Where to get better gear destiny 2. Where to get better gear destiny 2

This way, you can become more powerful and win the game against your enemies. The armor you receive will keep you safe throughout the game. It’s easy to upgrade your character level weekly by sharing different weapons between different characters.

Destiny 2: How To Reach 1330 Power Level Quickly

Season of the Lost has brought new ways to hit the 1330 power cap.

Each new season in Destiny 2 increases the Force level cap by a certain amount. Most seasons raise the Power cap by 10, but expansion seasons raise this cap by 50. Season of the Lost follows this trend, increasing Destiny 2’s max Power level by another 10.

In short, this rather low increase in maximum power allows you to concentrate less on grinding the peaks and more time playing the content you like. With that said, players who skipped a season or two will still have some catching up to do. We’ll look at how the power level works, the power boost you can expect from each activity, and some strategies you can use to quickly level up your main and alternate characters.

Updated December 31, 2021: To further illustrate how you can reach this illusory power cap in Destiny 2, we have included a video tutorial where you can find these tips.

How Does Power Level Work?

If you are an experienced Destiny 2 player, you can skip this section.

The Power Level determines two key things in Destiny 2:

The higher your level is, the greater are both of these bonuses. If your power level is below the recommended activity level, you will take significantly more damage from enemies and deal less combatants.

To increase your Power Level, you’ll need to get new weapons and armor with a higher Power Level Rating. Any non-sunset loot you earn will increase your Power Level until you reach a Soft Trap. This hat changes every season. In Season of the Lost, the soft cap is 1,270.

Once you reach the soft limit, you will need to earn Powerful Gear rewards from weekly milestones and activities to get the equipment to the next level. Your director will replace any activity that provides powerful equipment. We’ll cover all of these steps later in this guide.

If you reach Power level 1320, you have reached the “hard limit” for your character level. As counterintuitive as this may sound, it is not a proper limit; You can increase your Power even more by acquiring Pinnacle Gear from Destiny 2’s most challenging content (raids, Trials of Osiris, and so on). This is called the “peak cap” and is currently at 1,330.

The only way to increase the Power level above 1330 is to raise the level of the seasonal artifact. Artifact Leveling is passive as you earn XP in Destiny 2.

With so many activities that require very low power levels, many rangers wonder if the power levels really matter. The truth is, most activities are not. But if you have a remote interest in seasonal or end-game content, the power level matters more than ever.

10 Best: Legendary Lost Sectors

Beyond Light introduced a difficult variant of Lost Sectors. Known by most as Legendary Lost Sectors, these Lost Sector variants have a high chance of dropping Exotic armor at a specific armor slot if you complete them solo. There are two Legendary Lost Sectors available each day, one Legend and one Master. Master Lost Sectors have a higher chance of dropping an Exotic armor piece, but are much more difficult.

Targeting Exotics has never been easier after Bungie added this activity. Rangers looking for the perfect throw for their favorite exotic helmet just have to wait for the difficult variant that the helmet offers to appear. The Exotic Year 4 armor pieces are also tied to these Legendary Lost Sectors, which greatly encourages players to give this playlist a chance. This is by far the best exotic armor farm for solo players in Destiny 2.

9 Not Worth It: Astral Alignment

Season of the Lost introduced an activity called Astral Alignment. A team of six Guardians must complete various objectives before defeating the final boss, providing two Loot Chests at the end of the mission. This sounds similar to the Menagerie and the Surface Sundial, but this activity doesn’t have the tempting rewards that will keep players coming back weekly.

This activity takes about ten minutes and provides either a weapon or armor, sometimes both. Armor drops below 60, and weapons are much easier to obtain with Umbra’s Focused Engrams. Unless you need a Powerful Gear or Age’s Scepter Catalyst, there’s virtually no reason to play Astral Alignment. If you want a good Vulpecul or Fractathist, go to the farm and focus on Umbra Engrams instead.

Collect powerful weapons and work on your skills. However, try to get to know the maps and get to know most of the areas. Don’t be upset with opponents who were better than you at the moment than trying to learn from failure. Take advantage of your loss against them by working on your weaknesses.

Powerful gear sources in Destiny 2

Here are all the activities that reward equipment on a powerful level (needed to hit a massive limit):

These two tables cover absolutely all of the Powerful and Pinnacle hardware sources in Destiny 2. Depending on where you are on your way to the maximum power level, you can filter the tables accordingly. For example, you can filter the sources to see only:

  • Activities requiring a fireteam (no matchmaking)
  • Activities Considered “Easy” (or Difficult)

For more information on these activities, which change weekly, check out our guide to Weekly Challenges, which we update every Tuesday after the reset!

Why Power Level still matters (TBU)

With so many activities that require very low power levels, many rangers wonder if the power levels really matter. The truth is, most activities are not. But if you have a remote interest in seasonal or end-game content, the power level matters more than ever.

These are activities where the power level is critical (either because there is a minimum requirement or because your opponents can use it in PVP modes):

Action Minimal requirements Power level turned on?
Grand Master’s Nightfall 1345
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