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Capcom’s Resident Evil series features many playable characters, some of which are iconic. Here are their age, height and birthdays.

Resident Evil: Every Playable Character’s Age, Height, And Birthday

Capcom’s Resident Evil series features many playable characters, some of which are iconic. Here are their age, height and birthdays.

Resident Evil is one of the longest and most loved game series in the world. The original version of Resident Evil was published by Capcom in 1996, making 2021 the 25th anniversary of Jill and Chris’ debut with mutant humans, killer dogs, and giant sharks.

A huge amount of Resident Evil content has been produced over the past 25 years, many of which are worth revisiting (and some are worth forgetting). Through many series games, remakes, remasters, movies and even stage plays, RE has accumulated a great deal of knowledge about its main characters. As Resident Evil Village is the next step in the stories of Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield, there has never been a better time to brush up on the basics – birth year, age, and height – about Resident Evil’s beloved main characters.

Updated June 26, 2021 by Renan Fontes: The Resident Evil series has a rich history of the main playable characters. While Village is the exception – keeping Ethan as the hero from the last game – virtually every new title changes the leader. This was taken to the extreme in Resident Evil 7 and its DLC, which spun its own large support cast (even including Chris Redfield) to tell the whole story. Unlike previous games, RE7’s main cast are mostly civilians overhead, which adds an extra layer of tension to the plot.

Summary of Resident Evil events leading to Resident Evil Village.

What Happened Before Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil 0

This title was released after the first three games and a few spin-offs, but is still playing out before the events of the first installment.

Resident Evil 0 follows Rebecca Chambers, a Special Tactics And Rescue Service officer, as she is on her way to investigate some of the cannibalistic murders in the Arklay Mountains. Rebecca and the rest of the STARS Bravo team are on their way by helicopter before they crash into a nearby forest. Upon awakening, she discovers the Ecliptic Express and finds that the train’s passengers have been attacked and turned into zombies.

Finds Billy Coen while exploring the train and looking for answers. He learns that he is a former Marine Recon officer who was to be executed for the murder of 23 people. The gendarmerie van he was driving in crashed nearby, which connected the two of them.

They soon land in a nearby building after the train stops in a difficult collision parking lot after it suddenly starts moving again. They discover that the facility they arrived at is an outdated Umbrella facility intended for corporate executives.

They also learn that former facility director and co-founder Dr. James Marcus discovered the Progenitor virus in the 1960s and set out to investigate its use as a biological weapon. Rebecca and Billy learn that Marcus has combined a progenitor virus with leech DNA to create a T virus that turns people and animals into zombies.

We learn that Wesker decided to leave Umbrella and join a rival company with the intention of continuing his research on the T virus. We also learn that he tried to convince Dr. William Birkin to join him, but was refused because Birkin wanted to further research the G virus in Umbrella. A little later, we will return to Birkin and his role in Umbrellas.

Rebecca and Billy remove Queen Leech, who is actually Dr. Marcus… well, in a way. Dr. Marcus was murdered after another Umbrella co-founder, Oswell Spencer, ordered him to remove him from the game. The leech experiment by Dr. Marcus entered his body after it was removed, transforming him into a being capable of shape-shifting and monstrous powers. The creature also had Marcus’ memories and caused the T virus to explode in revenge against the Umbrellas.

Billy and Rebecca defeat the creature and flee the object when Dr. William Birkin destroys it with a self-destruct sequence. Rebecca sees the Spencer mansion she learned about while traveling with Billy, and decides to head there to help the rest of the Bravo Team. He releases Billy and says his report will list him as dead due to the train crash and the horrors in the woods.

This brings us to the story of the first Resident Evil game.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil follows Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Barry Burton and Albert Wesker as they investigate a series of murders at the Spencer Mansion on the outskirts of Raccoon City.

You can play as Chris or Jill while exploring the mansion. Regardless of who you play, you will learn about the terrifying experiments that took place in the mansion under the leadership and control of Umbrella Corporation. In the mansion you will encounter zombies and other monsters that were the result of experiments and research.

You explore a secret underground lab (another base series) underneath the mansion before learning that Albert Wesker is a double agent clandestinely working for the Umbrella Corporation. It attacks the player’s character with a mutant monster known as the Tyrant, while the other character is held captive. The player defeats the Tyrant, saves the other character and seems to have killed Wesker as well. In the best and canonical ending, the player escapes by helicopter and the property is destroyed.

This brings us to Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, where things start to roll a bit.

Resident Evil 3

It’s not a typo. The events of Resident Evil 3 begin before Resident Evil 2. The games are somewhat mixed, but once they are over, everything makes sense.

The game opens with the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City. STARS broke with the powerful and corrupt influence of Umbrellas on the city and its police. The special team has come too close to revealing the evil corporation’s secrets in the spotlight. Their impact on the Racoon City Police Department will become more pronounced as the events of the next two games unfold.

Jill Valentine runs away without much support and help as her team no longer exists. He tries to flee the city when the virus is fully released and zombies are everywhere. Police and any hope of survival or help were overwhelmed. The city is lonely and plunged in darkness.

Bio Organic Weapons (known as BOW in the series) were released in the city for publicly dubious reasons, but the actual reason is that Umbrella could use them to hunt, kill, and silence former STAR members, including Jill Valentine.

A BOW called Nemesis is hunting Jill Valentine, and a bully BOW known as Mr. X is headed to the Raccoon City Police Department to hunt down STAR members, in addition to destroying evidence linking Umbrella to the virus outbreak and the resulting chaos.

Jill escapes from the Nemesis while working with Carlos Oliveria, Mikhail Victor and Nikolai Zinoviev of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (known as UBCS) to evacuate non-infected civilians and contain the epidemic as best as possible. Umbrella makes the classic mistake of trying to play both sides to get out on top.

Jill becomes infected with the G virus, and Carlos decides to look for a cure to save her.

This brings us to Resident Evil 2, but we’ll be back to Resident Evil 3 soon.

Resident Evil 2

Favorite series Leon Kennedy heads to Raccoon City for his first day as a cop. Claire Redfield has been unable to contact her brother Chris Redfield and also heads to town to find out what is going on.

Leon and Claire run into each other at a gas station on the outskirts of Raccoon City and are attacked by zombies. They survive and together they go to the Raccoon City Police Department. It’s a common goal and they want to help each other survive whatever is happening.

They are quickly separated after arriving outside the RPD due to a car accident, but still meet at times during their separate but related missions in the police department. They both want answers and they both want to get out of this city while saving as many people as possible.

Leon meets Ada Wong during the RPD investigation and learns that he is trying to get a sample of the G virus. They are attacked by Mr. X and flee to the city’s sewage system.

The couple meets Annette Birkin, who works for Umbrellas and is married to Dr. William Birkin, who tells Leon that Ada cannot be trusted and simply intends to sell a sample of the virus. Leon still agrees to help Ada, which ends up fighting a very mutated version of Dr. William Birkin. He barely avoids dying at the ends of an even stronger Mr. X with a rocket launcher thrown to him by Ada that will become the next staple of the series. Rocket launchers are the only way to kill anything in this universe.

Meanwhile, Claire finds Sherry Birkin, Annette and William’s daughter, and saves her from the villainous chief of police, Brian Irons. The player learns from Claire and Leon that Irons is looking the other way and allows the Umbrella Corporation to do whatever it wants in return for money and gifts.

