Where is the minecraft museum. Where is the minecraft museum

Minecraft fans will enjoy the immersive experience they’ve probably dreamed of: stepping into the game world, surrounded by blocky scenes and characters from the Minecraft compilation!

Museum Minecraft with Knowle West Media Centre

Discover the unusual architecture inside the museum and gallery, then recreate your own museum spaces with Minecraft for public display at our exhibition.

The workshops last two days:
Tuesday, August 23 10.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m
wednesday, August 24 10.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m

This workshop is free, but places are limited. Click the “Register Now” button below to reserve a seat in the Workshop. Select the date you want to attend. If you want to take part in both days, we invite you; please register for both days.

When you register, we’ll send you your ticket by e-mail. You can print the ticket or simply show it on your mobile phone or tablet.

You must be 14-25 years old to participate in this event

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail [protected e-mail address]

At a glance

august 23 – August 24, 2016

Free workshops (aged 14-25)

If you are under 16 you must complete a Parent / Guardian Consent Form.

Download and fill in the consent form or ask the parent / guardian to copy and paste the following statement and send it by e-mail with a short consent message along with a telephone number to the address [email protected]

I consent to my child (name and surname) attending (workshop) on (date) and (time) at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. I understand that although Bristol Museum & Art Gallery will make every effort to provide a safe setting for this activity, it is my child’s responsibility to behave in a safe and sensible manner.

If it becomes necessary for the above-mentioned child or young person to receive treatment and I cannot be contacted to give consent, I hereby give my general consent to all necessary treatment and authorize the responsible manager to sign any documents required by the health authorities.

I also consent / do not consent to my child being photographed / filmed for use at the exhibition by young people and / or for advertising purposes, including social media channels by Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

The Children’s Museum of Seoul also opened an online virtual exhibition in early December where visitors could play mini-games at home.

The Washington State History Museum

Enter this epic virtual museum to explore three eras in Washington state history, investigate important events, and design new exhibits by adding artifacts and markings to empty rooms. As visitor curators, students can also create their own exhibits based on their current time period. The World Washington State History Museum serves three separate lessons.

Lesson 1: Explore the state symbols outside the museum. Read about each of them and select a new state symbol to add.

Lesson 2: There are three unfinished display sections. They are waiting for artifacts, works of art and signs that will show the public important information about their specific era. Help design these new displays!

Lesson 3: Once students have completed their research on three eras in Washington’s history, they have the chance to design a current era exhibition in the museum’s lobby, taking into account their own community as well as current events.

Create Your Own Museum

What have your students learned recently? Whether it’s science, social sciences, math, arts, literacy, or any other subject area, it deserves a museum. These institutions are spaces that help visitors understand, appreciate and explore the topic. Students can use this world as a template to create exhibitions, exhibits, interactive galleries, signage, and anything else they will need to showcase their knowledge after graduation. Students can then make virtual tours of the in-game museums! Find the Create your own museum lesson here.

This workshop is free, but places are limited. Click the “Register Now” button below to reserve a seat in the Workshop. Select the date you want to attend. If you want to take part in both days, we invite you; please register for both days.

Price of admission

This is all interesting, but is it enough to be worth the hefty MoPop admission price plus the special exhibition fee upstairs?

Four magic words greeted us at the exhibition: “Everything can be touched”. But, frustratingly, there wasn’t much to touch, especially for toddlers who haven’t gotten their hands on a controller yet.


One of the practical steps in the exhibition that does not include the screen. Source: Elisa Murray

There was a real craft table where the children could play with the materials. More interestingly, the station allows visitors to hit a Minecraft “tree” along with sound effects to release the wood. But these options were few and far between.

The highlight of the exhibition for most will be a huge multi-seat game room, with several four-seat hubs with themes such as amazing structures and mini-games. My son and his friend immediately headed to the “Try Minecraft” hub where they built a world together and started playing. One downside: at least three of the approximately 12 stations were not working during our Saturday visit. But even so, the wait was not long.

Game stations-Minecraft-exhibition-mopop-for-kids-worth-the-money

Game stations for “Minecraft The Exhibition” in MoPop. Source: Nancy Chaney

The boys spent a good 30 minutes with the headphones on, enthusiastically forming and moving, shouting commands to each other such as “kill yourself so you can teleport next to me!” and “I need wood!”

In other words, they did what they liked best about Minecraft: they played the game. The obvious question is, is it worth spending more than $ 100 for a family of four to go to an exhibition where the greatest attraction for children may be an activity they can possibly do at home?


