to him. He didn’t bother looking up. Eventually they will go away.

“It turns out your information was solid,” said the voice. “To my surprise.”

He turned to look and saw a woman: brown skin, a crooked nose, intelligent eyes, and a hard gaze. She was wearing a black trench coat and light armor underneath. Wizard. He didn’t know her. “You mistook me, my dear,” he shuddered.

She handed him an elaborately designed plaque the size of a Titan’s fist. Cormorant seal.

“The information you sold us on Shadows was solid,” she repeated. “Are you switching sides?”

He blinked. There is no point in pretending. He dropped the act sitting erect. “I’m not on any side but mine. Are they alive?”

The elders on his right frowned and began to talk humbly among themselves.

“All but one. We couldn’t get there before our mutual friend started working.”

– These three were idiots. They chased legends. No danger to anyone but themselves.”

“I don’t think you have a good indicator for that. But now they are under arrest.”

“If you’re finished, I’d like to spend more time with my blanket and those crispy dudes.”

“We listened to your protégé’s tapes,” she said.

“You bastards,” he said without the fire.

“The Vanguard thinks they can use you,” she said.

“What do you think?”

– You are a criminal who cannot be trusted. But… Orin gave you a chance.”

He turned to look at her.

“And I think you think you can bring her back,” she continued. He said nothing, but he didn’t look away either.

Aunor got up. – Just like you.”

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