We learn that Dr. William Birkin planned to sell G-Virus to the US Army, but was stopped by Umbrella’s internal security team. He injected himself with G-Virus after he was shot when he refused to surrender, which turned him into the monster that would eventually attack Leon and Claire while searching for his daughter, Sherry.

We also learn that Dr. William Birkin damaged the lab and leaked the T virus to Raccoon City.

Claire finds a cure to save Sherry, who was infected during the chaos.

Leon, Claire and Sherry flee together after they destroyed the terrifying and mutant Dr. William Birkin for the last time.

Resident Evil 3 (again)

Carlos Oliveria finds a cure for Jill Valentine and saves her. They both resume their attempt to flee the city, which will now be destroyed by a rocket strike to contain the virus.

Jill and Carlos destroy the BOW Nemesis and escape from the clutches of Nikolai, who planned to kill Jill in order to claim a bounty imposed on her head by Umbrella. As Jill and Carlos flee the city by helicopter, they witness a nuclear missile destroy the city. Jill decides to take revenge on Umbrellas.

This brings us to Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4

The most popular game in the series stars Leon Kennedy, who was sent to an unknown village in Spain in search of Ashely Graham, the missing daughter of the US President. This version is very standalone and doesn’t make a big difference to the overall story of the series. All you need to know here is that Leon survives, saves Ashely Graham and discovers the plan of cult leader Osmund Saddler.

Saddler’s plan was to use an infected Ashely Graham to infect the U.S. President with the same parasite to take over a world with America’s military strength and global influence.

The game ends with Leon and Ashley escaping on the jet ski, and Ada Wong secures a parasite sample to sell to Albert Wesker. Leon working for the president and Ada preparing a sample for Wesker are the most important parts of the series.

This brings us to Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 5

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine find the last co-founder of Umbrella in a secluded mansion in the Lost in Nightmares DLC for Resident Evil 5, which acts as a fun return to classic Resident Evil at a time when the series was quickly becoming something that resembled Gears of War much more than its roots as a survival horror series.

Albert Wesker is there and killed the surviving co-founder of Umbrellas. Jill attacks Wesker through a window and they fall off a cliff together and likely die, except that this is not the case as hardly anyone dies in this series unless they are hit by a rocket launcher.

Resident Evil 5’s main campaign kicks off with Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar researching the virus outbreak in Africa. Chris learns that Jill is still alive and later learns that she has been under Wesker control since the last time he saw her and thought she was dead.

Chris and Sheva stumble upon a cave containing the plants that gave life to the original Umbrellas virus known as the Progenitor Virus.

They learn that Tricell, BSAA’s parent company (for which Sheva works), is pursuing Umbrellas’ nefarious goals.

Chris and Sheva save Jill from Wesker by freeing her from his mind control device and defeat him at the volcano after Chris hits a giant boulder. Wesker’s plan to infect the world with the virus using rockets is stopped by Chris and Sheva, who shoot him with a rocket launcher.

This brings us to Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil 6

This is the most bloated entry in terms of characters, plot and unnecessary baggage. Now it’s more fun to play after Capcom put it together and delivered some worthwhile spin-offs and the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, but at the time it was a tough sale as it’s really just a Resident Evil name. The gameplay is very similar to Gears of War with virus-infected monsters instead of underground aliens.

In any case, the short version of the important events in this game is Neo-Umbrella, which is basically just a sequel to a company without a creative name, run by Ada Wong who is actually a clone.

Leon and his partner Helena kill the US President because he has been infected. This information was not widely known at the time, so Leon and Helena are forced to flee because the president’s bodyguard seems to have killed the president for no reason.

The president was targeted because he intended to expose Umbrellas’ secrets and try to hold the corporation accountable. Another virus outbreak has happened, but it was stopped with the help of Chris Redfield, Sherry Birkin and Jake Wesker (son of Albert Wesker). Ada Wong also destroys the lab that created Ada’s clone. It’s a mess in the game, but it’s very fun with a friend in local or online co-op.

This brings us to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Ethan Winters searches for his missing wife Mia in an old farmhouse in Louisiana. There is a crazy and violent family known as the Baker Family.

Ethan is captured by Jack Baker and has some terrifying encounters with family members while exploring the house. Like most of the Resident Evil villains, they refuse to die and continue regenerating.

Ethan finally learns that Mia brought a young girl named Eveline to the family after an oil tanker crashed near Baker’s house. Eveline is a BOW who basically took over the family upon arriving with her powers as she was single and always wanted a family.

Ethan is finally able to destroy Eveline and is saved by none other than Chris Redfield, who saves Ethan and Mia with the real hero of the series: the helicopter.

This brings us to Resident Evil Village, the eighth main installment in the series where Ethan Winters faces off against a very tall vampire, werewolves, and more. We are all eagerly awaiting this post and will have guides to help you survive with a little help from your friends at Prima Games.

Leon Scott Kennedy is a US federal agent currently employed by the Department of Security Operations (DSO), an anti-terrorist agency directly overseen by the president. Kennedy is a known survivor of the 1998 Raccoon City destruction incident and then as a police officer. Following his…


Early life

Little is known about Leon’s life prior to joining the police academy. After graduating from police academy at the age of 21, Kennedy asked to be assigned to the Raccoon Police Department. The reason for his choice was the high-profile murders that took place in and around the Arklay Mountains.

Raccoon City Incident

This section is based on a game with branched storylines or multiple games with conflicting accounts. More details about the different performances can be found on this page.

Kennedy had no plans to travel or live in Raccoon City, and during his hasty departure, his girlfriend broke up with him. Staying overnight at a motel, he passed out from heavy drinking and woke up Tuesday afternoon, September 29. Kennedy continued to drive into town with a hangover and was late to report to the station. [10] According to one incident, his trip to Raccoon City took place one week after a misleading phone call urged him not to come to work. [citation needed] Driving through Arklay County, he drove through a highway blockade built by the US Army and the US Army National Guard, which collapsed due to chaos in the city. [11]

Kennedy comes to Raccoon City.

Bills differ as to when Kennedy became aware of the crisis in the city. On the one hand, he drove south to town as usual and was surrounded by Zombies while examining a body in the middle of an extremely quiet main road. Retreating down the alley, he met Claire Redfield, another novice who was running away from the zombies herself in the diner. They commandeered the RPD cruiser and drove to the Raccoon Police Station to seek shelter and answers. According to another account, a similar incident occurred at a Mizoil gas station just outside town, and instead they hijacked a police car from the Arklay County Sheriff’s Department. Whatever the reality was, the car was destroyed when a gasoline tanker collided with it, and the two were separated and went independently to the police station.

Kennedy investigates the police station with zombies right behind him.

