Where you can try These 6 VR Headsets for Free (Plus an Oculus $100 Refund). How to get vr for free

The short and sweet Horizon Beyond game places players on a ship and allows them to sail across the sky as they watch the landscapes that exist in the clouds. VR is all about teleporting people to new worlds, and Horizon Beyond demonstrates this skill without spending a penny.

20 Free Resources To Help You Create An Interactive VR Project

Creating an interactive virtual reality (VR) project from scratch is much easier than you think. Especially since no coding skills are needed for this nowadays. In addition, there are more high-quality free resources available today than ever to help you start a new VR project.

To save you time and stay ahead of the competition, we’ve created this resource guide that lists only the best free resources available in the world of virtual reality today.

Remember that even if something is free, it may not automatically mean that you can use it for your own purposes. Our advice is always to check licensing laws (especially for commercial use) and attribution laws.

Step 1: Idea generation

If you want to get started with VR and VRdirect but have no idea what kind of experience you want to create, you can always get inspiration from existing designs and content. The following two resources offer a huge collection of materials that you can work with to generate the perfect idea for a virtual reality approach.

1. Virtual Showroom by VRdirect

VRdirect Showroom - Virtual Reality Projects

Virtual Reality has great potential to be profitably used in all industries. VRdirect enables the implementation of business scenarios from virtual tours to training and education, marketing and sales, and product visualization. Get to know our VR showroom and learn how to use virtual reality for various applications in your company.

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