Where to buy an Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti. Where to buy 3080 ti

In terms of design, it is the same as other RTX 3000 SKUs using the FTW3 Ultra model. A basic black grille surrounds a three-fan setup on the front with a nice amount of RGB on the side. The RGB strip can be a bit tacky, but that is down to personal preference.

3 Reasons to Still Buy the RTX 3090 Over the RTX 3080 Ti

The RTX 3080 is priced $ 300 lower than the RTC 3090. So what’s the point of buying the latter?

The new NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti graphics card delivers RTX 3090-class performance for $ 300 less. With that in mind, many have begun to ask if it made sense to use the RTX 3090 now.

Depending on your use case, the RTX 3080 Ti may or may not be a perfect fit for your computer. After all, not everyone is buying a gaming-only graphics card these days. So let’s look at three reasons why the RTX 3090 is still a better buy than the RTX 3080 Ti – even at the higher starting price.

The RTX 3090’s 24GB VRAM Is Ideal for Higher Resolution Gaming

The RTX 3080 Ti has 12 GB of VRAM, which is by no means bad, but it’s only one gigabyte more than the 2018 RTX 2080 Ti and 2017 GTX 1080 Ti. NVIDIA advertises the RTX 3090 as an 8K gaming graphics card due to the huge 24GB VRAM capacity it offers.

Even at 4K resolution in some graphically demanding games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, you are using nearly 12GB of VRAM at ultra-quality settings. Therefore, if you like to play at higher resolutions, you’ll be better off with the more expensive RTX 3090 as it is more future-proof.

Moreover: If you are interested in 3D rendering or your profession requires it, the RTX 3090 is certainly the better game processing unit (GPU) for building your workstation. It has twice the video memory for every task you throw at it.

At factory settings, the 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra averages around 1,846MHz and peaks around 1,875MHz when loaded in gaming. This is as much as 4% more than the advertised clock speed. Not bad, but let’s see if any custom OC can help this card reach higher frequencies.

RTX 3080 Ti / 3070 Ti release date and price

First off, the RTX 3080 Ti will debut on June 3rd – this is today! – Prices start at £ 1,049 / $ 1,199. That’s a lot more than the original RTX 3080 which started at £ 649 / $ 699, and almost puts it in the middle of the RTX 3080 and the RTX 3090 which started at $ 1,399 / $ 1,499.

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