Where is the drifter in destiny 2. Where is the drifter in destiny 2

That is, of course, if the players chose to side with the Vagabond in the Season of the Joker’s Allegiance quest. In this unique mission, if players choose to side with the Vanguard instead, they may forget to hear “brother” or “sister”. Instead, the new title becomes “Snitch.

Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter roadmap outlines upcoming content, new spring event

Bungie has released a content roadmap for Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter.

Destiny 2: Season of the Vagabond begins next week, and it looks like players will have plenty to do, guided by the plan.

Like the Season of the Forge, the Season of the Drifter will last for 90 days. It will contain all kinds of content, from Annual Pass content to the Arc Week event.

One of the cool features coming to Season of the Drifter is the new Rush of Power bounties. They allow you to get level 640 equipment without having to wade through the quest lines. Just know that this sounds a bit like download tasks.

We pulled the roadmap information for you and included it below.

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Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter Roadmap

Gambit Prime

Looking at the roadmap, from March 5th, Pass holders can take part in Gambit Prime, which begins with the New Arcadia (Mars) map. The second map, Deep Six (Titan), will be released on March 12. On March 19, the Legion’s Folly (Nessus) map will be added to Gambit Prime. The Emerald Coast (Earth) map will be released on March 26.

The Reckoning

The Reckoning four-player PvE mode will launch on March 5, and the Tier 2 hard version will launch on March 8. The third level will be launched on March 15th.

Allegiance Quest

On March 12, all players will be able to choose between the Vagabond or the Vanguard once the Loyalty quest starts. This is character based so make sure you are comfortable with the page you choose. Or just stand on the other side of another character. This questline seems to be tied to a Thorn going through the roadmap image. We are curious if it has been weakened from its first appearance.

The return of the cannon mirrors what was made in The Last Word, which made its comeback in January with the exotic quest line The Draw.

Invitations of the Nine

Beginning on March 15, Invitations of the Nine will be published and will ask you to complete assignments to learn more about the Nine and their place in the universe. Once upon a time, referred to as Xer Contracts, Pass holders should talk to the man himself to begin a questline that will last for nine weeks.

And more

Looking further ahead in Season of the Drifter, pass holders will be able to learn new combat specializations and face new challenges. As you can see on the set, all of this content will be rolled out over time. But there’s plenty for those not Annual Pass holders too, in the form of smaller updates, a new festival called Feast, the Iron Banner, a week dedicated to all things Arc, Gambit maps, and of course a power cap increase.

Again, Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter launches next week, March 5. Check out the roadmaps below for the new season and Season of Wealth starting in June.

Inside, there is one item of Vanguard or Vagabond equipment in the Powerful Equipment level, as well as a small supply of consumables. This is quite disappointing, and offers nothing very special apart from some Triumphs.

10 Sweaty Clanned Up 4-Stack

The road to prestige in Gambit is not easy, with sixteen steps to climb. Unfortunately, as with most activities, the end is where things get a little more difficult. At Legend rank, only winners earn the necessary infamy points to increase their rank.

This is especially nightmare for solo players, and nothing can make a player’s heart drop more than loading into a match and seeing four clan members on the opposing team. Sure, Gambit does have a matchmaker, but Drifter seems to be especially mean for solo players.

9 Ding!

Anyone who has ever played Gambit knows that Drifter is a fan of coin-operated tricks. Following the release of the enhanced Gambit Prime mode, there is also a new series of introductory Gambit cutscenes.

The one this one refers to is the one where the Drifter waves his jade coin and changes its face. He does this several times and only says one word at a time: ding!

A more intense single round, the armor bonus that grants evolution, Gambit Prime, has been updated with new cutscenes that open before the match. No wonder Destiny fans quickly took the opportunity to create a new meme format.

Destiny: Eris Morn Limited Edition Statue

To celebrate the launch of Bungie’s Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the 10-inch statue of Drifter pays tribute to the rogue Lightbearer who hosts Gambit and acts as a Tower Annex vendor for all Gambit-related items.

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Season of the Drifter: Release date

Season of the Drifter is scheduled to start on March 5, and Bungie will be rolling out additional content every week until May 6.

Here’s the official Season of the Drifter timeline that gives you a better idea of ​​what will be released when:

Season of the Drifter: All new activities

Here’s a quick overview of all the new activities coming with Season of the Drifter:

Gambit Prime

Gambit takes center stage in Season of the Drifter. Namely, it will receive some tweaks that should make it a more balanced, enjoyable game mode. Moreover, there will be four new armor sets with Gambit-specific features that will make PVE / PVP even more competitive.

