Where to download overwatch for pc. Where to download overwatch for pc

Therefore, you can imagine what the result will be: fight at the front, offer shield protection to the rest of the team in case of enemy attacks, increase the damage of your attackers or become an unstoppable strike force.


Overwatch for PC – Overwatch is a gaming application that can be run on a Windows PC. This paid app was built by Blizzard Entertainment Inc and has been recently updated to the latest version this month. So what are you waiting for? Download the Overwatch application to your PC / laptop for free.

Please read the following details for this Overwatch app beforehand. Then you can decide to download and install on your computer or not.

Application name Overwatch for Windows
License paid Parking
File size 4.3 MB
Developer Blizzard entertainment
Update This month
Requirement Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista / XP


What is Overwatch app ?

Another big FPS was developed by Blizzard and is called Overwatch. Co-op multiplayer action game in which each player has special abilities

More about this Overwatch app:

You can see the Overwatch UI for Windows PC below

Overwatch preview

Overwatch Alternative App for Windows

4. Legendary: Loot Chest items are drastic “skin” changes that radically change the character model as well as elaborate, highly coveted emotes.


People and robots, called “omniks” in this game, coexist in society after a tough confrontation 30 years ago, when the latter revolted. To this day, the conflict seems far from resolved. These robots, which were created to serve humans, used an artificial intelligence known as the God’s Program to start mass production of omnipotent military forces with one goal: to annihilate humanity. As a solution to this disaster, the United Nations is creating a group of heroes called Overwatch that must protect the world from these forces. Will they be able to avoid imminent extinction?


Choose Your Hero: There are four classes: offensive, defensive, tank or support characters, each with a different role in the game. You can see all the Overwatch characters on the official website.

Promotion: The more games you win, the more experience you will gain, and this will allow you to level up.

Hero Gallery: Players can customize their characters with a variety of accessories and cosmetics.

Loot Chests: You’ll receive a new Loot Chest to unlock each time you level up. They contain various customization options.

Weapons: You will find a large number of weapons such as rocket launchers, blasters, shotguns, bows, cannons, turrets, pistols and more!

Battlegrounds: There are nearly three dozen maps to explore with different goals and strategies to follow. Visit Nepal, Paris, Havana, Hollywood to quote just a few.

Choose Your Team: Players are free to create their own teams or join one of the existing ones.

Win trophies: Earn commemorative medals for various achievements that you can share with your friends later.

The HP MSRP is subject to a discount. The HP suggested HP suggested price is displayed either as a standalone price or as a crossed out price with a discounted or promotional price also listed. Reduced or promotional prices are indicated by the presence of an additional higher price crossed out as suggested by the manufacturer



Digital orders are processed automatically 24/7 and arrive by email in 5 minutes or less.

This is a region-exclusive product, which means it can ONLY be activated in the following regions: UNITED STATES

Use in Battlenet

This product requires a Battlenet account to use.

Game Information
Age Ratings

Use of tobacco
Invaluable online interactions

Metacritic Reviews

Blizzard’s approach to Team Shooter is as polished as you’d expect, combining tactical spread with an emphasis on variety and inclusiveness.

It’s a new IP address, it looks great, the game phenomenal and alone it has revived my desire to play a game genre that I thought I had given up on at this point.

Overwatch is an amazing experience. It’s fresh and consistently fun, with matches that are great in random groups but amazingly good when played with friends.

This arena shooter (not MOBA) looks, sounds and feels great, with a Pixar movie polish, without feeling too much of a childhood.

About Overwatch

Remarkable heroes. Epic moments. Overwatch only.

Join over 50 million players as you take your place in the world of Overwatch. Choose your hero from a wide variety of soldiers, scientists, adventurers and curiosities. Bend time, defy physics, and unleash a host of amazing powers and weapons. Involve your enemies in the best team shooter. Don’t miss your shot.

Accurate coordination will show the difference between victory and defeat as your team combines the powerful powers at your disposal with a devastating effect. Change Your Perspective As soon as your team seems doomed to fail, swap heroes as they fly and shift the tide of battle. But don’t forget that your opponents can do the same. Master the game in the game as both teams change strategies and heroes in constant dance to gain the upper hand. The world is your battleground Protect the secrets of the mysterious Temple of Anubis in Egypt, escort your EMP safely through King’s Row in London, and fight in other key locations around the world. Each map has its own unique atmosphere with unique gameplay and team goals.

Overwatch brings a level of refinement to its characters, environments and gameplay that sets it apart from its peers in the team shooter arena and has only improved since launch.

Each character’s style is completely different, so mastering each of their skills will be a real challenge. Neither is the same, and it can range from time travel to being struck by a rocket hammer.

Loot boxes in Overwatch

Much of the fun of being good at games like Overwatch is customizing your characters and distinguishing them on-screen from other players – for example, adding extra victory dances or spray painting options. These are achieved using “Loot Boxes,” the currency of Overwatch.

You can get these gadget boxes in the game as you level up and earn experience points. But it will take hours of gameplay to earn. For those looking for a little faster gratification, Loot Boxes are available for purchase with real money.

Items you receive in Loot Chests are called “Cosmetics” and come in four different rarity levels:

1. Common: Loot Chest items include Sprays, which are graphics / images that can be “tagged” on walls during gameplay, and “Voice Lines”, which are character-specific slogans that can be triggered by pressing a button in-game.

2. Rare: Loot box items are winning poses that activate when the team wins a match, player icons, and skin options that change your hero’s color palette.

3. Epic: Loot Chest items are skin change options that actually modify the costume and character model, and small emotes such as laughs or little dances.

4. Legendary: Loot Chest items are drastic “skin” changes that radically change the character model as well as elaborate, highly coveted emotes.

Each Loot Chest contains four random items of possible varying rarities. Blizzard sells Bundled Loot Crates at a discount on bulk purchases. If you buy two to five boxes at a time, each box will cost you a dollar. If you buy in bulk, the rates are 11 boxes for $ 10, 24 for $ 20, and 50 for $ 40.

It can be pricey, but if you want legendary gear and complicated emotes to tease your enemies with, this will set you back a bit. You are guaranteed at least one “rare” or better per box. For players looking to unlock every option and outfit, Loot Chests are the key.

How to download Overwatch for the PC

Head over to the Battle.net Blizzard Online Store. If you don’t have an account, you will have to create one.

  • Select “My Account” in the top right corner.”
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