The station itself had already fallen into the hands of the Zombies, and the only police officers without zombies were the wounded Lieutenant Marvin Branagh; Elliot Edward and Police Chief Brian Irons. It is uncertain if he met anyone, but if he did meet Lieutenant Branagh, he would have been informed of current events before becoming a zombie. During his investigation, Kennedy ran into a young girl – Sherry Birkin – and erased from memory any thoughts of suicide should his death prevent her from escaping in the future. [12] In the basement of the police station, Kennedy met Ada Wong, a corporate spy with one of Umbrelli’s rival companies, sent to steal the G virus. To protect the mission, he had not been told the truth about her mission. In one report, Wong claimed that she was looking for her missing boyfriend, Dr. John Clemens, unaware that he had died in an incident at the mansion. In another, she claimed to be an FBI agent seeking evidence of the illegal Umbrella USA biological weapons project. Whatever the reason, she found out about Ben Bertoluciej, a freelance journalist who she believed had discovered useful information for her mission while spying on the Umbrellas researchers. Bertolucci managed to uncover information about a conspiracy between Umbrella USA and the local police that led to his arrest, but was not enough for her mission.

Ben was soon killed by the mutant, and reports differed as to whether or not it was Dr. William Birkin; Parasite G or T-00 BOW sent to kill survivors at the station. Kennedy and Wong traveled to the city sewers, where they found transport to NEST, Umbrelli’s laboratory dedicated to researching G. Kennedy’s viruses, having to do much of the lab work himself; although he himself suffered a gunshot wound, Wong’s leg was injured from continuing.

Kennedy, Claire and Sherry flee Raccoon City after the mutant Birkin is eliminated.

While exploring the lab, Kennedy learned of Wong’s true mission when she found herself cornered in search of the virus. Accounts differ as to whether she fell off the shaft or was knocked out by T-00 or even both. However, it is known that she managed to escape from the facility, which began to self-destruct but lost the G virus sample. By escaping to the lower NEST platform, Kennedy was reunited with Claire and young Sherry, who had been infected with the G virus but had been vaccinated by DEVIL to stop it from mutating. The facility was destroyed, and Dr. William Birkin was killed shortly thereafter.

STRATCOM recruitment

Kennedy is being questioned by the US government.

After the Raccoon City incident, Claire and Kennedy broke up, and she continued her search for Chris while Kennedy continued to look after Sherry. Kennedy and Sherry were soon detained by the US military; Sherry was taken and placed in protective custody while Kennedy was questioned by Adam Benford. The careful Kennedy never mentioned Claire or Wong, but the government was interested in recruiting him because he now had the experience they were looking for. Kennedy agreed, but only on condition that Sherry was in good hands.

His subsequent training as a government agent turned him from a simple police novice to a special agent expert, skilled in the use of weapons and close combat.

In November 1998, Kennedy sent a personal friend, Detective Ark Thompson, to investigate the Umbrellas’ facilities on Sheena Island. [13] The following month, Claire traveled to Europe to continue her search for Chris. She was captured by Umbrella after she was caught trespassing into an Umbrella facility in Paris. While in prison on Rockfort Island, Claire e-mailed Kennedy asking him to inform Chris of her location so he could come and rescue her. Kennedy managed to track Chris personally and told him about Claire’s situation, and Chris followed her to Rockfort Island. [14]

Operation Javier

Kennedy and Krauser in South America, 2002.

In 2002, prior to the destruction of the Russian Umbrellas detachment, Kennedy was sent to a small South American country as part of a secret military detachment after headquarters reported that a former Umbrella researcher had contacted a man named Javier Hidalgo. Due to the difficult nature of the operation, Jack Krauser, an experienced and decorated agent of the United States Army Special Forces, was selected as Kennedy’s partner.

Krauser and Kennedy were sent by the US government on a mission to infiltrate this small South American country. Finding Javier was their goal as he was a drug lord who took control of a large area of ​​the jungle with an iron fist. There was nothing the small government could do about Javier’s control of drug trafficking, which required the deployment of Krauser and Kennedy. The U.S government has received information that a former Umbrella researcher has somehow entered the region, and there have been unexplained incidents in the country. Unwilling to risk a biohazard outbreak, the couple are sent to investigate the country.

It was later revealed that they must work together as a cell of two during the virus epidemic. Kennedy also met a mysterious girl named Manuela, who appeared to be the only survivor of the village, although it is unknown why she did not flee. Manuela turned out to be Javier’s daughter; she fell ill with a rare disease and was kept alive by her father by the t-Veronica virus. While touring Javier’s mansion, Kennedy told Krauser about his hellish night in Raccoon City, as well as Claire’s encounter with the t-Veronica virus, to explain how Umbrellas’ bows worked.

The trio returns to the USA

Eventually, Kennedy and Krauser battled Javier after the criminal merged with a plant infected with the t-Veronica virus. Manuela helped them by releasing the effects of the virus on her father. Javier was killed and Manuela was placed in government custody. Kennedy parted ways with Krauser after the latter was fired due to an injury on a mission. Sometime later that year, Kennedy learned that his former partner had died in an accident.

Los Iluminados

In 2004, President Graham’s daughter was abducted on her way home from the University of Massachusetts in a form of inner work. American spies reported seeing Ashley Graham in Spain and tracking her down in an isolated rural community. [16] After carefully examining all government agents to identify the mole, Kennedy was sent alone to investigate the area. [17] [18]

Arriving with two policemen from the Madrid city police, Kennedy was attacked almost immediately by local villagers who forced the two officers to enter a gorge. An approach to the village revealed evidence of multiple murders committed by the villagers as a whole. During the day, it was discovered that the villagers were followers of a neopagan cult known as Los Iluminados. Led by his prophet Osmund Saddler and his deputies, Fr. Bitores Mendez and Ramon Salazar injected members with a genetically modified parasite called the Scourge as part of their baptismal ceremony to ensure obedience before ordering them to kill all the intruders in order to protect their research. [19]

Kennedy himself was taken prisoner by a cult immediately after being found hostage and implanted into one of the Scourges in the hope of the Prophet Saddler that he would become useful. The reason for this was not widely known, not even to his lieutenants, and the villagers were more than willing to keep trying to kill him. His co-hostage with whom he escaped, Dr. Luis Sera, was a mole in the Prophet Saddler’s biological weapons development program, and was captured while trying to escape with a stolen Scourge egg of the dominant species in exchange for being saved by The Organization, Dr. He was associated with Albert Wesker. He did not want to disclose this information at the time, instead lied that he was a captive former Madrid police officer. [19]

Kennedy and Ashley run away from Saddler.

A search of the village by Kennedy suggested that Graham is being held in the chapel, but it will be more than six hours before he can get in after passing out, possibly due to complications with the Scourge. Inside, he quickly freed Graham from captivity, but the two were confronted by the Prophet Saddler, who revealed that he and Graham had been implanted with Scourge eggs, with the intention of freeing Graham back to the United States as a mole that could expand his Powerbase. [20] The two tried to flee the village, but soon discovered that a government helicopter was shot down that was supposed to take them away, which Leon had assumed might only be a mole’s business. [18] This act forced them to seek shelter for the night, initially in a secluded house and later in a nearby castle. [21] On the way, Kennedy was forced to fight Fr. Mendez, who was angry at the loss of the congregation.

