Where you can try These 6 VR Headsets for Free (Plus an Oculus $100 Refund). How to get vr for free

The short and sweet Horizon Beyond game places players on a ship and allows them to sail across the sky as they watch the landscapes that exist in the clouds. VR is all about teleporting people to new worlds, and Horizon Beyond demonstrates this skill without spending a penny.

20 Free Resources To Help You Create An Interactive VR Project

Creating an interactive virtual reality (VR) project from scratch is much easier than you think. Especially since no coding skills are needed for this nowadays. In addition, there are more high-quality free resources available today than ever to help you start a new VR project.

To save you time and stay ahead of the competition, we’ve created this resource guide that lists only the best free resources available in the world of virtual reality today.

Remember that even if something is free, it may not automatically mean that you can use it for your own purposes. Our advice is always to check licensing laws (especially for commercial use) and attribution laws.

Step 1: Idea generation

If you want to get started with VR and VRdirect but have no idea what kind of experience you want to create, you can always get inspiration from existing designs and content. The following two resources offer a huge collection of materials that you can work with to generate the perfect idea for a virtual reality approach.

1. Virtual Showroom by VRdirect

VRdirect Showroom - Virtual Reality Projects

Virtual Reality has great potential to be profitably used in all industries. VRdirect enables the implementation of business scenarios from virtual tours to training and education, marketing and sales, and product visualization. Get to know our VR showroom and learn how to use virtual reality for various applications in your company.

20 free resources to help you create an interactive VR experience

If you want to go a step further and want to see what’s possible with 360 ° video, you can use YouTube and Facebook Search to find 360 ° video content and watch it for free in your browser.

For Facebook, just add “360” to your search query – if you’re looking for 360 ° skydiving videos, for example, just search for “Skydiving 360” and you will find lots of 360 videos.

On YouTube, 360 ° content search works even better. Enter a search term, then use the “Filter” tab in YouTube Search to view 360 ° videos. You can also apply multiple filters to show, for example, the videos with the most views first.

Please note that these 360 ​​° videos are not interactive experiences, but just nice 360 ​​° videos that users passively consume.

AltSpace is similar, but tents to see educational events and seminars to help you feel like you’re spending your time productively. Bigscreen allows you to stream your desktop to a headset and hang out with others watching anime or even go to a virtual movie theater to shoot some movies with your friends.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is arguably the most powerful VR headset on the market today. With Vive, you get a fully immersive “room-scale” VR experience with advanced motion controllers and the ability to create a “play area”.

Even with a $ 200 price cut (currently $ 599), Vive is still the most expensive system and a big investment for some customers who definitely welcome the demo test for this price.

This locator, according to your address and the distance you want to travel, shows you demo stations around the world where you can taste the Vive experience.

Oculus Rift

Vive’s main competitor, the Oculus Rift ($ 400 for a headset + touch controller bundle) combines many expectations from professionals and customers alike.

To fully enjoy the Rift, you need a high-quality computer with very good specifications. Systems like these are expensive so consumers will want to test the Rift, and thankfully Oculus offers such experiences, along with touch controllers.

Click on this link, enter your zip code and find the nearest demo station.

If you encounter a headset with a suggested retail price of $ 500, go here to learn how to get a $ 100 recovery discount.

The easiest way to start is with a basic headset like Google Cardboard. Just put your phone in and it’s ready. You can also use the phone with more advanced headsets such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

Gorilla Tag

Fancy a game of tag? You also want to leave humanity and go back to Monke? If the answer is yes to both (or one) of these questions, Gorilla Tag will deliver the goods. Offering engaging dated graphics, Gorilla Tag is one of the most popular VR games on the market, which is a pretty good achievement considering it’s still in Early Access.

The free title is rough around the edges in the most charming way possible, because there’s something cute about jumping as a gorilla in a harmless game of tag.

Gorilla Tag Release Date, Platform Availability, & Critical Reception

The Gorilla Tag was released in Early Access on February 12, 2021, and is available on Oculus Quest, Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Gorilla Tag attracted a huge crowd of fans who rewarded the game with mostly positive reviews on Steam.

Echo VR

Echo VR is one of the earliest and best VR games to attract mainstream attention and is a treat for fans of zero gravity science fiction competition. Originally known as the Echo Arena, the Echo VR has since been expanded to include the Echo Combat. However, only the Echo Arena is free.

