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Capcom’s Resident Evil series features many playable characters, some of which are iconic. Here are their age, height and birthdays.

Resident Evil: Every Playable Character’s Age, Height, And Birthday

Capcom’s Resident Evil series features many playable characters, some of which are iconic. Here are their age, height and birthdays.

Resident Evil is one of the longest and most loved game series in the world. The original version of Resident Evil was published by Capcom in 1996, making 2021 the 25th anniversary of Jill and Chris’ debut with mutant humans, killer dogs, and giant sharks.

A huge amount of Resident Evil content has been produced over the past 25 years, many of which are worth revisiting (and some are worth forgetting). Through many series games, remakes, remasters, movies and even stage plays, RE has accumulated a great deal of knowledge about its main characters. As Resident Evil Village is the next step in the stories of Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield, there has never been a better time to brush up on the basics – birth year, age, and height – about Resident Evil’s beloved main characters.

Updated June 26, 2021 by Renan Fontes: The Resident Evil series has a rich history of the main playable characters. While Village is the exception – keeping Ethan as the hero from the last game – virtually every new title changes the leader. This was taken to the extreme in Resident Evil 7 and its DLC, which spun its own large support cast (even including Chris Redfield) to tell the whole story. Unlike previous games, RE7’s main cast are mostly civilians overhead, which adds an extra layer of tension to the plot.

Summary of Resident Evil events leading to Resident Evil Village.

What Happened Before Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil 0

This title was released after the first three games and a few spin-offs, but is still playing out before the events of the first installment.

Resident Evil 0 follows Rebecca Chambers, a Special Tactics And Rescue Service officer, as she is on her way to investigate some of the cannibalistic murders in the Arklay Mountains. Rebecca and the rest of the STARS Bravo team are on their way by helicopter before they crash into a nearby forest. Upon awakening, she discovers the Ecliptic Express and finds that the train’s passengers have been attacked and turned into zombies.

Finds Billy Coen while exploring the train and looking for answers. He learns that he is a former Marine Recon officer who was to be executed for the murder of 23 people. The gendarmerie van he was driving in crashed nearby, which connected the two of them.

They soon land in a nearby building after the train stops in a difficult collision parking lot after it suddenly starts moving again. They discover that the facility they arrived at is an outdated Umbrella facility intended for corporate executives.

They also learn that former facility director and co-founder Dr. James Marcus discovered the Progenitor virus in the 1960s and set out to investigate its use as a biological weapon. Rebecca and Billy learn that Marcus has combined a progenitor virus with leech DNA to create a T virus that turns people and animals into zombies.

We learn that Wesker decided to leave Umbrella and join a rival company with the intention of continuing his research on the T virus. We also learn that he tried to convince Dr. William Birkin to join him, but was refused because Birkin wanted to further research the G virus in Umbrella. A little later, we will return to Birkin and his role in Umbrellas.

Rebecca and Billy remove Queen Leech, who is actually Dr. Marcus… well, in a way. Dr. Marcus was murdered after another Umbrella co-founder, Oswell Spencer, ordered him to remove him from the game. The leech experiment by Dr. Marcus entered his body after it was removed, transforming him into a being capable of shape-shifting and monstrous powers. The creature also had Marcus’ memories and caused the T virus to explode in revenge against the Umbrellas.

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