During the exploration of the castle, the government’s radio frequency was jammed [22], the mole had detailed knowledge of their radio frequencies. Shortly thereafter, Kennedy was introduced to Salazar [23], the young nobleman who controlled the castle and boasted an army of monks armed with medieval weapons. Graham was taken hostage many times, [24] [25] leaving Kennedy alone most nights. Near the courtyard he came across Wong, who he quickly deduced was working with Dr. Wesker [26], who was an agent sent to fetch a sample of Dr. Sera’s egg. Dr. Sera himself was soon killed by the Prophet Saddler, who saw no reason to keep him alive, when he saw that he had a sample in his hand. [27] The Prophet Saddler then traveled with Graham to the Los Iluminados research complex on a nearby island, while Kennedy was forced to explore the entire fortress from the ruins of the ancient underground city to the cathedral tower. After killing Salazar, whose body had merged into the “Scourge Queen,” Kennedy again traveled to the island with Wong in search of Graham. [28] [29]

Kennedy takes on Krauser in a knife fight.

While exploring the island, Kennedy was able to rescue Graham from her prison cell and fight the byproducts of the BOW Scourge experiments, such as the Regeneradores. After passing through the warehouse district where a navy was planned to be created, Graham was taken prisoner again, this time with the Prophet Saddle, who directly controlled her by manipulating her Scourge. [30] In the pursuit, Kennedy was confronted by someone other than Krauser, who joined the Organization after his experiences in South America and faked his death. [31] Krauser was the original agent faced with obtaining a Scourge sample of the dominant species and was involved in Graham’s kidnapping to obtain it, and Wong was sent to take over the mission when deemed responsible after he became the host of this the Scourge sample itself.

As the sun rose, Kennedy’s fight with Los Iluminados continued, and he seriously injured Krauser after his mutation, though he mistook him for dead. Wong will kill him later. When the radio jamming ceased, Kennedy contacted a second government helicopter that launched an attack on the sect’s militia before it was destroyed by a rocket launcher on the orders of the Prophet Saddler. [32] [33] Taking clues left by Dr. Sera to anyone storming the island, Kennedy and Graham were able to find the original equipment designed to kill the Plague prototype and free themselves from parasites. [34]

Kennedy and Ashley flee Los Illuminados.

The cult leader himself was killed by a rocket launcher with Wong’s help after rescuing Graham. Kennedy’s collection of an egg sample from the remains was short-lived, and Wong herself turned against him to complete his mission, although she assured him that she had a way to escape the island with Graham in the form of a jet ski. [35] They both escaped when a series of explosives planted by Wong destroyed the complex, causing it to collapse. Following government seizure of the Kennedy Report on the Plagues, dubbed the “Kennedy Report”, it was made available to the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance to provide a defense against the Scourges of the future.

Kennedy later learned of cult survivors in the region who became interested in bioterrorism. Refugees who escaped the cult also returned to their homes, but were parasitized by the Scourges, making the region unsafe again.

Harvardville incident and WilPharma’s collapse

In the year following the 2004 Terragrigia panic, the threat of bioterrorism grew. Former Umbrella researchers were suspected of selling biological weapons on the black market, which required increasingly drastic countermeasures. The US government has made an agreement with the pharmaceutical giant WilPharma Corporation to mass-produce a t-vaccine that could eliminate the operational effectiveness of Umbrellas leading viral weapon. In August 2005, soldiers loyal to General Miguel Grandé caught the ti virus and caused an epidemic in India that was stopped thanks to the WilPharma vaccine. [36]

Kennedy working with the SRT during an outbreak at the airport.

In November 2005, a coordinated terrorist attack took place at Harvardville, which resulted in terminal riots and a plane crash. USAMRIID confirmed that the t-Virus strain was responsible, and the 75th Ranger Regiment was dispatched to WilPharma to wipe out the Zombies. President Graham also sent Kennedy to oversee operations due to his familiarity with fighting Zombies. Kennedy led the airport police team to save five survivors from the Rangers attack and managed to save Senator Ron Davis and his old friend Claire Redfield. [36]

While cleaning the airport, Kennedy received updated information from Ingrid Hannigan that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had arrested Army soldier General Grandé in Los Angeles and was holding him for questioning. He soon received word that there would be a major attack on biological weapons in the United States if the government refused to disclose its involvement in the original t-Virus project. When the WilPharma truck exploded during the bombing, Kennedy began an investigation into Dr. Curtis Miller, WilPharma’s opponent, who was sighted at the airport during the attack. On the way to Dr. Miller’s house with Dr. Miller’s younger sister, SRT member Angela Miller, they both discovered that it had burned to the ground, making it impossible to search. Shortly thereafter, they were notified of an explosion at the WilPharma Air Dome Laboratory on the outskirts of the city and set off there. [36]

Kennedy and Angela in the midst of an epidemic at WilPharma’s lab.

Kennedy and a squad of Rangers infiltrated the WilPharma lab, which was severely damaged during the bombing, causing the T. Redfield virus outbreak to be the only uninfected survivor who was sheltered on the top floor of the building, and lead researcher Dr. Frederic Downing believed he was dead during the bombing . On the ground floor, Dr. Miller was found infected with the Golgotha ​​virus, something obtained from the black market. Mutant G destroyed a Ranger squad and began hunting down his sister, whom he instinctively needed as a breeding tool for his new species. Kennedy was able to keep Angela away from her brother, and the two went to the underground access to escape from it. Due to the architects’ complex biohazard containment measures, Dr. Miller was killed after a shaft collapsed in an impending explosion. [36]

Kennedy and Claire say goodbye.

In the aftermath of the attack, Kennedy and Redfield realized something was out of place. Hannigan reported that General Grandé finally bowed to an FBI interrogation and revealed that he was only a courier for taking the t virus, t-vaccine and G virus out of the country. The evidence pointed not to Dr. Miller, but to Dr. Downing, who apparently faked his death in the bombing in order to escape with the samples. Kennedy, Angela, and Redfield drove to the planned courier transaction site and found Dr. Downing waiting. He was then arrested and pleaded guilty to being a NEST employee because he had stolen a sample of the G virus and changed his name while fleeing Raccoon City. The outbreak in India was planned by Dr. Miller as a means of advertising for both the t-virus and the t-vaccine, with Dr. Miller radicalized to carry out further attacks in the United States as a further confirmation. Following his arrest, the WilPharma Corporation collapsed and was bought by Tricell through the Wesker acquisitions. [36]

The Conspiracy Behind Penamstan’s Civil War

In 2006, roughly a year after WillPharma collapsed, the White House was put on alert after an unidentified person broke into confidential computer files. An investigation into the incident then begins, overseen by President Graham, his Chief of Staff Ryan, and his Secretary of Defense Wilson. Everyone at the White House on the day of the break-in is under investigation to be led by four specially selected federal agents: Patrick, Jason, Shenmei and Leon, who are late in response to a recent terrorist incident in

Leon and the agents protecting Graham.

When Leon arrives at the White House, the power goes out and the Secret Service goes to work, ready to take Graham to the Beast (the presidential state car) should the need arise. When the backup power source doesn’t turn on, it becomes clear that the suspect mole from the night before is still in the White House. Agents leave the Oval Office in search of the mole; Patrick meets and nearly gets bitten by the mysterious zombie press secretary of the White House Walk when Leon shoots him, saving Patrick. Leon meets Graham at the Oval Office and warns him of the situation; flight to the Beast is canceled in favor of the bunker. Leon, Shenmei and Jason begin searching the White House for zombies, while Patrick is sent to a bunker with a Secret Service agent to protect Graham. Washington DC Metro SWAT are called as a backup just in case. They soon discover that the virus responsible spread quickly, infecting dozens of workers. The White House is then cleared of all zombies.