That being said, it’s still a good idea to download it. Navigate your squad around the zero gravity arena to throw your Frisbee at your opponent’s goal. It sounds simple, but the result is one of the most throbbing and sweat-inducing gaming experiences you can have in a VR environment. The movement system in this game is unique and intuitive; easy to learn, difficult to master. Though like many great VR games, it is exclusive to Oculus systems.

Echo VR Release Date, Platform Availability, & Critical Reception

Echo VR was released on May 5, 2020 and is available on Oculus Quest.

Being a game of getting up and moving, some players found they gained better hand-eye coordination and some even lost weight! The setting and graphics make you feel like you are in the most beloved science-fiction scenery, which greatly increases the fun.

For Facebook, just add “360” to your search query – if you’re looking for 360 ° skydiving videos, for example, just search for “Skydiving 360” and you will find lots of 360 videos.

How do I experience WebVR?

To use WebVR, you need two things: a headset and a compatible browser.

Select your headset below to find out which browsers work best for you.

Works best with Chrome on Android devices. You can still enjoy WebVR content in other Android and iOS browsers, but it may not be as smooth as those browsers don’t fully support WebVR.

I don’t have a headset.

The easiest way to start is with a basic headset like Google Cardboard. Just put your phone in and it’s ready. You can also use the phone with more advanced headsets such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

For the best performance and most features, you can use a VR headset connected to your computer, such as an Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE. This will allow you to get higher FPS, higher resolution, and even let you walk around in VR.

On some sites, you can just use your computer or phone without a headset. In most VR worlds, you won’t be able to fully watch or interact in 3D, but you can still look around in 360 degrees.

That’s right, there are free demos of some of the platform’s highest paying games in Quest 2. Curious what all the Beat Saber fuss is about after trying the Moon Rider above? Then try the free demo version.

Best Free VR Games

Rec Room (VR games ecosystem)

Rec Room is one of the most popular free VR games available today. It is similar to VR Chat in many ways, but still completely different. It is a social space where users can interact, much like VR Chat, but Rec Room is more focused on games. Think of it as a hub for recreational activities, some of which are player-generated content. It can even be played on smartphones, if they can run it properly.

Players have access to a tool called the “Creator Pen” that they can use to create their inventions and resources in the game. Did I mention the game is free? The best thing about VR games like Rec Room are active community and community events and updates from the developers. Players can also take part in several activities such as Rec Royale, Among Us RR, Paintball, Laser Tag, Kart Racing, and more.

SideQuest (Free VR games Store)

Sidequest is not a game, but a whole storefront filled with free games you can download for your Quest devices. Installation can be a bit tricky, but you can watch a short YouTube tutorial and install it on your smartphone, computer, or laptop.

Sidequest has a lot of free VR games with some hard-hitting hits like Pavlov Shack (CS: GO VR), Gorilla Tag, Hyperdash, Physics Playground, Crisis VRigade, etc. The best part about this store is that you can install the game directly into the Quest headset and play it without connecting to another device.

VR Chat (Social VR game)

Available platforms: PC, Oculus and HTC Vive

VR Chat is a reviving internet. This is not a game per se, but a social community. This is the closest example of metaverse, if it exists at all. Players all over the world dress up as various characters inspired by anime, cartoons, pop culture, etc. Players can import models from any popular series and use them as a virtual avatar. The best thing about this VR game is that you can play it even without a VR headset.

Players can also create their own virtual worlds, from the Japanese Shinto temple to the neon, punk, dystopian future. The only limitation in this world is the player’s imagination. It also has many mini-games such as Capture the Flag, rob a bank in Steel ‘n’ Gold and throw digital disks at each other in a Battle Disks match.

Propagation VR

Propagation VR is a zombie VR shooter where the player is trapped in the subway with hordes of zombies approaching them. This game should be classified as a horror game, not a shooter, as the dark subway full of zombies is sure to give you the chills.

As if that was not enough, the game features special zombie mini-bosses that look terrifying in VR. Even with firearms at your disposal, the game makes you feel helpless when faced with such enemies. Fans of the Resident Evil series will surely find this game enjoyable.