Lama next to the big screen in “Minecraft The Exhibition”. Source: Nancy Chaney

It depends on the child and family. While the kids I brought were drawn to play Minecraft instead of reading about it, other adults and kids enjoyed learning about the game’s history. The displays explain how it is used in a surprising way and what impact the passionates of the game have had on it.

A friend who visited the show with her son the other day told me that her son liked to play Minecraft on a variety of platforms: Xbox, PC, and tablet, all available on display. She said she only plays on an older Xbox model at home.

Appreciate the knowledge of how Minecraft has been used for community input in urban design activities (Hanoi teenagers for example came up with ideas for safer streets), redstone magic (can be used for all kinds of mechanical devices); and how many of the current standard Minecraft features were originally suggested by the mod community.

If you go …

What: Minecraft The Exhibition is now open until September 7, 2020.

Where: MoPop, the latest abbreviation of the renamed museum (now called Pop Culture Museum; formerly EMP and alike), is on the east side of the Seattle Center. The entrance is closest to the corner of 5th Avenue N and Harrison Street.

Cost: admission to the museum and the Minecraft exhibition is $ 36 per adult; $ 31 per student with ID card; $ 19 per child 5-12 years old; and persons 4 years and younger are free of charge. Save 3,500 online bookings. (Regular museum admission without Minecraft entry costs $ 19-28; ages 4 and under free).

Membership: Do the math: Annual family membership is $ 139. Adult members pay $ 6 to enter a special Minecraft exhibition; youth members aged 5-17 enter for free.

Artists-at-play-playground-center-in the neighborhood-mopop-minecraft-exhibition

Artists at the Seattle Center Play Playground. Source: Nancy Chaney

While at MoPop: Other exhibits to discover include the amazing Prince From Minneapolis exhibition (leave your kids at the Indie Game Revolution on the other side) and, for brave souls, Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film. And don’t miss some time to climb the fantastic and not afraid of heights Artists at Play playground, west of MoPop.

Snack Time: The Armory (or Veteran’s Center House) has tons of eateries.

Throughout the text, the shows and videos chronicle and celebrate the creation and development of the Minecraft world, focusing on topics such as Minecraft in education and how Minecraft is used to create a better world.

Visitor info

Location: 4th floor

Dates: February 18, 2022 – September 5, 2022

Available at an additional cost when purchasing a general ticket


  • The gallery features 15 life-size characters, including the explosive Creeper and the mysterious Enderman. The huge diorama features a Minecraft tree, a zombie and a wolf. Phantoms fly overhead, chickens run underfoot, and baby pandas play in the bamboo forest
  • Videos of time-lapse structures and seasoned players at work will help you turn newbies into Minecraft experts!
  • At the crafting table, players can use cards that represent in-game building materials – such as wood, iron, and obsidian – to create their own items and tools

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Anchorage Museum members were the first to take part in Flat World: Minecraft at the Museum, a pilot program that encourages the digital generation to visit the museum on site or virtually.

How to Save Money at Minecraft: the exhibition

The easiest way to save money in Minecraft: Exhibition is to buy a MoPop family membership. For $ 139, you can get admission to regular family exhibitions all year round, as well as 4 free guest passes, and the Minecraft exhibition is only $ 6 extra for each adult member’s visit, while members under 17 enter for free. The Minecraft exhibition will be available until September 2020, so that gives you ample time if you want to go back and forth.

After showing the children the pictures from my visit (we will be together next week), they have already declared that we will ride every week. MoPop membership includes discounts to Living Computer Museum + Labs, which is another favorite in our family. And if you get your membership before October 20, I noticed that in the morning the membership with coffee and bagels starts at 8am that day and you don’t have to pay any special exhibition fees until 10am.

Will there be Minecraft themed food in Seattle?

Can someone make Minecraft style food in Seattle? For example, maybe a Minecraft tea that my guys can take me to for Mother’s Day, or a Minecraft bento that we can enjoy together when we go out for a meal? When the Hello Kitty exhibition was at MoPOP a few years ago, there were a couple of restaurants in town that had nice Hello Kitty themed meals, and it was fun to try and visit them and see what they were doing. Rumor has it that a bar and a wizard-style wand shop have just opened in Seattle, so I know you only need to dream and maybe your dreams in this city will come true.

Do you or your kids play Minecraft? Can you believe it’s been around for 10 years?

Seattle Minecraft Exhibition at the Museum of Pop Culture (moPOP)

(PS. If you want to see more of what the exhibition looks like, I have included some other videos / photos in my Instagram highlights that you can check out but thought I’d leave as much to your imagination as possible just in case you just want to go and experience it yourself.)

(PPS. I combined my visit with a Monorail ride to the Westlake Center, where I drank a green tea drink that had a background that unintentionally complemented the Minecraft theme of the time.

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