Upon reflection, Graham decides it is best to cover up the incident, and the victims announce they are on vacation. Claire later spots Leo, and to his surprise, she confides on her discovery about a biohazard in Penamstan. Later, the DIA investigation behind the break-in uncovers stolen files being discussed at a biological research facility in Shanghai. A top-secret operation is being prepared in which Leon, Jason and Shenmei are to infiltrate a facility in Shanghai. They fly to Guam and board one of the new Virginia-class submarines at Apra Harbor, modified for stealth by SONAR and equipped with a modified Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS.

Jason and Leon share their traumas.

While traveling, Jason begins to tell Leon about his days in the army and during the Penamstan Civil War, with Leon being too familiar with zombies. However, they have separate views on things; when Jason describes the bombing of Raccoon City as an operation necessary to save the United States, Leon fights back, still embittered by the army’s cowardly withdrawal from Raccoon City. The submarine is rocked unexpectedly, and Leon and Jason head to the bridge to investigate, only to learn that the bridge’s crew has been killed. While Leon goes to the engineering department, Jason meets with Shenmei on his way to ASDS. Leon arrives at the engineering department and discovers that the engineers have also been killed, discovering that mutant rats have buried themselves in their bodies. Due to the dangers of using firearms on board a submarine, Leon decides to seal it behind the hatch. When the self-destruct system kicks in, Leon escapes to the ASDS, electrocuting another swarm of rats along the way. When Leon reaches the ASDS, Shenmei puts a gun to his head, but Jason tells him to yield. The two escape with Leon as a prisoner and head to Shanghai when the submarine explodes.

ASDS arrives in Shanghai, and Shenmei, Jason, and Leon head to the hideout that has been prepared for their mission. Leon suspects these two are traitors who work for the Chinese, and although Jason instead tells him that he is working on exposing the plot inside the government, he doesn’t believe it. The discussion turns violent as both men reach for their guns; Leon emerges victorious and Jason sustained a gunshot wound to the chest, but Shenmei managed to escape during the fight.

Leon manages to lure her to the family mansion outside of Shanghai, where he takes Hao Ran hostage and demands Shenmei tell him everything. She explains the situation where she handled radio communication between Wilson and the soldiers in Penamstan. She was not allowed to respond to Mad Dogs’ request for an evacuation, even though they reported that they had picked up an Alpha Two survivor, Jun See, who is her brother. When they unexpectedly arrived at the base, Shenmei confronted them, only to find Jun. See cannibals alive but affected. Shenmei has since collaborated with Jason in an attempt to find evidence to publicly expose Wilson for conspiracy to deploy biological weapons in Penamstan. Though disrespectful to Jason, Leon finds Shenmei more persuasive when she shows him what’s left of her brother. Rabid dogs made false reports of the incident, although only Jason and Shenmei were ready to investigate Wilson while the others were released. Shenmei then used her family ties to quietly smuggle Jun See across the Chinese border to avoid euthanasia. After six years of investigation, Shenmei and Jason didn’t come close to uncovering the plot until recently, until a recent breakthrough: discovered a computer chip placed on Jun See when it got infected that recorded biometric data on behalf of the BOW producer involved in the Penamstan incident that they can identify . Suddenly the property is destroyed by a bomb; the ceiling collapses, crushing her brother, Hao Ran and grandfather, Leon manages to pull Shenmei out before destroying it.

Leon and Shenmei stand alone in the ruins of the mansion, though they still have a computer chip with them. Shenmei pleads with Leon to hand it over to her so that the plot can be exposed to the world. Leon, however, does not want to damage the reputation of the United States. Instead, he is more concerned with what caused the explosion, and deduces that Jason is a mutant and still alive, plans to carry out acts of terrorism in retaliation for his experiences in Penamstan, rather than actually seeking justice.

Leon saves Claire from acid.

Leon and Shenmei return to the US to capture Jason, while Leon contacts Patrick and informs him of the discovery. They enter a secret research facility outside Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, where President Graham holds a press conference. When they enter the facility, they learn that Jason has not taken his inhibitor drug and mutates himself out of control into a large humanoid mutant. Wilson himself is seriously injured and infected after he was crushed by a capsule and bitten in the neck by Jason. The facility’s supercomputer determines that a biohazard has occurred and begins throwing tanks containing unconscious supersoldiers into vats of highly corrosive acids, where they are killed one by one. Shenmei calms his senses, but Jason can no longer control his violent impulses and kills her instead of using the chip, planning instead to surface and massacre the caregivers on live TV. Claire, who was kidnapped by Wilson’s agent after her ongoing investigation into the Mad Dogs squad, is at risk because of acid reaching her floor. When he notices her, Leon decides to save Claire, instead of continuing to pursue Jason.

Leon armed himself with a bazooka from a nearby armory, ready to blow Jason down if necessary, but his attempt was unsuccessful as Jason strikes back and Leon was almost thrown into the acid. He grabs and destroys Jason’s right arm with an anti-material rifle, only to have Jason grab his neck. Instead of killing him, Jason spares him for his plans. To save the president, Leon pulls a lever that causes their section to fall into the acid and run away, grabbing at the cable. As the acid begins to sink, Leon discovers that Jason is still alive, although he dissolves when he is embedded in a piece of metal. He warns him of the spread of real fear before it falls below and completely dissolves. After returning to the surface, Leon escorts Graham to Air Force One.

Late in the afternoon, Leon finds Claire in front of the White House. Claire asks Leon to hand over the chip so she can deliver it to the press. However, Leon declines because of what Jason said about his willingness to spread terror among the people. Claire is disappointed with his decision, commenting that the “outfit” doesn’t suit him and walks away.

Wesker’s Death and Meeting Chris For The First Time

Over the next three years, Wesker built a criminal empire for himself using Tricell’s resources, which led to massive fragmentation following his death at the hands of the BSAA in 2009.

In 2010, at one of the TerraSave conventions, Kennedy and Chris Redfield met for the first time thanks to a presentation by Claire, and developed a friendship that helped break the barrier between the BSAA and the US government. [37]

Eastern Slav Civil War

Counter-terrorism policy changed under the presidency of Adam Benford, a friend of Kennedy, who recruited him to USSTRATCOM. The Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Unit was disbanded and its agents transferred to the newly created Security Operations Division in early 2011.

Kennedy during a mission in the East Slavic Republic.

In February 2011, the United States launched an investigation into allegations that rebel forces were using biological weapons in the ongoing civil war in the East Slavic Republic. Kennedy was ordered to leave the vacation to meet the CIA agent “Scarecrow” and use any information to aid in his investigation. The situation reversed shortly after Kennedy’s arrival when the government ordered its agents to withdraw from the country. Kennedy ignored these orders and walked through the war-torn Holigrad. He managed to meet the Scarecrow, but soon died of wounds from the Lickers attack and could only say the word “beekeeper”. Shortly thereafter, Kennedy was captured by Ivan Judanovich, a rebel leader who was using the Scourge of the dominant species to control the parasitic Lickers.