Echo VR (VR Sport Game)

Echo VR is the definition of what a VR sports game would look like. The game mode is inspired by the movie Ender’s Game with some minor changes. This is essentially a team game where two teams compete against each other in a zero gravity room. The object of the game is similar to that of a soccer ball, but players must score a goal with the disc instead of the soccer ball.

Teammates need to stay ahead of the Tron disc style and use the zero gravity environment to their advantage. There is also a slingshot strategy that players use to reinforce each other to achieve the goal. All in all, this is a fun VR game that has to be played.

Best Free VR Games (honorable mentions)

  • Wolfenstein 3D VR (retro VR game)
  • Tag: gorilla
  • DCS World Steam Edition
  • MSI Electric City: Core Attack
  • Lab
  • Bookkeeping
  • Robot call
  • Star Wars: The Battlefront VR Mission
  • Astro Bot rescue mission
  • PokerStars VR
  • Red Old
  • Guns’n’Stories: VR Foreword

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Other software tools may offer more advanced 3D modeling features, but if you’ve never used a 3D modeling tool, you can probably do whatever you need to do without the more advanced ones. In addition, other and more advanced software tools are not free most of the time.

The Lab

Laboratory by Valve

a great way to introduce someone to VR.

The mini-games are polished and responsive in VR.

Explore the pocket universe in Aperture Science.

Not enough content for more than a few hours of playback.

Little replay value.

Coupled with the development of headphones and controllers by Valve and Half-Life: Alyx, Valve has released The Lab: a collection of mini-games designed to introduce players to the VR world of Aperture Science.

If you’re looking to get back into Valve’s world, even on a smaller scale, and want to get your feet wet with VR, The Lab is better than any other introductory VR mini-game or tutorial.

While it’s on Steam and being developed by Valve, The Lab supports a variety of headsets and controllers.

Available for: Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus, and Windows Mixed Reality.

A Township Tale

A city story

Online 3D RPG game with an open world, Runescape style.

Play with up to 10 friends collecting resources, crafting, inventory and exploration.

Lots of communication from developers.

The novelty of VR is fun, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the genre.

A Township Tale has familiar RPG mechanics with crafting, gear, competition, and exploration. You can do this alone or with a group of friends, and it visually resembles more of the colorful graphic designs found in 2000’s RPG games like Runescape. However, you do all of this in VR.

Playing Township Tale is a chilled Valheim experience. For the most part, you’ll spend your time slowly gathering resources, becoming stronger and exploring, and meeting and having fun with other people along the way. Doing it all in VR is a worthwhile novelty, and if you like immersing yourself in VR and love these kinds of games, A Township Tale is a must!

While it may support more devices in development, A Township Tale is currently working with Index, Vive, and Rift headsets.

Any great VR experience starts with an action plan, even if that plan is rudimentary and minimalist at first. All you need to get started is a simple storyboard (physical paper or digital paper, it doesn’t matter) to act as the foundation on which the rest of your VR world will be built.

Go Fishing Or Play Some Poker

Download: Bait! or PokerStars VR

Finding ways to relax and unwind is very important, and VR is a great place to do that. First, we have Bait !, a completely free fishing game. It’s very simple and colorful, but has a lot of unlockable stuff, and it’s very, very well-made. You can absolutely gamble without spending a dime, but dropping a little cash will speed things up a bit if you like. After you’ve run out of fun, try out Real VR Fishing, which features breathtaking realistic environments and a multiplayer mode.

There is also PokerStars VR, which is an excellent poker simulation that makes great use of Oculus avatars. There are always tons of people you can talk to and now it even includes blackjack and slots.

Defy Gravity In Sci-Fi Ultimate Frisbee

Download: Echo VR

Finally the big one. Developed by Ready at Dawn (the same team behind Lone Echo II and The Order 1886 on PS4 without VR), Echo VR is like TRON meets the ultimate frisbee in zero gravity. If you’ve ever read Ender’s Game – this is basically the game. Teams are swimming around the arena and doing their best to shoot the discs at the ring-shaped goal, almost Quidditch-like. Floating in the arena, pushing off objects, and twisting your body to avoid opponents while throwing the disc through the level is completely free.

Facebook now owns the studio behind Echo VR, so expect a commitment to supporting the game over the long term, especially as its appeal as an esport continues to grow.

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