One of the biggest changes to Gambit is match length. Now, each match only lasts for one round, which should make everything more meaningful and exciting while eliminating the fatigue associated with being drawn for the best of three.

We’ve also summarized all the other changes below:

  • Players can now drain crumbs from the enemy team’s bank.
  • The ancient bosses are more difficult at the end and will require more teamwork to defeat them.
  • There will be private Gambit matches.
  • Two new maps will appear in Gambit, one on Mars and one on Titan.
  • New Gambit weapons will appear.


Reckoning is the pinnacle of the PVE experience, and it will get harder and harder as you unlock new levels throughout the season.

It feels like a race against time to clear as many waves as possible in PVE space, and according to the developers: “Every week you play, hoping to come out with more and more armor pieces for Gambit Prime”.

Gameplay Updates

Bungie has learned his past mistakes with the Black Armory and is making sure anyone with an Annual Pass gets access to Season of the Drifter content as soon as it drops.

This time around, Bounty Power Surge will be available, which will allow players to catch up with the Guardians and reach level 50, 640 as quickly as possible.

The Iron Banner will also return, as well as new exotic weapons and armor.

At this point, memes are an undeniable part of modern culture, and if any content has any fanbase, there will be memes. Game fans are no exception, and like Drifter, the most enthusiastic fans have no shame sharing Destiny’s best memes until the early hours of the morning.

Rezyl’s Fall

There was more to what Xyor told Rezyl – she also prophesied that his Light would disintegrate and that it would fall into Darkness. Rezyl did not realize that the Hive bones he had taken from the Moon had the power of Darkness. Slowly, the Darkness in his new weapon broke him. Eventually he stopped calling the gun Rose; with the knight’s spiked bones wrapped around the barrel, he had a different, more lethal appearance and gave him a new name: Thorn.

In Destiny 1, the Thorn was an exotic hand cannon with truly amazing power. The arrows that fired poisoned enemies, damaging them over time, making him a favorite in Destiny’s competitive Crucible arenas.

Through the Thorn, the Darkness infiltrated Rezyl and became a soulless murderer, using the dark power of Thorn to kill other Guardians as well as innocent people on the frontier, devouring their Light. We don’t know why Rezyl did what he did, but it seems he could have believed that to defeat the Darkness, when he finally did return, he would need something more powerful than just Light – a mixture of Light and Darkness. However, from a practical point of view, he just became a terrible villain, responsible for a whole host of deaths.

Rezyl finally decided that he was no longer the same man and changed his name to Dredgen Yor. The name inspired fear, and Dredgen Yor, a Ranger in Darkness, became one of Destiny’s greatest villains in history.

Jaren Ward and the last word

Jaren Ward and The Last Word

The Rangers were still in the world doing well as Rezyl Azzir slowly became Dredgen Yor. One of these Rangers was Jaren Ward, a gunslinger who carried the famous cool hand cannon called The Last Word. It is also a Destiny 1 Exotic Weapon for players to obtain.

At one point, Jaren arrived in a city called Palamon, which was under the control of a despotic leader, Judge Loken. Jaren defied Loken, drawing his anger, until Loken finally caught up with Jaren in the middle of town with a group of armed men, intent on killing the Ranger. Instead, Jaren drew The Last Word and killed Loken, freeing the city. A young city boy named Shin Malphur came to worship Jaren for his heroism and the two became friends with Jaren showing Shin some ropes as a warrior.

Jaren stayed in Palamon for years as its protector, until the day the Fallen were sighted nearby. He and a group of hunters from the town set out to pursue and eliminate the threat. While they were gone, someone else came to town: Dredgen Yor. He stayed a few days and Shin had contact with him during that time, but eventually Yor murdered everyone in Palamon and burned the city to the ground. The only person he left alive was Shin.

When Jaren returned, Shin told him what had happened, and the group went on a hunt for Dredgen Yor. After months of following the fallen Ranger and joining several other people looking for him, they finally found Yor – but several of them died in the fight and Yor escaped. The group continued to follow Yor’s lead, but Jaren began to fear that this endeavor would lead to the death of them all. He told the others he was going to scout. Shortly thereafter, in the distance, the group heard shots: Last Word and Thorn.

The final showdown on Dwindler's ridge

Like the Season of the Forge, the Season of the Drifter will last for 90 days. It will contain all kinds of content, from Annual Pass content to the Arc Week event.