Kennedy awoke in a cellar bound and guarded by Alexander Kozachenko and “JD” who feared why the American would be sent to the area. The intended interrogation did not take place when the house was made the target of a search by the East Slavic army. Kennedy himself drew attention to Yudanovich, who was sitting in the room coughing, and immediately suspected that his condition was worsening due to biological weapons. The three rebels abandoned their basement hideout and passed through the tunnels to escape the army, with Kennedy following them. In the tunnels, Kennedy was attacked by Ganado, a former rebel leader named Chenkov, whose mind was taken over by a parasite. Meanwhile, Kozaczenko received a promotion to leadership from Yudanovich, who ordered his own execution in order not to turn into a similar monster.

Kennedy is released and auditioned by Alexander and JD.

Kennedy and JD escaped from the tunnels on their own, heading for the church that the rebels were using as a base. They both avoided many Ganados and witnessed the unforeseen consequences of their use by the rebels, seeing numerous civilians implanting parasites on their captives. When they arrived at the church, JD accused Kennedy of being behind what happened to the townspeople. Kennedy informed him about the Scourge, saying it was a parasite that infects the bodies of these people. He also told JD about the brutal truth that infected people will never be human again, and all that can be achieved is to remove the spinal cord and hope for paralysis. At this point, Buddy entered the church with two other members of the Resistance, the third was watching Kennedy from above. Buddy informed JD that Kennedy was telling the truth, then told Kennedy that he had more questions for him. Responding that they might be able to figure out the truth this time, Buddy immediately struck Kennedy and ordered the other rebels to take him hostage again.

After Buddy left, JD ordered the remaining soldiers to let him speak to Kennedy alone. He was led outside where JD cut the bindings. Kennedy reacted immediately by hitting JD against the wall and criticizing the methods of the rebel group using BOW. While JD tried to rationalize it and compete for compassion, Kennedy dismissed it, telling JD that it was something the two of them never saw – eye on. As Kennedy prepared to leave, JD told Kennedy about Buddy’s past. He explained how government soldiers attacked the school where Buddy was working with his fiancée, Irina, thinking the school was to support the rebels. Kennedy learned that when Irina and the school children were killed in the attack, Buddy decided to join the resistance. JD pleaded with Kennedy to save Buddy, to get to the Scourge ahead of him so he wouldn’t have to see his friend turn into a monster. Returning his machine gun to him, JD told Kennedy that the Buddy was headed for the central market, where the Council of Elders had left the Scourge for the rebels. Kennedy silently picked up the gun and headed to the market.

Kennedy and Ada meet again.

Kennedy arrived at the marketplace and found the box that kept the Scourge empty. The voice immediately caught Kennedy’s attention, causing Kennedy to quickly turn and attack. The two fought briefly, Wong easily dodging Kennedy’s attacks as she turned and aimed her blaster at him. Kennedy finally realized who she was by questioning what Wong was doing in the East Slavic Republic. Wong just replied with the same question. He reacted immediately by asking if she was responsible for releasing the Scourge, which she found ridiculous, noting that she was not interested in “defective products.” Wong spoke briefly and mysteriously about her work, which caused Kennedy to ask again why she was there. She flirted with him briefly, asking when they would continue, where they left off “tonight.” Kennedy smiled and just told her at all times but then. Amused by Kennedy’s rejection, Wong fled, warning him that the city would soon be cleared.

The agent returns to the church to find most of the residents dead at the hands of JD. JD tells Kennedy that he has only lost his vigilance for a moment; returns Kennedy’s gear before it starts spinning. Buddy arrives and blames Kennedy for what happened; however, JD says Kennedy is not their enemy. JD succumbs to the Scourge and attacks Buddy, but is quickly killed by Kennedy. Kennedy tries to talk to Buddy by asking him to hand over the Scourge, to which he refuses. The government then began bombing the area, causing the church to collapse. Buddy runs away and Kennedy chases him. Kennedy makes his way to the presidential building, which was devastated by the Lickerers, leaving hundreds of soldiers killed. Kennedy infiltrates the building and is then encountered by the two Lickers who fail to detect him until the Soldier reaches for his leg and whines in pain. Kennedy runs away from them, killing one, and causes the other to fall after he charges through a door that leads to a huge elevator shaft.

Kennedy and Ada are surrendered by Svetlana’s guards.

Kennedy walks down to the BOW manufacturing facility. He meets Wong once again, who informs him that they are massively producing Control Plagues. Kennedy and Wong are quickly surrounded by guards and confronted by the president of the East Slavic Republic, Svetlana Belikova. Wong turns off the lights to escape. Kennedy takes advantage of the confusion to shoot some of Belikova’s guards, prompting them to launch their fire in panic, hitting each other indiscriminately, allowing Kennedy to take Belikova hostage. Trying to escape, he asked Belikova if she was the “beekeeper” who had released the Scourge. Belikova then realizes that he had no idea who she was, and introduced herself as the president of the republic before showing her combat skills to dump him. A fight ensues between Kennedy and Belikova’s guards, which is soon interrupted by Buddy and the Licker Horde. However, Belikova releases her own BOWs – two advanced Tyrants. This triggered a biohazard alert and the facility began preparations for incineration. Buddy and Kennedy fled the facility when the two Tyrants accidentally knocked the elevator down.

The Third Tyrant followed them out, and they tried to fight it. Buddy used Lickers to lure the Tyrant into a tanker full of explosives; Kennedy immediately fired incendiary rounds, destroying the creature’s power limiter. His power was growing, Buddy rode a tank on it. Kennedy manned the turret and tried to shoot the Tyrant in the head, but BOW kept dodging, so Buddy urged Licker to cover the Tyrant’s face, allowing Kennedy to shoot his head off. Stepping out of the tank, Kennedy noted that after years of fighting BOW, he never expected to be saved by one. His relief is short-lived as the two former Tyrants soon emerged from the Presidential Palace. Kennedy tried to help Buddy escape, but were unable to surpass them. Kennedy pulled out his combat knife, the only weapon he had left. Fortunately, the American plane killed the creatures before they could reach him. It was at this point that Kennedy realized that the US government was watching him all the time.

Kennedy talks to Hunnigan about his loathing of the US government’s actions in the East Slavic Republic.

Watching a joint US-Russian task force raid the capital, Buddy asked Kennedy if he knew this would happen. Kennedy stated that if he had done this, he would have stayed on vacation. Buddy asks Kennedy to kill him because he doesn’t want to turn around. Kennedy refuses; Buddy tries to shoot himself, but Kennedy takes his gun. He tells Buddy that he owes it to the people who died next to him to live. Kennedy then shoots Buddy in the spinal cord, breaking the Scourge’s connection with Buddy.

Kennedy returns on vacation, Hannigan informs him that Belikova has resigned from her position. Kennedy then leaves his apartment.

Global Bioterrorist Attacks

Kennedy during the Tall Oaks incident.

Kennedy met President Benford at Ivy University in Tall Oaks on Saturday June 29, 2013, where he was briefed on the president’s new war on terror policy. While revealing the truth about participating in Raccoon City was detrimental to America’s prestige and defense, the president felt it was necessary for long-term relationships. In the evening, President Benford was infected with the newly developed Chrysalid Virus in an apparent terrorist attack shortly before his speech, and reluctantly killed by Kennedy when he tried to kill Secret Service agent Helena Harper.

