Where is the tunnel in gta 5. Where is the tunnel in gta 5

This one is on and it’s easier to miss. Walk under the tunnel connecting the parking lot to the center of the horse track. There should be a garage door. Take a picture to register it as an access point.

GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist setup | Madrazo Files, Scoping Targets, Prep Missions

For the first time since 2013, GTA Online has left the continent. Cayo Perico Heist takes players to a private island off the coast that is home to the elegiac drug lord El Rubio and Madrazo Files, which you must steal for the latest multiplayer big score.

Given the scale of the operation, the preparation and execution of The Cayo Perico Heist is quite a feat, especially if you are flying alone. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you clear your path through your scoping sequence and Heist Setup Missions.

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With our help, you should be able to overthrow the El Rubio militia by any means, returning home with millions of GTA dollars in your bag.

How to find the Madrazo Files on Cayo Perico

Before you can start the preparatory missions, you need to explore the island, but first you need to secure your passage. After purchasing the submarine, start the ‘Gather Intelligence’ mission at the planning table and take advantage of fast travel on board to be transferred to Vespucci Beach.

You need to go to the airport to reach Cayo Perico, so use the Services menu to summon the pontoon and head to the yellow marker.

After a few cutscenes, lead El Rubio to the party and dance to the Keinemusic set for as long as you see fit. Once you are fed up with making Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box, you need to sneak out of the South Gate, which should be fairly straightforward. Rangers patrol a predictable path – just be patient and avoid them.

After going outside, if you are spotted from there, you will be dragged back to the party, so watch out for the rangers’ vision cones on your minimap. You won’t have any weapons here, and using vehicles is useful, but dangerous. If the guards hear the engine, they will start chasing you, so use cars and motorbikes sparingly.

At the first checkpoint on the right, watch out for CCTV and sneak past the guards, going through the door marked with an intruder.

Stay away from the roads and follow the yellow marker to sneak to the main gate and Pavel will tell you to find the island’s communications tower. As you can imagine, it’s relatively easy to spot, but the game will give you a yellow circle to help.

Sneak up to the giant tower, climb up and then solve the signal puzzle. You have to match the number at the top of the screen by combining the numbers on the left with the symbols on the right that double, divide, or spit out other math solutions. The results are random so keep trying different combinations until you get them.

Once done, you will be able to access the security cameras on the island and cover the El Rubio estate. Make sure you move the camera as far left and right as possible at each point of view.

This way, you will unlock several infiltration points for the inner sanctuary. You should also look for images, gold, punch, and weeds to add to secondary loot targets when you’re in front of the cameras. Honestly, they’re hard to miss, so don’t worry about it too much, just be thorough.

Eventually you’ll see the Madrazo dossier that you must steal as part of the scripted camera sequence. When it is over, you can look through all the cameras. After going through the next step, to make sure you’ve seen everything, disconnect.

After going outside, if you are spotted from there, you will be dragged back to the party, so watch out for the rangers’ vision cones on your minimap. You won’t have any weapons here, and using vehicles is useful, but dangerous. If the guards hear the engine, they will start chasing you, so use cars and motorbikes sparingly.

Surveying the Score

Viewing Score is the pre-heist mission in IGN Grand Theft Auto 5. This guide will outline the main mission strategies and the Gold Medal requirements to complete each main story mission. Check out more GTA5 IGN manuals for information on cheats, Easter eggs, strangers and freaks, and more.

100% gold requirement for Result Research
Perfect distance track vans without warning from a distance
Cavity search Find a construction hole in 0:20 seconds
Under the bridge Fly under the bridge following the vans
Tunnel flight Fly through the tunnel following the vans
Mission time Complete within 11:00 AM


There are three different introductory scenes available in this mission, depending on the selected character.

  • For the full intro scene, start the mission as Trevor.
  • To get an introduction in the middle of the stage, start the mission as Michael.
  • For a quick introduction, start the mission as Franklin.


Drive to Sandy Shores airport, board Frogger and fly into town to identify the security vans.

To meet the “Perfect Distance” requirement, stay half a block from the security vans to avoid detection.

To meet the Under the Bridge requirement, fly under the nearest bridge as the vans pass by the LS River. You cant miss it!

To fulfill the “Tunnel flight” requirement, the vans will enter a narrow tunnel and you will have to follow them all the way. You MUST exit at the other end of the tunnel for the requirement to count!

Once the security vans reach their destination a short cutscene will show the vans arriving at the depot. From here, Lester asks you to find a nearby construction site. Turn LEFT to the red and white building to complete the next target.

The construction site with the “big hole” is located to the left of the Arkadia Center. Turn left of the building and you should see it in seconds.

Raise very low over the construction site until Lester lets go.

From here you can either fly with Trevor to the airport or switch to Michael and drop Franklin off at his home in Vinewood Hills to complete the mission. Your choice!

You will be sent to a warehouse full of guards. Wipe them down and search the toolboxes to get the cutting torch you need to use the drain tunnel infiltration point.


Your choices should be as follows:

Go to the vehicle

Infiltration Point

Complex entry point

The escape point

  • Kosatka – It doesn’t matter which one you choose, you will get away by boat anyway.

Time of day

When you respawn, swim into the tunnel and break through the gate. Once you reach the top of the complex, watch this video – big thanks to Torfik for sharing the footage with the community.

When you are on the first floor, check the safe for extra cash, which usually ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 and doesn’t count towards your baggage count! Also, check that there are no paintings that you can take from the room. Then, you have to hack the elevator (guides available on YT) and grab the loot from the vault.

To exit the complex, watch this video – thanking Torfik again for providing the footage.

After that, you should start collecting secondary loot in the area of ​​the main dock while continuing to eliminate the guards. Then you should take the dinghy which shows up when your bag is full.

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