How to start the Destiny 2 Allegiance quest

If you’ve just started the Vagabond season, you won’t be able to access the Loyalty quest right away. Visit The Drifter and follow the various steps that introduce both Gambit Prime and Reckoning modes.

This includes completing the Gambit Prime Bounty and then examining the Weak Synthesizer you receive to create a Weak Shard using one of the Synthesizers awarded in Gambit Prime matches, which can be spent in settlement mode. After you spend it and then complete the round, win or lose, you will be able to start the Allegiance mission.


Now visit the Vagabond again to get a choice of either the Vagabond or the Vanguard. What you should choose depends entirely on your previous experience with The Drifter.

If you want to be practical, take a look at the steps for each selection below and see which ones you want to take. There is a lot of overlap between them so you won’t be losing much so maybe go with your hunch!

Destiny 2’s Allegiance Stand with the Vanguard decision quest steps

If you decide to stand at the vanguard, here are the steps to complete the Allegiance quest:

  • Visit the terminal in the tower hangar (on the right, after entering) then send a message by courier (under Dead Orbit in the hangar)
  • Plant bugs in the Drifter’s Tower area (messages will appear)
  • Monitor the sewer by visiting the terminal in the hangar
  • Visit Tangled Shore Spider and spend 50,000 Glimmer
  • Complete Titan’s Searching for a Clue (Siren Song Replay Power Level 650)
  • Deposit 50 Coins in Gambit Prime
  • Defeat 25 Guardians in the Crucible
  • Visit the Tower Hangar terminal again
  • Complete mission “Mystery and Potential” from the Gambit mission selector by turning right and following the corridor to the strip
  • Find seven tapes in EMS (this video by Ninja Pups can help:)

Many thanks to Esoterickk on YouTube for helping with the above steps:

This verse quickly became memorable for what usually precedes it. At the start of a Gambit match, after revealing what type of enemy players the players will face, the Drifter will take a moment to share a tidbit or story before sending players to the battlefield.

Choosing the Drifter Side

Stand with a vagabond or vanguard

It cannot be denied that Drifter is mysterious and his films are still somewhat unknown; this could be because he is still a new character. The Vagabond appears in Destiny 2: Forsaken. However, the limited interaction of the game is enough to prove that he is a truly resourceful person. His strong will to go in any way with his life and mission is quite trustworthy. Plus, he has good communication with Fallen Kell, the Spider, the Mystery Nine. If you take the oath, Vagabond, you will embrace darkness.

If you still have a bit of a fuss then this is the whole quest you will go through.

  • You’ll start by spending 50,000 Glimmer on the Tangled Shore Spider.
  • Then you need to complete the Titan mission.
  • Visit the Crucible and you’ll have to defeat 25 Guardians
  • Deposit 50 Coins in Gambit Prime
  • You need to defeat 2 Vex Strike bosses and collect fuel, then defeat 2 Cabal Strike bosses and collect the meat.
  • Complete the mission “Mystery and Potential” from the Gambit mission selector
  • Finally, you need to find all seven tapes in the EDZ


After completing the quest each week, you will receive all kinds of Gambit Prime synthesizers and 100 Gambit Infamy points.

Choosing the Vanguard Side

Stand with a vagabond or vanguard

Opposite the Vagabond is the Vanguard; destination users are well aware of the avant-garde. If you are on the side of the avant-garde, then you are on the side of Aunor. While both the vanguard and the vagabond are pledged to protect humanity, the vanguard is highly trusting. Choosing the avant-garde means that you have chosen a side that you have always known. Anur is a sorcerer who belongs to the Order of Praksis, who is devoted only to finishing off those who work with the Darkness.

The Vanguard mission will proceed as follows.

  • Make your way to the tower hangar and visit the terminal, then send a message via courier.
  • Later, you need to plant worms in the area of ​​the Drifter’s Tower
  • Now you need to monitor all channels in the terminal in the hangar
  • Visit Tangled Shore and spend 50,000 Glimmer on Spider
  • Complete the Titan In Search of a Clue mission
  • Deposit 50 pollen in Gambit Prime, then visit the Crucible and defeat 25 Guardians
  • Return to the terminal in the Hangar Tower.
  • Complete the mission “Mystery and Potential” from the Gambit mission selector
  • Finally, you need to find all seven tapes in the EDZ


Every week, after completing the quest, you will receive 10 Vanguard Tactics tokens, the Vanguard’s Mercy item, and a buff core.


I hope so far all your misconceptions about your loyalty and Standing with a Vagabond or the Vanguard have had to be cleared up.

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