Kennedy fled the city to Tall Oaks Cathedral on Harper’s advice, where she led him to a limestone cave that housed a biological weapons research facility. There she revealed to him that her sister had been kidnapped on the orders of National Security Adviser Derek C. Simmons in order to force her into a conspiracy to assassinate President Benford. Simmons’ organization, The Family, has undertaken biological weapons research on behalf of the United States to ensure that the United States overcomes rival countries such as China over a hypothetical biological weapons gap. As recordings and coverage of US military operations in Raccoon City were useful combat data for BOW producers, Benford’s proposal was seen as reckless and a national security threat. As Simmons controlled the blast countermeasures, the city of 77,000 people was bombed on Sunday morning, removing any evidence incriminating the family and refusing to provide footage useful as combat data. An organization calling itself the Neo Umbrella pleaded guilty to the attack and launched another in the Chinese city of Lanshiang.

Kennedy meets Sherry and meets Jake Muller in Lanshiang.

Shortly after the bombing, Kennedy and Harper contacted Hannigan and had her mistakenly report them as dead, after Simmons announced them as suspects in the attack, learning that he was going to China. Both were booked on the flight to be investigated. On their way to China, complications arose when a Lepotica chrysalis hatched on the plane, infecting all passengers with C. Kennedy and Harper were forced to crash through a zombie-infested plane that crashes near where Jake Muller and Sherry are staying Birkin. When the four met, Kennedy asked Sherry what she was doing there, she replied that she was there for protection. Sherry asked Kennedy the same question in which he replied that he and Harper were trying to track down Simmons, the man behind all the chaos. When Sherry told him she reported to Simmons.

During Leon’s argument with Sherry, Ustanak appeared on the destroyed plane and the four join forces to defeat the creature. After a fierce battle, Kennedy and Harper were separated from Jake and Sherry when an electric tower fell on Ustanak. Sherry screamed to Kennedy that she and Jake were meeting Simmons at the Kwun Lung Building. Before Kennedy could tell her what to do, the tower exploded. When Harper wondered if everything was going to be alright, Kennedy told her it would be alright as long as Jake was as good as he claimed. On their way to Koocheng, Kennedy and Harper had to search the entire market for three keys to unlock the door while they were chased by the Rasklapanje. They managed to kill him by shoving him into the grinder.

Kennedy clashes with Chris Redfield.

When Kennedy and Harper found “Wong,” they followed her into the building, avoiding a few traps along the way. They finally made it to the room just in time to see Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans chasing her away, believing that he was responsible for the deaths of Chris’s people and the epidemics that took place. Chris had his assault rifle aimed and ready to fire when Kennedy knocked it out of his hands to prevent him from killing her. They had a short fight that ended with the two of them pointing their guns at each other. Kennedy told Chris to put down the gun, saying he was a “key witness” and that they needed it, but Chris declined and abstracted Kennedy that she committed the global bioterrorist attacks. Kennedy disagreed, saying that Simmons was really responsible. Chris shouted that he had lost all of his men to “Wong,” and Kennedy replied that he had lost over seventy thousand people, including the president, to Simmons. After a tense moment, “Wong” managed to escape with a lightning bomb, and Chris chased her without intending to hurt her at Kennedy’s words. Kennedy and Harper then left to find Simmons.

Arriving at the Kwun Lung Building, Kennedy reassured Harper that it was okay to pursue Simmons and would allow Chris to follow “Wong”. As they went inside, they found Simmons and his Family henchmen, and soon Sherry and Jake joined them. To answer Sherry’s questions, Simmons pleaded guilty to involvement in the terrorist attacks but accused Kennedy of the president’s death. The family then shot at four, forcing them to go into hiding in order to hide. When Kennedy and Harper told Sherry and Jake to run while they stayed to fight Simmons, Sherry gave them a chip containing information that could stop the C virus. After she and Jake escaped, Kennedy and Harper opened fire on the Family. They then jumped on a nearby train to pursue Simmons, who was shot with a C virus dart by J’avo.

Kennedy and Harper fight a mutant Simmons.

Simmons stumbled upon a train passing by, and Harper and Kennedy gave chase by jumping on the train after him. When they found him at the front of the train, Simmons first tried to distract them by blaming Wong, then tried to rationalize his actions. Kennedy and Harper dismissed his remarks as Simmons became furious and eventually succumbed to the effects of the boosted C virus, his body burst and gave him the ability to mutate into a larger, dog-like creature of bone and muscle tissue. The relentless Harper prepares for the final shot at Simmons. Two agents fought the mutant Simmons over a series of railroad carriages, though he showed no signs of stopping and only mocked Harper for her sister’s death. He even turned out to be strong enough to throw another series of oncoming wagons off the railing. Simmons prepared to ram the train in which they were traveling, though they managed to undercut it when they opened fire, causing the train to ram it and knock it back over the top of the train. His body briefly underwent the damage he received and reverted to its human form. He recovered quickly, and when he began to mutate, Simmons declared that they had no idea what would happen if he died. Kennedy replied that the world would have been better without him.

Enraged, Simmons used his brute force to remove a piece of the train’s roof and send it towards Kennedy and Harper. Kennedy managed to slip in and shoot the debris to push it off course, giving Harper a hole the moment it flew overhead as she fired one bullet directly into the head of mutant Simmons. Distraught at the situation ahead of him when the Family abandoned him, Simmons slid off the edge of the train and fell onto the tracks as the train ran over him. The cars were moved off the tracks, and Harper and Kennedy were forced to jump into nearby water. Alive and exhausted, they stretched ashore just beyond Tatchi. They overlooked the wreckage of the bridge’s railroad track for a while before exiting the dock, watching civilians being escorted to safety by the BSAA. Harper asked Kennedy if the torment was finally over, to which Kennedy replied, “Yes, it’s over.”

Kennedy and Harper amid the chaos of the Tatchi outbreak.

Before Harper and Kennedy could relax, Hannigan suddenly contacted them to inform them that Sherry and Jake had been kidnapped. Harper realized that the files Sherry had given them had something to do with it, and as they looked at the files, she pointed out to Kennedy that the key to stopping the C virus lay in Jake Muller. When Kennedy tries to contact someone from BSAA to help save them, Harper spots an object in the sky just above him. When Chris was connected, Kennedy informed him of their location, but Chris urgently yelled for them to leave the area. The overhead object that Harper noticed was a missile that released the C virus in the blue haze over Tatchi, infecting countless people. Kennedy told Chris to find Sherry and Jake and save them, and Harper hears Chris in turn tell Kennedy that Wong is dead. Concerned, Harper asked Kennedy if he was okay, but Kennedy only mentioned from a distance of finding survivors and escaping the city. With the help of several BSAA agents, Kennedy and Harper avoid the blue fog and run to the truck with one of the soldiers.

a soldier leads them through the fog to the edge of the danger zone, directing them to the Quad Tower, where the evacuees were taken. Tall Oaks-like chaos was everywhere when a stray gas tanker knocked them out for a short time. As they recovered, the infected citizens began to surround them until Wong suddenly appeared in the helicopter, providing them with cover of fire so they could escape. They managed to find their way to the zombie-infested bridge that would lead directly to the Quad Tower. However, the plane inside the building broke away from itself, starting a series of explosions that destroyed the bridge. Harper and Kennedy were forced to flee, headed for a BSAA helicopter, only to escape to find the injured pilot. Kennedy took control of the falling helicopter, keeping it suspended enough to break through the wall of the Quad Tower. He barely escaped disaster when Kennedy and Harper moved deeper into the tower.

Kennedy fighting the third Simmons mutation.

Harper tells about Kennedy’s feelings for Wong. When they entered the Quad Tower, Harper and Kennedy were shocked to see Simmons waiting for them. Still very angry, he mutated into a giant new form when he witnessed Wong hovering over his helicopter. With the help of Wong and a BSAA soldier they encountered in the danger zone, they managed to overthrow Simmons’ monstrous mutation once more. Wong retreated to the roof with her helicopter, and Harper hoped the elevator was still working. Seeing Kennedy hesitating, she asked him what had happened, but he insisted it was nothing. While riding the elevator, Harper finally mentioned Wong, pointing to Kennedy’s obvious feelings for her. Before Kennedy could reply, the elevator was blown off course by the explosion, forcing agents to wildly leap onto an adjacent elevator. Together they climbed the support rope only to witness Wong’s fight with Simmons at the top of a nearby corridor connecting the two towers.

Kennedy protects Ada in the fight against Simmons’ fourth mutation.

As Wong ducked to another part of the tower, Harper and Kennedy found an opportunity to shoot Simmons from a distance until the platform they were stopped on began to descend, forcing them to jump back onto the cable. Simmons’ attention shifted to the two agents as they kept climbing. Harper tried to call for Wong’s help when Wong returned the favor by trying to slow Simmons down with a gun shot. It wasn’t long before Simmons attacked Wong again, giving Harper and Kennedy a chance to find a level playing field once again, until Kennedy found a way to help Wong when she was knocked out by Simmons. From a distance, Harper could do nothing but provide them with cover fire while fending off any zombies in her path. Although Harper was helpless when Simmons managed to knock Kennedy to the edge of the platform, leaving him dangling until Wong came to his rescue. As Simmons was dispatched, Wong said goodbye to Kennedy one last time before departing, although Harper urged him over communicators to follow her. Kennedy declined, stating that he and Harper are sticking together.

Harper urges Kennedy to follow Wong. They reached the roof and discovered that Simmons had survived his last encounter, mutated further as he absorbed the bodies of the infected to power himself. Though Simmons briefly blocked their exit, they managed to injure him enough to be vulnerable as the surrounding undead swarmed and fed on him. They noticed the helicopter Wong had left for them and rushed to it, though Simmons – recently mutated into a mass mix of various insects – tried to stop them. Noting how Simmons used infected bodies to regenerate, they used a loosened lightning rod to pierce the zombie when Simmons took it to regenerate his damaged head. The rod was attracted by lightning from an ongoing storm, causing the electrified creature to crash to the floor. They reached the helicopter, but the wounded and fully mutated Simmons tried to stop them.

Kennedy and Harper leave Tatchi after Simmons is eliminated.

Agents managed to kill Simmons with a rocket launcher left by Wong, a blast from the launcher blasted Simmons back and deep into the turret’s belly. As Simmons fell, his body mutated back to his human state as he was impaled onto the obelisk of Harper and Kennedy who had passed before, bleeding him out of the wound. Watching Simmons die, Harper said she would finally get revenge for her sister when Kennedy suggested they go to the helicopter. In the helicopter, they both found a compact box left by Wong with a hidden compartment. Inside the compartment was a small data disc containing all the evidence needed to prove that Simmons was behind the bioterrorist attacks, evidence to ensure Kennedy’s innocence. When Kennedy said it would prove both of them innocent, Harper could only sadly note that he did not need it. Before he could reply, Hannigan called to inform the two of them that a way had been found to contain the C virus. Before the collapsing Quad Tower could completely catch up with them, they escaped on Wong’s helicopter.

Kennedy returns her weapons to Harper along with her freedom.

Sometime after experiencing the events in China, Harper visited her sister’s grave in the presence of Hannigan, Kennedy, and other agents. Stating that it was time for her to take responsibility, she thanked Kennedy and said she was ready to be arrested for her crimes. With Hannigan’s approval, Kennedy approached and took Harper by the arm, though instead of arresting her, he put the gun in her hand. Harper was confused when she announced that she was a participant in the attack on the president.

Hannigan informed Harper that, after reviewing the evidence, it was decided that it was unfair to hold Harper responsible for Simmons’ crimes, and further said that the findings would not be made public. When she tried to protest, Kennedy told her that President Benford would do the same. Hannigan suggested that they join the rest of the team, however, before leaving, Harper gave the compact to Wong Kennedy so he can return it the next time he meets her.

A-Virus incidents and New York outbreak

Kennedy sad about the death of his squad.

Sometime later, Kennedy and his squad found themselves on a mission against BOW in Washington, where the mission went horribly wrong because of a whistleblower. Only Kennedy survived the trial, then made his way through the morgue containing his fallen comrades and killed one of them when they turned into zombies. Unfortunately, that also “woke up” the rest, forcing Kennedy to kill them. It left him emotionally hurt. He spent his vacation drinking days at the bar in a similar way to Chris who lost his team in Edonia.

While on vacation, Kennedy was asked by Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers to consult him about the recent BOW “attacks” in the US and Mexico by Glenn Arias – the strain of the virus he used to control them and was designed with the Scourge sample provided by Los Iluminados. Kennedy was reluctant to help them, asking when all the fights against BOW would end. It was only after Rebecca was kidnapped that Kennedy agreed to join forces with Chris and find the target of another Arias attack.

Kennedy during the New York epidemic.

Kennedy and Chris, along with the Silver Dagger team, then traveled to New York, where Arias planned a massive attack using tankers carrying the virus “trigger” in the air. This is where the team is provided with transportation to aid on their mission: the Hummer that Chris picked up and the Ducati motorcycle that Kennedy picked up. After the first fuel truck was destroyed, Chris, Kennedy, and Damian were attacked by infected dogs, which quickly severed the latter’s head before turning their attention to Chris. Kennedy cranked up his bike loudly to attract the dogs, then set off in pursuit of them, which allowed Chris to continue destroying the virus-laden tanks. Leading the dogs to the expressway, Kennedy easily got rid of the two infected dogs and ran to Arias’ headquarters to help Chris. Arriving in time to help Chris kill the remaining zombies from the first wave, the duo faced even more zombies.

Kennedy is immobilized by mutant Glenn Arias.

Kennedy and Chris managed to hold them off until Chris decided time was running out for Rebecca, and Kennedy told Chris to go ahead to save Rebecca while he stayed to kill the zombies. After Arias mutated into a powerful creature, Kennedy arrived on the roof just in time after killing all the zombies, to save Chris from being fatally squeezed by Arias by hitting Arias’ legs with his bicycle. Kennedy then skillfully dodged Arias’ attacks and even managed to kick him in the head. When Arias grabbed the Silver Dagger helicopter, Kennedy was riding his bike at high speed and jumped off it at the last minute so that the bike could hit Arias. Kennedy then fired the motorcycle, causing it to explode and seriously injuring Arias before being killed by Chris.

Chambers with Redfield and Kennedy after the outbreak in New York City.

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